Nigerian govt not contemplating hike in petrol pump price – SGF

File photo of Motorists queuing for fuel at a filling station on Queen Elizabeth Road in Ibadan, as scarcity of the commodity persists on Thursday (21/12/17). 06959/21/12/2017/Adeogodiran Timothy/BJO/NAN

The Secretary to the Government of the Federation (SGF), Boss Mustapha, has assured Nigerians that the Federal Government is not contemplating any form of hike in the pump price of petroleum products.

Mr. Mustapha disclosed this on Saturday at the handing over ceremony of the mantle of leadership as the Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of National Inland Waterways Authority ( NIWA) at the authority’s headquarters in Lokoja.

He said the fuel scarcity being experienced in the country over the last two weeks was being addressed by relevant agencies of government adding that the long queues would ease off soon.

The SGF  attributed the scarcity to “greed” on the part of the marketers who created artificial shortfall to make profits.

Mr. Mustapha lamented the attitude of some Nigerians who derive pleasure from seeing others suffer by inflicting pains on the people adding that it was unfair and ungodly for marketers to take advantage of the rush by the people to celebrate Christmas and New year.

“I can assure the people that a day or two after the yuletide, the queue will ease out. The marketers created the scarcity but we have engaged all the relevant stakeholders and we are confident that it will soon normalise.

“We are not thinking about increase in the pump price. We have not discussed it and we will not increase the price” he said, adding that panic buying was unwarranted as there was much product available.

He commended the staff of NIWA for their cooperation and commitment to duty while he headed the authority saying that he would remain an ambassador of the authority and was now in a better position to advance its cause.

He noted that his 15 months at the helm of affairs of the organisation afforded him great opportunity to add value to his life adding that it was NIWA that propped him up for the present assignment.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that  Mustapha, who  assumed office as MD of NIWA on July 11, 2016, reiterated the need to  strengthen the law setting up the authority to enable it succeed in its statutory role of administering the inland waterways.

In his response, the acting Managing Director of the authority, Danladi Ibrahim assured the “Boss of Bosses” that every project he started before leaving would be pursued and executed with vigour.

“NIWA is your baby sir, it is our prayers that you nurse the baby to maturity. We will continue to consult you anytime the need arises sir, please don’t be tired of us”, he said. (NAN)


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  • Dawood

    This is the start. As I predicted before, PDP and their agents are implementing their 2019 strategy: sow chaos in the country by bribing critical stake holders to create chaos, and buy votes via bribery, using stolen loot. Buhari and APC better have a counter plan beyond reminding us that Jonathan was our greatest thief

    • Ayinde

      My Friend if you do not have anything positive to say better keep you mouth shut. All your like and LAI take delight is EXCUSES upon EXCUSES. Rather than seat down and find a solution to the inadequate supply, all they delight in is adducing a reason for all and every thing.

    • Nuhu

      You are a Yorobastard

  • Dr Pat Kolawole Awosan

    With the current scarcity of fuel and other oil products supply in our filling-stations in Nigeria, despite the increased of fuel-per-litre to N145 Naira, the state-minister of petroleumn resources Dr Ibe Kachikwu and president Muhammadu Buhari, are glaringly displaying outright incompetency as there is no excuse for the Federal Government, for the scarcity of fuel anywhere in Nigeria. It is quite a shameful occurence at this time of festivities at the end of the year in Nigeria, and globally.If such happenes in other country, people would rise-up against the Federal Government.

  • persona

    What we know: NNPC is the sole importer
    NNPC has a list of every marketer that has collected supply and the corresponding station.
    Is it too hard for NNPC to display such on their website and social media account to let Nigerians know where the fuel dey and a DPR agent to ensure all pumps sell the products?
    To solve our problem na commonsense…except there is more to it

    • Iskacountryman

      we have abundant fuel in the north…why are you guys complaining?

  • Policy & Politics [P & P]


    Muhamadu Buhari’s economics ignorance

    Today, there are 35 million un-employed Nigerians – according to the
    latest figures released yesterday by the National Bureau of Statistics. That
    unemployment figure of Nigerians is more than the total population of Ghana and
    Togo put together. This is the intractable crisis Buhari’s economics ignorance foisted.

    Muhamadu Buhari does not have the standing anymore to increase
    petrol price without risking mass uprising like the Arab Spring. He is loathed
    across the board and hangs onto power in the false belief that his party, APC,
    has made Nigerians illiterate enough to still vote for him anyway, as if, though
    impaired by knowledge to analyse complex issues, illiterates do not know that
    they are poorer than they were before Muhamadu Buhari to office on 29th of
    May, 2015.

    • Policy & Politics [P & P]

      ………Buhari’s economics ignorance

      On Nigeria’s economic front and in terms of wages, rents and profits,
      Muhamadu Buhari has virtually destroyed Nigeria with economics ignorance.
      Unemployment soared by a whopping two million between the last quarter of the
      year and the preceding one when Buhari feigned activity to pretend to agility.
      Buhari’s disguises have thus all fallen off. What’s left is how to keep his captives
      from drifting off.

      When he realizes that he’s rotted in public view from being a figure of fun to a
      hated figurine, Buhari will likely play his last card by bracing for Islamist coalition
      in the false belief that religion is afterall the opposite of things seen and therefore,
      Islam can obfuscate replace his serial failures with sermons of the world beyond.

      Muhamadu Buhari is grossly mistaken on his reliance on the illiterates’ votes.
      I spoke to a street trader from Kebbi state yesterday who told me that he and his
      kin and kith will like to see Buhari out of office as quickly as possible. He also said
      Muhamadu Buhari has ruined the finances of his people who can no longer afford
      travel costs to neighbouring states after Buhari increased the price of petrol by 62%
      last year to send inflation rocketing and provoke the mass retrenchment of workers.

      • Kayode O. Bello


        Islam cannot obfuscate or replace Buhari’s serial failures with sermons of the world beyond.

        I have no petrol in my generator, so i am living in darkness, i cannot be fooled by any Islam.

        • Iskacountryman

          look through your window…did you see the fullness and majesty of the moon…it is the work of ALLAH, the almighty, you cannot blame islam for yur stupidity…did you vote for islam or buhari?

    • Iskacountryman

      the price of petrol must be changed…

      • Jandu


        Was it not this Fulani herdsman called Muhamadu Buhari who spoilt everything by increasing
        price of petrol from 82 Naira per litre to 145 Naira per litre at a go. Are Nigerians getting more
        salary now than when petrol was 82 Naira per litre? No! So, by increasing price of petrol like
        that Buhari was actually doing PETROL TAX on the people of Nigeria at the rate of 60 Naira
        per litre of petrol. Bus driver then increased bus fare. Taxi driver, the same thing. Companies
        manufacturing products also increased price. Food items doubled because transporters have
        bought petrol for their lorries to bring food crops from the farmlands to the city centre. Those
        working salary were hit from all angles because they cannot increase salary by themselves.

        • Iskacountryman

          that is called change my boy…relax and enjoy it…

        • Iskacountryman

          and what did you do, when he did that?

      • ???????¾





        • Iskacountryman

          mass anger…means squat when there is mass hunger…go look for food to eat…sars go shoot you for brokkos…you wan stand for road?