What I did to make my health improve significantly – President Buhari

President Muhammadu Buhari having a great laugh

President Muhammadu Buhari on Monday gave a hint of what he did to make his health improve significantly following several months of illness.

The president travelled to the UK twice earlier in the year for treatment of his undisclosed ailment, spending over hundred days.

Mr. Buhari said his absolute adherence to doctors’ instructions and orders was responsible for his improved health conditions.

“It has been a tumultuous year. I thought I was 74 but I was told I was 75,” he said.

“I have never been so sick even the 30 months civil war (when) I was stumbling under farm of yams or cassava but this sickness I don’t know but I came out better.

“All those who saw me before and when I came back said I look much better, but I have explained it to the public that as a General I used to give orders now I take orders; the doctors told me to feed my stomach and sleep for longer hours that is why I am looking much better.’’

Mr. Buhari spoke when he received a delegation of Federal Capital Territory, FCT, residents who paid him Christmas homage in the Presidential Villa, Abuja.

He said 2017 has been a very tough year for Nigeria, but expressed optimism that 2018 will be a more prosperous one.

He, however, noted with delight that God had answered the prayers of Nigerians as the rainy season was good and farmers recorded bumper harvest across the country.

“It has been a tough year for Nigeria and I hope next year will be a much more prosperous one.

“But God listened to the majority of us, the rainy season was very good and some states have got very good information from home; I never knew that the people from Kano who are more resourceful used to go to my area and hire farms, this year nobody hired farm, and nobody regretted it.

“And again the second one from the Gov. of Sokoto State said all the people that really registered early to perform last pilgrimage to Saudi Arabia were farmers. But he didn’t tell me if they took additional wives.

“But I am very pleased that people have gone back to the land with very good harvests,’’ he said.

Mr. Buhari used the opportunity to commend religious leaders for partnering with government in ensuring peaceful co-existence among the diverse ethno-religious groups in the country.

He stated that reports reaching him from security organisations across the country indicated that the religious leaders had been assisting the security agents in the maintenance of peace and tranquillity in the society.

“I thank you very much for coming, especially the religious leaders.

“I am very pleased you are doing your best from the intelligence I am getting to make sure that people live as good neighbours and good Nigerians,’’ said the president.

The head of delegation and Minister of the FCT, Musa Bello, had earlier thanked God for not only restoring the President’s health, but also making him stronger and better looking.

He said: “This is the third homage and we have never seen you better as you look today.’’

The Chairman of the Christian Association of Nigeria, FCT Chapter, Jonah Samson, lauded the Buhari administration for its performances in the fight against corruption and insurgency in the country.

Mr. Samson, who also commended the administration’s efforts towards ensuring security of life and property of citizens, urged the government to provide additional employment opportunities to address youth restiveness in the country.

The highlight of the event was the presentation of Christmas cards to the president by the FCT minister and the Chaplain of the Aso Rock Chapel.


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  • Frank Bassey

    Mr President, I feel sorry for you. I feel sorry for you because you have no shame. You have no conscience and yet you say you have integrity. How can you go to treat yourself in a foreign hospital because there are no modern & well equipped hospital in Nigeria and yet almost 6 months after you unfortunately came back alive you chose to be spending monies buying weapons or budgeting for weapons to fight war WHILE refusing to spend money on fighting the real war – the health war – of providing standard health facilities for Nigerians. Shame on you Mr president. God will judge you accordingly.

    • Obaeze

      Haba Mr Bassey. You look at a 75yr old man and abuse him like that moreover as a president of your country just because you have access to social media? Your parents really brought you up badly… you don’t deserve to be a Nigerian…

      • Frank Bassey

        What has age got to do with doing the right thing and acting right? Imagine the oil & gas resources Nigeria has access to yet it imports fuel and has no fuel even during holiday season like this…and this useless govt denies it, then quickly admits it and the Vice president spews rubbish in his explanations. Does that seem right? They don’t suffer what we suffer. How can you lead a country whose hospitals are too filthy for you to attend and the schools too substandard for your children to attend? Is that age dependent? You must be out of your mind. For too long we Africans and Nigerians especially have a novel tolerance for corruption and incompetence on the banal basis of ethnicity or religion over and above everything else and this MUST stop. He (Buhari can die) how does that bother me when he as a president sends his kids to school and receive treatment abroad and my civil service salary cannot permit me to do same even if I am as dumb? Lets call a spade a spade. These guys, Jonathan, Obasanjo, Yar Adua, IBB, Abdulsalami and all other before them except the so called tribal founders are not fit to lead. They need deliverance. Perhaps it would have been better if they were not born. Go outside Nigeria and see how some of these European countries insult us just because we have leaders who cannot reason.

        • princegab

          Start to correct thing with 2019 elections. No 2nd term for pmb.

          • Tahir Bunu-hamza

            Kai Prince, watin I dey talk liky zis?

          • princegab

            We no vote for Kyari but this na Kyari government kai.
            2019 Allah kia yi for pmb. Walai.

        • Patriotism

          I blame your parent for improper upbringing.

        • FreeNigeria

          Tell them, the goon agents hate the truth

      • Ibitoye

        @75 yrs old? Then that is why the 75 yr olds in France did not contest election but rather left it for a 39 yr old Emmanuel Macron. By the way, there are thrice more 75yr olds in France of 43m people than in Nigeria of 200m people. Health facilities???????

        • Julius

          Be serious…how old is Trump ?

        • Tahir Bunu-hamza

          We (here) fear that the younger ones would waste government money on erection and renovation of old mansions as well as on COSMETIC SURGERY. People of Trump’s age could be better!

      • Dr Bunmi Binitie

        Thank you! You have hit the nail on the head – faulty home-trainning! What a shame and disgrace! They think its ok to cowardly hide behind their keyboards and abuse elders and superiors! The God who sees all and says we must respect elders will surely judge all accordingly!!

      • Tunsj

        He is a troll and a nutjob.

    • Dr Bunmi Binitie

      And the same God will judge you accordingto His Word for abusing an elder, a father….

      “Honour thy father and mother; (which is the first commandment with promise;) That it may be well with thee, and thou mayest live long on the earth.”
      Ephesians 6:2‭-‬3

      PMB is not your father, yes, but he is a father and grandfather

  • John A

    This man is a narcissist

    • Lanre

      But of course. Encouraged by Tinubu, Adesina. Dabiri and Amosun. You see a pattern?

  • Grammaticas


    Please allow me to regurgitate and asseverate that President Buhari is just a sheer catastrophe of geometric progression, and a dullard with liquid contents only in medulla oblongata without fibre or simulation of any brain tissues that can pass a taxonomy test of rigorous classification. A fortiori, all those who inflicted the measles called Muhamadu Buhari are retards without redemption, for how anyone could endorse a total dunce with mental vacuity as president of Nigeria eludes my perceptual and sensory apprehension. Hope you are getting me?

    • Lanre

      Thank you. But Nigerians have always elected Buhari-Like individuals. Who has been better? Babangida? Obasanjo? Shonekan? Jonathan? Nigeria has crude oil and yet cannot refine it for domestic consumption. What other sign of retarded leadership is there?

      • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

        Retarded followers like yourself remain abundant in Nigeria.

  • Lanre

    Everything is about Kano and Sokoto. And yet this is a man that served in the Nigerian Army and rose to the rank of a General. Nothing about Umuahia or Ikole-Ekiti.

    • Julius

      There you go fighting for the Yorubas again…right ? lol@ listing Ikole- Ekiti with our home sweet home..Umuahia. You are too funny..as in being slow

    • princegab

      Nothing good will happen in kano or sokoto my brother. It is just that in kano and sokoto, elephant projects will sail through to siphon treasury.
      People who can not repair refineries are promising to build 3 power generating stations in less than 18 months to the end of this administration. Is that not campaign rhetoric?

      • Tahir Bunu-hamza

        ….why would government money be needed (only) now for the 2018 campaign?

        • princegab

          Now is the talk and memorandum of understanding. Next step is feasibility study and work starts just before campaign so the money rolls out then bro.
          The truth is that nothing gets done but burden for the next government.

      • Lanre

        Thank you Princegab. I was only referring to his comments about rain falling in Sokoto and good news from Kano about harvests or some other trite talk. Just like someone (a herdsman from Daura) receiving visitors in his living room and talking about local things. Nothing national. No leadership trait to show his concern for other parts of the country.

  • princegab

    Pmb illness was a fake.

  • Otile

    Buhari does not miss any opportunity to brag about the genocide which Britain used him and his cohorts to commit in Igbo land. Nobody knew him & his criminal cohorts until they plundered Igbo land, destroyed everything in sight and desecrated the whole place hoping that Igbo people would never rise anymore. It is their plunder, and imposition of military armed robbery that made Danjuma the richest ex-general in Africa, made Babangida and David Mark multi $billion ex-generals. These rogues hid their booties in Panama without using some to develop anywhere in Nigeria, shame. Buhari took advantage of that mass murder to rule and ruin Nigeria two times. Here is Mohamed Buhari who has no good education, no business acumen, no type of ingenuity sheepishly ruling Nigeria and bragging about his mismanagement. Well Mohamed Buhari may be chuckling and laughing out loud at Igbo people but the rest of Nigeria are suffering for his creation. Buhari, keep on laughing while Nigeria is going to blazes, ba ruwana.

    • dpfrank

      Crap from a pigg

  • Steve

    Like Trump, like Buhari. Narcissist.

    • dpfrank


  • Dr Pat Kolawole Awosan

    I say hurray! and congratulations to president Muhammadu Buhari, for making a full recovery from the unknown illness that befell him early 2017, that cost him to spend several months in London,UK.Please, president Muhammadu Buhari, take good care of your health as utmost priority as good-health must be your priority foremost before official assignment as Nigerians, would appreciate your policies and efforts at the nearest future.
    @Otile:Are you ever ashamed of yourself with your idiotic-senseless and outrageous comment?
    General M./Buhari,answered national call of duties as a Nigerian soldier, and fought to save Nigeria, as a undivided entity and you and ilk, are so ignorantly deceptive and hopeless with your hatred towards General Muhammadu Buhari, for serving his father,s-land.If you like continue with the Nnamdi Kanu,s IPOB, to witness the consequences again from Nigerian armed forces response against Biafra rebels again against Nigeria.

    • Dr Pat Mumuwole Awosan

      Rather than tell us his health care plans for Nigerians and what he has done to improve the health of Nigerians he (Buhari) is telling Nigerians how he improved his own health. Isn’t that st.upi.d.ity? We know of Obama care, we are aware of the British NHS and the French healthcare schemes and even that which exist in little Malawi & Tanzania in Africa. But here you have a man who calls himself president so brazenly insensitive and seemingly unaware that it is obligatory as a president to provide standard healthcare for the citizenry. We know the Devil has never been short of disciples so your rising in defense of the indefensible is no novelty. Your case is a classic example of what Mary Tubman (The great Afro American slave abolitionist) referred to when she famously declared; “I freed 1,000 slaves. I could have freed more only if they knew they were slaves”. Indeed, slaves like you who love their chains remain slaves in perpetuity.

      • dpfrank

        Your case is the case of the pot calling the kettle black

        • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

          That’s Otile aka emmanuel above for you.

  • FreeNigeria

    Good for you, I hope your senses improved too, so you can provide same healthcare you received in London to all Nigerians who are unable to travel to London for healthcare. It’s really shameful you’re bragging about healthcare you received in a foreign country when your country lack functional hospital or common health center.

    • dpfrank

      Which good health care did PDP put on ground after being in power for sixteen years? Stop blaming PMB all the time

      • FreeNigeria

        PDP, APC, same worthless politicians just different acronyms. However, because last administration failed, are you saying subsequent ones should fail? That we should enjoy cursed people running our country

      • Tunsj

        Well said. These trolls always forget the past administrations.