Buhari rejects restructuring Nigeria

President Muhammadu Buhari

In his New Year address to the nation, President Muhammadu Buhari dismissed calls for a holistic new look at Nigeria’s political structure, saying he does not see it as a priority.

“When all the aggregates of nationwide opinions are considered, my firm view is that our problems are more to do with process than structure,” the president said.

“No human law or edifice is perfect,” Mr. Buhari insisted in the State House announcement which lasted for nearly 20 minutes.

The president said Nigeria should continue to operate its current presidential system, but welcomed ideas on how to make it less permeable to extravagance, waste and corruption largely.

“There is a strong case for a closer look at the cost of government and for the public services long used to extravagance, waste and corruption to change for the better.

“I assure you that government is ever receptive to ideas which will improve governance and contribute to the country’s peace and stability,” he said in the address, which is his first to the nation since August 21, 2017.

The president urged Nigerians to be patient with the current presidential system and allow it to evolve until it becomes suitable enough to accommodate the country’s peculiarities.

The comments appeared targeted at shutting down back-end insinuations that the president may eventually yield to growing agitations for fundamental changes in Nigeria’s political structure.

Critics argue that Nigeria’s current federal system has become too centralised and its expenses have become bloated overtime.

Powers such as policing and control of natural resource, have resided almost exclusively in the federal government, a situation that has left the states largely subservient to the centre, critics say.

They favour a more decentralised structure in which state and local authorities are allowed to keep most of the resources generated within their respective boundaries, while remitting only a fraction good enough to keep the federal government running to the centre.

It is not immediately clear how the president’s party would take the latest rejection of restructuring by its leader.

The ruling party constituted a committee last year to look into calls for restructuring and prepare modalities for the parties approach to the issue.

The panel is led by Nasir El-Rufai, an APC governor and key ally of the president.

Bolaji Abdullahi, the party’s national spokesperson, and Joe Igbokwe, who speaks for the Lagos State chapter, were not immediately available for comments Monday morning.

However, Phillip Obin, an APC member, appeared miffed by the absolute dismissal of restructuring by the president.

“Even a union between a husband and wife could be re-negotiated,” Mr. Obin told PREMIUM TIMES Monday morning.

He said the president should have avoided taking a definitive position that could be seen as undermining the supremacy of the party.

The president’s comments came a few weeks after another APC leader asked those clamouring for restructuring to forget it.

“To hell with restructuring,” said Kashim Shettima, the party’s governor in Borno State.

The APC set-up the committee following condemnation that it had abandoned one of its major campaign promises.

Its leaders had rejected the outcome of a 2014 national conference that produced hundreds of resolutions on how to address the country’s protracted political crisis.

A political analyst, Victor Okhai, said the president missed the fundamentals of restructuring in his speech.

“The president said Nigerians want to go back to the parliamentary system which they had once abandoned. This shows that he doesn’t understand the fundamentals,” Mr. Okhai said.

“He failed to mention that Nigerian did not willingly abandon the regional system in the sixties. It was the military who seized power and dismantled a working system,” he added.

Nigeria ran a regional system with a federal prime minister and federal parliament between 1960 after its independence and 1966 when the first military coup occurred.

The country would be controlled for the ensuing 13 years, during which several states were created and more powers concentrated at the centre.

The system was not reversed when a democratic president was elected in 1979 until 1983 when it was again deposed in a military coup.

The military remained in charge from then until 1999 when Nigeria returned to democracy, but the Constitution that was adopted has been criticised as a carry on of military edicts.

Mr. Okhai said advocates of restructuring are keen on giving more control to the states and a reintroduction of regional system if possible.

“This would make the states be in charge of their resources and development and no one would need to wait for a sick president at the centre to come and approve nearly everything for them,” Mr. Okhai said.

He said Mr. Buhari’s statement showed how insincere the APC has become.

“The president has always made it clear that he’s not interested in restructuring. It is the APC using propaganda to deceive the people,” Mr. Okhai said. “Let’s not forget that he had since distanced himself from the party’s campaign promises.”

“This shows that the president has a mind of his own and will go ahead with whatever he decides,” he added.

“But since Nigerians did not willingly abandon the regional system in the first place, it’s now left to the citizens to show the president that he cannot control their destiny in a democratic system. If they want restructuring, they will get it.”

The issue could play a serious role in the 2019 elections, as some of the major hopefuls, including Atiku Abubakar, have already tailored their messages towards a decentralised system.

Mr. Obin said pro-restructuring campaigners should be more vocal and lucid in their agitations if they want to have the ears of the citizens.

“When they say they want restructuring, they need to be clearer about the specifics,” he said.


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  • NoPeaceInOurTime

    There is a philosophical piece I once saw hanging at the reception of a Guesthouse in Kaduna that says, “EVEN THIS SHALL PASS AWAY.” Man is fond of making the mistake of believing he is immortal and that whatever he says shall stand forever. Unfortunately, TIME, that hardnosed-conqueror of delusions points out to the next generations the absurdities of man’s attempts at playing God.

    • forestgee

      Very good!

  • Factual Bob

    “But since Nigerians did not willingly abandon the regional system in the first place, it’s now left to the citizens to show the president that he cannot control their destiny in a democratic system. If they want restructuring, they will get it.”
    Buhari is not a student of history,and whoever fails to learn from history will become history soonest.

    • Bassey Frank

      Brilliant reasoning.

  • Okakuoofbenin

    Buhari is a disgrace and a freaking parasite. And to those Southerners who decieved their own people like Obasanjo and Tinubu, i say shame on you Mugus. Buhari is an irredeemable tribal and sectional bigot with a clearly visible Northern agenda. Believe me this braindead hegemonist who is completely out of tune with the realities of the present day Nigeria, is laying the solid foundation of the disintegration of the fraud called Nigeria.

  • This speech is the height of mediocrity and a slap on the face of 190 million Nigerians. The smartest black race on earth. Nigeria is a total mess from decades of misgovernance and bad policies from Buhari and his generation of dictators. For Buhari to continue to tell Nigerians what is right and wrong is a sign of hopelessness for this great country. We need a new generation of leadership in Nigeria.

    • Okakuoofbenin

      190 million ke? His northern people are happy with his decisions. Lazy parasites like the useless Bornu state governor and the equally useless northern senators forum.

  • Okakuoofbenin


    • Oracle


    • Bassey Frank

      There is nothing peaceful with a naturally violent man. Stop deceiving yourself.

      • Okakuoofbenin

        Arid and shameless Jihadist can never use his common sense. The quotation is for intelligent people not Buhari like minds like you. Have you ever heard or seen anywhere my people in the SS slaughtered humans like your people in the name or religious fanaticism or politically induced carnage like your people? But believe me everything has a limit.

    • Mizch

      Some body there is not really a “man of peace.” Watch his lifted right hand’s fists.

  • Bassey Frank

    How will you support restructuring when the oil money is flowing. Now, NAPIMS is to make a payment of $100 million monthly to North East rehabilitation, yet our environmental degradation in the South is worsening. Restructuring will disrupt a trend like this:

    1. Shaibu Musa – MD, NNPC Medical Services
    2. Ibrahim Birma – Group General Manager, Audit Division
    3. Ahmed Katagum – Group GM Shipping
    4. Kallamu Abdullahi – Group GM, Renewable Energy Division
    5. Dr Bola Afolabi – Group GM, Research & Development
    6. Adeyemi Adetunji – MD, NNPC Retail Division
    7. Usman Yusuf – Group GM, NNPC GMD Office
    8. Bala Wunti – in charge of Corporate Planning & Strategy
    9. Umar Ajiya – MD, Nigerian Products Marketing Company
    10. Muhammed Abah – MD, Warri Refining Petrochemical Company
    11. Malami Shehu – MD, Port Harcourt Refining Company
    12. Adewale Ladenegan – MD, Kaduna Refining Petrochemical Co (dormant)
    13. Diepriye Tariah – MD, Integrated Data Services
    14. Rland Wubare – GM National Petroleum Investment Services
    NOTE: Maikanti Baru – still GMD, NNPC.

    Isiaka Abdulrasaq – GMD Finance & Services

    Alhaji Muhammadu Buhari – Petroleum Minister

  • Omooooduaaa


    Yoruba Ronu in the year 2018

    Bola Tinubu and his APC cohorts led 52% of the Yoruba on a path that is now a dead end.
    The personal ambition of Bola Tinubu to be selected as Buhari’s running mate was the reason.
    That personal ambition was disguised as Yoruba interest and sold to the unwary Yoruba folks.
    Now the chickens come to roost as the Yoruba are locked into APC alliance opposed to restructuring.
    Whereas since 1999 the restructuring of Nigeria’s federation has been the consistent Yoruba agenda.

    Bola Tinubu Yoruba followers cannot move forward inside APC where they have no say on party affairs.
    Under Nigeria’s Constitution today a Vice President is as good as a Senior Special Assistant to Buhari.
    It is that sinecure post of vice president the Bola Tinubu followers have as consolation for self-repudiation.
    The Yoruba Muslims who saw APC as a party heralding Islamist dominance in Yorubaland now rue at leisure.
    They dominate nothing but stew in their juices as President Buhari reduces the Yoruba people to observers.

    The Yoruba can not move forward inside APC or move out of the party without suffering reputational damage.
    The bad thinking of the Yoruba led them into an alliance with the Islamist wing of northern Hausa/Fulani/Kanuri.
    The unspoken dividend of that sham alliance with illiteracy and perfidy is that the Yoruba wanted the presidency.
    Their raw calculation that Buhari may die during his tenure to enable succession was the greed of the Yoruba.
    Muhamadu Buhari has not died and will not possibly die and so, the Yoruba’s bad bet is now all the worse painful.
    The Yoruba people will be governed to the ground by the low standard of the Fulani Islamists for five more years.

  • Alkeyz Ironsi

    I hope the southerners especially the west can understand that? Will a parasite want the host to be smart? Some fools from west will still vote for him come 2019!!

    • Damian

      Very smart people will vote for him again…or is it the tribalist, divisive, theft driven, self serving pdp we are to vote for? Atiku & Fayose? Or with Wike disparaging yorubas openly and brazenly? Seems
      You’re the real nincompoop here. At worst Buhari is the lesser of two evils…the significant opposition we have is not an option.

    • Sunny0099

      When Jonathan was in ASO VILLA for solid 6years with the whole of the east solidly behind him, why was restructuring difficult then?

    • Trendy

      Jonathan was the head for 6 years, a time when oil price was at the highest peak, with all the money accrues yet few southerner squander the money for our commonwealth, that was the genesis of this present govt problem. Even you the smart one, what r you benefit of the last govt? except chop chop money

  • Repost2017


    Muhamadu Buhari
    is running a government of the dead, for the dead, by the dead. There’s
    nodispute on that point anymore, for if only one dead person was appointed to
    bring CHANGE we might consider human error, but eight dead persons is utterly
    beyond the pale and sends the clear signals to the international community that
    those saying Buhari is a misfit as a president of a country desiring progress,
    have a good point afterall.

  • Damian

    The political nature and source of the clamour for restructuring makes it dead on arrival, it’s coming largely from those that lost out in the 2015 elections hence it will be fundamentally difficult for this government to midwife or implement even if they want to – the foundation for the clamour for restructuring is based on loser’s sour grapes and is not sincere…therefore neither will it’s negotiation or implementation.
    I suggest those that want it to campaign on it and when / if they are successful they should implement it…but I don’t see anyone ready to campaign on it…agitators with a selfish agenda.

    • What are you talking about? Restructuring was a part of the APC manifesto. Buhari campaigned under that political promise, but the moment he got to office, it was all forgotten about.

      • Damian

        Oh yes, restructuring as APC campaigned about is very different from what is being touted around today.
        Secondly APC made an error of judgement, what they expected to see is very different from what they actually saw….if they were PDP the lies and theft would be monumental…but they are taking the time to correct the foundation (at the risk of political loss) unfortunately Nigerians are very impatient….damage done to the economy and Nigerians over 16 years they want it reversed overnight at no discomfort to them – this won’t happen.

        • Correct what foundation? Please explain exactly how they are “fixing” Nigeria?

          My viewpoint is simple, APC had no real action plan, no real strategy on how to tackle the problems of Nigeria. They simply told everyone what they wanted to hear during campaigning and when they came to office, they improvised.

          • Damian

            No they had and still have a plan…however pdp’s monumental theft was more than expected…so plan has to adjust.

          • What is this plan that they supposedly have?

            Buhari’s cabinent tells one all he needs to know.

            What theft are you talking about? Nigeria was on the brink of collapse in 1999, but was rescued when it returned to democracy. The Nigerian economy grew from 90 billion to 500 billion under PDP. Nigeria experienced its highest grow rates under the previous administration.

            Under APC, Nigeria has been in recession, for the first time in 25 years, the last time was under Buhari in the 80s. Nigeria is now projected to grow at 4%, which means poverty will likely increase throughout Buhari’s entire administration.

            Don’t you care for the poor in Nigeria?

          • Damian

            Seems you believe in voodoo figures of the PDP….as if the $100 per barrel of oil improved your life…obviously when oil became $20 recession set in globally….or you think our money with diezani’s would of saved us?

          • Voodoo figures of the IMF, World Bank and USA Fact book. Yea, I believe in the voodoo figures of the worlds most reputable finance corporations.

            Let’s be mature about this, in 1999, Nigeria as a nation was dead. There had been no real economic growth for decades, infrastructure had completely decade, pogroms were happening every other week. People just wanted to get out of the country.

            Today, Nigeria is a country people can actually live in, PDP though not exactly a great political party, did build up this nation.

            That said, APC is made up primarily of former PDP members, so why do you support them?

            Oil prices dropped during the early 2000s, but Nigeria didn’t fall into a recession. Oil prices dropped during Jonathan’s tenure, yet there was no recession.

            Nigeria fell into recession because of Buhari, his utterances, which led to investors fleeing Nigeria, and him taking close to 10 months to select a cabinent.

          • Damian

            Oil prices never dropped to this level during Jonathan’s 5 years in Power, obj had poor oil prices but did not meet an empty treasury.
            Jonathan’s tenure had $80 per barrel as minimum….over $100 for most of his tenure – and all we have is rich diezani ‘s and David Mark and Dasuki’s
            For 16 years pdp raped us and gave us nothing in return…I find it very hard that you would blame the person who has had only 2yrs to reverse 16yrs of theft.

  • Jon

    The South should NOT yield to these parasites. No wonder he termed referendum seeking IPOB as a terrorist group. Fear of restructuring made Buhari to be looking for oil in the desert.

    • princegab

      May God let him find oil into north .
      Happy New Year sir

      • Jideofor Bismillah Akbar

        Abi!!! Igbos are seriously supporting northerners now so carry us along. Thanks to operation python dance!!! Igbos our eyes have opened and we are all going to vote Buhari en masse. Infact we are rooting for APC at the Federal and not in our igbo states. God bless Buhari for saying no to restructuring!!!!

  • Anasieze Donatus


    Under Goodluck Jonathan

    1. Board Chairman Mrs. Dizieni — South
    2. Bukar Abdullahi — North.
    3. Steven Orasaya — South
    4. Olusegun Okunu — South
    5. Daniel Wadzani — South
    6. Benard O.N Otti — South.
    7. Peter Nmadu — South.
    8. Taye Haruna — South

    Newly Reconstructed Nnpc Board Under President Buhari

    1. Board Chairman Dr.Ibe Kachikwu — South
    2. Kacala M. Baru — North
    3. Mahmud Dutse — North
    4. Abba Kyari North
    5. Thomas John –South
    6. Pius O. Akin — South
    7. Tajudeen Umar — South
    8. Lawal Mohammed –North
    9. Yusuf Lawal –North

    • Jon

      @Anasieze Donatus: Do you have fucking oil resources in the North?

      • Anasieze Donatus

        Do you have groundnut pyramid in the South

        • Jon

          More reason that Buhari should be minister of agriculture or if you will, minister of groundnut pyramid or minister of cattle.

          • Anasieze Donatus

            That is what you thought but God has excelled him and i advise you ray to get excelled like the man

          • emmanuel

            Beautiful. Minister of Agriculture plus water resources (the ministry used by the North to steal money from Nigeria in the last six decades without any noticeable activities

    • Dr Statistica Omerigwe

      Below are the list of Nigerian Presidents by Region of Origin from 1960 – 2017

      (1) Tafawa Balewa (1960 – 1966)==========NORTH
      (2) Nnamdi Azikiwe (1966 – 1966)==========EAST
      (3) Yakubu Gowon(1966 – 1975) ==========NORTH
      (4) Murtala Mohammed (1974-1976) =======NORTH
      (5) Olusegun Obasanjo(1976-1979) ========WEST
      (6) Shehu Shagari (1979-1983) ============NORTH
      (7) Mohammed Bokohari (1983-1985) =====NORTH
      (8) Ibrahim Babangida (1985-1993) =======NORTH
      (9) Sanni Abacha (1993-1998) ============NORTH
      (10) Abdulsalami Abubakar (1998-1999)======NORTH
      (11) Olusegun Obasanjo (1999 – 2007) =======WEST
      (12) Shuhe Muisa yDua (2007-2010)=========NORTH
      (13) Goodluck Jonathan (PhD) (2010-2015)===SOUTH
      (14) Morbid Mohammadu Bokohari=========NORTH

      North = 79%
      South = 7%
      East = 7%
      West = 7%

      NB: Statistics are always presented in a format to suit the ideas of the presenter

      • Anasieze Donatus

        Are there no south eastern Officers in the Army? If there was then they are chicken hearted because the Northerners you mentioned here stake their lives and staged a coup
        (3) Yakubu Gowon(1966 – 1975) ==========NORTH
        (4) Murtala Mohammed (1974-1976) =======NORTH
        (7) Mohammed Bokohari (1983-1985) =====NORTH
        (8) Ibrahim Babangida (1985-1993) =======NORTH
        (9) Sanni Abacha (1993-1998) ============NORTH
        (10) Abdulsalami Abubakar (1998-1999)======NORTH

        It only exposed the fact that the south east Military officers are suppose to be in the Boys scout instead of the Army

    • emmanuel

      Please check your name if it is well spelt.
      Meanwhile, Buhari is the Board Chairman of NNPC, GMD North and Permanent secretaryNorth. The Broad is inconsequential in this dispensation.
      Every other person is is kept in the dark

      • Anasieze Donatus

        No my name is not well spelt and if i may ask, what has the name got to do with the message. I guess you were in the circle to have known that everybody was kept in the dark and since you are aware (Every other person is is kept in the dark) ,YOU SHOULD HAVE RAISED A NATIONAL ALARM as that is part of FREEDOM OF SPEECH or WHISTLE BLOWING POLICY

        • emmanuel

          There could not have been more darkness than Barugate of $26 billion. Whistle blowing? What did the chairman of NNPC Board/Nigeria President do about it. The man who was quick to charge a Senator to court without investigating allegations against the IGP?
          Who does not know that impunity, cronyism, nepotism is not stealing, but corruption? This was exactly what Jonathan said in his days and the then opposition twisted it to suit their propagandist agenda.

          • Anasieze Donatus

            There was no Baru-gate if you had followed the details but because of your mindset you believe 26Billion Dollars was missing,from which acc=ount and what is your total years budgets as a country. I advise you search and read the full story before commenting.Kachikwu only stated that due process was not followed in the award of the 25b dollars contract and that he was bye passed by Baru as the Minister of [Petroleum and Chairman of NNPC Board as required by law and when he was reminded that he was a junior Minister and not the Chairman of NNPC Board ,he kept his peace and later found out that due process was actually followed as the President been the minister of Petroleum was aware of the contract. As for the Denator who made moral allegation about the IGP,he will have his day in counrt to prove all he has said and i do not see any harm in following due process under democracy.

          • emmanuel

            No due process was followed.
            Baru has stolen those monies and the monies remain stolen ahead. The fraudulent contracts have been signed and would be deducted from NNPC earnings in the future. In fact, they have started earning from the fraud.
            You are yet to accept what processes are in corporate organisations or have deliberately refused to accept the truth by obliterating the truth.

          • Anasieze Donatus


  • Badru 234

    I want to thank Premium Times for all your good works in the year
    2017 to help the people of Nigeria to know the truth. You are the best
    newspaper house in the country. You have the most educated crop of
    journalists who bring pride to the profession. In our university here it is
    compulsory for all students and all lecturers to read Premium Times
    everday because we must always discuss the issues in the classroom.

    I don’t want you to rest on your oars; after having set such a high standard.
    I want you to help us tell President Muhamadu Buhari that he is too useless.
    To me Buhari is the most illiterate and the worst president Nigeria’s ever had.
    How can somebody struggle for 12 years to be predident without any ideas?
    Buhari is now telling us that his doctors told him to sleep more and sleep more.
    What was he doing before, if not sleeping like a clueless moron without sense?

    • Tunsj

      I agree completely with your first paragraph but the second is nothing but a trash.

  • bigbang

    So the APC lied to Nigerians to get elected. Their manifesto is about restructuring Nigeria.

    Well we go see you in 2019.

  • So oju abe niko

    “The ruling party constituted a committee last year to look into calls for restructuring and prepare modalities for the parties approach to the issue. The panel is led by Nasir El-Rufai, an APC governor and key ally of the president.”

    A restructuring committee headed by a Fulani is obviously dead on arrival. The Fulani group is the greatest beneficiary of the current system, so why would they upset a system that serves their interest, to the detriment of all other Nigerians ethnics, starting from the most maligned Hausa group. Even many genuine progressive Fulanis like Senator Shehu Sanni and Colonel Abubakar Dangiwa Umar do not support restructuring. Mr. Abubakar Atiku, a wily Fulani politician, who is good in reading the mood of the Nigerian populace, is on the restructuring train, but the devil is in the details. If he achieves his aim of becoming the president, although a long shot, he would probably support a superficial retooling of Nigeria that does not threaten Fulani dominance in Nigeria. The loss of commanding influence in Nigeria will have reverberating consequences for the Fulani chokehold in West Africa. Nigeria, accounting for more than 50% of the population and economy, is the jewel in the crown of the live Fulani Empire called West Africa.

    I offer the foregoing to present the bigger picture, not to encourage unhelpful banal bigotry. Mr. Buhari has been very clear and honest on his inflexibility to restructuring. We can make the next election a referendum on the reengineering of Nigeria, just like the last election was a referendum on GEJ performance (and not a vote for Mr. Buhari per se). This is one position Mr. Buhari will need to yield on, to avoid losing ignominiously in the next election. For instance, Mr. Buhari has to be more forthcoming on a long term solution to the economic debilitating herdsmen menace in the farmlands. In the period 500 years, Fulani herders have been the latent army, who supported of the educated Fulanis in the conquest of new territories. In new territories, the Fulani rules meant economic progress, progressive social engineering such as the increment in literacy rate in the general population and a comprehensive education of the girl child in particular. The Fulanis (Fube, Fulbe, etc) were the engine room that powered the famed African empires of Ghana, Mali and Songhai. For a fact, the Fulani in West Africa has been a force of progress up till 1900. As the previously most enlightened clan in the West Africa, they were slow in adopting the new superior western civilization; and it did not help that the incoming European powers respected rule of the old Fulani power, and left them virtually intact wherever they held sway. This has led us to the current quagmire, with a Fulani group striving to maintain the old privilege, without the wherewithal of educational & civilization superiority of old. Within Nigeria, we need to address how to help the Fulani restructure their society and vision of power, for them to see the merit in the general clamour for the overdue renegotiation of Nigeria.

    • Jon

      The only solution for Southern Nigeria is De-amalgamation.

      • Jideofor Bismillah Akbar

        Count igbos out because we now support Fulanis and negotiating with them too.

  • Intrepid

    One man who thinks he has the cure all to Nigeria’s problems, but under his watch Nigeria is drifting away . We have the real incorrigible Megalomaniac in our midst. A man who is not even conscious of his own environment.

    May God save us.

  • Proudly Niger DELTAN

    A modest prayer at this trying times of the countries that make up Nigeria is to wish that none ever has a ‘misleader’ as ST(E)UPID as Buhari. It is utterly repugnant that a man who leans more to the dead than the living by consistently appointing the dead into his cabinet be the one to assume the self imposed responsibility of determining whether or not Nigeria needs restructuring. Honestly a violent secession from the East and South is what I propose. The West will always want to remain in Nigeria and people should not be fooled by a few of them who appear to support restructuring. You can’t trust them. There is this bond among the intrinsically parasitic regions in Nigeria and it will always remain so. So, Niger Delta and Biafra should learn to forge a common front in this battle of fight to finish.

    • Jideofor Bismillah Akbar

      Biafra is dead get out!!!!!!!!!!! Igbos are supporting the northerners on this. No restructuring period!!!!! Infact igbos are saying nobody should destroy this entity called Nigeria. One Nigeria and we support northerners and say collectively that Igbos don’t want Biafra again and don’t want restructuring!!!!!


        Desperate Aboki.

  • Proudly Niger DELTAN

    I blame the Niger Deltan leaders – Our useless governors who place self over the corporate interest of the Niger Delta people. It is a shame. How come noe of them is able to stand up to this parasite called Buhari? Even the Governors of the North who have nothing and are virtually beggars who depend 100% on the resources from the Niger Delta stood up and openly opposed President Jonathan, so why are the Governors of the deep South (Niger Delta) cowardly? Why can’t they tell Buhari to shut up Why can’t they speak openly and disagree with this very provocative statement Buhari is making relating to restructuring? I believe these Governors of the South South need to be stoned to d..th. They are traitors and do not represent us.

  • Igwe Bu Ike

    Yorubas will vote for this vagabond again despite the fact that they have been reduced to observatory status in this vagabond administration. All military men or women who returns to public service through democratic means must be regarded as vagabond because they can never justifiable behave like elected civilians. Obafemi Awolowo never went into political alliance with hausa and fulani of the north throughout his political career because he knew that a political alliance with the hausa and fulani north, will not benefit the Yorubas. Unfortunately, a rogue like Tinubu was not wise enough like Obafemi Awolowo.

    • Tunsj

      Hogwash. So are you telling us that only the Yorubas voted for President Buhari?

  • princegab

    Apc should start to consider the consequences of rigging 2019 elections just as they are oiling the rigging machine.

  • GeeWhiz

    Why would the parasitic beneficiaries of a failed one-way relationship support giving up the goose that lays the golden egg :rolleyes

  • Man_Enough

    Restructuring is a collective decision that has to be taken by the generality of the national representatives. The president made it clear that he was erring his personal opinion knowing full well that he has no power to reject. Let the national assembly do the needful. We are in a democracy.

    • Tunsj

      Well said. Happy New Year.

  • Mercy John

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    MBar Manager (24) Store Keeper (25) Room Service (26) Banquet Manager (27) Factory Supervisor (26) Security Officer (27) Sales
    & Marketing Manager (28) Waiter/Waitress (29) Cashiers (30) Steward (31) Receptionist (32) Retail Manager

    1. Accommodation – Provided. 2.Ticket -Provided. 3. Medical – Provided. 4. Transportation – Provided. 5. Working hours 8a.m-4p.m [Mon-Sat] 6. Vacation – 28.5days every year 7. Salary/Wages – $25 per hour for Unskilled and $36 per hour for Skilled. 8. Contract – 2 years. 9. Extra time – $18 per hour 10. Insurance & Pension – According to Quebec Labor laws. 11. Other Benefits – Family Status, group benefit and other fringe benefits. 12. We pay our foreign Clients $74 USD for each Candidate you deploy to us. 13. Required number of candidates – 100 workers (Skilled and Unskilled) Note All the Visa process takes 4-8 weeks. We Give The Best In Recruitment, Through An Excellent Immigration Consulting Services. For any question, asking or query feel free to contact: Mr Paul Akinindibo
    Tel no:+2349063109338
    NIGERIA ADDRESS: Shehu Shagari Way,Maitama Abuja Nigeria
    2023 Rue Cremazie Quebec city, QC G1R 1B8 Canada



  • Jideofor Bismillah Akbar

    Igbos agree with northerners and we are saying no to restructuring. Let no body touch the current Federal system we are practicing. Igbos say no to restructuring.


      Aboki….has your fear and insecurity gotten to this level ? …na waaooo

  • Lanre

    Muhammudu Buhari is impervious to reason. That is the reason we have fuel scarcity in 2017 like we had when he was Minister of Petroleum in 1977. Restructuring the country is to ensure that the citizens who own resources also control and manage them. That way, if Borno State needs money from Bayelsa State to deal with Boko Haram, the people of Bayelsa have an input. Not a military directive from Abuja. Not Governors being called into a meeting and told that Buhari will look the other way as they continue building mansions while unable to pay worker’s salaries – Kogi State.
    Obviously, Buhari is a dinosaur. A relic from the past. Any wonder he is threatening oil marketers with imprisonment rather than address how Nigeria has four refineries and cannot refine crude for domestic consumption. I am so convinced beyond any reasonable doubt that the peaceful dissolution of Nigeria is a matter of time.

  • thusspokez

    I have no idea what Nigerians even mean by restructuring and I doubt how many know. Further, even among those who pretend to know, there is no consensus as to what it means. Now if you don’t even agree as to what you want, how can you even begin to start finding appropriate solutions.


      You have refused to know what restructuring means and nobody will force you so just like Buhari please continue rejecting it……do not stop.

      • emmanuel

        The character you replied is an agent of a failed system


          I AM 100% aware of him and where he works

    • emmanuel

      You are confused, very confused. A liar per excellence.
      You have heard most Nigerians say they want a weaker central government, with devolved power to the Regions or States.
      What else do you want to know?
      You have always demonstrated weak intellect and lack of integrity!

  • thusspokez

    “When all the aggregates of nationwide opinions are considered, my firm view is that our problems are more to do with process than structure,” the president said.

    Even ‘process’ wouldn’t be a problem were it not for the involvement of the ‘Nigerian’ – who everything he touches is destroyed or turns into shít.

    • Mizch

      You are right. Like the process of appointing dead men to preside over Nigerian affairs. Shameless.

  • Mizch

    Integrity divorced from honesty. This President went to London to be RESTRUCTURED, REFURBISHED AND REPACKAGED. Yet he does not want the sick Nigeria that paid his bills to have same favours. There is God ooooh!

  • emmanuel

    A man rejected by God cannot offer any leadership or good things to Nigeria.
    He keep saying that those calling for restructuring are enemies of Nigeria, which is a lie from the devil. Most of his foolani’s supporters sing the same song with him. But that is what will bring Nigeria to its end eventually.
    Someday, all of the rest ethnic groups will team up and 2019 is that time.

  • Dr Pat Kolawole Awosan

    President Muhamamdu Buhari, stance on restructuring of Nigeria-nation, was a clear fragile and delicate mistake as every sane and patriotic Nigerians, home and diaspora understands and demand restructuring for Nigeria, in order for every region of the six present regions, in Nigeria, to develop at its own pace while Federal Government, presence at the center impact Nigeria, more security-wise and economically.Nigeria, must restructured for peace and stability to rein along with massive critical infrastructure-development like what Nigeria, witnessed in the Western region.under late chief Obafemi Awolowo, when the first television-station, in Africa, WNTV. was built and inaugurated,cocoa-house was built and Ikeja-industrial estate was initiated and premier hotel, was built in Ibadan along with Bodija-estate and several critical infrastructure along with the successful-implementation of free education.