Court unfreezes 16 accounts belonging to Patience Jonathan

Dame Patience Jonathan
Dame Patience Jonathan

An Abuja Division of the Federal High Court has set aside its order made on May 30, freezing 16 accounts belonging to wife of former President Goodluck Jonathan.

Justice Binta Nyako withdrew the order on Tuesday on the grounds that the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission which secured the freezing order failed to conduct its investigation into the alleged infractions involving the 16 accounts.

The court’s decision followed an application by the counsel to Mrs. Jonathan asking the court to set aside an ex-parte motion filed by the EFCC for continued control of the accounts.

The lawyer, Mike Ozekhome, described EFCC’s motion as an abuse of court process.

Mr. Ozekhome told PREMIUM TIMES that the court had ordered the EFCC to conduct its investigation within 90 days of freezing the accounts in May, but that the commission failed to carry out the said investigation.

“The judge, Justice Binta, had given the EFCC 90 days within which to investigate and prosecute parties involved in the allegations but they never did that. So we asked the court to set aside the interim forfeiture order. The judge set aside the order granted on May 30,” Mr. Ozekhome said.


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  • tuby NY

    Hmmmm.. oh WELL EFCC will surely appeal this funny decision tho. But i don’t understand WHY it’s taking d EFCC this long too to take d matter to court and properly prosecute the matter anyway — it’s not like Mrs Jonathan can provide OR EXPLAINED where she got these funds from ANYWAY HUH..

    • YN ybut

      Shame don catch bad people.

    • lifesmart

      The burden of proof is on EFCC. It is the agency that approached the court with an unproven claim.

      • GG

        If we are re serious we need to change the direction n of the burden of proof in Nigeria. When somebody with Patience Jonathan pedigree shows up with $5m in her account she should be able to tell the court what exactly she did to earn such big money. What sort of business is she doing that she has 16 bank accounts? We are not serious at all. We are just wasting the time of everybody.

        • Tare Daniel

          In other words everyone is presumed guilty until they prove their innocence? Be careful what you wish for.

    • So oju abe niko

      It is not a funny decision. EFCC screwed up plain and simple. It doesn’t mean that Madam Jonathan is not guilty, but EFCC will have to go and prove that, while Madam find time to move her funds offshore, where EFCC cannot seize it arbitrarily.

    • sab

      Wake up, learn the rudiments of law and prosecutorial process. EFCC were quick to rush to magistrate court for arrest warrant. They also rush to high court interim forfeitures. But for a whole 90 days plus, they could not come to court to defed their cases. Under this circumstance, no need for appeal because they have violated the provisions of prosecutorial order. Too much for media trial and propaganda.

  • Triumph of TRUTH over Evil

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    I say shame done catch bad people! 2x
    Na hand them go hang o!
    We no get problem

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  • Triumph of TRUTH over Evil

    If you see my Faka, Hosaanna!
    Tell am say oooooo! Hossanna
    I dey for her side o!
    She no get problem 2x

    Faka fine well well, Hossanna!
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  • FreeNigeria

    EFCC needs to to reorganized with professional investigators, not the primary school dropouts they have now.

  • CEO

    What’s going here? Is Magu soft pedaling because the properties he acquired in the UK with his brother’s name is now public knowledge? Which way is corruption fight now going, does anyone know? “Fugitive” Maina was going in and out of the country, with EFCC’s “arrest warrant” hanging on his head. “Fugitive” Maina came back to the country, got reinstated to his job, reported for duties, and yet poor EFCC knew nothing!! Can someone please offer some explanations here? Not the old cock and bull nonsense the public has been fed with all through, but something substantive.


      Nigerians are a funny bunch!

      So, EFCC has been hijacking, and collecting money from successful Nigerians for over two years now, without accounting to the public how much, and from whom the money is collected. The money is obviously relooted, yet people want them to keep collecting.

      At least we know how much, and who has it in this case. Leave the Money with Faka!

    • Abdussalami Yaro

      My friend, we should blame no one but ourselves. We are naturally docile, “mumus” and moronic bunch of homosapiens. We can’t even borrow from the famous “Arab Springs”, but are good at blame-games and hate comments behind the internet discourses.

  • Gidi

    This is what incompetence looks like. So much for war against corruption under Buhari led government. I can’t blame the court for unfreezing the bank accounts. EFCC had 90 days to put an air tight investigation together, but could’t get it done.

    EFCC have just given its critics more amunitions.

  • This is what happens in a banana republic where “shoe shiners” in charge at the efcc and at the behest of oga’s body language could freeze a citizen’s bank account on mere speculation. Mama Peace’s civil and human rights have been violated. She should seek punitive damages from efcc.

  • Dr Pat Mumuwole Awosan

    This is a classic testament to the age long fact that the triumph of evil over good can only be ephemeral.

  • tundemash

    This makes Mike Ozekhome millions richer. Even though I am convinced that Mrs Jonathan really worked hard for this her money and should not be disturbed or harrassed by an unrepentant vindictive old man like Buhari, I still make bold to say that Mike Ozekhome is rapidly becoming a name synonymous with defending the most hardened thieves (Politicians) in Nigeria. Another such defender of corrupt thieving politicians is Femi Falana who has since jettisoned his Governorship ambhition in Ekiti as defending serial thieving politicians yields far more revenue than he could ever make in Ekiti state’s govt house. Well, the hottest parts of hell will be reserved for the thieves and their defenders.

  • curseless

    For every fraudulent account being investigated by the EFCC about ten more are coming to life. It is a gigantic task to investigate corruption in the land and this is compounded by corrupt judiciary and stonewalling by the banks who have vital information on these accounts but will prefer to play dumb because of self interest. One does not need to be an Eistein to know that a single person operating 16 accounts have something to hide. In this particular case, the judge did the right thing by unfreezing the account and this may spur the EFCC to action.

    • Steve

      I couldn’t have said it better.

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  • sorbitol

    No wonder why they won’t allow Diezani to come and defend all these their media nonsense.

  • gboyegaa

    The judge that gave only 90 days to investigate the loads of money stolen my this woman cannot be a serious judge. Criminals are detained for 6 months while investigations are going on even in developed countries but some corrupt judges, pretending to be supporting the anti-corruption war. Nevertheless, EFCC itself should have promptly either have asked the judge to increase the 90 days from the onset or asked for its extension before the 90 days expired.
    Could this be laxity on the part of EFCC lawyers?