Pandemonium as soldiers, police clash in Ekiti

FILE PHOTO: Nigerian Soldiers

A group of newly trained army recruits of Ekiti State origin on Thursday clashed with police officers in Ado-Ekiti, following disagreements over what was believed to be extortion of motorists by the soldiers.

In the process, the soldiers beat up and stabbed a police corporal, Abdulkadir Yakub, who had challenged their illegal activity at the Fajuyi Roundabout.

A witness said Mr. Yakub, a traffic police officer posted at the roundabout, was attacked after he challenged the soldiers for extorting money from motorists and causing a traffic gridlock.

Mr. Yakub reportedly sustained deep cuts in the head and buttocks, as he was said to have been stabbed by one of the recruits.

Witnesses said the young soldiers, who were about 17 in number, were returning from the governor’s office after a courtesy visit to Governor Ayodele Fayose when they stopped at the roundabout and started extorting motorists.

Another police corporal, Monday Agom, who paired Mr. Yakub at the post, recalled that the incident occurred at about 2.00 p.m., after Mr. Yakub pleaded with the soldiers not to cause a traffic gridlock by their activity at the roundabout.

“One of the soldiers stopped a man in mufti who happened to be a policeman right in his car and demanded the car key, while Yakub was trying to pass him to allow for the next person in line, so as to free traffic which was already building up,” Mr. Agom explained.

“Yakub then explained to him (the attacker) that the man he stopped is a police officer and that he should allow him to go as stopping him there would cause hold-up.

“This statement infuriated the soldier who immediately slapped Yakub, before bringing out a jack-knife with which he started cutting him at several parts of the body.

“I then joined other people to rescue Yakub from the soldier, who was shouting ‘I will kill you, idiot; I will kill you, idiot.”

He added that other soldiers also joined in punching Yakub who was already dripping with blood.

The situation degenerated when mobile police officers whose station was close to the scene, mobilised themselves and attacked the soldiers in reprisal.

It was learnt that one of the soldiers also sustained head injuries in the fracas.

A captain in Charge of Army Operations in Ekiti, Joshua Zoaka, who raced to the scene to save the situation was said to have been attacked during the fight, as the police officers confronted his team with tear-gas.

Confirming the incident, the Police Public Relations Officer in Ekiti, Alberto Adeyemi, a superintendent of police, said the incident had been reported to the Brigade Commander of the 32 Artillery Brigade in Akure, Ondo State.

“The soldiers, numbering 17, who were Ekiti State indigenes, just came back from a recruitment exercise in Zaria, Kaduna State and were in governor’s office for possible assistance from the governor,” said the police spokesman.

“They chose to make some money by stopping motorists at the Fajuyi roundabout, during which arguments arose with traffic wardens on duty, one of which they stabbed with a jack-knife.

“However the situation is under control as the Brigade Commander, Akure Division, was contacted and has come to pick up the recruits to face possible departmental questioning and sanctions.”


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  • JasV

    What do you expect of soldiers coming from a state governed by a wild dog? I expect nothing less.

    • Julius

      Yes, I said the same.

  • The facts

    If this is what really happened, they need to be sent packing immediately because with this attitude they will do worse when they are fully commissioned.

    • sola

      I can imagine their excitement that they just came back from zaria after the drillings, they felt they can do anything to anyone as they like..i support your submission..they should be sent packing before they turn to something else..

  • Rick McDuke

    Well done Nigeria. You guys are doing excellent. What a shame of a country and people.

  • rules_emmanuelO.

    Again, this calls to question the kind of training our armed forces receive at the colleges. If the COAS and Force leadership turn a blind eye to this, then there may be no end in sight for the woeful conduct of law enforcement in Nigeria.

    If there is any atom of discipline and ethics in The Force(s). these recruits must be SACKED with immediate effect to serve as deterrent and make a bold statement that The Force(s) are truly committed to values reorientation amongst their personnel.

    • MP-001* [Joint Chief]

      “Again, this calls to question the kind of training our armed forces receive at the colleges.”
      What is most critical in risk analysis is identification. Recruiting security operatives be they soldiers or not is a risk exercise because of their unique roles, so identification is much more important,it is primary while training is secondary.
      My point : the 17 folks recruited as soldiers are actually criminals and thugs. No amount of training would have changed them, such ugly scenes are normally avoided using identification and recruitment processes that incorporate due diligence and adequate background checks to weed out criminals who do not deserve military training in the first place

      • rules_emmanuelO.

        While I agree with your submissions, targeting recruitment may be too tall an order. Most (if not all) recruitments into Nigeria’s public service are on the basis of ‘man-know-man’ and highest bidder (I know this first hand!). Sadly, I don’t see any end in sight any time soon.
        The most feasible start to handling this particular crisis may well be strategies focused at the training stages. Unique strategies for unique circumstances!

        • MP-001* [Joint Chief]

          No doubt bro, it’s all about who knows who but if such must be the case why not deploy the due diligence/security check and if the results are not favourable on the specific candidate, ask the big man to bring another.

  • Tayomi

    The recruit soldiers did not exhibit the good training they received and the disciplined culture of the Nigerian Army. I hereby return them to training school for a repeat of training course with immediate effect.

    • Blue

      Those idiots need to be kicked out. They are criminals pure and simple. Why waste tax dollars on them like they don’t know assualt and theft is wrong.

      • El-batuta

        Do you pay dollars as tax? Well, assault is what soldiers is known for, not assualt.

        • Blue

          Lol don’t spazz out over a phase. Reasonable people don’t condone bad behavior. Thanks for correcting the typo though.

    • thusspokez

      This evidence shows that no amount of training can erase the criminal mindset of these people. They are security risk to the Nigerian army and the country. Would you have any of them protecting (say) the President?

  • Arabakpura

    All the soldiers should be relieved immediately; allowing them to continue with their career is already a danger! Who knows what Fayose has fed them that got them heavily intoxicated to go for brokes!

    • El-batuta

      Why not investigate first, before any punitive measure?

      • Arabakpura

        It’s better to cut them out in their prime before they become a nuisance! Was that what they were taught? To fleece and destroy people? Not even respecting a policeman on duty?

        • El-batuta

          It is far better to set a criminal free than to punish an innocent person. Investigation ensures that an innocent person is not punished in error.

          • takethetrain

            too late now isn’t it..fake news/fake comments.

          • Arabakpura

            No such investigation has ever yielded any justice where the army is concerned! Whether they investigate or not, that’s the end of it! It was just soliloquy for me! It does appear that such behaviors are appreciated by the army! Ours is an animal kingdom, so, don’t worry, both the guilty and the innocent will not get justice – it is wishful thinking!

          • El-batuta

            It is unfortunate you feel that way. I believe there is no situation that is beyond redemption.

  • thusspokez

    A group of newly trained army recruits of Ekiti State origin on Thursday clashed with police officers in Ado-Ekiti, following disagreements over what was believed to be extortion of motorists by the soldiers.

    These are recruits? When organisation such as Amnesty International complained about human right abuse by the Nigerian army, the Nigerian army denied it and tugs where hired to harass and disrupt the organisation’s office in Abuja. If mere recruits are this bold, how could anyone dispute the Amnesty International accusations.

    Not known by many is the fact that it is the responsibility of the Nigerian police to arrest the army recruits involved in the extortion and fight and bring them to justice; also the Nigerian army must now sack all the recruits after its own court marshal.

    • El-batuta

      You are the number one ‘tug’.

      • thusspokez

        Don’t make a fóól of yourself now, unless you are one.

        • El-batuta

          Tell me the meaning of ‘tug’.

          • thusspokez

            Google is your friend, nincompoop!

          • El-batuta

            Ignorant bastard! Go back to school.

  • Julius

    They should be released immediately and court marshall. I’m not surprised that happened after visiting Fayose. smdh !

  • Wakkyz

    This version of the story is that of the police. Let’s wait for the Nigerian Army version.
    The reporter said and I quote “A witness said Mr. Yakub, a traffic police officer posted at the roundabout, was attacked after he challenged the soldiers for extorting money from motorists and causing a traffic gridlock”. The next story was that they extorted from police officer. This is the case of the hunter becoming the hunted. Naija we hail thee

  • 678

    Like Governor Fayose like indigen of Ekiti. Very pathetic!!!

  • Correct man

    Are serving rank and file soldiers allowed to pay courtesy visit to politicians? Are they not supposed to be tamed and locked up within their barracks? Were these recruits not supposed to be posted to different barracks? How come they converged to vomit this kind of atrocity?

  • Hassan D. Isah

    Army authority should be blamed for releasing this guys without a kobo after training. They ar seriously hungry.

  • Seyi Akinola

    If these statement is found to be true, then we have a big problem here; retaining these guys in the army is dangerous and relieving them to the civil life after the Military Training they’ve been given could mean the release of die hard, skilled, dangerous terrorist to the society.

  • Azeez Yahaya

    those ones has to be booted they failed their training in our very open eyes