Court of Appeal ruling dangerous, ridiculous, EFCC says; vows to appeal

Court of Appeal Headquarters

The anti-graft agency, EFCC, has described a ruling by the Court of Appeal in Lagos as a “dangerous precedent.”

PREMIUM TIMES reported how the appeal court ruled on Monday that the EFCC lacked the powers to prosecute serving judges until they are dismissed by the National Judicial Council, NJC.

In a statement by its spokesperson, Wilson Uwujaren, the EFCC vowed to appeal the ruling at the Supreme Court.

“The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, is to appeal against the ruling of the Lagos Division of the Court of Appeal, which today held that the agency lacked powers to investigate or prosecute serving judicial officials except where such officers have been dismissed by the National Judicial Council.

“The Commission considers the ruling a dangerous precedent that has no basis in law and, is confident that the Supreme Court will upturn the judgment.

“Criminal trial takes precedence over administrative procedures and it is strange that the Court of Appeal wants to put the cart before the horse. This is ridiculous! The appellate court simply wants to confer immunity on public officers from prosecution for corruption, it will not stand,” Mr. Uwujaren said.

Details later…


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  • MilitaryPolice01 [Joint Chief]

    We are in a dangerous mix. To your tents o Nigerians

    • Eniekhen Ozuola


      Do you people know Oba market in Benin here, not too far from roundabout? I was passing there today
      when I hear some youths saying time has come to slap any Judge of any court anyhow. I was very afraid
      I was thinking what happened. When I reach home I now saw this story. I now know what happened.

      This thing I want to say must be published worldwide because I am writing it to save the judiciary of Nigeria
      from hot slaps from the people of Nigeria. It is not after one Judge has been beaten naked that anybody
      will cry crocodile tears. Prevention is better than cure.

      The Chief Justice of Nigeria must wake up to buy dane gun for these Judges to save themselves from beatings,
      slapping, kicking, judo, boxing and so on, even from heavy blows to the stomach and to the head. We must
      save the judiciary by all means. Real crisis has now started in Nigeria. Save our Judges please!!!

  • Tommy Soto

    The Judiciary has just won the battle vs NASS as the most corrupt branch of the FG.

  • FreeNigeria

    Nigeria is sinking to a new low everyday.

    • Kallah Bature

      Yes and the common has no hope except in an honest and incorruptible leadership that will be bold enough to take drastic action without minding the consequences knowing fully well that the generality of the popupulace are behind them.

  • Jason

    How reckless. Some misguided Appeal Court Judges have just shamelessly conferred immunity on all judges. Only in Nigerian judiciary can this shameful act take place , thanks to an NJC that romances openly with corruption. It is now a safe haven for corrupt judges.

  • The Optimist

    What a shameful judge and judgement! Conspiring to hide their INNATELY CORRUPT members from criminal charges? God will will overturn this satanic precedence.

  • Oghioneme Adiele


    I want to beg Premium Times. Please publish the names of the Appeal Court Judges who made this ruling.
    We need their names please. We are compiling the names of enemies of this country. It is very urgent.
    We cannot wait until tomorrow. We need the names of the Judges who just destroyed law and justice.

    • Gary

      What will publishing their names achieve? Other than confirm obvious: that Quota System in the appointment of judges is killing the Nigerian judiciary?
      Just as it has done for Education and the Civil Service?
      These Appeal Court judges are marking time until they fill their quota vacancies on the Supreme Court.
      Is it not the same Supreme Court that TWICE awarded Governorships in Rivers and Kogi to individuals who were not on the ballot? Where in the world have you ever got that kind of Solomonic judgement other than in Nigeria.
      Our country has gone to the dogs.

  • D.O.X


    Nigeria’s most ignorant court judgment in history

    This is the most illiterate
    court judgment ever rendered in the history of Nigeria. It
    is not enough to overturn it on appeal at the Supreme Court, the Judges who
    reasoned backwards in this case must forthwith face sanctions hearing for gross
    incompetence verging on illiteracy.

    The National Judicial Council, NJC,
    has no criminal jurisdiction known to law and cannot be declared a court of
    first instance on the prosecution of crimes specified in the Criminal Code of
    Nigeria. The NJC has no criminal jurisdiction over any matter! It is audacious
    insult to say that a High Court – with unlimited constitutional jurisdiction – must
    firstly wait for a committee of the National Judicial Council to dismiss a serving
    judicial officer from service before a High Court can exercise its constitutional
    jurisdiction. What extreme illiteracy is this in the name of Court of Appeal?

    • Common Man 2017






      • Manuel Tobby

        Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha


      Thanks man. Thank you so much.

  • Fairgame

    Well if the executive is protecting its thieves, the senate and house are protecting their thieves, why won’t the judiciary protect its own? It is pure hypocrisy to sweep Maina gate, grass cutter gate, 25billion NNPCgate, and many more under the carpet of the executive and want the judiciary to expose its own dirt. Abeg let the Drama in the zoo continue.

    • kakadu osha


      Let me warn all the journalists in Premium Times and all other journalists at large in Nigeria.
      Just repeat the nonsense talk that THE JUDICIARY IS THE LAST HOPE OF COMMON MAN.
      I am daring all of you to repeat that nonsense talk one more time, and you will see yourself.
      Is this my hope, a court of corrupt people hiding (bribe?) money in pillow and under the bed?

    • Pluti

      Hypocrisy hypocrisy hypocrisy

  • Man_Enough

    this judgement is at variance with our constitution which confers immunity on only the president, his vice, the governors and their deputies

    • Really

      Why should your constitution offer such immunity to your president his vice and the governors in the first place if not to protect criminality and Tyranny?

      • Tunji Olarewaju

        But, that happens to be the law!

      • tundemash

        Where were you when teh constitution assembly were sitting ? Until you get the sectio of teh constitution changed, THAT IS THE LAW !

        • Really

          You abide by the law Indeed.
          Vandals in governance!!!

  • White cane

    For Atiku mind he thinks that Nigerians are forgetful a I? He should go clean himself before thinking about ruling this country


      The Appeals Court ruled properly. The EFCC is out of order, and out of control.

      The National Judicial Council is responsible for the conduct of Judges. Period.

      EFCC are nothing but police officers, cloaked in audacious acronym. The EFCC should be disbanded and merged back into the Nigeria Police Force,

      • Kallah Bature

        Corruption fighting back is not a new phenomenon. But I fear the day the masses will face the judiciary and cut them to size. That day is increasingly looking close.

  • thusspokez

    A bad workman always blames his tools, as they say. But whose tools are they? The tool was Buhari second poor judgement from which he has not (and will not) recover. The states of the law enforcement agencies and judiciary are testaments to that poor judgement.

  • man

    i dont understnd this. shouldn’t the ministry of justice be prosecuting these people instead of the efcc ???

    • Otile

      Are you talking about Buhari’s Ministry of Justice or what? As Omooba said it is nothing but perverse judgement. Nigeria will continue to hurt until Mohamed Buhari leaves.


        What is your problem with the president? What has he to do the appeal court judgement.

        • Arabakpura

          The thing to do is for EFCC to continue to entertain us in the press!

  • Omooba Adekunle Orafidiya

    We probably need to start stoning members of the Judiciary as it happened in Mexico (or Colombia) sometime ago; when it became clear that Judges were working at cross-purposes with the populace. This is a perverse judgement – no matter how one looks at it.

  • Arabakpura

    Until these clowns at EFCC do what they need to do without grandstanding and rushing to the media, there will be no progress in this charade called anti-corruption fight! When the Supreme Court turns them down, they will vow something else!


      Its obvious you don’t even love yourself not to talk pf your country.

      • Arabakpura

        I love you and because of that, I will be entertaining you instead of doing my job quietly! You think espirit de corps is only found in the military alone? Why can’t this EFCC quietly appeal and wait for the outcome? Rather than give themselves up to the press for amplification? I am very sorry for people like you who do not know that the EFCC’s noise making is not helping their cause! I used to enjoy their entertainment but not anymore!

  • Kenny

    Very laughable the way EFCC makes vows other than putting pressure on Presidency to handover Babachir Lawal, Abba Kyari, former DGs of DSS and NIA respectively for prosecution.

  • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

    If one or two of these insanely corrupt judges were to be found expired in similarly bizzare manners shortly after these kind of rulings, the other bad eggs in the judiciary would have their brains reset to sensible mode.

    This is nothing less than Judicial murder of the Constitution itself.

    The NJC must act swiftly to save its own reputation by suspending the Judge immediately whilst he/she is asked to point out which section of the Constitution is deemed to have interpreted with this ruling.

    Further, all cases previously heard by these bad egg judges need to be revisited and exempted from the law of double jeopardy. Those who bribe them to pervert the law must also get the message that they cannot be protected by the same laws they have perverted.


      Your true colors are finally shinning through. You are attempting to intimidate judges, and actually vowing murder and violence.


      • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

        And you are as useful as a hole in the head.

        #STFU if you cannot appreciate that desperate problems can only be addressed by desperate solutions.

        These are no times to be squeamish. Corrupt people must reap the consequences of their actions, otherwise we will continue going around in circles.

        • KELLOGGS

          It’s about time you shed that primitive nature, that unscrupulous affinity for the dagger, it’s time you embraced civility. ..

          Tell your people. Stop terrorism. Put the AK, the Cows, the Gworo, put them down, and go to school.

          • Manuel Tobby

            Tell your own people to shed there kidnapping, drug trafficking, armed robbery and drug counterfeiting Mr saint from biafra.

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  • olayiwola

    The BMC boys in the house are doing their job already, the job of brainless sycophancy!!!! If the presidency can protect babachir and O’Keefe and maina and you bastards saw nothing wrong with it, what stops your kind in the judiciary from protect8ng their own? Of course you all hide under pseudonym to do your shameless comments! !!!

  • benbella

    The court did not say ” you can not touch the Judges . .” but rather told the EFCC that this is the right way to go about it. If only the EFCC was well informed about the constitution, they probably would have saved themselves this embarrassment (if they even see this as such!).
    A cardinal aspect of Law is the presumption of innocence until proven guilty. You do not just point your hands at somebody & then go back to raid his residence at night in the hope you will find evidence. Intelligence gathering and investigations is painstaking work – you investigate someone discretely until you have enough evidence. then you INVITE the person hear his side of the story and then comes possible arrest if the individual can not explain the evidence against him.With the power of the state, financially crimes are relatively easy to investigate.
    They even called that a “sting operation” – REALLY? A sting operation is a secret operation by security agencies in order to obtain incontrovertible evidence of a person preparing to commit a crime, in the actual act of committing a crime or confessing to a crime. Makes one wonder about the competence of the EFCC.
    We tend to forget Lawyers wrote the constitution. You do not touch such senior judicial officers without passing through the NJC. The two bodies work together & when the NJC agrees that the Judge has a case to answer, the Judge is dismissed and your job is as good as done’ The NJC has been shouting itself hoarse trying to explain this “due process” but nobody wants to hear.
    Corruption cases understandable evokes emotions especially when Judicial officers are involved and rightfully so. Infact punishments should be more severe when such officers are involved BUT they too must have their day in court!.
    Improper investigations can make an armed robber walk free. It seems very likely the EFCC will take a lot of legal bashings in the course of these cases against the Judges. The EFCC will lose the cases and run to the media – corruption is fighting back! They are protecting their own!
    No! They Judiciary is not protecting them, rather the EFCC is incompetent!

    • Manuel Tobby

      As an educated person you should have stated the part of constitution you are referring to then you wouldn’t have to write all these Thesis without a single reference!

      • benbella

        I may not be “educated” as you say but I would ask that if you have your arguments for or against the “Thesis”, kindly contribute to the discussion. Also, if you want to ask for references, be polite. Thank you.