‎Why we arrested Innoson Motors chief, Innocent Chukwuma – EFCC

Dr. Innocent Ifediaso Chukwuma, Chairman of Innoson Vehicle Manufacturing (IVM) Innoson Group.

The anti-graft agency, EFCC, has confirmed that its officials arrested the owner of indigenous car manufacturing firm, Innoson Motors.

PREMIUM TIMES broke the news of the arrest of Mr. Chukwuma on Tuesday morning.

The EFCC spokesperson, Wilson Uwujaren, in a statement to PREMIUM TIMES, said Mr. Chukwuma had earlier jumped an administrative bail.

Read Mr. Uwujaren’s full statement below.

A well known industrialist Chief Innocent Chukwuma popularly known by his company’s name, INNOSON, has been arrested by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC .

He was picked up at about 11am at his Savage Crescent , GRA Enugu residence today Tuesday December 19, 2017.

His arrest followed his refusal to honour invitation by the Commission having earlier jumped an administrative bail granted him in a case being investigated by the Capital Market and Insurance Fraud Unit of the Commission’s Lagos office.

Chukwuma rather than honoring invitation by the EFCC, mobilized six truck loads of thugs pretending to be staff of his company to his residence, where they manhandled EFCC operatives.

It took reinforcement from the Enugu office of the EFCC to effect the arrest of the industrialist wjo is currently being grilled by a team of investigators.‎


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  • Mani_Kay

    He is Ibo of course …. only reason for his arrest and harassment by Buhari ….. when will they arrest Dangote and BUA?

    • Sam

      Stop that nonsense, has the man denied jumping bail ? Also if you have any case against dangote or BUA ,what is stopping from sueing them ?

      • KELLOGGS


        • Epsilon_Delta


        • okenwa

          He manufactures terrorists and Fulani herdsmen

      • okenwa

        There you are, is EFCC court?

  • Shahokaya

    Grill him well, let him mobilize his whole village he will have to answer for his sins.

    • Arewa displaced persons

      Pathetic Moron shame on you fortunately Innoson is more than your entire generation ever born now and before.

      • Shahokaya

        Insult and abuse would not stop the crook from paying back what he took from GTB.

        • Biafran 1967

          So you admit this is about a private business deal, no issue of stealing from the zoo’s treasury.

  • Mayo

    They say – when you tell lies, tell believable lies. How does EFCC expect people to believe the statement – ‘..Chukwuma rather than honoring invitation by the EFCC, mobilized six truck loads of thugs pretending to be staff of his company to his residence, where they manhandled EFCC operatives…

    Did Innoson mobilize these guys when EFCC came to arrest him? If so, what was EFCC staff doing waiting till the six truck load of men arrived? On the other hand the first part of the statement implies this happened before EFCC went to arrest him but the second part of the statement puts a lie to that effect.

    Finally while everybody should obey the law, the fact that EFCC has not arrested Babachir Lawal makes any other arrest they make shady..

    • Sean

      Did you read the article? Or you read it with the big Biafran ignorance in you?

      • cheky

        You’re useless! Why not attack the guy rather than his tribe!!

      • Mayo

        Did you also read the article? Or did you read it with the non-Biafran ignorance in you?

    • FineBoy

      Earlier report has it that he was arrested in his factory.

      Nnewi and Enugu are not same place

      • Mayo

        Did you read the article at all? The article quoted EFCC official statement that Innoson mobilized truck loads of thugs to his residence where they manhandled EFCC operatives.

    • okenwa

      And or did EFCC gave him prior information that they are coming to arrest him that led him to hire two truck loads of tugs?.

  • bruce uba

    There has to be more to this story PT! He jumped EFCC Administrative bail and refused to attend their invitations, that’s it?
    But EFCC is not a Court of Law, it requires a Court Order to enforce attendance. Also, its current actions can only be justified under the power of arrest of the IGP, and Mr. Innosson is not obligated to speak to them or provide any information. Hence, their only serious legal recourse, will be to charge him to Court within 24 to 72 hrs. For someone of his status, attendance at Court can be easily enforced in Law. Thus, requiring no need to this extrajudicial drama and bravado. Moreover, this matter seems to be a financial crime investigation and not a personal injury or violence, so again, I am not sure why the self-help by EFCC is necessary. There must be more to this story!

    • Sean


      • forestgee

        …the true story is we have been many of these EFCC actions but failures in Court.




      • FineBoy

        Tell us another thing Kanu has not said before please

    • okenwa

      More to this story is bring Igbo man down. That’s all.

    • Prince Prince

      He slammed N6BILLION charges against GTB for fraudulent charges amounting to N800,000,0000 on his corporate account domiciled at Nnewi. He has won the case in the lower and appeal courts and the case is now in supreme court.

      GTB instead of informally approaching him for out of court settlement have been using all kinds of tactics to intimate him into succumbing to their own terms.

      First, they reported him to top custom officers for falsification of documents where he was cleared of all wrong doings. He cleared all his heavy machinery and plants and have established a functioning first indigenous Motor manufacturing plant in Sub Saharan Africa.
      And GTB afraid of the impending loss at supreme court have resorted to using their contacts in EFCC to intimate INNOSON. Why not allow the rule of Law prevail? Why should they allow a case with a high profile customer like Innoson drag this way?

      I expect well meaning Nigerians that has the ear of Buhari to intervene in this matter.

      Innoson is neither a politician nor a government contractor but a massive employer of Labour, and should be encouraged rather than being vilified.

  • Sean


  • akinwumi komolafe

    There is a claim that Innoson Motors MANUFACTURES VEHICLES, not merely assembling them.To me, the claim,if true is the greatest achievement of the black race in the South of Sahara vis-à-vis technological advancement.Is that really true? There have been no expository write-ups or documentaries in Nigeria media to validate the claim.If the claim is true,the government should please intervene and get I.I Chukwuma released and honored him as a way of encouraging great contributors to development of Nigeria nay black Africa.

    • bruce uba

      My Brother, the claim of manufacturing or assembly apart, the issue here is really legal! No body is above the law, true! But nobody should be beneath the law either! I am only concerned that the due process which everyone will like for themselves is extended to all, especially, according to Law!

    • Gbola

      What has his entrepreneurial spirit got to do with disobeying the Law ??

      He was ALLEGED to have been invited for questioning BUT HE REFUSED.
      Instead he was ALLEGED to have hired thugsto guard him and these thugs were said to have manhandled the EFCC operatives.
      If this is true THEN that in itself constitutes a crime.

      And as much as I might admire his entrepreneurial doggedness, I definitely would never admire any form of illegality or flagrant disobedience to the Law.

      • Dazmillion

        When will Adenuga be interrogated for over 200 billion tax that he has refused to pay? What about when the EFCC wanted to interrogator him and he ran to London?

        • whereto

          If any of these your claims occurred, it must have been under gej. We are now trying to move the country to a situation where everyone obeys the law or faces the consequences.

          • Dazmillion

            Since according to you we are now in the era of obeying the law, when will Adenuga be charged to court for tax evasion.

    • FineBoy

      What parts of vehicle is he manufacturing?

      It’s an assembly plant.

      What raw materials is he sourcing locally and where?

      This is how Onwuka Hi Tech conned innocent people


        What have you contributed technologically to this zoo ? This man has not stolen a penny from Nigeria yet he is employing thousands. He has an industrial dispute with Gtb both sides claiming that the other is owing them.

        He is a christian and magu has chosen to destroy his christmas because he is Igbo and he knows Yorubas will be clapping for him.

      • mbewalu ogodo

        Afonja skull miner.. I guess you want him to join you in harvesting skulls in Oshogbo

      • okenwa

        Go and assemble common pencil so that we can hear your name monkey.

        • FineBoy

          Depraved people argue their points with insults.

          You can’t speak more than your knowledge. Out of the abundance of the heart…


    Igbo man prepare for war, and take it to these nomads; ignore Yoruba bastards!


    The man they arrested, alone can manufacture jet planes, armored tanks, whilst they cannot manufacture a pencil!

    • Waandu

      Oya, do what you did in the 1960s again and spend the next 100 years paying for it. You haven’t even finished paying for the last one.

  • Intrepid

    Buhari is a PLAGUE, out to destroy Nigeria’s job creators. Thousands of Nigerian ever swelling youth population are deserting the hell buhari made Nigeria to be, to be sold into slavery in other African countries. I see slavery hitting home very soon, with all the IDP CAMPS littered evrywhere in northern Nigeria.

    The name Buhari means hardship, nepotism, division, Islamism and favouritism.

    To hell with buhari.

    • Comfortkay

      Job creators should not be criminals

      • Intrepid

        Ask the criminal who canmot account for the 53 suitcases after 37 years.

    • FineBoy

      Job creators or crime perpetrators?

      Must criminality be in Bifra business?

    • okenwa

      Nigerians are patriotic prisoners of conscience in their own country.

  • West

    How come you can hardly come by any Igbo “business man” who is not fraudulent. Does fraud runs in their DNA?

    • Intrepid

      Like OANDO.

    • Chigbo Malachy

      Uncircumcised bastard

    • eshe_70@yahoo.com

      You know how many Yorubas and Hausas are being prosecuted for fuel subsidy fraud? Corruption in Nigeria have no tribal identity. Corruption cut across our national lives. Igbos might even feature less on the corruption index given their marginalization at the federal level

      • okenwa

        Don’t mind the idiots.



    • Uranwa Odimegwu

      Yes it runs in our blood..I can see you and whatever tribe you belong to are are perfect beings.

    • Dr Norm

      Armed Robbery runs deep in your dhimmi blood and that of your islamic caliphate masters. You condone the harassment and arrest of a “self-made” man and ignore the “thieves” who came from impoverished families, but “suddenly” became millionaires and billionaires, live in huge mansions, and send their kids to the best universities in the world. You claim you are “fighting” corruption but ignore these parasites who got rich by by stealing from the country’s wealth-gowon, obj, buhari, babangida, abdulsalami etc. Surely, these “thieves” have not been living on their military retirement! Moreover, the “anti-corruption” campaign is a farce and a charade. For it is laughable to pretend to be fighting corruption when the caliphate still employs armed violence to control 90% of the oil and gas resources of the SS and the SE; what can be more evil and corrupt than using armed violence to “steal” resources on other peoples’ land, and which are worth trillions of dollars? “What are empires but grand robberies?” (St Augustine) Thus any credible fight against corruption by nigeria must, first, begin with returning lands and resources stolen from their “rightful owners”-which was the democratically agreed upon constitutional position before the violent, parasitic, and “armed robbing,” and uber corrupt military struck. So without resource control the anti-corruption campaign is a fraud; and its supporters are complicit in the crime..

  • Julius

    Kanu must be hiding in that house . Go back and search the whole house thoroughly . Hehehehehe !

  • Intrepid

    The type of news yaribas like to hear.

  • Intrepid

    I have interacted with Magu before he was made the head of the EFCC. Magu has a very low intellect to lead such an organisation.

    All he does is indiscriminately going after big fishes, to make sensational headlines, to create the impression that he is working.

    How many cases has the incompetent Magu won for the EFFC? Magu is just a mediocre Blackmailer.

    • FineBoy

      Take heart.
      We prefer him.
      He will remain there.
      To avoid Magu, avoid criminality.

      • Intrepid

        Criminality? Kid haven’t you heard the entire Nigeria is a crime scene?

        That makes you a Criminal as well.

      • mbewalu ogodo

        How many criminals has he jailed so far?

        • amah sossy

          More than 300, please check Efcc web. You will see the list with crime committed, jail term and court of jurisdiction. Is not difficult please.

        • Akej Emy

          His job is to retrieve monies and strike deals for his boss. That’s all
          Mr Ammah Sossy, did that same site show you the total sum of monies retrieved from the culprits of the 300 cases?
          Sick Govt!
          Sick EFCC!
          Sick Nigerians!

        • okenwa

          He jailed ” FineBoy”

    • amah sossy

      More than 300 cases won across various courts in the land. Check Efcc web.

      • okenwa

        Shut up.

      • Sir Joseph Briggs

        EFCC has never won any case…absolutely non…..EFCC is a failure organization…..

      • Don_C

        Those a re lies. EFCC is a lying outfit.

      • eleng

        GTB bank is owning him billions of naira,so he want wedraw his money and the bank said if he does that their bank will collapse, he known told them instead of the bank collapsing let me buy shear with the money they rufuse that what brought all these drama.

        • amah sossy

          Seriously? Which planet are you typing this voodoo news from? Since you can read and write then stop people bamboozling you with fake stories. You acquired education to be able to make good judgement on issues. Please do just that and leave ethnicity, religious bias and propaganda by side.

    • okenwa

      May God bless you.

  • Hinds Peter

    It is not a matter of an Industrialized black race or Igbo.Black people had 200 years prior in which to industrialize.If they have come this far at least they are not at zero.Peter Carlos Hinds.Barbados.

    • Flore

      Innoson group Vs GTBank :
      30 Key Points you need to know about their dispute

      *1* – At all Material time , Innoson Nigeria Ltd operates a Current Account with GTBank .

      *2* – Innoson obtained , and had repaid same , a loan of N1.3billion from GTB Which was secured with a legal mortgage of its properties valued at more than N1.4billion .

      *3* – Innoson discovered that GTBank imposed excess and unlawful charges in its Current account .

      *4* Innoson Group Complained to GTBank on his discovery of access charges on his account .

      *5* – Both parties ( Innoson and GTBank ) agreed to invite an independent auditing firm that will be agreed by both parties .

      *6*- At the end , MULTI-WINGS Consulting Firm of Auditors was invited to properly audit Innoson Nigeria Ltd Current account No 0043753636 domiciled with Nnewi Branch of GTBank . The audit covers a period from March 2004 to Dec 2011 .

      *7* – After the account was audited , it was discovered that GTBank has been illegally deducting excess bank charges on its overdraft facility to the Innoson to the tune of seven hundred and Eighty-Six Million, Two Hundred and Five Thousand , Nine Hundred and Fifty-Five Naira , Ninety Nine kobo ( N786,205,955.99).

      *8* – GTBank was shocked at the audit report when the report was forwarded to it .They replied in their letter to Innoson on 20th January , 2012 that it will investigate the issue raised and will get back to Innoson on the Conclusion of its investigation .

      *9* – In the month of September 2012 , GTBank wrote to Innoson that from their personal audit report , the excess bank charges was Five Hundred and Fifty-Nine Million , three Hundred and Seventy-Two naira ,Nine kobo ( N 559.3Million).

      *10* – Innoson agreed to their version and decided to accept payment from it in the spirit of amicable resolution.

      *11*- Innoson also requested that the said agreed amount of N559.3million be paid with a 22% interest rate because Innoson had been repaying all his loan with GTBank at 22% interest rate.

      *12* – GTBank refused and said that the best they can repay excess and illegal deduction is at 7% interest rate . This led to another disagreement between Innoson and GTBank .

      *13* – As a result , in 2012 , Innoson sued GTBank at Federal High Court Awka with Suit No : FHC/Awk/Cs/2012 .

      *14* – Federal High Court, Awka delivered Judgement in favour of Innoson in excess of N4.7billion against GTBank.

      Delivering Judgement in suit no : FHC /Awk/ CS / 139/2012 , the FHC awarded N4.7billion to Innoson Motors against GTBank .
      *The court also ordered GTBank to pay 22 % (percent ) interest on the Judgement debt until all the payment had been made to Innoson .*

      *15* – In 2013 , GTBank appealed against the judgement to the Court of Appeal, Enugu Division, appoxite appeal No: CA/E/288/2013 .

      *16* – The Court of Appeal , Enugu in a Considered ruling ordered GTBank to pay the Judgement debt of N6billion Inclusive of the accrued interest and any interest that would subsequently accrue thereon into an interest yielding account in the Name of the Chief Registrar of the Court .

      *17* – In its various affidavits, particularly at the Court of Appeal in suit no : CA/E/288/2013 , GTBank deposed that if it pays the outstanding Judgement debt of N6billion , much less the N8.5billion , it could go bankrupt and be out of business .

      *18* – GTBank went to the Supreme Court .The case is still in the Supreme Court , while the Judgement debt is about N8billion now to be paid to Innoson by GTBank .

      *Another Cases:*
      IBADAN Cases : Innoson /GTBank/Nigerian Custom Service :

      *19* – Nigerian Customs Service Auctioned Innoson goods .

      *20* – Innoson challenged the action Nigerian Custom Service for auctioning its goods at Federal High Court , Ibadan .

      *21* – On July 29 ,2011, In a Garnishee Order Absolute , the Federal High Court sitting in Ibadan ordered GTBank to Pay Innoson #2,048,737,443,67 (#2billion) from Nigerian Customs account in GTBank .

      *22* – Rather than Comply with the Garnishee Order Absolute of the Court , GTBank on February 6, 2015 appealed the Judgement , but the Court of Appeal in Appeal no. CA/1/258/2011 affirmed the Judgement of the Federal High Court and ordered GTBank to pay the Judgement debt of #2,048,737,443.67 (#2.048billion) to Innoson .

      *23* – GTBank , instead , appealed to the Supreme Court against the Court of Appeal’s decision where GTBank claimed through a motion in suit no : Sc /694/2014, that the Court of Appeal Judgement in Ibadan (CA/I/258/2011) was procured by suspicious means .

      *24* – On May 12, 2017 , Supreme Court in its wisdom and rightly , dismissed that unfounded and exasperating claim of GTB against Innoson .

      *25* – As a result , Innoson commenced a N400 billion suit against GTBank , in the suit No: FCT /HC/CV/2448/2017 at the High Court of the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja .

      *Another issue :*

      *26* – Consequently , in order to save itself from paying the outstanding Judgement debts to Innoson , the GTBbank filed a petition against Innoson alleging forgery which led to the suit No : FHC /L/565C/2015 by Police .

      *27* – On February 17, 2016 , Police properly and Competently withdraw the charges against Innoson , saying they needed to properly investigate the bank’s complaints first and see if they had merits .

      *28* – On September 1 , 2014 , GTBank secured an ex parte order on Innoson Nigeria Limited, dated September 1, 2014 with suit no FHC/L/CS/1119/2014 , filed before a Federal High Court in Lagos , between GTBank and Innoson Nigeria Limited , issued by *Justice Okon Abang* , ordering that , pending the hearing and the determination of the substantive suit , all Commercial Banks in Nigeria were restrained from accepting in any manner whatsoever to any mandate or instruction presented to them by Innoson Companies or any of its agents or nominees for withdrawal of any sum of money standing to the credit of any account maintained by the company in all the banks.

      *29* – However , on June 10, 2015 , *Justice Saliu Saidu* of the Federal High Court , Lagos , in a Considered ruling set aside the ex parte order of September 1, 2014 , by Justice Okon Abang and the writ of summon as well .

      *30* – Innoson then slammed a N30 billion suit on Guaranty Trust Bank for what it had suffered in monetary terms and reputational terms during the months when the accounts of its companies in all Nigerian banks were frozen.With Innoson winning both cases at the High Court and both cases at the Appeal Court, and GTB appealing, both cases are awaiting the verdict of the Supreme Court. Meanwhile the fresh N30 billion naira suit has just gone to the High Court to start its legal journey.


      In all , Innoson has won two High Court cases and two Appeal Court cases all against GTBank .

      Innoson as at today has Judgement debt over about N10billion based on 22% interest rate against GTBank .

      *Questions for EFCC :*

      *(i)* Now where is the EFCC coming from in all these ?

      *(ii)* Does EFCC actually understand their duties here ?

      *(iii)* Is EFCC by their action not sabotaging Nigerian economy ?

      *(iv)* If EFCC should to arrest any of the parties , shouldn’t GTBank who dubiously deducted Innoson money from his account and have debt of about N8billion to pay Innoson that they should arrest ?

      Ikechukwu Emeka Onyia ©2017

      For :Team *#FreeInnoson*

      Let’s keep Sharing this …

      Share …

  • Dr Pat Kolawole Awosan

    EFCC. led by Ibrahim Magu, must continue to fight endemic corruption culture vigorously as perpetrators of endemic corruption crimes are true enemies of Federal Republic of Nigeria.
    The CEO of INNOSON Mottors Ltd. must have be involved in some shady-deals that compelled EFCC to swoop on him finally, as nobody is above the constitution of Nigeria. EFCC must thoroughly investigated his business dealings.

    • okenwa

      If he has loan with GT bank and fail to pay, what is efcc business there? The bank should either sue him to court or seize the security he gave the bank. Its all about bring him down because he is Igbo.

    • Sir Joseph Briggs


    • Izu Osuigwe

      And how come your Magu could not apprehend Maina, Babachir, Oke, Dangote and Co?

  • Hinds Peter

    I would be pushed over a cliff for saying any thing bad about a manufacturer.But it is also said that”one swallow does not make a summer”.Peter Carlos Hinds.King of the Zulu nation.Barbados.

  • Hinds Peter

    The word Zulu does not mean an association with animals or a zoo.In the South African languages.The same way that the word mesa in Spanish means table and not sewage.Although it is true that some of the Zulus keep stocks(animals).Peter Carlos Hinds.Minister with out port folio.Barbados.

  • Obiano Nkem

    Injustice perpetuated by buhari administration cannot help us.Going after Innoson is injustice and show of tribalistic hatred against the industrialist,its so unfortunate.Investigate dangote and lets see the outcome.why should we over empower some and bring down another,why should nigeria govt rob peter to pay paul,its injustice,this gives birth to agitations in south east.Ohaneze ndi igbo must stand up against this persecutions against igbo race.look at the case of ibeto cement,capital oil Boss,ifeanyi uba case with NNPC,now the case of innoson,they want to cripple south east who are the industrious leaders to be servants in this nation which they liberated from colonial masters,it cannot happen. God save and preserve igbo race,merry christmas everyone

    • okenwa

      He is Igbo so they must bring him down.

  • Osagie

    Please Nigerians should stop this tribal abuse. Crime is not about tribe, race, colour,political class and wealth.
    I think we should focus more on the issues. The man jumped administrative bail and refused to honour invitation. He is not above the law by reason of being a rich industrialist. Let us not be sentimental and set up dangerous precedents. The law courts are there for him to enforce his fundamental rights and even prove his innocence. Some persons have floored EFCC in courts. We should encourage him to tow the path of honour.
    Finally, he hired thugs to manhandle law enforcement officers. Please, the Nigerian police should do the needful. Investigate and prosecute the persons hired and who hired them. Thuggery and immoral behaviour on our streets is becoming a national embarrassment. We must deter thuggery.

    • Izu Osuigwe

      Its actually you who appears naive, and blinded by tribal hatred, if not, you would have factored in INNOSON request for EFCC to show evidence of the invitation that was not honoured or show documentary proofs of him jumping bail. He who claims must prove. That you fail to condemn this injustice show who you are. Its not about tribe, its about a man who was overcharged and he won the resultant judgment, instead of getting paid, they are using EFCC against him. Could you imagine Dangote or Otedola wives being slapped by EFCC officials? No. But it is right for them to slap INNOSON wife. Yet everyday you kneel down and ask for Gods blessing, yet you spread offical lies against others.

  • okenwa

    Vanguard the topic was “WHY” We arrested the owner of INNOSON MOTORS – EFCC but I did not see the reasons of his arrest in your write up.

    • thusspokez

      Read it again; it is there: “His arrest followed his refusal to…”

      • okenwa

        On what? Did they tell you or just refusal.

  • thusspokez

    A nation of lawlessness and anarchists. I don’t know why these people think that they are above the law? But trust his tribesperson to come here and nitpick contents of this news report and defend him.


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