Saraki reacts to Appeal Court judgement ordering his retrial

Bukola Saraki
Senate President, Bukola Saraki [Photo: Sahara Reporters]

The Senate President, Bukola Saraki, has reacted to the decision of the Appeal Court sending him back to the Code of Conduct Tribunal to answer to three charges on false asset declarations. 
Mr. Saraki said he is vindicated by the decision of the court to strike out 15 of the 18 charges levelled against him. 
The Nigerian government had appealed the acquittal of the Senate President earlier this year by the CCT.
The tribunal had dismissed all 18-count allegations of false and anticipatory declaration of asset by Mr. Saraki.
At its sitting on Tuesday, the Court of Appeal ruled that Mr. Saraki did not sufficiently answer three of the charges.
In a statement by his media aide, Yusuph Olaniyonu, Mr. Saraki said the decision of the court further proves his innocence. 
“We noted the verdict of the Court of Appeal Court today in which it agreed with the decision of the Code of Conduct Tribunal that Senate President, Bukola Saraki has no case to answer on 15 of the 18 charges filed against him by the Federal Government. 
“We believe that upholding the no case submission by Mr. Saraki with regards to 15 of the 18 counts charges vindicates the innocence of the Senate President. At least, today’s judgement has confirmed the position of the Tribunal that the prosecution’s case was entirely based on hearsay, not on any concrete evidence.
“The verdict of the Court of Appeal, just like that of the Tribunal before it, aligned with our position that the preposterous claims made during trial by the prosecution concerning operation of foreign accounts, making anticipatory declarations, collecting double salaries, owning assets beyond his income and failure to declare assets owned by companies in which the Senate President owns interests, among others, have fallen like a pack of cards and lack any basis,” Mr. Olaniyonu said.
The statement hinted that the Senate President would challenge the decision of the appellate court. 
“On the remaining three counts, which really touch on two issues, referred back to the Tribunal for the Senate President’s defence, it should be noted that the Appellate Court only gave a summary of its decision today promising to provide the parties with certified true copies of the judgment soon. As soon as it makes the details of the judgement available, our lawyers will review the grounds of the decision and take appropriate action.
“We remain convinced about the innocence of the Senate President on the three (or two) counts because we believe the decision of the Court of Appeal is not consistent with the submissions made by both parties at the Tribunal. Thus, it is our view that that aspect of the judgment will not stand.
“The confidence and faith of Mr. Saraki in the nation’s judiciary and its ability to dispense justice to all manners of people remains unshaken.”


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  • tundemash

    What a spin by this rogue!
    The Ogbologbo Ole of Africa, Ibori, was discharged and acquitted of 170 corruption charges by a Nigerian court only for him to plead guilty to just 5 charges UK. Ole Saraki, you can spin it as much as you can; the fact remains that the appeal court feels you have case to answer on 3 charges so go prepare more money to bribe the CCT tribunal staffs.

    • deri best

      it wld end up the same way it started with bingo and tinubu–waste of money energy until we see Tinubu–Dambazua-Fashola—Amaechi and Fayemi in prison bingo remains a hard core ole

  • Emeka

    “Saraki unshaven belief” in our judiciary system is basically anchored on the likes of Justice Ademola and Co…! At no point in our democratic system have we ever received insults as much as what Saraki and his Co thieves are shoving down our throat hitherto.


      Bukola Saraki must face full trial on the evidence without hindrance by
      any nonsense preliminary objection. He must come clean and admit ftom where he stole, earned or borrowed the money to buy two houses in Ikoyi in a single day as a public servant on monthly salary. Bukola Saraki has a case to answer.

      That’s why any appeal he’s considering to stall the trial for his deceptive fraud, as ordered by the Court of Appeal, will not save him, because an appeal does not operate as stay of proceeding of his new trial. It is good law to return BUKOLA SARAKI to the criminal dock to face trial for his fraudulent concealment of illicitly – acquired assets. NIGERIA will be better for it.

      • Tijani

        In civilised democracies, the responsibility of proving crime lies upon he who alleges, not he who denies. El Rufai bragged in 2015 that it would take him a mere 6 weeks to take Saraki down as Senate President. Then El Rufai ran away from the false evidence he concocted. There should be a minimum height requirement for both public offce holders and false withhunt charge drafters in Nigeria. Dwarfism and diabolical lies appear as co-dependencies in Nigeria.


          El-rufai is a pigmy.

      • Dr Norm

        Can you name any “clean” nigerian politician-civilian or military-or any “incorruptible” nigerian who has ever held a top public office? Either he is personally corrupt or surrounds himself with corrupt relatives and friends. Mostly from poor background, nigerians do not enter public service to “serve” the people; it is rather to make sure that poverty is banished from their families-forever. Moreover, it is ironical and hypocritical for any nigerian government to pretend to be fighting corruption when the post-war foundation of the nigerian state is built on robbery and injustice: For how can it honestly make such claim when the North stole and keeps 90% of the oil and gas resources of the SS and SE? What is more corrupt than stealing resources worth trillions of dollars? nigeria has been able to maintain its unenviable position as one of the top most corrupt countries in the world for decades, because it is ready-made for corruption. Thus it is impossible to make a dent on corruption in nigeria until its ethnic-nations are allowed to determine its political structure-or at least to restore the country to its pre-war constitutional political agreement; then the “people” can hold their representatives to account-unlike now. All supporters of the political structural status quo are complicit in the crime. Saraki is just like the rest.

        • Jacobs

          If you are not corrupt and you are surrounded by corrupt people who perpetuate corruption from behind your back without your knowledge as is the case of some people in Buhari’s govt, how does dat make someone corrupt? And if you are not corrupt but live in a corrupt society, is it not possible to interact with them like shaking hands etc? If you have a corrupt classmate won’t to talk to him cos he’s corrupt? And if you are in a society dat is ravaged by corrupt, is it better to celebrate corruption or condemn it? Corruption is the conduct of someone not interaction of someone with others. Your definition of corruption will only breed corruption. Let’s do anything dat will mitigate corruption than spread it in our individual way. Thank you.

          • Dr Norm

            No honest person will take the so-called crusaders against corruption in nigeria seriously until they can prove to nigerians how they became uber rich, built homes and acquired properties worth hundreds or even billions of naira, and sent their children to the best colleges in Europe and America.of nigeria, This “test” is needed for all who have held public office and became “suddenly” wealthy, especially the ex-military rulers-gowon, obj, abdulsalami, buhari- and who have no other known sources of financial sustenance except from their retirement benefits. Any head of state-in fact anyone who claims to be a “leader”-who is ignorant of the character and activities of his staff-should never have sought a leadership position. And while one is free to talk to anyone-even to criminals and prisoners-those who fail to denounce and even ostracize corrupt people are enablers of corruption and accomplices. The anti-corruption campaign is like a cobweb where the “eagle” breaks through and the “fly” gets caught and is eaten by the spider.

  • Tijani

    The appeal court threw out 15 of the 18 charges trumped up by Rotimi Jacobs and liar Nasir El Rufai, packaged by crooked Ibrahim Magu. Who has forgotten the federal government’s incessant adjustments and increments of witch hunt charges? This judgement has proven Saraki’s innocence, the man did not make the sensationally trumpeted anticipatory declaration of assets and so forth. The appeal court knows that Saraki’s enemies are drowning and is throwing them a straw to clutch at. Charges that are dead on arrival. Saraki’s lawyers should sue for costs.

    • Prosperous Nigeria

      Who are Saraki’s enemies? His colleagues in APC? Abeg park well jare! A house divided against itself cannot stand.

      • Zygote

        why are you wasting your time with a mumu like that? I think you have too much time in your hands.

    • kinsly

      Mumu, sue for cost? And the remaining 3 charges? We should throw it away?

  • Kenny

    More drama unfolding in our “fantastically currupt” theatre! Now that Saraki is keying into “restructuring of Nigeria” it’s a clear indication that he’s on his way back to PDP. Looking forward to the next episode!!