It’s time to focus on governance and stop blaming Jonathan — Amaechi

Chibuike Amaechi
Minister of Transport, Rotimi Amaechi

The Minister of Transport, Rotimi Amaechi, has admonished his colleagues in the Muhammadu Buhari administration to stop blaming former President Goodluck Jonathan.

Mr. Amaechi said it is time for administration officials to concentrate on delivering good policies to the citizens rather than dragging the former president for Nigeria’s woes.

“I agree with those who said we should stop criticising the last government and that we should do our own,” The Nation newspaper quoted Mr. Amaechi as saying during a meeting at his office Tuesday.

The minister decried Nigeria’s infrastructure deficit, drawing a comparison with other relatively new countries like Singapore.

“We need to leverage on what we know. People are shouting intermodal transport; I went to the new airport in Singapore and I didn’t find one person at the airport.

“As you walk in, technology takes over,” Mr. Amaechi said.

He called for an urgent renaissance in Nigeria’s infrastructure, especially in the area of information and communications technology.

“They also said in the next few years, they would introduce driverless cars. We should also think outside the box about how to improve our transport sector and think less about how sun and moon affect the sector or building more bus stops.

“We should see how much investment we can put in the area of ICT. Intelligence transportation should not be ignored,” he added.

If heeded, Mr. Amaechi’s call would mark a shift in Buhari administration’s approach to public engagement.

Since assuming office in 2015, President Buhari has led his appointees and party members to blame Mr. Jonathan for failing to properly direct the country’s affairs during his tenure.

Allegations such as senseless looting of public funds, nepotism, economic mismanagement and gross abuse of power are regularly directed at Mr. Jonathan.

In June, Mr. Amaechi slammed Mr. Jonathan for allegedly failing the Igbo during his years, saying the former president left the region in a state of disrepair.

“President Jonathan went to Onitsha and danced and promised to construct Onitsha bridge. Right? After that nothing happened,” Mr. Amaechi said at a social media forum in Lagos on June 13.

Bolaji Abdullahi, spokesperson for the APC, told PREMIUM TIMES the call was appropriate.

“Enough of blaming the previous administration, Nigerians want us to focus,” the spokesperson said.

Mr. Abdullahi said the wrongdoings of Mr. Jonathan’s government would remain in the memories of Nigerians, but that the current administration was not voted to amplify them.

“Yes, there were problems created by the previous administration, but Nigerians didn’t vote for us because they want us to be telling them who’s responsible. They want us to be solving problems,” he said.


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  • Usher- Join The Revolution

    Rivers State political maverick himself. People hated you for daring the presidency but anyone who hated you based on performance have never been to Rivers state when P. Odili was in government. I cannot tell how much was allocated to Rivers but the difference was clear even to the blind. Odili’s 8 years was a complete waste, Obasanjo did well not to give the joker Vice presidency. Lets hope Wike will do better but I strongly doubt, the guy rode on Jonathan’s goodwill just like some northan governors rode on Buhari’s goodwill.

    • IIS

      The minute you said ” anyone who hated you based on performance have never been to River State” was all I needed to read before you lost me. Amaechi was a complete failure and monumental waste. Monorail is the extent of his legacy, oh yah thats not complete also and was never going to be complete. Guy should be in jail.

      • onome Y.J.

        Amechi was fantastic in his first term. He was like sunshine after the cold rain of 8 years of Odili’s government. Amechi only derailed in his second term when he started playing politics rather than governance.

        • Tunji Olarewaju

          When he was forced by Mama Piss and the wife( Jonothing), to play politics rather than governance

          • onome Y.J.

            When idiots talk or write, they spill out idiocy like you have just done.

          • Tunji Olarewaju

            When fools like you see truth, they choose to reason with their ass. Idiota fantastica

      • Usher- Join The Revolution

        People like you are brainwashed by the media. If you have been to rivers state all through Odili and then Amaechi’s tenure you will know that people like you are just driven by hate and party grievances which I do not give a damn about. Point me one state governor since 1999 that should not be in jail in a sane society.

        • IIS

          Brainwashed by the media?? So what I see is called brainwashing?? Dude please go join Trump in his campaign and blame everything on the media and not common sense. I am not interested in any other state gov except who you talked about. That’s the problem with you and your ilk. One person did it so everyone should do it. Why don’t you start with holding one person accountable. Good luck using his monorail or stadium. Donkey!!!

  • abodes_124

    What am i hearing right ? I am now beginning to have some hope for this government. Let us hold our breath though until Lai speaks.

    • deri best

      So we still get people like this for Nigeria abi

  • emmanuel

    We are deploying our competitive advantage to the fullest – open cattle grazing, peasant farming and Yam production. We are not i a hurry to buy electrical cars or driverless cars. We have the know-how on how to source all the used cars in the World. Afterall, we would generate import duties until the last of the Fossil fuel vehicles is shippend into Nigeria.
    As for Ameachi, Hadiza don corner am, so he wan dey relevant for PDP hand until the APC eventually falls

  • deri best

    A complete indictment of Bingo—period and the Apes in Apc—–Liar—Amaechi has Port Harcourt International Airport in his backyard—the airport is in shambles–what has he done to the airport nothing till date——one wld have expected him to use his influence to fix things at the airport–not this loud mouth—What has become of the Calabar rail line to Lagos-project’ dead——-‘—-The thing is that the Apes in Apc now know Nigerians are sick and tired of their blame game–They want Atiku now—-Bingo has not till date been able to move the country away from the road that he led Nigerians to some 30 years ago——It takes a lot of guts to move the nation forward-and Buhari sadly for us is too empty to even think of how to improve the health sector–not to talk of the economy-

  • share Idea

    Fear of APC failure is the beginning of wisdom. Now Amaechi knows that GEJ should not be blamed after leading the charge in disgracing his brother. No condition is permanent, let APC enjoy their reign.

    • Arabakpura

      You shouldn’t see it from that prism! Amaechi’s admonition is one way to identify a real man! If his brother Jonathan didn’t try to disgrace him then, perhaps, they would not have fallen out!

      • Absolutely Sane

        Don’t mind people who close eyes to when they started biting others but only see when they are bitten. Jonathan disgraced himself and got served. Blaming Jonathan never stopped the ongoing construction work at the 2nd Niger bridge site and likewise some other infrastructure development projects; blaming GEj never stop tremendous change we are seeing in the Agriculture sector and many other sectors. That Amaechi said all this does not mean they have never been working. He was only saying what both the fake(Igbo) and few original(Niger Deltans) Jonathan kinsmen want to hear. Blaming Jonathan must come up at anytime PDPigs try to blame Buhari for a crime and pain inflicted on Nigerians by Jonathan. At anytime political propagandist show that they have lost their memory, they must be reminded of the root of our hardship; that the problems were planted and nurtured for 16 years and they should not expect it to be solved in just 2 years.
        The more you unnecessarily lose patience the more you are reminded of the genesis and the icing on the cake of destruction which is Jonathan.

        • Yego V

          Please talk to us again when you are “Absolutely INSANE “. I guess you are upside down

    • okenwa

      On point.

  • Achim Albert

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  • Tess

    WISDOM is the key. Amaechi, you’ll follow Waziri to PDP as the scales are dropping from your eyes. I said there will be massive defection from APC due to its deceptive policies. Next Kwankwaso and others.

  • FirecloudOFGOD

    As APC continues to loose it and PDP is on the ascendant, the scales are starting to fall off the eyeballs of these Aabracadabra Performing Conjurists who have not only refined and polished the art of cleaning up the remnant wealth left behind by their former colleagues whilst appearing and screaming they are holier, but doing nothing and sitting on their hands for over 2 years! The sad thing is the choice Nigerians now face between choosing aarty headed by a sleazy characterless political prostitute artist and a lazy motionless one! Talking about being between the steep steep cliff and deep deep blue sea!

  • Arabakpura

    This Amaechi’s call is no ordinary call! The politicians have begun to speak!

  • newday

    This is the 1st time Amaechi has spoken like a statesman instead of a thug.

  • Ishaku isaac

    Now the senses are being synchronized to reality. Thinking out of the box, its like the box has broken loose. Or now speaking out of the two sides of their mouths. Ha ha! The last is not yet heard.

  • Buharin daji

    Please it’s not time don’t stop till February 2019 it should be your party’s major achievement for four years

    • Fire4fire

      Dont mind them!

  • Victor Akpabio

    It is too late , continue with the blame game, we already know that you have nothing to offer. You have failed the masses woefully as we will not allow you to brainwash us again this time around

  • Sam

    Defection to PDP is rife. Watch out.

    These guys (Amaechi, Saraki, Tambuwal, e.t.c) can Make or Mar Buhari’s re-election.

    Buhari rode to power on the back of their rebellion. They can hurt him really bad

  • Keen Observer

    Really? wa….oooh ..for the very 1st time in the history of APC Amaechi is speaking reasonably. H-o-p-e is not a gimmick to hoodwink his clans men & indeed Nigerians; because the end of APC maybe at hand. And Amaechi would not have a place to fall back to.

  • Anonymous

    Good morning APC, Good morning Amaechi

  • CEO

    What is Amaechi really up to? Is this an indictment of Buhari or what? After being schooled with his fellow goons in the doctrine of Lai(Liar) Mohammed – “lie repeatedly and always, without ceasing, no matter what you look like in the process, never stop lying.” What informed his sudden about-turn? Just last month, “Pastor” Osinbajo, while addressing a group of pastors in Lagos, carried on with his shameless “pastoral” lies about the previous government, not minding that his audience knew better.
    What Amaechi has done amounts to betrayal of trust. It’s same as breaking a contract, which of course has consequences. To admit to the general public that this government was not voted into office to hilight the errors of the previous government, but to perform credibly, is quite damaging not only to the APC, but to Buhari in particular. And this coming from no less a person than Amaechi, is a repudiation of this administration. Clearly, Amaechi has taken Buhari to the laundry and hung him on the line to dry.
    We warned Buhari about this silly, childish empty propaganda, stressing that it would be counter productive to good governance. Now, from all indications, a lot more may be coming down the pipe.

  • Yego V

    Well done sir: You’ve done well by taking the right step.
    1. step one : You’ve Regained sanity. Stop blame game. We pray you follow up and take the next step ;
    2.Step two: Confess your sins of LYING and STEALING. Declare the regimes loot. (pre and post election ).
    3.Step Three : Declare the regimes incompetence and resign

  • forestgee

    This is a confirmation that mad people can be cured or healed. After almost 3 years, they will soon confess that they have been telling Nigerians lies.

  • thusspokez

    The Minister of Transport, Rotimi Amaechi, has admonished his colleagues in the Muhammadu Buhari administration to stop blaming former President Goodluck Jonathan.

    Look who is talking and what an hypocrite too

    Crooked Amaechi has been a pest to GEJ for years, he had blamed GEJ for everything wrong; denied GEJ credits for major projects the transport ministry inherited from the GEJ administration. And now the hypocrite turns to preach to his colleagues, to do as he, the crooked Amaechi, says, and not as he does.

    Maybe crooked Amaechi too, is contemplating decamping to the PDP, hence this open admonishment of his colleague to curry flavour with the PDP.

  • thusspokez

    The minister decried Nigeria’s infrastructure deficit, drawing a comparison with other relatively new countries like Singapore.

    Crooked Amaechi seems mesmerised by developments in Singapore compared to the achievement (or lack of it) of his president who brought his cattle to live with him in the presidential resident. Sadly, Amaechi seems to have forgotten that he is in government and not in opposition. This is an open admission of the failure of the administration in which he serve, to bring development to Nigeria.


    If we had been constructive in our utterances, there would have been BETTER CHANGE than we experience today!!!
    This call is really belated and an after thought reasoning.
    ABACHA REGIME came and INCREASED EXCHANGE RATE from NGN22=$1.00 to NGN80=$1.
    WE are all witnesses of Nigeria’s CONTEMPORARY ECONOMIC HISTORY!!!

  • osezuwa

    Bunch of fools. Continue to blame Jonathan, two and half years gone, nothing to showcase as achievement. Instead your party has inflicted pain and misery on Nigerians while corruption has assumed a more devastating level. Only fools like you ever believed that you have got something to offer

  • Achim Albert

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