Fuel Scarcity: Despite NNPC’s claims, our depots are empty – Marketers

Fuel scarcity in one of filling stations in Lagos

The Depot and Petroleum Products Marketers Association, DAPPMA, on Tuesday expressed concern over the inability of Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) to send petrol to its members’ depots.

DAPPMA’s Executive Secretary, Olufemi Adewole, in a statement in Lagos, urged NNPC to help the association so as to alleviate the suffering of Nigerians.

“Our members’ depots are presently empty. However, if the PPMC/NNPC can provide us with petrol, we are ready to do 24-hour loading to alleviate the sufferings of Nigerians and for the fuel queues to be totally eliminated.

“We, petroleum products marketers, do empathise with all Nigerians who are going through difficulties at this time by spending hours on fuel queues because of the current fuel scarcity due to no fault of theirs.

“DAPPMA members import about 65 per cent of the nation’s total fuel consumption, Major Oil Marketers Association of Nigeria (MOMAN) imports about 15 per cent and PPMC/NNPC import the balance of 20 per cent.

“However this scenario changed drastically due to several challenges faced by marketers,’’ he said.

The DAPPMA official claimed that their members pay PPMC/NNPC in advance for petroleum products.

He said fully paid-up petrol orders which have neither been programmed nor loaded is in excess of 500,000MT (about 800,000,000 litres).

“As at today, there is enough petrol to meet the nation’s needs for 19 days at a daily estimated consumption of 35,000,000 litres.

“Sadly, some people have blamed marketers for hoarding products. Unfortunately, this is far from the truth.

“Hoarding is regarded as economic sabotage and we assure all Nigerians that our members are not involved in such illicit act.

“While all kinds of allegations have been made in the media, it is important to set the records straight, as Nigerians first, and as responsible business men and women who employ Nigerians.

“As it stands today, NNPC has been the sole importer of PMS into the country since October,’’ Adewole said.

He said the current import price of petrol is about N170 per litre, with NNPC, which absorbs the attendant subsidy on behalf of the Federal Government, as the importer of last resort.

“The international price of petrol went up during the period of Hurricane Katrina and it has not dropped below USD$600/MT since then.

Mr. Adewole said the exchange rate of the dollar to the Naira is N306 for petrol imports and the interest rate Nigerian banks charge is above 25 per cent.

“Landing cost of PMS in Nigeria is above N145 per litre which means any of our members that imports will have to resort to subsidy claims, a policy already jettisoned by the government.

“It is on record that any time NNPC assumes the role of sole importer; there are issues of distribution, because it is marketers who own 80 per cent of the functional receptive facilities and retail outlets in Nigeria.

“While we cannot confirm or dispute NNPC’s claim of having sufficient product stock, we can confirm that the products are not in our tanks and as such cannot be distributed.

“If the products are offshore, then surely it cannot be considered to be available to Nigerians,’’ he said.

Adewole however assured that fuel marketers remain committed to the progress of the nation and its citizenry as therein lies their own profitability and fulfilment.



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  • FreeNigeria

    Nigerian government are very competent liars and hopelessly incompetent in everything else

  • Arabakpura

    Professor Osinbade, where are thou? How can your intelligence and hard work be shrunk to these little measures?

  • Mani_Kay


    You may join Buhari as he celebrates his most successful Jihad since he illegally and unconstitutionally occupied Aso Rock.

    To Buhari’s credit …. Christians and Southerners were successfully frustrated from celebrating Christmas and New Year as Buhari waged a highly successful ruthless fuel Jihad against them.

    Many Christians and Southerners are openly confessing that 2017 was the worst year ever in the history of Nigeria in terms of celebration of Christmas and New Year.


      My Brother … it is not just about him winning the fuel Jihad.

      Buhari decided to add salt into the injury by despising the Lord Jesus Christ who is the focus of Christians at Christmas.

      Buhari decided to make himself the focus for Christians at Christmas by ensuring the repeated airing of a TV Documentary that solely focused on himself on Christmas Eve, Christmas day and Boxing day ….. can you beat that?

      • aisha ani

        The same goes to you too! Cut it out.

    • aisha ani

      It is not only only Christians that faced challenges in 2017, please stop this your religious bigotry. We need to make some progress in 2018.

  • This is unbelievable.. That’s all we can say. Unbelievable.

  • AryLoyds

    I remember Fela of great memories- Buhari is an animal in human skin

  • Darlington

    NNPC’s lies and fallacies have been bursted again. I said it that NNPC, APC & Buhari are spending so much energy on propaganda rather than doing the actual work to cushion the ongoing excruciating pains orchestrated by this fuel scarcity.

    • U. B. 4000


      Muhamadu Buhari’s fish rots from the head

      Were Muhamadu Buhari’s shambolic government – now blighting Nigeria like
      a bane – less studded by morons, it would be funny rather than this tragic. But
      of course fish rots from the head. Any government that’s led by a Primary Six
      certificate holder cannot be sensible or thoughtful but ignorant and ruinous.

      What Nigerians are witnessing today is the result of their own folly – their
      electoral choice by 52% majority votes to select Muhamadu Buhari out of the
      180 million people in Nigeria, some of whom are reputed as genius thinkers with
      extraordinary intelligence quotient.

      To Nigerians in the year 2015, at least to the 52% mostly illiterate Muslims, and the
      opportunist Christians angling to take the presidency by succession upon Buhari’s
      death, who voted for Buhari as the best candidate, the evidence was slender. All they
      had as convincing evidence was Muhamadu Buhari’s primary six certificate as the
      best evidence of formal schooling. A decision to vote an illiterate as president then
      sent Nigeria cascading downhill from then on.

      Anyone expecting administrative order to ensue,
      from ignorance, can’t be serious. Muhamadu Buhari can’t give what he does not
      have. He has no knowledge which schooling imbues and therefore fumbles from one
      blunder to another without sight or thought-process.

    • MP-001* [Joint Chief]

      The marketers are equally complicit, I understand they have all made astronomical profits over the last two weeks – the bunch of greedy heartless scums

      • Tess

        Show us the proof. We don’t believe this lying government. For marketers or anyone else to profiteer, the government failed to plan and therefore created the scarcity which might have been capitalised on as alleged by you. The 4th quarter is known for its high volume consumption because of combination of several factors, yet this government failed woefully to care for its citizens except the laundering of Buhari’s image in the midst of excessive suffering of its citizenry.

  • Mizch

    Nigerians, CHANGE!!! Next time you vote be wise.

    • Izedomi Ohirein

      Confusion in the Oil & Power sectors, predates, APC/Buhari’s government.
      The public preference for subsidy, state ownership of Refineries & Power are not helping matters.

      Nigerian are ignorant that fuel subsidy, could be done through low cost of licences, finance, or free import duty for Refineries plants and machineries for entrepreneurs.
      That will create thousands of jobs and conserve our foriegn reserves wasted in importing the so called subsidized petrol over the years.

  • umaru


    History Being Repeated?
    In 1983:
    $1 = N 1
    £1 = N2
    Volkswagen Beetle = N1,400
    Foods were in abundance Kids were in school Businesses were booming with vibrant economy and people were gainfully employed. No illegal arrest or media trial. Rule of law was maintained.
    On 31 December, 1983, he and his criminal gang struck with the excuse of tackling widespread corruption and within few months,
    $1 = N15
    £1 = N40
    Volkswagen Beetle = N8, 000
    Kids dropped out of school because their parents couldn’t afford their school fees anymore. Businesses closed down. Foods were rationed as people queued up for essential commodities. Many Nigerians lost their jobs because the economy collapsed. Innocent Nigerians were arrested for free speech and human rights violated with impunity.
    The Constitution was suspended.
    He blamed Alh. Shagari’s govt for this mess. He blamed corruption, yet he jailed Dr. Alex Ekwueme (the Vice President) but left Shagari (the president) in his palace.
    But when another gang threw him out, and within few months, Nigerians started smiling again. Our kids returned to school, food was in abundance again, Nigerians got
    their jobs back and the economy was
    revived etc.
    In 2015:
    $1 = N175-190
    £1 = N289-320
    Cars were affordable with local
    manufacturers smiling to the bank.
    Food was in abundance (at least a bag of rice was N7, 000)
    Kids were in school Businesses were booming with vibrant economy, no illegal arrest or media trial.
    On 29 May, 2015 when he was ‘jega-ed’ into power:
    $1 = N315-510
    £1 = N550-610
    Local car manufactures shut down their plants due to harsh economic condition. Famine was unleashed on Nigerians and a bag of rice rose to N22, 000/27, 000 while minimum wage remains N18, 000. Kids dropped out of school. Businesses closed down, millions lost their
    jobs and inflation is in double digits.

    Just like in 1985, he’s blaming corruption and his predecessor for the same mess he created within few months of assumption of office.

    “YOU CANNOT PUT A CROWN ON A CLOWN AND EXPECT A KING,please mobilize ur local communities,share,register and vote in 2019,be part of this history through a democratic means to kick this man out,it happned in 1985 with the help of the military,make it happen in 2019 through ur vote,please share Untill 40milllion young Nigerians receive this.

  • Izedomi Ohirein

    Government policy of demanding million US$ for petrol refinery licence, high import duties and price control/fuel subsidy are the main obstacle for building small refineries all over oil producing parts of Nigeria.

    Anyone can set up a small 2,000LPH petrol refinery within 24 months, with government 20% sponsorship assistance loan. The plant and machineries Countries exporting bank, will provide the balance 80% finance.

    Government has placed obstacle in the way of Nigeria’s private enterprise to flourish in preference to more expensive public ownership, fraught with corruption. The end result is importation of petrol, scarcity, ques and price control = confusion.