Why Buhari cannot implement recommendations of National Conference – Northern Senators

Northern Senators Forum with President Muhammadu Buhari. [Photo credit: The ScoopNG]

The Chairman of the Northern Senators Forum, Abdullahi Adamu, has argued that it is unfair to expect President Muhammadu Buhari to implement the recommendations of the national reform conference convened by former President Goodluck Jonathan in 2014.

Mr. Adamu stated this at the opening ceremony of a retreat organised by the northern senators forum, Tuesday, in Katsina.

“You can’t compel the president to implement a report he is not part of.

“I can safely bet that those who put their trust in the report have not even read it, there is nothing radical in the report of the conference,” he said.

Mr. Adamu said the retreat, which is being attended by governors and traditional rulers from the northern region, will discuss the current agitation for restructuring, the 2018 budget, and insecurity particularly in the northern part of the country.

“We must study the budget in the context of the peculiar needs and interest of our three geo-political zones and perhaps to use the budget as a bench mark for assessing the impact of the federal budgets ‎on our three zones,” he said.

Mr. Adamu lamented the high rate of poverty in the north saying the situation is unacceptable.

He promised that the lawmakers will make sure that every federal budget has the right impact to lift the northern region out of poverty.

In his speech, the Senate President, Bukola Saraki, expressed the hope that the retreat will go a long way in helping to crystallise the ideas expressed by Mr. Adamu.

Mr. Saraki urged the north not to be “afraid” of the debate on restructuring.

He said the north must sit down to asses all the debates over the restructuring discourse and take a more informed decision on the issues.

In a remark, Governor Aminu Masari of Katsina State said the north would support devolution of powers as long it will not weaken the centre and give more powers to the states and local governments.

Among those who attended the retreat include, the 58 senators from the three geo-political zones in the ‎north, governors of Zamfara and Kebbi states, the Sultan of Sokoto, Sa’ad Abubakar, and other important personalities.


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  • Folahan

    Later they will want to talk of unity. Mr Buhari has failed in uniting Nigeria, he could have invited all the senators and governors of the whole country to such a retreat.

    • Usher- Join The Revolution

      Buhari did not organize the said retreat, Saraki did. Now jog along!

      • Folahan

        As the father of the Nation he should be sensitive enough to know that he shouldnt been seen to only relate with persons from his northern region. He created the disunity in the country with all his nepotist appointments and in actions to suffering of persons from other region or other religions of the country.

        • Usher- Join The Revolution

          Yes, so when Willi Obiano visited him, he should have sent him back because he supposed to come with the company of Yoruba and Hausa governors alike. See your reasoning?? …smh!

        • mahmud mohammed

          folahan ,the yorubas you belong to,are happy with buhari today becouse they hold positions in government more than the hausa fulanis, and if you talking of religion we are in this country when jonathan is in power,a situation where by orisajafor was the head of governmentthen ,when he buy arms and armunation to our militry,you think we have records,during jonathan,allthe tv station on sunday no news except sunday mass,NTA,CHANNELS,AIT.are always busy evenlising christianity in nigeria day and night,and jonathan was the father of dividing Nigeria along religious line.

      • Folahan

        Besides it was not saraki that organised it. Please read again.

        • Usher- Join The Revolution

          Mr. Man, Saraki organised that meeting under Northern Gov Forum. Seems you are out of touch with recent happenings. Read yesterdays news. All this was aired live on most national TV yesterday.

    • mahmud mohammed

      folahan,for your information the three zones of southern state, hold there own meeting last week in calabar,if you are not awere go and ask please,stop the baseless sentiment please.

  • shalom

    True talk, the convener should have implemented it before he left office.

    • share Idea

      Just as Buhari is claiming credit of implementing TSA even when he does not understand what it means & and was started by previous administration. Nigeria we hail thee

  • Commissioner for Happiness

    State Address presented by His excellency Rochas Anayo Okorocha on the 7th Anniversary of his Governorship of Imo State

    My people my people, this is my performance score card for 7 years as Governor. Please read and be happy.

    a. Non payment of workers salaries by at least 5 months.

    b. Commencement of compulsory ‘Civil servant to the farm policy’ and criminal slashing of salary as a result.

    c. Misuse and failure to account for the Paris Club refunds.

    d. Illegal demolitions and Imo people displacement from their ancestral and historic communities.

    e. Willful disobedience of restraining court orders protecting the rights and livelihood of Imolites.

    f. Non payment of Pensions, arrears and gratuities.

    g. Issuance of bounced checks to aged pensioners.

    h. Large scale land grabbing and diverting of same to family members.

    i. Building of useless Statues to the conservative tune of 5 billion naira.

    j. Misuse and inability to account for trillions acruing to Imo local Govt areas over 7 years.

    k. Deliberately not conducting LG elections as ploy to siphon and embezzle LG allocations from FG through self appointed caretaker LG Chairmen.

    l. Mortgaging the future of Imolites through reckless collection of loans, some of which cannot be paid in 30 years but for which Imo has to pay colossal monthly interests.

    m. Diversion of Imo resources to slush funds account in preparation for 2023 Presidential bid after anticipated endorsement by Buhari.

    n. Deliberate infrastructural and socioeconomic underdevelopment of Imo State through poor quality and substandard projects.

    Please as you happily regale yourself in this season of Christmas Happiness and Purpose Fulfillment, dont forget that I celebrated my birthday this year with 27 large icing cakes, dont forget my beautiful wife Nneoma who supervises four ministries including the SSG had her birthday shown live on international tv for 3 hours. Please remind yourselves that Uche Nwosu, my Chief of Staff and son in law will take over from me in 2019 and continue the familiocracy,so those of you thinking of becoming Governor and probing me will have to wait till 2027 when most of you will be gone. Also remember that the only Minister from Imo, Prof Anwuka is my daughters father in law. Yes ndi Imo, this is the Government you voted for in 2011 and you must be happy, infact more is to come. The best form of governance in Imo is familiocracy which is government of the family for the family and by the family, by 2019 I will finish my turn, then my in law Uche Nwosu will start from 2019 to 2027.

    Ndi Imo nde wo nu, more is still to come.

    Signed on behalf of Owelle Rochas by

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    Jungle State of Imo, Nigeria.

    • NwaIgbo

      Kindly head out to EFCC with your facts and lawyers, don’t stop on social media.

  • Intrepid

    Buhari is the father of Nigerian DISUNITY.

    • mahmud mohammed

      intrepid,this is wast of time whatever igbo man did in nigeria he can never be president,therefore cool your temper on hausa fulani, you cannot change anything please.

      • Chuma Anierobi

        What does he need to be president for? Ibos are kings and will remain kings.

  • Romberg

    Should the billions spent on the conference become a waste because Imam Buhari was not a part of it?

    • Chuma Anierobi

      Some short circuited brain wave.

  • Decimator

    “In a remark, Governor Aminu Masari of Katsina State said the north would
    support devolution of powers as long it will not weaken the centre and
    give more powers to the states and local governments”.PT

    Simply stated; The North is not in support of Restructuring.Period

    Thus making a break up of the country the only credible alternative to total desintegration.


    • marcos avelino

      Go and break it if you can

      • Decimator

        It is already Broken!

  • Ubong

    They have spoken and its final. Its either the conquered region accept this pronouncement of facts or they can continue to host irrelevant chats/talk show on their many tv channels, with no iota of effect on the lords manor of Nigeria. I salute you all for understanding the perpetual war/division and lack of unity among the pull him down (PHD) syndrome of the conquered region.

  • Chuma Anierobi

    These guys are bunch of yoyos

    • Dazmillion

      hahahaha, criminal pastor matthew should trademark the word.

  • Gaskiya

    “You can’t compel the president to implement a report he is not part
    Imagine the thought of a supposed senator. In other words, Sen. Abdullahi Adamu is saying that if a govt didn’t initiate a project it shouldn’t continue with its implementation. The factor that determines projects to be implemented, is no longer the viability of the project, or the need for continuity, or even public demand for a policy, but whether a government was a part of (conceiving) the project.
    With such leaders, we need to cry to God for help us in this country.

    • Adele Uhuru

      we need to insist on the implementation of the conference report or adjustment of the current status-quo now or ASAP/

    • NwaIgbo

      Unfortunately, that is how they reason, Nigeria belongs to them. But the rest of us under their tutelage is crying out for oppression and begging to be heard: the say….” to hell with us”.

  • Adele Uhuru

    These ignominious elected officials from the North does not understand that Governance is a continuum, they do not understand that it is better they are in control of this process now and see it through based on negotiating from a strong position or have this process forced through when they have a lesser favorable position, like having no control of how it will be structured and or implemented. The need for restructuring or adjusting the current government processes is inevitablly clear…………

  • Otile

    God forbid evil. See what the Yorubas did to us by holding us hip-tied with thesbackward looking bozos. How can we break away from these lazy backward parasites?

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  • NwaIgbo

    Must the rest of Nigeria bow to only what our Northern Lords detect to us. We got it okay because one of you told us to go to hell with restructuring.