Protests as Uche Secondus is elected PDP chairman

Uche Secondus Photo: PointBlank News

A former acting chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, Uche Secondus, has been elected the new chairman of the party.

Mr. Secondus beat three other contestants to emerge victorious in a keenly contested election held at the Eagles Square Abuja on Saturday.

The chairman of the electoral committee of the convention, and former Governor of Benue State, Gabriel Suswam, who announced the results, said Mr. Secondus scored a total of 2,000 votes out of the total number of 2,296 votes cast.

Mr. Secondus was followed by a former Minister of Education, Tunde Adeniran, who scored a total vote of 231 votes, while the duo of Raymond Dokpesi and Taoheed Adedoja scored 66 and 0 votes respectively.

The Rivers State politician was declared winner shortly after two out of the chaiirmanship candidates accused officials in charge of the convention of allowing systematic rigging of the election.

Raymond Dokpesi and Tunde Adeniran said the processes were skewed against them, but in favour of Mr. Secondus.

Mr. Dokpesi told journalists covering the convention that he complained about the circulation of a document referred to as “Unity List” to delegates asking them to vote for the people on the list.

He said the chairman of the electoral sub-committee of the convention, former Governor Suswam, told him that there was nothing he could do about his complaint.

On his part, Mr. Adeniran, through his spokesperson who spoke with members of the press at Eagles Square, venue of the convention, called for the cancellation of the entire exercise because it was compromised.

The convention committee had earlier announced the ban on all form of campaign at the venue of the convention.

The chairman of the National Convention Planning Committee, and governor of Delta state, Ifeanyi Okowa, while reacting to the issue, said his committee had not officially received any complaints about the conduct of the election.

Also, the governor of Akwa Ibom state, Udom Emmanuel, who spoke with AIT, said the “Unity List” in circulation could not affect the outcome of the election.

“I have not seen any delegate looking at a list before casting their vote and it is practically impossible for delegates to memorise all the 21 names on the list and remember them as they vote,” he said.

Mr. Emmanuel also said the list in contention could have emanated from any source.

However, despite the protets and complaints, Mr. Secondus and all the other elected officials who will form the new National Working Committee (NWC) of the PDP were sworn into office immediately after the announcement.

They were sworn in by a lawyer and a former candidate for the Ondo state governorship, Tayo Jegede.

Below is the full list of new members of PDP NWC.

Deputy National Chairman ( South); Yemi Akinwonmi- Ogun

Deputy National Chairman ( North); Garba Gamawa- Bauchi

National Secretary; Ibrahim Tsauri- Katsina

Deputy National Secretary; Abubakar Mustapha

National Treasurer; Aribisala Adewale- Ekiti

Deputy National Treasurer; Wada Masu-Kano

Financial Secretary; Abdullahi Maibasira- Niger

Deputy Fin. Sec.; Irona Gerald-Imo

National Organizing Secretary; Austin Akobundu- Abia

Dep. Nat. Org. Sec.; Hassan Yakubu- Nasarawa

Publicity Secretary; Kola Ologbondiyan- Kogi

Dep. Nat. Pub. Sec.; Diran Odeyemi- Osun

National Legal Adviser; Emmanuel Enoidem- Akwa Ibom

Dep. Nat. Leg. Ads.; Ahmed Liman- Sokoto

National Auditor; Adamu Mustapha-Yobe

Dep. Nat. Auditor; Divine Arong

National Woman Leader; Mariya Waziri-Kebbi

Dep. Nat. Woman Leader; Hadizat Umoru- Edo

National Youth Leader; Udeh Okoye-Enugu

Dep. Nat. Youth Leader; Umar Maina- Adamu


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  • Hard Talk

    How sad! These bunch of undesirable and irresponsible men and women many of whom have advanced degrees in stealing public monies have no respect nor regard for the rest of us Nigerians and especially the Youth of this country because we tolerate them. So they throw their pungent spittle at us whenever they desire knowing that the larger population and the Youth of this country are too docile to react. Why? Because they have successfully reconditioned the minds of almost all on the issues of ethnicity and religion and nothing else…and this keeps all busy. With these criminals as leaders Nigeria will continue to be a sick country. And we will continue to import Matches, toothbrushes etc from Europe & America. Cursed is the day the white man created Nigeria from several countries that God originally created and existed before the unfortunate 1914 amalgamation – an amalgamation that produces a misfit, daft and clueless characters like Babangida, Abdulsalami, Obasanjo, Jonathan and the worst of them all Buhari as president. These men have no idea what it takes to be a president. None of these – PDP or APC deserve to be a leader. All they care about is their pockets. Over 78 killed by Boko haram and other Islamic terror group in the last few week and none of these men who contested uttered a word. Not even the winner. How I wish Boko haram will attack these politicians instead of poor Nigerians who have already been raped by the system.

    • Oj

      I feel you bro. You are the only one speaking my heart. The rest of the commentators here are nothing but slaves who love their chains…………………….indeed they will remain slaves in perpetuity. Imagine they come here early this morning instead of going to Church, mosque or Native Doctor’s place etc for spiritual uplifting they come here to analyze PDP elections. Whereas the PDP folks are there for themselves. Thieves just like the APC. In fact they are one and the same people. Atiku said all the rubbish about PDP yesterday because he thought he had a political future in APC, today he resigns from APC and comes back to PDP because that is where he hope he would fufil his ambition. So where is the place of Nigeria and Nigerians in his decisions? NOWHERE! And these jobless youths are wasting their Megabytes on the internet doing permuttations and combinations for these useless crop of thieves. The worst of them all is one hopeless commentator with Moniker “thusspokez”. He will soon come here drawing lines here and there on comment section.

      The men here, once they win, begin to senf their children abroad, receive treatment abroad, shop abrod …and even die abroad. They 4get about Nigeria and Nigerians who voted them in. Why all of these???? Because there is no country! Nigeria is not a nation. Like some say, it is a CONTINENT! We must restructure or dissolve Nigeria asap!

      • So oju abe niko

        I feel you, but others are entitled to their views just as you. You out of line in calling others slaves, even if figuratively.

  • The prophet

    Whichever way it happened I known that it was already planned for secondu to emerge. The consensus before the election is for secondu from SS to emerge as chairman and Fayose from from SW to be picked as vice president to Atiku. Their intention is to make sure the match up with APC in the zones. But let see how it works for them.

    • Usher- Join The Revolution

      So where do we from SE come in? You guys are not serious.

      • Suleiman Alatise

        Don’t mind them.

      • naija man

        nothing for SE

      • Julius

        You are marginalized again…Referendum must follow…lolz. I was waiting for the complain.

        • Nigerian My country

          Pdp is a national party and they don’t have a record of marginalizing any section of Nigeria.

          • Julius

            You should let the dude that made the complaint know that.

      • Nigerian My country

        I am personally very happy that PDP didn’t hand over their chairmanship candidate to a generation know for Judas Iscariot kiss,a people who are ready to cross carpet even on election day,a generation that can be PDP in the day and APC in the night.congrats PDP,however I will like the PDP to give their vp position to the SW to Either fayoshe,gbenga Daniel,or jimi Agbaje and give the SGF and Senate President to the SE .let every zone be adequately represented in the government without injustice or marginalization of any part of Nigeria.may God help pdp if they help themselves.
        Nigerians are very fed up with the axis of evil APC and want them out before they completely destroy Nigeria, the worst of PDP is better than the best of the axis of evil APC.

        • Sean

          Dreamers! Fantasists! You guys have been uncovered! Nigerians will not go the way of PDP for ever again. Fayose is hated by majority Nigerian and more even the Yorubas. Yorubas are educated people that understands what the benefits of democracy are, so you all still think Nigerians are going to vote for a party that looted Nigeria to the tune of over 51 Trillion? In the modern age of internet, man you’ve got to get your heads examined! Remember APC beat PDP in Anambra elections, nigeria doesn’t use electoral college but public vote, APC will rule nigeria for another 20-30 years, we are wiser now

          • Nwa Chinemere

            Buhari has looted more than that in 2 years

          • Major Steiner

            Your insinuation that APC beat PDP in Anambra shows a lack of understanding of the situation on the ground. APGA voters go for PDP in presidential elections like in 2011 and 2015. Likewise PDP voters vote APGA in governorship elections. Moreover, Anambra people were competing against one another in that governorship election. That is not the same as when a Bigot like Buhari is on the ballot paper.

        • So oju abe niko

          Did you notice the contradiction in your comment. You didn’t want the chairmanship for the SW because they are Judas Iscariot, but want SW for the VP. Which is more important? The chairman or the VP?

        • susy tutor

          Sorry to disappoint you. Obasanjo has completed South West 8 years zoning slot. The next PDP president is from North East and the VP is coming from the South East. Stop dreaming. There is no room for the South West Third Term through the VP backdoor.

    • PolyGon2013

      I disagree. The VP should come from SE, since the president habeen zoned to the north.

    • Major Steiner

      The party does not zone the VP; the presidential candidate selects one. It certainly does not make sense for a PDP presidential candidate to select a VP from the SW which is a stronghold of APC, Buhari and Tinubu. So dream on.

    • So oju abe niko

      This is in response to all those who have responded to you so far @momody:disqus, @PolyGon2013:disqus and @disqus_AfcKLH8pp5:disqus. I really don’t know who is going to be, the VP WILL come from SW, or the PDP will have no fighting chance. I was surprised when the SE caucus backed Uche Secondus, because Uche Secondus authomatically takes both the S/S and SE out of plap

      • Major Steiner

        In every struggle common sense requires you to seek opportunities in areas with less resistance. How therefore does the SW represent an areas with less resistance for the PDP given that Tinubu, Osinbajo and many others are going to fight to maintain APC stronghold there?

        • So oju abe niko

          Even if PDP presidency is zoned to the SW, the PDP is unlikely to win, but it would compete very competitively. Same as when the VP is zone there (you are looking at 52-60 vs 40-48 in favour of APC). What the SW contribute however is not just the raw votes – PMB had a decent victory in the SW (not a runaway victory) and PDP had a decent showing based on the last minute efforts of GEJ. Unless one is being deluded, the only reason APC and not PDP is in power today is the SW, and it is not just because of the votes. Inexperienced GEJ allowed BAT to maneuvered his government into a position where he was seen as the enemy of the SW. GEJ didn’t give the speakership or the Senate minority leadership position to non-Yorubas; BAT did that in furtherance in his self-promotion – and PDP did not make stinking noise about the issue. The same BAT group turned around to reward themselves by pointing out the exclusion of the SW from GEJ government. To go back on point, SW APC contributes more ideas than votes to the party; if the APC in the SW are engaged stiffly in SW and they have to put nearly all their resources to try and win SW, they will have little time for the national APC electoral efforts, and that is going to make a very big difference.

          • susy tutor

            2019 is a handshake between the core North and the Core East, because of the woefully failure of APC led government.

          • The prophet

            Dreamer. It will soon be clear to you that the just concluded convention is the wake for PDP in Nigeria politics.

      • susy tutor

        You are not too smart. South East caucus backing Uche Secondus is to brighten their chase for the VP position. Hope you don’t develop heart attack come 2019.

        • So oju abe niko

          Your grandparents must be dumb, otherwise they will not raise the idiots who are your parents, who didn’t or couldn’t you train you on how to conduct yourself properly as a well-bred person in the public. Do not insult those who have not insulted you just because the forum is anonymous.

    • susy tutor

      The PDP position for VP is already zoned to SE. Stop dreaming because PDP has zero chance with Fayose in the South West. However, Fayose will be well compensated.

  • kevenreal

    SW is for senate president and Peter De Grate will personally select the lucky chap.

  • Godfrey Etokebe

    Congratulation Secondus and Co.

  • PolyGon2013

    Congratulations to M Uche Secondus. Others should just chill and work with the new chairman.

  • Solomon Brown

    I’m happy the convention went on without a hitch and I congratulate the newly elected chair, the party for this achievement, I understand it is the first time PDP has got to take on the role of an opposition party since its inception, my advice is that internal democracy is integral to how well the party will perform in 2019…….. I pray Atiku clinches the ticket and proceeds to send Baba Slow back to Daura……. Amin

    • Sean

      A tall dream from a biafraud

      • Solomon Brown

        Another bootlick with nothing in between its ears.

  • Tonnero

    It is now clear that the PDP belongs o Wike and Fayose. They call the shots. Not that I care. They are all a bunch of thieves that will be disgraced in 2019.

  • KBE

    Quite predictable outcome. The PDP will not achieve much until the powers of the governors is curtailed. Ayodele Fayose and Wike are not thinking about others but their selfish interests. This is a drama unfolding we will await the episodes. Good luck.

    • Oj

      At least Wike and Fayose think about themselves and that is better than you who woke up this morning and you refused to think about yourself but them. Nigerian youths like you have no shame. Begin to think of yourselves and not these politicians. When you begin to think of yourselves then it will begin to irritate you how your so called leaders – Governors, Ministers, Presidents , Vice Presidents, and other political appointees hate you with scorn and begin to abandon everything Nigeria by sending their wards to schools abroad, receive treatment abroad, shop abroad, holiday abroad, etc once they get into office. And maybe you will begin to think of protesting and demanding some form of decency. But you are a slave who loves his chains and the politicians know it. How can a President whose citizens are sold as slaves in another African country be bold to present a budget with a space for an 8th Presidential Jet and no single set of Nigerians protest? Isn’t that s.t.u.p.d.i.t.y?

      • Janjaweed

        Waow! This is Epic!

      • Sean

        You spoke well until you got biased. Did Buhari send those idiots to Libya? Even though a new born child knows Libya is in anarchy now, but some grown idiots still go. What about Nigerians at home suffering? Why go to Libya risking lives? Buhari was elected to govern Nigeria not to monitor individual daily decisions. Many people crossed the meditanarian during Gej regime. Pls make reasonable comments not blame one man for the greed of some

        • Karibe Whyte-Dafinone

          What is the bias in the statement of @Oj ? That he chose to cite the President’s insensitivity and obvious disregard for application of common sense in terms of have a “scale of preference” that rationally should place the welfare of the citizenry over and above an ostentatious, yet quite irresponsible decision to prioritize presidential Jet over the myriad of exigent national issues begging for attention? Is that the bias in his statement. I do not know how old you are but I suppose you are 18+. Now, if at that age you can only look but not see, then there is serious cause for concern. You opined that “Buhari was elected to GOVERN Nigeria and not monitor individual daily decisions”. Why then did he, as commander in chief of the armed forces, order the Military to invade the South East and go after Kanu and his IPOB? Weren’t their (Kanu & IPOB members) action and movement based on personal decisions/convictions to secede and have their own Biafra? By the way, Governance simply means to preside over and provide a direction/guidance for that entity or people. Governance comes with RESPONSIBILITY. The corporate world understands that too! And with Governance comes ETHICS! And I doubt if you have the slightest understanding of that simple definition and the explanation I just gave. Maybe you should take a pause next time before posting comments, otherwise you may be opening up yourself to ridicule.

          The right to migrate is fundamental. When conditions at home become intolerable people are free to move elsewhere baring any dangers on the balance of probabilities that they might succeed. You therefore cannot blame them out-rightly for going to Libya while at the same time absolving the irresponsible sitting government of an obvious culpability – A government that could neither bury its emigrant citizens who drowned at sea nor send representative to attend the burial.

        • So oju abe niko

          citizens being sold as slaves in Libya is an indication of poverty. The writer did not indict PMB for the risky travels to Libya. To translate the writer properly for you: how can the president of a poor country like Nigeria be thinking of buying an 8th presidential jet?

      • Factual Bob

        Thanks a million times @ Oj,you’ve made my day.

      • So oju abe niko

        I have upvoted you grudgingly. Everything is good except that I’m not sure that there is a new presidential jet in the budget. Without the inclusion of the jet, your submission is solid and a good advice to partisan youths who fight themselves over politicians who don’t care about them. Buhari, Jonathan, Tinubu, etc, are members of the same club

        • Factual Bob

          Budget for presidential aircraft for Buhari, Osinbajo nearly doubles to N7.3 billion-Premium Times November 20th,2017…..
          “The Federal Government has proposed to spend N7.26 billion on the Presidential Air Fleet, PAF, in the 2018 budget proposal, details by the Budget Office of the Federation have shown.”
          I think he is alluding to the humongous waste of scare resources on those flying molues by Buhari as captured in his 2018 appropriation.

      • dami

        And it is Fayose and Wike that are any different? Are rivers state students suffering abroad without their tuition being paid yet Wike sees it wise to buy jeeps for lawmakers?
        Isn’t Fayose diverting Ekiti State monies??
        Or are you serious that these guys are different?

        • susy tutor

          APC is a total failure. Look everywhere in Nigeria, all you will see is hunger, unemployment, darkness because of the worst minister oof power in Nigeria history, Mr. Fashola. PDP is back

          • dami

            Amazing how you will rate those that had 16years to get it right better than those that have had only two years…or there was light, no hunger and employment when pdp was in power? Or isn’t it friends of pdp that bought PHCN? Is there light??
            PDP is dead…and buried.

          • Tunsj

            What did you achieve during the 16 years of PDP?

  • Franklin SK

    These politicians are just like Nigerian Pastors and General overseers like Adeboye and Oyedepo who rape and swindle their church members through offerings, Tithes and special donations/offering and go on to buy 1, 2, 3 or more Private Jets for themselves. Some like Oyakilome keep some of their loot in Tax havens. It is that bad. And Nigerians still literally worship these evil men of God. So the same thing is happeining here with politicians whose agenda is to rape the people and steal as much as they can. We need a revolution in Nigeria to estaminate all these crooks posing as politicians. Nigeria is too rich to have people suffering like this.

    • Sam

      It is well with you

    • otitokoro

      APC, PDP ole ni gbogbo wan, ole(thief) gbe ole(the indolent) gba I discovered painfully. Nigeria needs to move away from recycling old people with their corrupted mind sets. One term for Buhari is enough. Let him go and rest.

    • otitokoro

      Franklin, I think you meant ExterminatE all these crooks. A typo perhaps.

  • susy tutor

    PDP is back to action. Congratulations to the new democratically elected Chairman, Mr. Uche Secondus and his deputy Yemi Akinmwomi, and other elected officials. We wish you all success. APC must go come 2019. We don’t want these terrible hunger and unemployment to continue. Mr. Fashola the minister of darkness must go come 2019, so that Nigerians will experience electricity again

    • Tunsj

      “Democratically elected Chairman”? You got to be kidding.

  • Rev

    Even though PDP is far more better than APC, these politicians remain the same in their intrinsic nature. They worth very little in the open market!

  • Ijeuwa

    Wherever Atiku goes, corruption follows just like flies follow a carcass.

  • manager

    Gathering of criminals