Why we’re airing Buhari documentary despite fuel scarcity – Presidency

Fuel scarcity spreads nationwide
Fuel scarcity used to illustrate the story.

The presidency has reacted to its decision to air a documentary on President Muhammadu Buhari at a time most Nigerians are lamenting the fuel situation in the country.

The fuel scarcity across the country has grounded businesses and offices and lead to over 100 per cent increase in price from the official N145 per litre.

The presidency had earlier told PREMIUM TIMES the documentary to show a different side of the president, will start airing on Sunday.

In a statement on Sunday, Femi Adesina, Mr. Buhari’s spokesperson, said the presidency was aware of the complaints by Nigerians of the timing of the documentary, but that it will proceed.
Read the full statement by Mr. Adesina below.


I have read a lot of reactions, particularly online, on the timing of the airing of the documentary on President Muhammadu Buhari, slated for December 24 and 25, 2017, respectively, by 8 p.m. on NTA and Channels Television.

Some of the comments are borne out of genuine concern, which we appreciate, while others are virulent, coming from inveterate complainers. Fault finding is the stock-in-trade of such people, and if they mistakenly find themselves in Heaven, they would even complain against God. They have no other pastime.

The reactions mainly dwell on the fact that a documentary showing the human side of the President (as against the well-known iron and steel) is coming at a time there is severe fuel scarcity in the country. And I say, why not? Is life all about doom and gloom? Must we sit in ashes and wear sackcloth perpetually, and ignore the brighter side of life? God forbid!

The current fuel crisis is a combination of snafu (Situation Normal All Fouled Up) in the distribution process of petrol (which the NNPC admitted at the onset of the problem), and deliberate mischief and sabotage by some marketers, who want to force the hands of government to increase the pump price. Then, the situation is further compounded by hoarding of products, and panic buying. And government is working round the clock to restore normalcy, which will come in a matter of time.

Should we then be perpetually like King Lear at his worst, and consign ourselves to the doldrums occasioned by fuel scarcity at a festive period? No. Despite the temporal pains, life must continue, and we must look at the cheery side, while government works hard to bring succour.

That is why I disagree with armchair critics, who wail at the drop of a hat. Millions of Nigerians appreciate President Buhari, love him passionately, and would watch the airing of the documentary, which shows the President in a perspective not very well known before.

It’s a spice for the holiday season, and not even ephemeral fuel crisis would dampen the enthusiasm of positive minded Nigerians.


Special Adviser to the President,


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  • Bigtin

    Oh my God …..PDP all over again! The arrogance of this group/Govt is unprecedented.

    • share Idea

      It is not PDP but your misunderstanding of human behaviour that made you to believe the lies dished out by this administration when they were in opposition without knowing that there is a limit an individual can influence things in an absence of strong institutions. Nigeria we hail thee

  • Gbabe!!!!!!


    The Buhari government is too childish and should be got rid of if Nigerians desire progress!

  • Factual Bob

    Very useless government insulting the intelligence of traumatized,crushed Nigerians.

    • Ernest Duru


      Me i want to talk about this fuel scarcity. It is terrible. We cannot get fuel for our generator. Our house is now
      in total darkness. My son who is sick is having more fever. No electricity for the fan to work and no petrol for
      generator too. I don’t know if President Buhari knows these things. His APC party was saying few days ago
      that there is no fuel scarcity at all. What sort of lies is that? How can APC be so bad it cannot tell the truth?

      What i am worried about is that Nigeria has no government because what Buhari is doing is not government.
      To me Buhari is doing tribalism only for his Hausa and Kanuri people who are stealing money every single day.
      This Buhari government is too corrupt, it is all about stealing, no progress, no result, nothing is good out of it.
      The Senate can help the masses to remove this Muhamadu Buhari from office after Christmas holiday please.

  • Facts & Figures


    Under this useless and directionless Buhari government there are now
    35 million un-employed youths inside Nigeria today, a staggering figure equal
    to the entire population of Ghana and Togo put together; according to a latest
    official bulletin issued three days ago by the federal Nigerian Bureau of Statistics
    This horrific jobless figure in Nigeria today is over half the whole population
    of Nigeria at independence on October 1st, 1960 and equal to all the human
    beings living inside both Ghana and Togo today.

  • Chuma Anierobi

    Impunity and lies will never bear good fruit Look at that Adesina of a man.

    • excommuniqué


      ………..How Buhari underdeveloped Nigeria

      “After six months, Buhari appointed his ministers. After that, the Buhari APC promised that the change
      would come when the budget was prepared and told the masses to wait for the budget. When the Buhari
      government prepared the budget, Nigerians were told they would have the change after the National Assembly
      must have gone through the budget.

      Later on National Assembly approved the budget and people asked again: ‘Can we see and feel the change? Their (Buhari APC party) reply was until the President signed the budget. After Buhari signed the budget, there was still no change. People asked why. The APC government said President’s (Buhari’s) ear is paining him and that we
      should all wait until he was healed.”

  • excommuniqué


    How Muhamadu Buhari underdeveloped Nigeria

    “When Nigerians asked: ‘When are we going to see the change we voted for?’ They were told to wait
    until after swearing-in ceremony. After the swearing-in, they heard silence without change, and they asked,
    when will this change come? The answer was, until Buhari government resumes office, and he subsequently
    resumed office, but nothing happened. When the masses then asked again when to expect the change that
    Buhari promised, they were told to wait until the appointment of Secretary to the Government of Federation.

    After three months, the SGF was appointed, and the people asked again: ‘Where is the change?’
    The answer was they should wait for their change after the appointment of the Chief of Staff. The masses
    got worried and they said, ‘please when will this change come?’ The answer was, until Buhari’s ministers
    are appointed.”

  • ojomaje ijato

    Femi Adesina, your response in this article is a personal insult to some of us that commented on the announcement thinking that sanity will prevail and that you will reschedule your sycophancy ladden documentary to less sensitivity periods. Here is a free advise: airing your documentary at this point in time will further isolate your president (who you now also see as god) as insensitive and anti-christian; and you and your colleagues as sycophants. Why would you like to show Buhari at Christmas? In any case, don’t you know that most people will not have fuel in their generators to watch TV?

    • AryLoyds

      Buhari is a common Fulani criminal.This is what you get when you vote a herdsman as your leader and yet all the animal wants is to steal 1 billion dollars for his Hausa Fulani cabal !

  • Ken

    These guys are nonentity. They take Nigerians for granted. Else, how can they be so insensitive to be showing Buhari’s documentary at this harsh and suffering time. Nigerians use their hands to choose suffering. How I wish God can separate the gullible ones from us and show His angst on them. The suffering is too much. Nigerians wake up and push this evil, Apc away. We should be able to identify the right person for the jon. Buhari and Apc have failed woefully.

  • Joshua Kwame

    Very arrogant man. See what he wrote on behalf of the president.
    Issokay oo

  • Mosley

    !what is there to document on Buhari? Who even watcges NTA? Can’t blame Femi, at least he now enjoys life.

  • Moses Adewole

    Femi Adesina has displayed arrogance and stupidity with this write – up.


    Of course for a regime which dwells on propaganda and lies , it is actually more expedient for them to feed the long suffering masses more lies than providing petroleum products to Nigerians in this season of festivities.

  • Sanssouci

    If the documentary is for the elite then fine proceed, but if u care about the masses viewing it, they have no electricity to watch NTA and now no fuel to power generators to view the documentary so what’s the point?

  • obiora

    I think Femi Adesina did not Like Buhari. What he wrote here is Hate speach. He is telling Nigerians before the Documentary that the documentary he will show them is Different Side of Buhari which in other words means not what Buhari real is. He said Huma side which means Fake side because Buhari is known as Iron and Steel.

  • Solomon Brown

    Why else would the apes in APC be doing this, if it wasn’t fact that Buhari’s popularity/approval ratings have taken a nose dive? The people see clear enough to know this government is out of touch, sectional, clueless and vindictive, airing a documentary will not change our perspective. The man Buhari has failed, if he had any shred of honor left in him, he’d be packing up for his one way trip back to Daura come 2019.

  • obiora

    He want to Show Buhari documentary on Chritmas day as Christ to Christians . or there are no enough documentary of Christ to Show Nigerians on Christmas day. Tomorrow the Yoruba man will call himself PASTOR.

  • Gary

    Not content with ruining the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ for Nigerian Christians, Muhammadu Buhari and his henchmen insist on spitting in the people’s faces with a documentary glorifying the Islamist as a Christmas gift for the people who now spend their waking hours on fuel queues across the land.

    Folks, you cannot make this up as a movie script as it would simply defy credulity. But this is what is happening in Nigeria and right in schedule, Femi Adesina pours salt into the gaping wound with his now-familiar imperious response to the Nigerian people: Our show will go on, whether you (the people) like it or not; fuel or no fuel.

    Proving once again that in Adesina & Co., Buhari appointed minions in his own ignorant, incompetent and authoritarian image.
    When the wicked rule, the people suffer. And one needs not be a Christian in Nigeria today, to see the truth in those words. The people are again in the same exact throes of misery and deprivations witnessed the last time Buhari ruled Nigeria.
    The joke is that the Grinch who stole Christmas in Nigeria now engages in vainglory and expects to be re-elected. Who says God does not have a sense of humour in exposing the fo*lisness of the wicked?

  • Darlington

    Femi Adesina, this is the height of crass insensitivity & insults on the intelligence of the impoverished masses. Why now? We know you want to shore up Buhari’s image owing to nosediving of his popularity as a result of the excruciating sufferings in the land but the timing is wrong.

    If you go ahead to air the documentary, you will end up of inciting more Nigerians against your principal, thereby playing into the hands of a reinvigorated PDP that has accused Buhari of being insensitive to the plight of the masses. Is Buhari Jesus Christ? Why bombard Nigerians with Buhari’s stories on a Christmas eve? The Aso Villa demons Reuben Abati talked about has griped you.

    • Iskacountryman

      buhari forever…minister of petroleum has supplied his core suporters..i am driving to bum bum from daura and there is petrol…

  • Sheikh Messi

    To the Aso Rock ‘demons’ : WHAT IS YOUR NAME?
    Aso Rock demons: LEGION..FOR WE ARE MANY!

    The Aso Rock demons appear to be working overtime on this regime!

    • rrr21

      Hahaha….. I don laugh tire

  • Adele Uhuru

    I need to know where are all these Tinubu, Fashola, Okorocha and all those praise worshipers of this dummy head of state / I guesss cat cut their tongues / Mumu people and their half baked leader

  • Sheikh Messi

    My Dads words; “son, you don’t know a man until he is tested with MONEY and POWER”, has found its fulfillment in Femi adesina.

  • Iskacountryman

    no petrol…stay at home and watch our saviour on tv…classic…

    • Otile

      Mad Muslim Mohamed Buhari is nobody’s savior. This is blasphemy. If a Christian does this on a Moslem holy day mad Muslims will certainly cut Christian heads on the streets of Kano and Kaduna.

      • Iskacountryman

        stop lying…they are no christians in kano…only die hard biafrans…

  • Funso Famuyiwa

    From the comments so far, it is clear that Femi Adesina’s Statement is like a “FINGER IN THE EYE” for Buhari traducers.
    Even at that , he does NOT even come close to Doyin Okupe when it come to Vituperations. But then, Nigerians notoriously have Poor Memory for All Events – Whether Immediate, Recent or Remote. I think Adesina Nailed it !.
    The Causes of the Fuel Scarcity are there for those with Discerning minds who are not wearing Blinkers to see. As someone wryly noted : From Jan thru Nov 2017, there was not a Tremble about Fuel Scarcity, but suddenly, in early Dec, with Festive Season on the Horizon, major Tremors developed. Afterall, the Price of Crude has gone up steadily over the last 9 months or so. So, WHY NOW ? !. The Idea is to “Grab PMB by the Balls” now and force him to increase the Pump Price of imported PMS. Would Anybody do that under the prevailing Economic situation in Nigeria ? And if Pressure does not work, then some elements of Subterfuge, Subversion and Sabotage should do it, Abi. That is where we are right now.
    Now, it is true that NNPC cannot cope with Nigeria’s Fuel demands without Independent Marketers. But the timing for this “Showdown” makes ordinary Nigerians to bear the brunt and suffer.
    As for the Airing of PMB Documentary, the so-called controversy is a “Tempest in a Teacup”.
    After 9/11 Tragedy, US President George W. Bush, advised Americans to “go Shopping”. Implying that, in this turps turvy world that we live in with its Roller coaster effects, we must have a sense of balance. Life must go on. You can Walk while Chewing Gum, or Kola Nut if you prefer ! There must not be a sense of Paralysis as long as the problem is not ignored.
    The Negative Forces of 2019 are already at play. And there is an enthusiastic audience for them on this Platform. Abo oro….

    • ojomaje ijato

      Now, let us get this very clear. Apart from the fuel scarcity matter, I like the average Nigerian Christian expect to see a documentary on Jesus Christ and not Muhammadu Buhari on Christmas and boxing days. The documentary on Buhari can wait for another day – and there are plenty of free weekends for that. Insisting on showing the Buhari documentary is disrespectful and insulting to Christains period. If you like, call this position fanatical and I will be happy to say I am a fanatical Christian. It is also unwise for the president and his team to insist on going ahead unless they hold Christians in high contempt.

      • Otile

        Is Osinbajo no longer alive? Where is he while Muhammau Buhari and other mad Moslems are rubbing dust into Christan eyes? There is God oo.

        • ojomaje ijato

          Not only Pastor Osinbajo, but Boss Mustapha (who is the leader of men’s fellowship of an Abuja church) and a host of other Christains in government seems either naive or cowed. They are allowing the open insult, which is unfortunately promoted by ‘Pastor’ Femi Adesina. Shame on them all!

    • Factual Bob

      The real shehu garbage.

  • Oil POLLUTION in Niger DELTA

    Oil spills and pollution is killing the Niger Delta people. It is a pure case of environmental terrorism carried out by the Nigerian state with her European and American collaborators.

    Despite the billions of Dollars sold from oil the Niger Delta remains without federal presence. Not a single airport in the whole of Niger Delta has been built by Nigerian government at the center. Maritime University has been technically and deliberately forgotten. This systemic policy to make Niger Delta perpetually underdeveloped why monies from the region is used to provide infrastructure elsewhere in Abuja, Lagos etc must be resisted. Its got to stop.

    Secession from Nigeria is the only sure way to achieving absolute RESOURCE control or we stop the flow of oil money. Nigeria is irredeemable.

    We demand our sovereign state of Niger DELTA

    • Makai

      There is a growing apartheid in Nigeria. That it is almost practically
      impossible for anyone from the Niger Delta and the Eastern Nigeria to win any
      presidential elections where the North & West are voters and eternal
      willing voting allies remains an indisputable fact. Ironically, the resources
      that sustain Nigeria is from these 2 regions. This is unacceptable and must be
      resisted with everything in sight. If we don’t then what you get would be a
      sitting so called president approving withdrawal of N1b from the Excess Crude
      oil Account whereas refuses to release even N100m for the clean up of the
      monumental environmental pollution. The Niger Delta people must stop sleeping
      and take back what belongs to them.


    _Dear Niger Deltans,
    Are you a Niger Deltan?
    Are you a youth employed or unemployed?
    Are you aware of the huge potential of your region? Of your states?
    Are you aware how rich you are and ought to be?
    Are you aware that you are being raped of your wealth and resources that belongs to you?
    Are you aware that this rape is systemic & a grand plan by the parasitic regions (North & West)?

    Do I really have to explain that to you? Don’t be willing f**ls my friends.
    1. Why is there no ACTIVE international port from the Benin river basins to Akpabuyo in Calabar?
    2. Why are there no EXPORT PROCESSING ZONES (EPZ) along the Littoral Niger Delta from Edo state to Calabar?
    3. Why did the same Senate members (from the North & West) who are considering artificial reconstruction of Lake Chad in Northern Nigeria
    reject and in fact voted against the creation of an EPZ in the Benin River basins in Edo state few months ago?

    We as a people (Niger Delta) must understand that there is no place for us in Nigeria…because as it stands, no matter how good, qualified, intelligent and experienced you are as a Niger Deltan you can never be elected as President of Nigeria except under special circumstances that paved way for President Jonathan. This is regardless of the shameless open display of hate, scorn and ridicule in those months immediately before and after the death of Musa Yar’Adua.

    1. Demand and fight to actualize a separate state and 100% control of resources
    2. Actively participate to stop the continuous and endless rape of our resources by Nigeria
    3. Fill the streets with protests and demand the Nigerian Army to end the occupation of N-Delta
    4. Our only preconditions to remaining in Nigeria would be:
    (a) Resource control and devolution of powers to the federating units
    (b) Rotational Presidency

  • Grammaticas


    Please allow me to regurgitate and expatiate that President Buhari is catastrophe of geometric progression.
    and a dullard with liquid contents only in medulla oblongata without fibre or simulation of any brain tissues
    that can pass a taxonomy test of rigorous classification. A fortiori, all those who inflicted the measles called
    Muhamadu Buhari are retards without redemption, for how anyone could endorse a total dunce with mental
    vacuity as president of Nigeria eludes my perceptual and sensory apprehension. Hope you are getting me?

  • Otile

    What Buhari is doing to Christians on this holy day is like sleeping with a man’s wife and showing the man his wet dick. It is ungodly.

    • Julius

      smdh, something is fefinitely wrong with you !

  • Truthman

    Iron and steel? Is he describing Buhari or Idiagbon? Some voted Buhari thinking he was Idiagbon.

  • Biafran 1967

    Why does an oil producing country experience fuel scarcity?

  • Capital Truth

    I just wonder why someone in his right thinking mind would want to show a whole country and the world a human side of a person who is already a human being, doesn’t make sense to me. Does it mean the person was a Lucifer all along or he was portraying the devil in all his thoughts, words and actions? I don’t care who suggested this idea in the first place but that person is the dumbest person of all generations and the people who agreed with the first person to do this are worst than the first person. Reading and showcasing some selfish interested documented articles on tv or showing some planed interviews will not change the character and attitude of a person and it will not change what the country witnessed and still witnessing through the the persons words, actions and inaction. So why wasting time on things that does not matter at all, instead of devoting the time in righting the wrongs that makes the person looks bad, I don’t get it.

  • Makerson

    He is speaking for himself, you can’t force people to agree with your mentality.