Another PDP Rep dumps party for APC

House of Representatives from Edo State, Johnson Agbonayinma.

Another member of the House of Representatives from Edo State, Johnson Agbonayinma, has dumped the opposition People’s Democratic Party, PDP, for the ruling All Progressives Congress, APC.

In a letter read by Speaker Yakubu Dogara at plenary on Thursday, Mr. Agbonayinma who was loyal to the ousted chairman of the PDP, Ali Modu-Sheriff, alleged that he had been sidelined in the party.

He said after Mr. Sheriff lost at the Supreme Court, his colleagues in the house and his former party “shut the door against him”.

Present in the chamber to receive him was the deputy governor of Edo State, Philip Shuaibu, who was once a member of the House of Representatives.

Reacting to his defection, the deputy minority leader, Chukwuma Onyema, expressed joy over the exit of Mr. Agbonayinma, describing it as a great relief.

“It’s like getting rid of a cancer” he said.

The PDP caucus did not urge Mr. Dogara to declare the seat vacant as with similar defections.

PREMIUM TIMES had exclusively reported that three more members of the PDP were likely to ditch the party for the APC.

The three members include Nnanna Igbokwe who just defected on Tuesday, Mr. Agbonayinma who just defected, and Ben Nwankwo, who had already declared for the All Progressives Grand Alliance, APGA in Anambra state.

PDP has lost six of its lawmakers to other political parties in 2017 alone.

The defection of Mr. Agbonayinma brings the number to seven.

The earlier defectors were Edward Pwajok (Plateau), Adamu Kamale (Adamawa), Hassan Sale (Benue), Zephaniah Jisalo (FCT), Yusuf Tijjani (Kogi), and Nnanna Igbokwe (Imo).


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  • Usher- Join The Revolution


  • tundemash

    So where is that famed Atiku effect the e-rats were excited about ? Or was it just about opening a restaurant where the e-rats could be fed, in what the e-rats called the zoo, in exchange for their votes ?

    @Tawanda and other tribal bigots: where is Kanu? You seem to have been silent about him these days since you found another source of crumb-catching in Atiku. Have u finally found Kanu’s shit hole ? What happened to the empty threat of Nigeria, the famed zoo, going down if Kanu is shut down ? Where is the loud mouth Emma Powerless? Is Emma busy sharing your monthly contribution Kanu disappeared with?

    • Julius

      They are moving on to a new phase..collecting money from the FGN on behalf of the run-away emperor kanu..lolz. Bro , the only loyalty they care about is the almighty Naira. Heck, they probably sold kanu out already. Poor loud mouth hunch-back !

    • Anonymous

      Kanu is somewhere figing for another BIAFRA, the Nigerian BIAFRA racket monies cheque has bounced,as for PDP they are reaping that which they have sown but themost unfortunate thing is that if there is no viable oposition, then APC will get top cpmfortable and be gien us a taste spur politics and governance from a different pot.

      • tundemash

        I agree you need a good opposition but not the metamorphosed NPN who keep looting the destiny of the e-rats just by changing their party name.

    • ActionWoman this guy, You had gone into hiding..refusing to comment on embarrassing mainaGate, kachikwuGate, baruGate and grassCutter scandals. But the only thing that can force a comment from you seems to be Atiku.
      Hahaha! Looks like this Atiku is giving you sleepless nights oooO! Na so e dey pain you ni??
      Reflect on your comments almost daily on Atiku..if he’s defection is I nconsequential as you claim, why the obsession??
      No give yourself H-attack ooo!!!

      • aisha ani

        Please, Atiku’s presidential ambition has always been a dream that will never come true.

    • Joe

      Twisted mind fellow, are you still around?. You are one human being that hates truth I have ever seen. What comes out of your mouth, even Lucifer will be ashame to voice out. I feel ashame to read from you!!!.

      • Femo

        Lol. That guy is the worst Ars* licker on earth! He has no shame at all! Even what is obviously white, he will swear its black if only to make his gOD buhari look good.
        The slave was not more vocal than the wahalas and Sunday njokede. But those two always call this government out when they go wrong. Never that hypocrite. It’s now clear tundemash’s concern has never been good governance but an avenue to line his pockets.

        • tundemash

          My pocket lined up ? lol ! What a desperate pig looking for a mate to share in their mud-slinging. The mere fact that you mentioned “slave” gave u up as the fake Jew Kanu’s disciple using a fake name. Shame on you betrayed your fake Jew and you seemed to have moved on unto another source of crumbs.

      • tundemash

        Mor0n, click on my name, I have always been around and my profile name has never changed since the days of OBJ; ask your ring-leader @Tawanda.
        I thought you will give an update on your fake Jew in all your rants but you still dodged that.

    • Sam

      Don’t mind the twats , am still looking for @ unholy Wahala. He is one of the misfits around.

      • tundemash

        @Holy Wahala was and still a guy I respect as we were together during the rough days online ( I don’t ditch pals that easily) and I am as shocked that he would queue behind a nonentity like Kanu, who isn’t even fit and sensible enough to get himself a decent job. I am still hopeful he would stop seeing things from the perspective of these tribal bigots who can hardly make a livingg for themselves outside crumb-catching.

        • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

          Bruv, I used to respect @unHoly Wahala, but blocked him a good while ago because it appeared Mr. Kanu used his head as a toilet roll after the 2015 Elections.

          He lost it.

      • Shahokaya

        Help us also locate that fake pastor Taiwo. He has run out of money to buy data. May be Atiku, the desperado, will come to his assistant with food from the Abuja restaurant and few Naira notes to purchase data. The campaign by daddy freeze has taken its toll on Taiwo.

    • Ubong

      Your choice of words and language put you equally with those you are calling names. It a shame that we are so gullible for few opportunist to treat us like animals, particularly we from conquered southern region.

      • tundemash

        If you feel conquered, that is your cup of tea. And when were u ever liberated ? When your destiny was being looted in the past, was that when u were liberated?

        • Ubong

          Your choice of language is a confirmation of your level of IQ. Alphabet called parry is more important to you than choice of selfies human beings with leadership/governance skills. None payment of salaries leading to unbearable hardship to families is not limited to alphabet APC or PDP or Buhdist Party but the consequences of our blinfed fixation on the choice we accept

          • tundemash

            Cl0wn, you were the one who claimed you were conquered so stop blaming others for your low esteem. Put yourself up as an alternative and stop ranting online on available choices.

  • Anonymous

    No permanent friends or association in politics, only permanent interests, political prostitution or cross carpetting though undesired and unbecoming is allowed, unless the laws are firmed up to make sure there is no room for too much time judiciation of the seat or justifocations of retaining the seat for a new party cus the seat should belong to the old party and not the candidate, but APC is the party in power and just like the reupblican party of US, they have advantage to ignore and just leave it for the courts to decide, PDP has no one to blame but themselves for alowing such a despicable character like Sheriff ever becoming party chairman inmthe first place, also, this is all about fallouts of relationships and intention to remain or get automatic tickets for continuance or growth, APC internal democracy is not perfect but pdps is worse, govs want to decide who will be next gov, senator, reps etc and if u are not doing boy boy, swearing alegiance, not get too ambituous of being the next governor if the incumbent doesnt favor you, then ur continuance andmseat is at risk, so ur best bet is to decamp and take advantage of the loop holes in the party laws and process.

  • Shahokaya

    Thebes umbrela has been threaded to pieces beyond repair. APC carry go 2019.

  • Tunsj(iya basira)

    Why do ‘usher-join d revolution’, tundeMESS, Julius, & a so called ‘anonymous’ Always comment one after the other?
    LWKMD! tundemash, you dey try sha!

    • Tunsj

      Stop using my name. 419 Fraud.

      • aisha ani


  • A.A.Ngalos

    My question is where do this e-rat called Atiku belongs? Is it the old PDP with torn umbrella or the Fresh PDP?

  • share Idea

    PDP is busy strategizing for 2019 while APC is sponsoring unecessary confusion in the rank of PDP without knowing that time have passed for such childish plays.

    We are waiting for 2019, if they like open several offices or arrange for people to keep defecting everyday to APC while PDP is busy strategizing on how to wrestle power from them.

    • tundemash

      You made similar insinuations before 2015. Even when Wike and Fayose sponsored Sheriff to be Chairman of PDP, it was APC’s fault. You hypocrite is now excited same “parasitic” Northerner would be your Presidential candidate in same country you labelled as zoo ? Was the instruction from the fake Jew not to vote in any election organised by the zoo ? You will now participate and if and when u lose, u start your tantrum, wanting to collapse the whole house ?

      • share Idea

        And waht was your point in 2011. Nigeria we hail thee

        • tundemash

          My point then was that OBJ deliberately featured two sick men; one had terminal disease and one had no sense . So kid, how does your stup1d question explain your penchant of blaming others for your failure ?

          • A.A.Ngalos

            I guess the one terminally ill was the late yar’Adua, but please who was that with no sense?

          • tundemash

            Try identify the two featured by OBJ first and then deduct Yaradua, what do you have left ?

          • A.A.Ngalos

            The one left I think was the one without shoes from Otuoke.

          • tundemash

            and the apostle of stealing is not corruption gospel.

  • Jo Elue

    Where then is the Atiku bandwagon effect

    • tundemash

      in the convulted minds of the e-rats.