Nigeria transmits 5,222 MW electricity, highest ever – TCN

Power Lines [Photo:]

The Transmission Company of Nigeria, TCN, on Sunday disclosed that it recorded new national peak with the transmission of 5,222.3 Mega Watts (MW) of electricity into the national grid on December 18.

TCN General Manager, Public Affairs, Ndidi Mbah, said in a statement in Abuja that the achievement was the highest ever recorded in the nation’s power sector to-date.

Mrs. Mbah said the current peak transmission surpassed the 5,155.9 MW attained on December 8, and the 5,074.7 MW earlier recorded on February 2, 2016.

She said TCN developed the Transmission Rehabilitation and Expansion programme to enable it prioritise and execute critical transmission projects, to properly key into the incremental power policy of the Federal Government.

“This necessitated the clearing of the company’s stranded containers carrying various transmission equipment at the sea ports, to enable it complete previously abandoned projects to further expand the grid capacity.

“Of the 759 containers abandoned by contractors at the sea ports within the last five years, 454 have been cleared from March to-date.

“Payment for 193 containers has been made and they are being cleared, while payment for the outstanding 112 containers has yet to be made,” she said.

Mrs. Mbah further explained that all the 454 containers cleared from the ports had been taken to its various construction sites in Yola, Gulak, Katsina, Jos, Dambatta, Ganmo, Abeokuta, Onitsha and Benin.

She said that other construction sites that the containers had been deployed to included Odoguyan, Ede, Igangan, Okene, Walalambe, Akwanga, Kachia, Kumbotso, Kaduna and Yola.

According to Mrs. Mbah, the containers had been abandoned at the ports for 2 to 6 years by contractors for various reasons.

One of the reasons, according to her, included suspension of TCN’s Import Duty Exemption Certificate (IDEC) in 2013 by the Ministry of Finance.

She said other reasons were slow processing of IDEC by TCN in the past and inefficiency of the contractors.

“The result was several uncompleted transmission projects in various parts of the country.

“TCN reiterates its commitment to continue to work to further stabilise, rehabilitate and expand the grid,” she said.

Mrs. Mbah urged all Nigerians to assist the company in safeguarding electricity installations nationwide.


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  • Bassey Frank

    This is shameful. Over two years in office, PMB/APC is celebrating 5,000 MW of electricity in a population of 190 million people.

    • pheliciti

      For proper perspective, transmission as of May 2015 was 2,800mw….. so figure whether it’s progress or not.

      • Bassey Frank

        Still LAUGHABLE.

        Contact Manufacturers Association of Nigeria and see the effect of the “progress” in the economy.

        When you pay N18,000 per month for electricity in a 3-bedroom apartment where normal electrical facilities are used, yet you barely enjoy electricity for aggregate of 10 days a month, how does that add to the “progress”?

        • pheliciti

          If that’s your experience, contest the bill. There are process for that…. social media or the govt can help you if you don’t object to excessive charge.

          • Bassey Frank

            That sounds like a nursery rhyme. Mr Raji Fashola has already told Nigerians to be prepared to pay more for (unsupplied) electricity. Are you hearing it for the first time that Nigerians are saddled with crazy bills for electricity not supplied? It is authorised by Fashola Ministry; so what are you going to waste your time on social media?


      Are you a see no good? Fixing the power infrastructure is a process and not an event. In the past 20 years what has been the development in the power sector? Obviously, the growth in the last 2 years even in the face of dwindling revenue. You should learn to appreciate good efforts.

      • Bassey Frank

        Fixing the power infrastructure is a process and not an event; agreed. Excellent reasoning. But logging in to “past 20 years” is defeatist. We must look forward the process not at the event behind. Can we now establish what has been invested in the past 2 and half years Vs what has been achieved? Should we overlook the promise made willingly to fix the power within the tenure of 4 years?
        Talking about dwindling revenue, can we multiply what we earn in $ today with current exchange rate of N305/365 to a $; and what we earned before with N199/260 to a $?

        What was the size of the bureaucracy before Vs what it is today?
        Who pays for the difference between N171.40 p/l landing cost of petroleum products today Vs N145 p/l pump price?
        Are we being frugal when less than 5 per cent of our population consumes about 60 per cent of our non-debt recurrent budget?
        When you withdraw $1 billion from ECA to fight technically defeated Boko Haram, how do you fix your electricity.

        Talking about “dwindling revenue”.

  • Dan Arewa

    Chai. Agents of disunity will not like these news.

  • marcos avelino

    Its not PMB’s shame From 2000mw in 1999 when Bola Ige said he will fix nigerias electricity to 2017 at 5000 MW !! It took nigeria 18 years to generate 3000 MW. The Saudis were generating 25,000 in 1999 and reached 52,000 in 2013 !! Africans and Nigerians are a really dump people. Thats why they provided the bulk of the worlds slaves for millenia.

    • Curtx Maccido

      Calamitous! This is about TRANSMISSION…not generation of power!

      • So oju abe niko

        Actual generation capacity is actually more – closer to 7 GW, but some of those belong to private entities.

    • john

      Stop publishing lies online. Saudis do not generate or use 52,000mw. Are they China?.

      • So oju abe niko

        52 GW (52,000 MW) is nothing. China, with the largest installed capacity in the world, has 1,645 GW capacity (2016). USA – 1,064 GW (2015); Canada – 135 GW (2015). And please stop calling people liars. The fact that you do not know something doesn’t make it a lie. And if you don’t agree with something posted, please do some due diligence and post a contrary fact. That’s far more honorable than calling someone a liar.

      • So oju abe niko

        52 GW (52,000 MW) is nothing. China, with the largest installed capacity in the world, has 1,645 GW capacity (2016). USA – 1,064 GW (2015); Canada – 135 GW (2015). And please stop calling people liars. The fact that you do not know something doesn’t make it a lie. And if you don’t agree with something posted, please do some due diligence and post a contrary fact. That’s far more honorable than calling someone a liar.

    • MP-001* [Joint Chief]

      Nigerians are a really dump people.
      How can Nigerians be ‘dump’ people ? Do you mean dumb ?

  • musa aliyu

    Where una transmit the power go? Certainly not where humans live cause we have been grappling with darkness for months unend now. As I dey type so na darkness full everywhere; and tomorrow is Xmas. Shame!


      I can understand how you feel Aliu as it can be frustrating when your area is experiencing constant darkness. it is the other way round in my own area. We have enjoying constant power supply. We once had the same experience but it is a different story now. I think it is a gradual process. Given more time, your area will surely see improvement in power supply as there are conscious efforts to reverse the trend.

      • john

        I agree.

      • MP-001* [Joint Chief]

        Nice comment and nice optimism for which I upovted both of you, but you might be surprised that when Musa starts having power, you Henry will be relegated back to darkness. It has been a game of musical chairs.

        Merry Christmas

      • musa aliyu

        Henry, your soothing comforting words I must acknowledge. Thank you for taking the pains to bear me down. I’m humbled. This is the true spirit of Christ. All the best in this Season and Beyond. Regards. Enjoy your holiday.

      • government

        Wey ur area dey,make we come stay there

  • MP-001* [Joint Chief]

    Are these figures verifiable or are they bogus ? Is there an independent agency that can verify this claim by TCN, because the near darkness on ground doesn’t match ? Can TCN be trusted to be honest with their figures despite having near monopoly of the transmission market (mind you there is a difference with DISCO’S and GENCO’S). Can the weak and compormised National Regulatory agency be trusted to look into the books with the right practical tests and honestly tell Nigerians the truth.

    Most importantly, why should a country of 187 million individuals be celebrating 5222 mw ?

    • newday

      Let TCN be deceiving Nigerians. However, Nigeria will not enjoy electricity until we act like the Arabs,& go to the west and hire a company that has a track record for providing light to their teeming population for at least 1/2 a century..

  • Rev

    It is now perfectly obvious, that EVERYTHING this Buhari government says and does is predicated on a lie! Hence, Lai Muhhamadu!
    Let those who have ears hear.