New Year tragedy: Gunmen kill ‘21’ Rivers residents returning from church


The New Year celebration turned tragic in Rivers State as gunmen opened fire indiscriminately at people returning from the church in the early hours of Monday where they had gone to usher in the New Year.

The incident occurred at Ogba/Egbema/Ndoni (ONELGA) Local Government Area of the state.

The police spokesperson in the state, Omoni Nnamdi, who confirmed the incident to PREMIUM TIMES, said it was difficult for the police to give the exact number of people killed in the shooting.

“We can only confirm the incident, but we can’t confirm the number of casualties. We are still working on that because some people were taken to the hospital and some of them are recuperating,” said Mr. Nnamdi, a deputy superintendent of police.

The police said normalcy has returned to the area and that they would let the public know the number of casualties after an investigation.

However, the Director-General, Nigerian Maritime Administration and Safety Agency, NIMASA, Dakuku Peterside, who is an indigene of the state, said that 21 people were killed in the incident.

Mr. Peterside, in a statement sent to PREMIUM TIMES, blamed the incident on the fight for supremacy among rival cult groups in the area.

Mr. Peterside said that cultism and cult-related killing thrived in the area because of the backing from powerful politicians.

“My heart goes the people of ONELGA and the immediate families of the deceased. This is an act that must be condemned. The good people of Omoku have suffered enough and this has dealt a further blow on their sufferings,” he said, adding that the Rivers State Governor, Nyesom Wike, lacked the capacity to tackle the state’s security challenge.

“I have said it time and again that Governor Wike lacks the capacity and competence to guarantee the safety and security of Rivers people.

“It is unfortunate that over 1,000 persons have been killed in questionable circumstances in the last two years under his watch. He should stop playing politics with the lives of Rivers people and face governance.

“Since the governor is not rising to the occasion to show competence, we will henceforth partner with all relevant security agencies to bring peace, law, and order to ONELGA and other parts of Rivers State.

“This is indeed a sad day for the people of ONELGA and the only way we can assuage their feelings is to ensure that this does not happen again. Governor Wike can rise above his partisan politics and display the hallmark of a statesman by openly condemning this murderous act and stop at nothing to arrest the criminals,” Mr. Peterside said.


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  • Jon

    This violence must stop. Massacring innocent people is evil.

  • Omooba Adekunle Orafidiya

    This is another testament to the worsening security situation – nationwide – under the watch of brain-dead, illiterate certificate forger and perjurer Muhammadu Buhari.

    • thusspokez

      Blame not the River state Chief of police or even the governor but Buhari?

      • Epsilon_Delta

        He is the commander in chief!

    • PolyGon2013

      State or regional police is the answer! Then, we will know if each state can rise up to their security. Policing is local, and people in their locality should be responsible for policing their environment. The incessant police posting and re-posting is another things that should be dealt with. Police should know their environment very well.

  • thusspokez

    However, the Director-General, Nigerian Maritime Administration and Safety Agency, NIMASA, Dakuku Peterside, who is an indigene of the state, said that 21 people were killed in the incident.

    Mr. Peterside, in a statement sent to PREMIUM TIMES, blamed the incident on the fight for supremacy among rival cult groups in the area.

    Mr. Peterside is making things worst; why can’t this senior public official shut up and let the law enforcement agencies to investigate and publish their findings. And if Mr. Peterside is not satisfied with their findings, he can always call for independent public inquiry to investigate the matter.

  • thusspokez

    “I have said it time and again that Governor Wike lacks the capacity and competence to guarantee the safety and security of Rivers people.

    Mr. Peterside is being opportunistic and not helping situation by injecting politics into such a tragic event – all in the hope of scoring political points. Wike is a thug – just like his predecessors Amaechi and Odili – but he can’t be blamed for the security as it is the chief of police and not Wike that is in-charge of security in his state.

    • UDO

      Who is the Chief Security Officer of a state.

      • PolyGon2013

        Until we have state or zonal (regional) police, security will continue to fail in Nigeria.

      • Henry

        Chief security of a state that don’t control police, amry when its come to security it is on the exclusive list solely for the predident. Mr dakuku should direct its complains to the proper channel

      • thusspokez

        Yeah, Who is the Chief Security Officer of a state? The Nigerian constitution states:

        “refers to governors as The governor of a shall be the Chief Executive of that state”

        Nowhere in the constitution are governors given the title “Chief Security Officer”.

    • Otile

      You are having a field day bashing the 3 governors because none of them belongs to your primitive tribe.

  • Shahokaya

    According to the wicked Wike Rivers is the most peaceful state in the country.

    • D.O.X


      What Nigerians are witnessing now is the result of their own folly – their electoral
      choice by 52% majority votes to select Muhamadu Buhari out of the 180 million
      people in Nigeria, some of whom are reputed as genius thinkers with extraordinary
      intelligence quotient. To Nigerians in the year 2015, at least to the 52%
      mostly illiterate Muslims, and the opportunist Christians angling to take the
      presidency by succession upon Buhari’s death, who voted for Buhari as the best
      candidate, the evidence was slender.

      All they had as convincing evidence was Muhamadu Buhari’s primary six
      certificate as the best evidence of formal schooling. A decision to vote an
      illiterate as president then sent Nigeria cascading downhill from then on. Anyone
      expecting administrative order to ensue, from ignorance, can’t be serious.
      Muhamadu Buhari can’t give what he does not have. He has no knowledge which
      schooling imbues and therefore fumbles from one blunder to another without
      sight or thought-process.

      • Shahokaya

        Wailer you can continue to wail and cry. We all know that with plenty of drugs, arms and easy money the south south youth were living a false life during the time of jonadaft. Easy money has suddenly stop, living them with arms and drugs. The senseless killings might take a long time to curtail.

      • Mizch

        Some of the Christians, the Rochas group, are now disappointed, that the formerly dried-up man, who was never before sick as recently, has been REFURBISHED AND REPACKAGED in London, into a cheeky and plump man. Looking at the mirror, why does he not forget his age? Integrity should go with honesty, surely.

        • Oladipo Nurudeen

          I can never be wrong in my assessment of people. So it’s now “some of the christians”? My friend look for a life, you don’t have any reason to inyeract with the world; you’re so very far behind and i’m wondering if you’ve been living in a cave. When people like you lose simple argument, you resort to religion even when everyone knows that some of you are wicked cult members. When you behave like this, measuring your mental strength and capability becomes so easy because you really can’t compete fairly…meet a psychologist and discuss this with him. God!

      • Mizch

        Yes, the opportunist christians must now be disappointed after seeing a RE-STRUCTURED, REFURBISHED and RE-PACKAGED man with cheeky round face and plump, who looks at the mirror and forgets his age.

  • PolyGon2013

    This is terrorist attack. They are more than gunmen.

    • Repost2017

      @PolyGon2013:disqus: Muhamadu Buhari

      is running a government of the dead, for the dead, by the dead. There’s
      no dispute on that point anymore, for if only one dead person was appointed to
      bring CHANGE we might consider human error, but eight dead persons is utterly
      beyond the pale and sends the clear signals to the international community that
      those saying Buhari is a misfit as a president of a country desiring progress,
      have a good point afterall.

  • Imam OLODO

    Never again shall a brain dead inept man be allowed to preside over Nigeria. Insecurity everywhere. Killing has become normal in Nigeria since the vampire called Buhari came into office. When a so called president orders the Army to kill innocent civilians and bury them in mass graves then what do you expect less evil gunmen to do? When the head is rotten so will the rest parts most likely be. If this happened in US be sure D. Trump will tweet about it and hold a press conference in Pentagon or take a break from any international engagement to address the press and the American people as he did while in Japan when that mad man attacked American at a Hotel gathering. But here in Nigeria Imam OLODO who does not even know his age and can’t remember his DOB will be glued to Aljazera watching Rohinja Muslims

    • Oladipo Nurudeen

      I want you to look at the headline and see your comment you are talking about someone who does not know his age when you’re are also suffering from encenphalitis which may relapse into acute dementia. I think you are an unecessary irritant who likes to hide his mental ill-health by trying to insult people who are old enough to be his father. It’s such a shame, but you need to see a doctor because hatred’ll soon make you brain-dead.

      • Mizch

        Yours did not do better than what you want to correct. Why do you not allow the dead to bury the dead? Did you not read that someone appointed the dead to preside over the living like you? Necromancy????

        • Oladipo Nurudeen

          And what is Necromancy here? I’m talking about your unfortunate below-zero descent you’re talking necromancy…hatred is affecting your reasoning and good judgment you’re murmuring necromancy. See a medical psychologist to tell you what to do. If Buhari appointed those who are already dead, it’s because he did not know snd if he went ahead to announce it, that’s also because he’s afraid of people like you. It’s a long list and if some of them are already late, it’s because he kept it too close to his chest…away from the prowing eyes of politicians.

          • Mizch

            Continue vomiting. A sign of rotten and wailing heart.

          • Yego V

            Pls stop exhibiting your stupidity here.

          • Oladipo Nurudeen

            If this is a sign of stupidity, then i thank God for not giving me your type or class of wisdom which is meant only for hunting and procreation…

          • Mbam Bounty Iphy

            O boy your president appointed dead people into his cabinet and you are here trying to justify him. Are you human at all.

          • Oladipo Nurudeen

            Birds of the same feather and DNA’ll always normally flock together. The content of a DNA is unchangeable so your somewhat similar reactions are not strange; they only proved that science is right…

      • Yego V

        If Imam was an OLODO, I don’t know what you are. Mizch below summed you.

    • Julius

      Yup, na Buhari do am..wonderful !…smdh ! I be think say dem get governor self…maybe Buhari is also their governor with the state security apparatus on his call.

      • Strait Point




        • Musbau Hamzat

          He is internationally recognized as he refuse you to steal more.

        • Julius

          He hasn’t finish his 4 years term yet but, good luck. Take responsibility for your life for the time being !!

    • Musbau Hamzat

      PMB is given you sleepless night – Sorry. Even if husband & wife fight its PMB!!!!!!!!!

  • Mentus

    People should not be quick to blame it on cultists. They could easily be Fulani herdsmen since the target were people returning from church.

    • Julius

      Yeah, just like they were responsible for the church killings in biafraud. Right ? The herdsmen which I called terrorists shouldn’t be allowed to be killing people anywhere but, must you be blaming them for what happened everywhere especially in our backyards ?

    • Oladipo Nurudeen

      Interesting! And you too passed through a school? Mehn, socia media is filled with people i never imagined were existing. This is one social experiment that’s very revealing. God!

    • tundemash

      I agree your father could as well be responsible; so many possibilities really. Olodo.

      • Musbau Hamzat

        He is real Olodo and Otondo.

  • Smart

    Badoo, militants, cultism, book harm, kidnappers, armed robbery, herdsmen, gun men, drug abuse etc are all sign of illiteracy in the country. The government should please set aside a minimum of 40% of its budget for educational sector alone So as to enhance both spiritual and worldly knowledges. Because no literate person will kill an innocent soul.

    • Mizch

      Good observation, but the troops of Python dance are literates. They killed flag carrying youths.

      • Musbau Hamzat

        Python Troops didn’t kill anybody only physical exercise like rolling in the mug.

        • Epsilon_Delta

          If denying crimes against humanity by the military makes you happy, then, you must be depraved!

          • segunelusakin

            Who says he has to support your assumption to be happy?

      • Epsilon_Delta

        hohohoho, which troops are literates? Those troops only understand “come” and “go”. They are largely herdsmen and civilian JTF from the north.

    • You’re entirely wrong.
      One’s tendency to commit crime does not co-relate with one’s educational qualifications.
      If there are good jobs and development, then certain crimes would reduce. We all know that these crimes are caused by poverty. A professor, WAEC holder or even a pastor can commit murder….it boils down to the individual’s mind.

    • Dr Bunmi Binitie

      No, all those people groups you listed are not a sign of illiteracy but a sign of satanism and idolatory. They shed blood en masse when their god satan is thirsty for blood. It is purely a spiritual problem which Christians must wake up and attend to.

      What is needed is to pray and war against their activities and intensify evangelism to bring them out of the darkness in which they live

      • emmanuel

        Unfortunately, your call does not apply to you and the members of your coven APC – blood suckers, thieves, looters, nepotics, abusers of men, looters of common wealth, herdsmen killers and patrons, serial liars, budget padders, drug abusers, impunity practitioners.
        No man serves God and mammon and that is what the APC represent

  • Dualpolemedia

    Declare state of emergency in Rivers state Mr President.