Presidency explains controversial list of board appointments

President Muhammadu Buhari-at-FEC Meeting
President Muhammadu Buhari at FEC Meeting

The presidency has reacted to the controversy generated by its appointment, Friday evening, of 1,468 Nigerians into the boards of agencies and parastatals.

The list generated controversy after names of some dead persons were found among the appointees.

PREMIUM TIMES checks also show duplications and appointments of individuals that are no longer in the ruling All Progressives Congress.

The Presidency however downplayed the matter Saturday as, according to a spokesman of the president, there was nothing scandalous about the list.

Speaking to PREMIUM TIMES by telephone, Garba Shehu said “the list has a history” which explains the controversy around it.

“In 2015, Mr. President requested all state chapters of the party to submit names of 50 party members for board appointments,” Mr. Shehu said.

He said the names where compiled by the national secretariat of the APC and forwarded to the then secretary to the government of the federation, Babachir Lawal.

“However, complaint arose from some governors who felt they were not carried along in the process. To answer this, the president constituted a committee under the vice president to review and reflect the interest of the governors”.

Mr Shehu however said action was delayed on the report of the committee headed by Vice President Yemi Osinbajo as President Muhammadu Buhari took ill.

“The president’s trips for medical attention slowed down completion of the process,” he said, until when Mr Buhari decided to revisit the matter recently.

“The current SGF was only directed to complete that process by releasing the list which he apparently did without altering it,” Mr. Shehu explained.

Mr Shehu admitted that errors were committed but added that “no human undertaking can be free of mistakes”.

He said the errors identified with the list were not enough to describe the exercise as scandalous, insisting that “there is no scandal”.

The spokesperson said all errors in the list would be corrected.


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  • Rollingdollar

    This government is sick. I have run short of adjectives to describe the incompetence, cluelessness, stealing, nepotism, negativity etc that surrounds Mr Buhari and the government he leads. Pray; how do people who support this indolent old man actually have peace in their heart

    • Otile

      They don’t, all they care for is their crumbs. You can tell that Buhari praise singers are not sincere.

  • Lanre

    We gave him a self acclaimed so called Professor of law to make up for his dumbness and daftness but it has made no difference. Methinks Nigerians who are complaining are the ones who have very serious problems and need to see a Psychiatrist asap. How do you people expect a man who could not pass his WAEC exams ever be in a position to review a document? Can Buhari even READ & WRITE in English???? I recommend that presidency should as a matter of uthmost exigency make it mandatory that all memos and internal communication be transcribed to Hausa language before presenting them to Buhari for signing. Don’t forget, he had ‘A’ grade in Hausa languagge in WAEC together with Islamic studies.

  • Ijeuwa

    A big mess. Why didn’t the same president who asked them to complie the list also ask them to update same?

    • vaale-kupu

      Cluelessness in it purest form!

    • Otile

      This a form of ghost worker trick. They take Nigerians for a ride.

  • Factsayer

    Thanks Buhari for another public assault to Nigeria

    • Otile

      Don’t thank him, thank those corrupt people who imposed this headless man on us. This is why they will never allow him to hold a press conference in his own country.

  • Joe

    This government is not only scandalous, but a big mistake that we liveto regret. If buhari or elrufai comes back to power in 2019, Nigeria will be erase from world map, just as they connived with burtai to wipe out shi’ite Muslims.

    • Dolapo2000

      It will help the Buhari government to go to school. It is too illiterate.
      The presidental spokesman Garba Shehu should be enrolled in the
      Department of English language for a 10-year course on lexis and
      structure since he does not understand the meaning of the word
      SCANDALOUS and says with silliness that it is no scandal for the
      President of a country to announce his appointment of three
      dead people into public office, meaning that it is a normal thing.

  • International games

    Any Questions about the Suitability of each member for the job? NO!
    All we went to know is how many are from my village. Black people!

  • MP-001* [Joint Chief]

    Mr Shehu, there is no need for the history lessons, some mistakes should not be made as making them gives the impression of carelessness and irresponsibility on the part of those in charge, a 48 hour due diligence and verification on the list would have sorted the issue before going to press.


    Garba Shehu please keep quiet and tuck back your tail in shame and ineptitude. This is a huge embarrassment not to Nigerians alone but to international community. It simply displays the poor mental capita and capacity of this regime. Your days are numbered. 2019 is by the corner

  • Fernando Luis

    Always finding excuses as reason for failure and not getting it right. When will these bunch of illiterates learn to accept their mistakes without covering it up with lies? Buhari is illiterate and mentally incapable to rule Nigeria, a country with much learned and tested intellectuals.

  • Otile

    Those special Buhari appointees are not really dead, they liveth. On the last day you will see them in full glory.

    • forestgee


  • Raufu Musliyu

    The reasons adduced are not genuine and had failed to clearly answer the questions we are asking. I hope PMB will not begin to pay ghost workers too like his immediate predecessor

    • Otile

      Has he not been paying Maina the utangirma ghost worker?

  • forestgee

    Ineptitude of the highest level. This government is inefficient and cannot get the basics over the line. Telling lies will never be the solution.

    • Otile

      They tell lies to cover up their corruption.

  • Momo Ali

    Someone is not doing his/er job. There would be resignations in a decent society, but, I fear not in Nigeria.

  • Timothy

    Thats fine by me

  • APC America

    Dear president, i am the APC cordinator here in America. Facebook page APC AMERICA AND TWITTER APC USA. Please kindly replace one of the names of the dead people with mines. Thanks

  • Mayowa

    What is difficult in appointing Board Members. I wondered why the people around the president are so uncoordinated as they continue making avoidable mistakes day by day.

    • Adele Uhuru

      once the head is rotten the body follows – the head here is evidently rotten hence the body smells of rot also-

  • Osaze Usman

    Does that mean that SGF can release sensitive list without verifications. Well, I am an economist, a Chartered Financial Analyst, an effective team player, and a Nigerian. I am 35 years and I want to become the president of Nigeria in 2019. I need your support. It is time to remove leadership from these elders and make Nigeria great again.

  • Okpewho David

    Shehu. It’s a lesson. Please verify and scrutinize next time. Some people may just be around to mess you up. Once they succeed, they would be the first to blow the lid. Thank you.

  • Okpewho David

    Let’s also not forget that PMB is having a trauma with his wife on ed rest and his only son in coma. So let’s give him the benefit of doubts that he is not settled at the moment. So guys, tone down. Don’t be hard on him

  • Annabelle

    “However, complaint arose from some governors who felt they were not carried along in the process….”
    Garba Shehu
    Really, Garba? Nigerian government is such an expert at ridiculing itself! So, the governors made you add names of dead people to list of board appointees, or you just exploiting your usual route of defrauding the nation once again?

  • Nkem

    Herman Hembe was sacked only in June this year. Was he appointed in 2015 before he was sacked by the Supreme Court? If yes, then why did Mr. Integrity not deem it fit to remove the name of a certified election rigger from the list? Why did he not deem it fit to remove the name of the man who has brazenly refused to obey the judgment of the Supreme Court by refunding all the monies he collected as member of the House of Representatives which he never was in the first place. Or maybe his name was added very recently (after he was sacked) meaning Buhari has chosen to compensate a certified election rigger, to enable him recover what he lost by being sacked from the House of Representathieves. In which case it is very very unfortunate.

  • thusspokez

    Mr Shehu admitted that errors were committed but added that “no human undertaking can be free of mistakes”.

    Is this best excuse that this mediocre spokesperson could come up with? Billions of nairas are spent each year to pay salaries of federal advisers, civil servants, etc. Yet the mediocre spokesperson is trying to convince (gullible) Nigerians that the embarrassing blunder made by the Buhari’s administration is equivalent to the mistakes ordinary people would make?–I doubt if ordinary people wouldn’t make such faux pas if they like the government can afford to pay for advisers, secretaries, etc.

  • Steve

    Every one of these inept dumbfucks should resign starting with President Buhari to the clerk that typed the list of names. What a national disgrace of a govt. And the he-goat called Shehu admittedly says, “no human endeavor is rid of mistakes”. Fuckers!!!

  • Pax

    What nonsense. What ineptitude! A thousand excuses will not wash away this type of failure. As a change mantra supporter, I see no change in this nonsense. Heads should roll over long distances. Is this not a shame on the members of Buhari’s hirelings? And a lame idiotic defense by a spokesman. No insult meant. Jesez! What are we? At an advanced age, I siddon look.

  • Tayomi

    Governors complained
    Time lapsed because President was ill and out of the country
    Nothing done by humans is perfect
    SGF released the list without alteration
    Poor defence, simple!
    One smells here: either incompetence in the Office of the SGF for failing to review a two-year document before release to the public OR
    deliberate action to discredit the Office of the President.

    • sympa

      A government of excuses ever accepts blame

  • Ambrose Echemazu

    A political strategy to appease the living and the dead to win their votes come 2019.

  • Seun Akanni

    This is just another lie, we all watch American movies and we see the excuses they give for incidents, this is not even close to an excuse , the president has been scammed , just accept that and Nigerians will move on , don’t feed us lie upon lies .

    • Otile

      You see, deep down you support what is going on in Imam Mohamed Buhari’s government. For over two and half years Buhari came to power no corrupt person has been fired, no_stupid person fired too. All we hear is that mistakes were made, nobody is above mistakes, let’s move on and support the government. Doesn’t it bother you that Buhari is taking Nigeria to hell in a hand-basket?

  • Ovome Emmanuel

    This present administration of Mohammed buhari is grossly incompetent. Nigerians would do well if they vote them out come 2019.

  • Nkay

    Nigerians have suffered. Garba Shehu must think he’s talking to imbeciles. This government….hmmm. May God continue to help us til they are out of power