Nigerian governors approve $1 billion from Excess Crude Account to fight Boko Haram

Boko Haram
Boko Haram [Photo Credit: Pearl News]

Governors from Nigeria’s 36 states have approved the withdrawal of $1 billion from the Excess Crude Account by the federal government to be used in the ongoing fight against Boko Haram insurgents in the North-east.

This was revealed by the Governor of Edo State, Godwin Obaseki while briefing State House correspondents after the meeting of the National Economic Council which held inside the council chamber of the Presidential Villa Abuja.

The meeting was chaired by Vice President Yemi Osinbajo.

Mr. Obaseki said the approval was announced during the 83rd NEC meeting by the chairman of Nigeria Governors Forum, NGF, and Governor of Zamfara State, Abdulaziz Yari.

The Governor of Gombe State, who spoke earlier, said the Excess Crude Account had a balance of $2.317 billion as at December 13, 2017.

Details later…


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  • Otunba

    In the midst of sufferings of the entire down-trodden masses of this Nation? God have mercy!

    • Otile

      They are going to use part of the money for Buhari’s re-election. Soon he will come out to tell us he has no money to buy registration form.

      • grand maze

        Which part of the money? All of that money is for APC 2019 elections


      You yorubas voted them in….I hope you have realised your mistake.

      • PolyGon2013

        Just like your people made mistake when they voted PDP.

  • Harry

    More ‘savings’ for Buratai and co for Dubai and Singapore mansions.

  • De Gea Messi

    But they told their minions bokoHaram had been defeated?
    $1B to fight ghosts or what??
    A-fee-cee! Una weh done ooO!!!!

  • Darlington

    Money for 2019 campaign.

  • solidarity

    chai chai chai…..we are talking about 300billion that can improve the life of millions,i was told, boko haram hs been defeated..who are they fighting…i sincerely beleive that Buhari is no longer in control of this government..2019 loading, we must make statement with our votes, enuff is enuff

  • Otile

    Before they give away this money the government should ban suicide bombing.

  • laki

    This is terrible when the masses are suffering. Russia miliary budget for a year is about 70billion with all their involvement around the world and we are spending this on only one area of the country……..

  • Fairgame

    God punish this evil administration. Buhari lied when he said he had defeated Boko Haram and do who are they still fighting? Plus Buhari lied that he met an empty treasury and since oil prices have been down where is this billion dollar coming from. Honestly may God Almighty inflict the type of suffering Nigerians have been out into under this evil administration on all of Buhar, his cousin and nephews in charge of the security agencies and all his evil co travelers.

    • grand maze

      And also those his supporters in the social media


    Funds which should have been used to better the lives of our youth is rather wasted on buying bullets and bombs. The north is indeed a burden on every Nigerian because the system has pampered them for too long . NIGERIA NEEDS TO BE RESTRUCTURED.

    • Otile

      Separation is the answer, the oppression is becoming unbearable.

    • forestgee

      Analogue President that expired in 1984 is back in digital age to drag everybody backwards. Yet some youths are crying for him to return in 2019!

  • Intrepid

    There lies the usual fiscal drainage system, the NE/NW. But for one Nigeria, that part of the country could have been like Somalia.


      They cannot ban the pudar, a dress which Muslim women use to cover every part of the body including face and head which has been exploited for covering IEDs by terrorists.

      They would rather die for religion than take common sense steps to preserve life . Just imagine what 1 billion dollars can do in the hands of a wise leadership .

  • Abdullah Musa

    Wherever you see the unanimity of governors then some sharing is to take place.

    • PolyGon2013

      That’s right.

  • Gary

    Jonathan borrowed the same amount in similar circumstances and the APC swears till today that all the money was stolen and diverted for the PDP election campaign in 2015.
    Now with elections a year away, the APC who came into power as the good guys to clean up corruption is adopting the exact PDP playbook to “fight Boko Haram”. They now need to borrow their own $1b to fight a group they claimed to have “technically defeated” after Buhari’s first six months; then after the big deal of clearing the Sunni terrorists out of Sambisa Forest a year ago.
    So which is it? If Boko Haram has been defeated and reduced only to launching sporadic but deadly suicide bombings (Buhari’s own narrative) why the need to take a $1B out of the Excess Crude Account to fight an insurgency that is waning?
    Can we ignore the timing of this expenditure with the forthcoming elections and Buhari’s now obvious intent to seek re-election?
    What then is the objective difference between what the Nigerian people witnessed under the PDP and the APC’s current tack with the management of Nigeria’s reserves for partisan politics? Why is corruption when one party does it and now acceptable under Buhari?

    Where is the outrage at this naked looting of the public treasury by Buhari and the APC to remain in power?

    We eagerly await the reactions of the alliance of Nigerian media, commentators and social activists who railed against Jonathan and his corrupt PDP to do same now that Buhari and the APC are openly looting Nigeria’s treasury for elections.

    Over to you Professor Soyinka, Femi Falana, Bola Ajibola, Sonala Olumense, Dayo Olorunyomi, Rudolf Okonkwo, Okey Ndibe, Dele Momodu, Olisa Agbakoba, Pat Utomi, Omoyele Sowore and his slew of SR writers ( minus Ogaga Ifowodo currently on Sabbatical to chop his own at NDDC).
    Gentlemen, you have a moral obligation to your conscience and the Nigerian people who, at your urging, voted to replace a corrupt government led by a bumbling democrat with one that has been equally corrupt and led by an uneducated, autocratic Islamo-fascist.

  • Kareem Raji

    Which bokoharam. The defeated one. Please this people should just release dasuki

    • princegab

      Dasuki has long been released. He is now a guest at his in-laws. He is keeping 15 billion $$s all to himself.
      Just the beginning of naija’s saga bro.

    • princegab

      Dasuki has long been released. He is now a guest at his in-laws. He is keeping 15 billion $$s all to himself.
      Just the beginning of naija’s saga bro.

  • forestgee

    Madness!! That war will never end with some people seeing it as a conduit for corrupt activities. Allegation that the recently removed Commander of the operations against Boko Haram refused to cooperation with the corruption template of his superior officers is yet to be investigated. I think National Assembly approval is needed for this expenditure.

    • Gary

      Forget the National Assembly. Bukola Saraki has since forged a detente with his Aso Rock traducers to give the Executive a blank cheque on borrowing and appropriations in exchange for dropping the kangaroo ICPC case against him.
      The recent Court of Appeal ruling has just thrown a snag into the deal but we shall see if sleazy AGF Malami will drop the case or press on with the show trial.

      Long story short, Senate President Saraki, typical of the Nigerian politician, has since put his personal interest above the interest of the Nigerian people.

    • grand maze

      The governors are not constitutionally empowered to appropriate money that should otherwise be in the federation account. That power belongs to the NASS

  • Adele Uhuru

    Buhari— Mr integrity laughing out loud –

  • Ikenjiaga1

    In this very delicate Economic situation that Nigeria is in, to think that the $1B can be allocated to fight Boko Haram from the ECA, while Nigeria and State Governments are in debt to foreign entities is the biggest fraud that will be perpetuated by this administration. The lack of sensitivity to the plight of the common man in Nigeria by this administration and past administrations is glaring. And it will never stop. As long as the young men and women iin Nigeria refuse to stand up and ask for what is theirs, the cycle of incompetent leadership supported by lackluster followership will always deprive this generation and future generations better economic or social standings. One of our gravest inadequacies is the lack of love and respect for common decency amongst each other. Policiticians know this and expolit it every single day. Creed, religion, ethnicity, tribe or beliefs is inconsequential to Nigeria’s survival. Right now, as far as I see it in my limited knowlegde no leadership change or political party change will start the shift to that “NIgeria” that most of us long for. The change must begin with each and every one of us. When I’m in a position to speak to truth, do I? If I have to forfeit mine so the next man or woman will survive, can I? If I’m in a position of power and wealth, will I behave any differently from those who I criticize today? Is my Neighbours life worth anything? I’m I’m I a blazing hypocrite?

  • FreeNigeria

    Tis money will be enough to build three ultra modern hospitals to treat everybody. Instead corruption is feeding fat. These politicians and military people are cursed.

  • Adele Uhuru

    APC fraudsters are at it now- see I remember an eminent Nigerian politician told me that Nigeria politics is once you get in you enrich yourselves and your people by stealing as much as you can, I thought he was one of those irreparable thieving politicians that is trying to justify his thieving habit; But here APC led Buhari have constantly reinforced that notion at every stop and at every opportunity – it seem there is no hope for this amalgamated country created by British clumsy attempt to play god

  • concerned citizen

    They are at it again like they were controlling Jonathan during his corruptive government. One cannot pinpoint what they used the bail out funds for and they want to FIP their hands into the excess crude account. May God save us in this clue less country.

  • Sam

    Election is coming and we will more money to defeat all oppositions. Simple game.

  • uzomgbo

    Simply shocking. Which Boko Haram again, and where is the fight against Boko Haram? There is no nation on this earth like Nigeria, where the rulers trample upon the people, and the people still bow down before them.

  • Wetin Naija

    Money for the next election

  • grand maze

    The ECA is illegal and unconstitutional as pronounced by a court during the tenure of GEJ. This is fund meant for the federation account and to be shared to the States before appropriations. How then will they appropriate the fund to a part of the country. They are shortchanging other States of the federation and the other States should go to court to challenge this. Why must money meant to develop Lagos state for instance be used for NE after NE have gotten their own due share. I refuse to allow my share of the national cake to be given to a favored spoilt child

  • esio

    Is this not Nigeria? Why US$? This APC government is filled with crooks. 1B dollars is equivalent of 306B Naira (361B Naira parallel mkt) going to NE for absolutely nothing.
    Let’s see how this will fly.
    It is a known fact that the North is preparing itself for Disintegration. Loot everything on a daylight. Anybody should jump into ocean if he or she is bothered about it.