President Buhari’s son, Yusuf, involved in ghastly accident

President Muhammadu Buhari and his son, Yusuf Buhari. [Photo credit:]

President Muhammadu Buhari’s son, Yusuf, was involved in a ghastly accident, the presidency has confirmed.

PREMIUM TIMES learnt that the accident occurred on Tuesday night.

“Yusuf Buhari had a bike accident last night around Gwarimpa in the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja,” Mr. Buhari’s spokesperson, Garba Shehu, said in a statement on Wednesday.

“He broke a limb and had an injury to the head as a result. He has undergone surgery at a clinic in Abuja. He is in a stable condition.

“The President and his wife, Mrs Aisha Muhammadu Buhari, are thankful to Nigerians for the good wishes and prayers for their son.”


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  • Oskirin

    what kind of bike? wish u quick recovery…

  • Bassey Frank


  • oyoko

    wishing you quick recovery..

    • Alasberry

      I pity you…

      • Bakanridi

        I also pity you for pitying him

        • Expose hypocrisy

          Man, just accept that those working for your god Buhari are very incompetent, though, as expected for most northerners. Who told them to air the so called ”Human side of Buhari” at a time Christians are battling at petrol filling stations just to buy fuel, Who asked them to allow fuel scarcity to surface during Christmas period, or should I equally ask who allowed his son to roll out super bike to go on wide speed chase at a time most Nigerians can’t even get a drop of fuel to run their cars or generator. these are self inflicted wounds because it is simple PR management that an ordinary school cert hold should have known how to apply in a situation like this.
          I hope you won’t talk when some people start questioning where his son who has never worked got money to buy super bike that is worth $30,000. Don’t say a friend of his dad or a contractor that worked for his dad bought for him as a kind of appreciation just like Patience Jonathan claimed but you people did not believe her but said she stole it. So, If I were you, I will just shut up and stop defending a man that has shown everybody that he lacks all basic form of leadership.

          • Bakanridi

            That’s interesting. But what I want to tell people like you is that NO NORTHERNER has ever see, consider or belief is a god. Buhari is just a human being like any other person that can be fallible.
            Back on the issue of the President’s son accident, I said it before and I will say it again, accidents like other tragedies are never planned. It can come at any time and can affect anybody. If that you think one can plan an accident for himself, what can you say of the Late Governor Suntai of Taraba of blessed memory?

  • Omooba Adekunle Orafidiya

    They should just not contemplate flying him abroad for medical treatment with our money o. Das all.

    • voicey izi

      Buhari and his family will know no peace and joy unless he resigns and return all money him and wife loots and keep deaf ears to the suffering of nigerian killing christians and ibos

      • voicey izi

        Buhari refused to restructure nigeria

        • voicey izi

          Buhari will no know peace ….untill he change from his wicked way

      • Bakanridi

        Buhari family are the most peaceful family, ‘cos they did not steal anybody’s kobo. Hahaha, so want the President to resign so that Kanu will take over?

    • Bakanridi

      It seems you are too blind to read between the lines. He was taking a clinic for treatment jo! Thank God , the First Family are not as extravagant as their predecessors. If I am not mistaken, a former first lady is still in court trying to claim money that does not belong to her.

  • Fairgame

    God will deliver His people from the evil leadership in Nigeria. Fulani herdsmen has been murdering families and no statement from the president or presidency but Buhari’s son has an accident and they comebto disturb the long suffering Nigerians who are still suffering searching for fuel for Christmas. All I can say is as God delivered his people from slavery in Egypt may He also deliver His people from slavery under Fulani hegemonists

    • Bakanridi

      Ethic jingoist and frustrated individual. What does the accident of a young boy has to do with your frustration? All I can say is that God has delivered His people from the claws of wicked, greedy and selfish individuals. We can now be re assured that NOBODY dares steal our money and splash it at parties or buy mansions all over the place.

  • Anonymous Somebody


    You people are hypocrites. You are wishing a small boy playing with motorcycle quick recovery
    when you don’t even know him before. Me that i have been at petrol station since December
    24th tlll today to get petrol for my family generator, have you wished me quick recovery at all?
    Hypocrites. You think when you wish the boy quick recovery his father will send you money?
    This suffering i am going through at petrol station, was it not caused by this boy’s father?
    What kind of nonsense quick recovery do you want me to wish somebody destroying me?

    • MP-001* [Joint Chief]

      It has nothing to do with hypocrisy. Wishing another person ill or harm is not part of sanity. The boy doesn’t deserve the curses and ill wishes, life doesnt work that way.

    • man

      why can’t you live in darkness????

    • Bakanridi

      So tell us what you wish the boy?

  • deji 3SC (Up shooting)

    Na so one Gov dey fly plane come get accident, then become vegetable before he finally kpayi. Na excesses dey kill these ones , no be poverty. These aboki get sense so? I’m very dissapointed.

    • Okakuoofbenin

      Na you dey yarn so abi I no see d name clearly? Abeg Oga Buhari you are loosing your fan base oh! Better do something before it’s too late.

      • deji 3SC (Up shooting)

        I don’t get how some of these Aboki can’t be sober.

        • Bakanridi

          The abokis you are insulting are better off than you. Remember, a fulani woman is the present deputy Secretary General of the UN.

    • Odinaka

      Your comment is unfortunate. Are you human at all?

      • deji 3SC (Up shooting)

        I did not send the guy to do bike racing. He must have had too much to eat and drink , then forgot to be sober. This is one event he brought on himself. I can understand if someone suddenly falls sick or involved in an accident because he is traveling , but not when he is involved in an activity like this. Many Nigeria families are suffering. The guy aught to be sober

        • man

          you want him to be sleeping all day when money abounds everywhere in asorock for him to use as he sees fit.

          dey must ride the best bikes, carry the best girls, buy the most expensive watches, a shoe that flies, a belt that can hang very well, the best sunglasses. excesses abounds, it must be spent immediately. @disqus_lJ4FgIcsAB:disqus you must let the boy live his life, please.

        • Bakanridi

          Do you think everybody is like you? I doubt much if you have manners.

    • Bakanridi

      Are human being at all?

  • UNEMPLOYED 9jerian

    He can die and they can now go to London and buy a Coffin from London to bury him. It would be gross mumudity for any Nigerian who can neither eat 3 balanced diet a day nor receive good medicare in Nigeria nor send their wards to standard schools etc would sympathize with this spoilt brat. May all those who cause pains for all Nigerians die by all means possible including road accidents.

    • PolyGon2013

      That is not nice about Buhari’s son.

      • UNEMPLOYED 9jerian

        Shut up my friend. I have been unemployed for 6 years now. This is no joke. All Buhari provided is teaching jobs that not only pay paltry minimum wage of less than 30K but went ahead and did nothing when CBN refused to advertize CBN jobs in which his Cousins and other relatives got employed. How then can I have sympathy? Be real, at least for once. I dont care if he dies.

        • Odinaka

          Calm down bro. Buhari is not the cause of your unemployment in the true sense of it. He has only been in power for two and a half years but you said you have been jobless for six years. I will not blame Jonathan either. My advice to you is to forget about white collar jobs and embrace entrepreneurship. Maybe you can change location for a place where opportunities are higher or you can just identify a societal problem and find a solution to it. This is what young people like you are doing now. But you must put away the toga of pride to achieve this!

        • man

          i feel your pain. the way these guys divide work and waste money is simply madness. thats why CBN can not help the economy. dullards are running the country. the people that used to cheat in schoool are running the country. they are all in the senate and house of representtaives . the stipends from npower is good enough.

          have you considered farming by any chance????

          • Bakanridi

            Farming Sir? No way!How can the lazy youths of nowadays engage in farming? They are just wasting their fruitful time chatting on the social media, looking for easy ways to make money or become rich overnight.

        • PolyGon2013

          Buhari got in about 2 Years ago. So you have been unemployed since GEJ time. Believe me, I understand your pain. I hope something get better, so that you can get a job. I pray that the new year will turn out better for you.

          • Bakanridi

            My Friend don’t mind him, he is too blind and confused to remember between now 2 years and 5 years. he is even lucky to get the job, how many of his likes are not that lucky?

        • oyoko

          My friend go to your village and be useful to yourself; white collar job is few. stop complaining, your father has done his best for you, you need to be more proactive.

        • Bakanridi

          Who forced you to accept the teaching job? Lazy ingrate!

    • Bakanridi

      May YOU BE THE FIRST VICTIM OF YOU DEADLY PRAYERS. Nigeria does not need wicked, cruel and inhuman hearted people like you.

  • PolyGon2013

    First son, we wish you quick recovery.

  • Fiji

    They should stop lying. Not all Nigerians express good wishes. In fact there are many who would wish he dies just like the shites and IPOB members were killed on the orders of his miserable father.

    • Bakanridi

      A point of correction I am not one them. Instead there are many true loving and patriotic Nigerians that wish the boy and his family well.

  • Oil POLLUTION in Niger DELTA

    Oil spills and pollution is killing the Niger Delta people. It is a pure case of environmental terrorism carried out by the Nigerian state with her European and American collaborators.

    Despite the billions of Dollars sold from oil the Niger Delta remains without federal presence. Not a single airport in the whole of Niger Delta has been built by Nigerian government at the center. Maritime University has been technically and deliberately forgotten. This systemic policy to make Niger Delta perpetually underdeveloped why monies from the region is used to provide infrastructure elsewhere in Abuja, Lagos etc must be resisted. Its got to stop.

    Secession from Nigeria is the only sure way to achieving absolute RESOURCE control or we stop the flow of oil money. Nigeria is irredeemable.

    We demand our sovereign state of Niger DELTA

  • Dan arewa

    May Allah give you good health and quick recover Yusuf Muhammadu Buhari

    • Lanre

      On this same web page PT has a story that says 377 Nigerians died and several thousands injured in October in 2017. How many of those did you condole or send quick recovery message online as you now do? May Ebola strike you and everything that belongs to you.

      • Bakanridi

        May the same calamity you prayed for; befall you and you likes that never wish people other themselves well.

    • Bakanridi


  • Muhammad Masal Subhan

    If he dies u badmouth people will not eat his body. And for ur information if dies no problem because we believe n we expect death every minute n if he die we don’t need anything than to buy N6000 China cloth n burry him that all. May Almighty Allah grant him quick recovery

    • Marie Rose

      Where is your quick recovery wish for those who got injured while trying to cross the Mediterranean? Hypocrite!

      • oyoko

        what were they doing in Mediterranean? running away from responsibility and going for easy money. Any cha, just like you said, we still wish them quick recovery wherever they are. After recovery let sanity come to them and return home; we have enough land for farming

      • Bakanridi

        What made them cross the sea at the first place? Why can’t they stay here and revive their country’s economy; instead of putting themselves into dangers? They have a country and dignity, but they jettisoned it, just to become rich overnight. No wonder they are sold like goats.

        • Expose hypocrisy

          It is because they are ambitious in life. unlike their Northern counterparts that are lazy and unproductive only looking for easy way out. Barkwomi life style is the bane of their society, which is very retrogressive and unproductive.

          • Bakanridi

            If that is being the case, they have nobody to blame. I don’t belief a “lazy Northerner”- a Fulani woman can become the present UN Deputy Secretary General. Or a “lazy Hausa boy” can be the Master designer at GM Motors in the USA.
            My question to you tell me the names of Northern drug traffickers executed in Indonesia or other Asian countries? Or those lazy Northerners that drown in the Mediterranean sea?
            The simple answer is that they are CONTENTED with the little they have.

    • Enemona

      Is this your own way of wishing him quick recovery?

  • Igwe Bu Ike

    Back to London Hospital

    • Gee X-rated


      PREMIUM TIMES and Muhamadu Buhari are the same thing, they are like twins. I am not surprised
      that Buhari’s son is the front topic of Premium Times. All i just want to ask is this: can you please
      tell us the petrol station where Buhari’s son bought petrol for his motorcycle so i can go there?
      Premium Times can continue to wave broom for Muhamadu Buhari, me i don’t care for that.

  • Lanre

    Reading from the news clip, it appears the injury to the young man came from a Bike. Was this a bicycle or a motor bike? If a motor bike, the question is at this time when there is nation wide scarcity of fuel is Buhari’s family feeling the same pain? Confirmation that Muhammudu Buhari is distant from the suffering of Nigerians and is immune to it. Indeed, it shows that most of his pronouncements are stagemanaged.
    For Yusuf, be careful next time you are on a bike.

    • Bakanridi

      Be objective Mr friend and stop being apolitical. What does accident of one son has to do with his administration? If you cannot wish the boy well, at least mind your business if you really have one.

  • Nkem

    Where him get fuel?

    • Kkk

      From ur father’s House

  • pheliciti

    Shocking comments…. even animals are more humane…

  • Ola Bakre

    Accident is an unplanned events can happened to anybody
    we are not God,people need to be objective when comment on an issue.This boy has not done anything wrong that deserve people wish him dead.

    • Bakanridi

      God bless you Sir. May the Almighty shine your eyes to see and speak the truth. From your comment, you sound religious. godly and patriotic. Keep on saying the truth no matter the odds.

      • Expose hypocrisy

        Shut up. It seems that you don’t know that the blood of the innocent victims of his father’s actions/policies will revenge in one way or the other.

        • Bakanridi

          It is only gullible, corrupt, jaundice minded and ethnic jingoist that never see any good about the Nigeria’s most incorruptible leader it ever had.

  • FreeNigeria

    They’re flying him to London tonight

  • Ayinde

    Get Well Boy. But Really surprised this same Presidency can be this open about their son’s health yet cannot do same with the head of the Family and Minister of Petroleum.

    • Bakanridi

      That shows how open and transparent is the First family.

      I used to wonder about comments of your ilk. If the President has assumed his previous style, you will cry to the high heavens that the President is a dictator. He has appointed a minister from the Niger Delta to oversee the petroleum ministry. If he uses his sledge hammer on him now, you cry marginalization and victimization.

      The President has done his best, unless if you want him to invite the military to come and supervise the sale and distribution of fuel.

  • de Gea Messi

    A sad one for the young man.
    His father really should spend this time in sober reflection..which I thought he would have done after confessing he had never been so sick in his life.
    A lot of atrocities have been committed against particular tribes, religions and sects in the country.
    Those who love buhari should pray he repents of the atrocities committed against those mentioned above..before it reaches a stage of ‘MENE MENE TEKEL UPHARSIN’.
    I also don’t think it was a good idea a man like Femi adesina(who should know better), airing that documentary on his ‘lord’ during the Christmas period.
    ‘The Lord is a jealous God’.
    These people have to be careful.
    He who has ears to hear….

  • Victor Abekware

    I really don’t care about if he survives or not. Focus on Nigerians who have been plotting and planning how to get back home after the long be break. Nigeria, we Hail thee……..

    • Bakanridi

      I doubt much if you really a father. if you are one, how I wish it will happen to your son; I mean biological son( not procured one or baby industry made) to taste what a parent will feel if a tragedy or disaster happen to his son.
      To Mr President and his family, my prayers goes to you in this trying moment. He went on FORMAL INVITATION to attend the Mr Dogara Birthday’s celebration. Look at what his brethren are commenting on the tragedy that befalls. I used to wonder whether real evangelism has reached these people.

  • man

    the problem with these northerners is their children display their money easily by engaging in risky lifestyles. they must ride the best bikes, the best cars, at 200kph, enjoy enjoy enjoy. you see this with yaradua boy in pictures with guns and money anyhow. you see it with that boy convicted for killing a prostitute in scotland, you see it in mutallab bomb boy.
    whenever they are in charge, they must show the world the northerners are ruling, they where extravagant dresses, appoint only northerners around, so everyone must know they are in charge.
    you see the hypocrisy of buhari and his family. you think this is a model family, but behind the scenes the boy they swim in shark waters, the daughter is most likely selling her body. this is the hypocrisy we are seeing on the national news. hope he survives and learn a lesson.

    • Bakanridi

      It seems a just an ignorant and regional jingoist. What brought region into this issue. You these ignoble and ignoramuses do not beyond your village. Can you tell me the proportion of people that disgraced and smeared the name of Nigeria abroad? Which part of the country’s youths are drowning almost everyday in Mediterranean sea? Which part are executed in Asian countries on drug related crimes? Or are the 419ners?
      Keep quite my friend, if you don’t have something meaningful to contribute on this platform. Remember this is a global platform; where the followers and contributors may not all come from where you come from or share the same ideology with you.

  • Jon

    Hey, young man, wishing you speedy recovery. May Allah give you the strength and courage.

    • Okey



  • Bassey Frank

    Fly him to London; the father knows the way.

  • Arabakpura

    Very unfortunate! I wish him a speedy recovery!

  • Tijani

    This ghastly accident is the very manifestation of Buhari as a highly deceptive money miss road president to the destruction of himself and his family.

    Where did this Yusuf who has never worked gainfully for a single day of his life get the money to be racing a n30 million naira powerbike illegally around Abuja suburbs at high speed in the middle of the night?

    Where did the boy get the fuel to power the powerbike when Nigerians are groaning under fuel scarcity?

    If Pharoah Buhari likes let him not heed divine warnings for his deceptive hypocrisy and evil ways, this accident has revealed him for what he is, and his deceit. Buhari himself is a ghastly accident on Nigeria’s democracy.

    • Abia Ibok

      Blame the father for incurring God’s wrath by attempting to shift the focus from God’s Son to himself on Christmas.

      • Bakanridi

        Blame a jaundiced, evil and wicked mind that takes pleasure in seeing calamity befalling a human being like them. Are = immune from road accidents or crashes? It too early to start rejoicing because calamity has befallen upon a human being like you. You COULD be the next victim!
        To Mr Yusuf, I wish you a quick recovery and to the First Family, my prayers goes to you for such unfortunate tragedy. Millions of well meaning Nigerians are with you. Keep faith and pray fervently.

        • okenwa

          Shut up a friend sister just die now because her husband didn’t have money to deposit in the hospital yet Nigeria government is owing the man hundreds of thousands of naira yet buhari’s son is enjoying while others suffer. Let that family experience pain as my friend’s family is experiencing pain now.

    • Bakanridi

      What a wicked and inhuman comment from a heart highly infested by hatred and enmity for somebody opportuned or blessed to lead a country. It is tragedy that can happen to anybody EVEN YOU!I pity your jaundiced mind that lacks an iota of belief in God and fate.

  • sorbitol

    The evil ye committed two by two, ye must pay for it one by one. This is just the beginning of buhari’s payment for the hardships he has caused this nation. More is still coming his way, he should just be ready.

  • okenwa

    Where did buhari got money to buy two power bikes. For Yusuf and his friend. Nigerians should occupy Nigeria by now.