Major marketers tackle NNPC, FG again, explain why fuel crisis persists

Long queue vehicles at the Central Area in Abuja as the fuel scarcity on Friday (22/12/17). 06991/22/12/2017/Johnson Udeani/NAN

The ongoing fuel crisis, which spelt a bleak Christmas for Nigerians, may take more time to abate.

The Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC), and theDepot and Petroleum Products Marketers Association (DAPPMA), have continued to trade tackles over accusations of indebtedness and cause of the current scarcity.

The NNPC claimed the marketers were owing over N26.7 billion for product supplied. But DAPPMA shot back last night, saying none of its members is indebted to the corporation.

“DAPPMA is not aware of any indebtedness to PPMC (Pipelines and Products Marketing Company)/NNPC by our members,” the group said in a statement sent to PREMIUM TIMES Thursday night. “The PPMC/NNPC does not transact business with marketers on credit.

“It is indisputable that DAPPMA members have paid for petrol supply (with bank funds) for over one month, the value of which is in excess of N90 billion, yet PPMC/NNPC had no cargo to allocate to them,” Mr. Adewole insists. “As such how can we be held responsible for hoarding?”

“We again reject any attempt to blame marketers for the shortfall in supply as it is not our making since NNPC has been the sole importer since October 2017.

The organisation said marketers had always sacrificed to keep the country running, despite over N600 billion debt owed its members, and over N800 billion owed marketers as a whole.

Last Tuesday, the Executive Secretary of DAPPMA, Olufemi Adewole, stirred the hornets’ nest with a statement accusing the NNPC of leaving his members’ depots empty of petroleum products while Nigerians suffered on fuel queues at filling stations across the country.

Mr. Adewole had put the blame for the current fuel crisis squarely on NNPC’s laps for taking up responsibility as sole importer of petroleum products despite DAPPMA members owning 80 per cent of the functional fuel storage facilities and retail outlets across the country.

DAPPMA consists all members of the Major Oil Marketers Association of Nigeria, MOMAN, as well as the independent Petroleum Marketers Association of Nigeria, IPMAN.

In a swift reaction on Wednesday, the NNPC hit back at DAPPMA, accusing its members of insincerity, particularly with their claim that the fuel crisis was a result of its members being denied supply of products by the corporation.

NNPC spokesperson, Ndu Ughamadu, said the corporation supplied enough products to DAPPMA members to take care of the current shortages across the country.

“NNPC regrets that DAPPMA, which members had taken receipts of products from PPMC, a subsidiary of NNPC, and owe the company to the tune of N26.7 billion as at December 21, 2017, has the audacity to indict NNPC unjustifiably,” Mr. Ughamadu added.

But the NNPC’s response also elicited further reactions by the marketers, who insisted the they have not been receiving products from the NNPC subsidiary, PPMC, despite paying in advance.

On Tuesday, Mr. Adewole had alleged that DAPPMA usually paid up in full for products orders, without receiving allocations, because their consignment, currently in excess of 500,000 metric tons, MT (about 800,000,000 litres). have neither been programmed, nor loaded.

Denying that DAPPMA’s statement was an attempt to join issues with PPMC/NNPC, whom he described as “partners”, the executive secretary explained that his organisation only shed light on the issues surrounding the shortfall in current petrol supply handled solely by the NNPC.


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  • Watch man

    PT you should go beyond this kind of reporting. Go and do this investigation yourself. Interview persons, visit depots, shoot videos and use all investigating instruments to embark on agressive investigation; after that you can come up with well informed and balanced reporting, not this type of “union said, NNPC replied and govt intervened” kind of reporting. People are tired of this brand of journalism.

    • Livinus Asogwa

      Provide petrol for their car because they need to move around to source for more information.

      • Watch man

        How have they been operating? Where and how did they get the one they are using?

      • share Idea

        By doing what @disqus_2ZP9pbGSmf:disqus suggested, it will help them to understand the real difficulty in getting things done. Anybody can be in cosy offices recycling third party information.

        However, when you commit but human and material resources in seeking the information, you will appreciate the level of demands you are expecting from both public and private citizens you constantly criticise everytime.

    • Sanssouci

      You are absolutely correct, all this he said, she said is kindergarten hogwash, if you cannot dig deeper and provide evidence there is no point even reporting it, because this is not any different from the pedestrian gossip on the streets

    • Dazmillion

      What you asking is correct but costs money, especially for an online newspaper which depends on advertising to survive.

      Remember the example of 234next, who investigated Adenuga/GLO and discovered the man is owing over 200billion in taxes which he has still not paid today. GLO quickly pulled all their advertising with 234next and also threatened all their suppliers that they should not advertise with 234next or their contracts with GLO will be terminated.

      • share Idea

        That is the price for doing the right thing. If they carry out their core function with high sense of responsibility, they will initially sufer but over time, they would distinguish themselves from brown evelope media.

        At the moment, PT is 75% sustained by APC government and their friendly cabals.

        • Watch man

          Great point you made. I cannot agree less. Cheers!

  • MP-001* [Joint Chief]

    Why is this regime and its affiliate agencies always trading blames with one body or the other ? They never take responsibility for anything, they are only good in taking credits most of which are farcical.

    • Factsayer

      I tire ooo. Instead of NNPC to publish their supply documents and the ones they supplied in July to prove they are saying the truth.

      • MP-001* [Joint Chief]

        The greatest loathe of liars is facts

        • Factsayer

          I agree with u

      • share Idea

        They can never do that because that would expose their lies. The current situation is majorly caused by rise in price of crude oil which drastically increased the subsidy absorbed by NNPC. Hence, NNPC is relunctant to continue flooding the market as their book can not easily hid the figure without raising serious alarm.

        Was it not because of several noises being made by the masses that forced this administration to agree that they are still paying subsidy (even though the most intelligent of the leader – VP, claimed that FG is not paying but NNPC).

        Nemesis is just exposing all the lies of this administration. My greatest prayer is for the price of crude oil to increase to $100 so that Buhari would publicly apologies to GEJ for all the lies he told against his administration. If after increasing price of fuel to 145 naira, and the price of crude oil is not yet $70 per a barrel, this administration is already subsidising fuel by as much as 40 Naira, pray that the subsidisy amount would reach 150 naira per a litre by the time price of crude oil hit $100.

        • forestgee

          If the price of crude oil gets to $100, as you wish, at the current foreign exchange rate…a failed State will manifest!!!

          • share Idea

            Though I would not like Nigeria to get to level of failed state but just wanted the gullible APC followers to know that more revenue to FG as a result of high crude oil price would not automatically translate to huge savings as the country would be spending more on subsidy.

          • forestgee

            Of course I understand. Lol

  • Factsayer

    Why can’t NNPC public documents to show what they supplied and what they used to supply in previous months.

    This is becoming too childish

    • Anasieze Donatus

      You speak demon English and have to gut to call a country zoo which makes a monkey out of you because you are the animal in the zoo

      Why can’t NNPC public (PUBLISH)documents to show what they supplied and what they used to supply in previous months

      • Factsayer

        U speak ape English.
        (have to) have the gut….

        Remove the tree in ur eyes b4 removing leaf from my eye.

        It is called typo, bingo

  • Sanssouci

    Perhaps it’s time to heed the advice of @Obyzeks and allow market forces free reign. You have essentially told the marketers to go to hell and u now import 99.9% of all the fuel since October even by your own admission, but you are just realizing now that u need them after all since you have inadequate storage and distribution capacity? If that’s not incompetence I don’t know what is…

    • Lanre

      Perhaps you should have asked yourself the more important question. WHY does a country that produces crude oil have to import oil? Perhaps you should have asked the Minister of Petroleum (Buhari) or the so-called president (Buhari) to explain. Your submission simply reaffirms the position of many pundits who are of the opinion that Nigeria is a huge psychiatric hospital wherein the critically ill prescribe medication for self and other patients. How then does anyone recover?

      • forestgee


      • Sanssouci

        What’s ur business wih Nigeria? shebi its odudwa republic ur interested in?

  • Dr Pat Mumuwole Awosan

    If Liberians have the foresight like Zimbabwe to reject the old, weak, and mentally retarded politicians and stop these dying or about to die folks from becoming president and ruining the life of millions of youth and indeed the entire citizenry, then what excuse does Nigeria have? How can we continue to have people who will soon die because of their age lead the nation? Frankly, @70+ how many years more do you have on earth? No wonder the older the more brutal and the more detached and indifferent they (the old presidents) are from mid and long term consequences of their skewed policies. Why? Because they won’t be around to suffer the consequences. What is really wrong with Nigeria? How can a Buhari be president? Where are our smart and sharp folks? I just can’t understand! We need young, sharp, intelligent and visionary leaders who can remember their age.

  • Live River

    Let me start by asking an ignorant question!
    President Buhari is also the Minster for Petroleum.What is the implication?
    Is he being paid salaries for performing the two roles (as President and Minister) or is the country saved the salary of the Minister?
    And realizing the difficulty for him to be on top of the issues in the oil sector, (he recently mentioned he is being briefed daily on the fuel issues), will it not be honorable for him to appoint a full minister for Petroleum.
    Nigeria is passing through agonizing pains and no one seems to address the real issue. The blame game is on and yet the masses are feeling the pains.
    In other climes, there would have been some resignations for failing the people, but in Nigeria..there is rather blame game!
    May God make our leaders sensitive to the plights of the people. Amen