Nigerian govt identifies 2,778 Nigerians in Libya detention camps


The Federal Government says it has a record of 2,778 Nigerian migrants registered in “accessible” detention camps in Libya, ready for repatriation.

The Federal Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in a statement signed by the spokesperson, Tiwatope Elias-Fatiile, on Tuesday, said the country’s embassy in Libya had been visiting detention camps to identify Nigerians for registration.

The ministry stated that those registered were issued Emergency Travel Certificates.

The ministry also explained that the embassy in collaboration with the International Organisation for Migration (IOM) repatriates 250 migrants weekly and had returned 3,000 of them so far.

“From the 2,778 registered Nigerians who are still in detention camps, another set of 250 Nigerian migrants will be arriving on Tuesday Dec. 5, at Murtala Mohammed Airport, Lagos at 7.00.p.m. to be received by NEMA officials.

“The Embassy, in collaboration with the IOM repatriates 250 Nigerian migrants by flight to Lagos weekly – each flight can accommodate only 250 passengers.

“The repatriation is a continuous exercise and the Embassy routinely issues the requisite travel documents to the migrants.

“The Embassy will continue to engage the legitimate government in Libya and other stakeholders in addressing the plight of Nigerian migrants in that country.”

The Ministry further said that the Foreign Affairs Minister, Geoffrey Onyeama, had invited the Nigerian Embassy’s Head of Mission, Iliya Fachano, to Abuja for consultations.

“He is in Abuja already and during the period of the consultations, arrangements have been made for him to address press conferences on the issue.

“This would afford the Nigerian public the opportunity to hear from him directly,” he said.

The ministry, however, advised intending Nigerian travellers to “avoid Libya at this period, because of the dangers they may encounter in the process of their journey”.

The ministry also urged citizens to reach the Nigerian Embassy in Libya for assistance through these emergency numbers: +218910144487, +218925099384 and +218917953365.

“The contact email addresses for the embassy and the ministry are: and

It said that the embassy had received requests for intervention from some relations of the victims based in Nigeria through these contacts.

While condemning the slave market in Libya, the ministry said it would engage the UN, African Union, European Union and other stakeholders to ensure that the perpetrators were brought to justice.

“It violates the fundamental human rights of the victims and it is unacceptable to the civilised world.”



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  • felkk

    Criminals. They should be arrested once they return to Nigeria for attempting to illegally sneak into European countries and Libya. The thousands of dollars they used to fund their criminal trips could have been invested in Nigeria to start small businesses. But their greed and racial inferiority complex will not let them see any good in their fatherland. The REAL poor people we must help. Those ones are in the villages and slums, and do not have thousands of dollars to dash Arab slave traders to fund their criminal travels. The real poor need our help. Not these Sahara desert travelling crooks turned slaves.

    • duwdu

      Sad thing to say, but true.


    • Okokondem

      You have simply exposed your ignorance and lack of understanding of human nature. Your ‘fatherland’ as you prefer to call it is devoid of the basic necessities to motivate people to strive. It’s perplexing that your first reaction is to blame the victims, many of whom have given up hope in your ‘fatherland’ due to falure of leadership occasioned by entrenched corruption that has left the country regressive.

      Since you pride yourself as the Patriotic type, can you explain why despite billions of dollars spent over the decades your fatherland cannot produce more than 3 or 4 thousand megawatts of electricity. Did it occur to you some of these your fellow countrymen you wished had spent their dollars in Nigeria rather than ‘waste’ it in Libya may in fact have ventured into small business enterprises that failed due to your government’s inability to produce electricity? The people responsible for failure of leadership in Nigeria are just as culpable as the criminals taking advantage of these young Nigerians. So next time think before you cast blame on the victims. That’s what these young men and women are, victims of a failed state.

      Again, ask yourself why your ‘fatherland’ no longer has a national airline, but Ghana, South Africa, Ethiopia, Kenya, Egypt do, just to name a few.

      I don’t know how old you are, but a few decades ago Nigeria repatriated tens of thousands of Ghanaians back to Ghana, fast forward 30 years Nigerians send their children to Ghana for better quality education. My point is you are blaming the wrong people for the tragedy that has become the Trans Sahara migration that has resulted in enslavement of young people of the Sub-Saharan Africa.

      • felkk

        You can seek excuses from now till eternity for the CRIMINALITY of those people who used THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS to seek to BREAK THE LAW in Libya and Europe, and CRIMINALLY enter those countries. All you are showing is that you are CRIMINALLY MINDED just like them. If you want to emigrate, DO SO LEGALLY. That is what you dunderheads refuse to accept, and then when they enslave you in the Sahara desert you blame Nigerian government. Nigeria is a developing nation, whether you like it or not. Its institutions are not very strong, hence the corruption. The way out of that morass is NOT to go selling drugs overseas like many of you do, or to go sneaking into other countries criminally. If you do that, then you are JUST AS BAD as the thieving rulers you condemn, and deserve ZERO understanding. Our grandparents under colonial rule had NOTHING. Illiteracy rate was at 90% at independence, thanks to colonial misrule and looting. That figure is down to 25% today, thanks to black rule. The average Nigerian has been reasonably equipped to fashion out a life without resorting to TRANS-SAHARA DESERT TRAVEL. If our grandparents could make do with the little they had, and even thrive, then WHAT THE HELL are you people today doing, using THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS to cross the Sahara? It is because you are greedy criminals with no compunction about breaking the law of other countries. You deserve no pity. You are a disgrace. If INNOSON could start a car manufacturing plant in this same Nigeria with all its electricity problems and infrastructure issues, then Mr Sahara desert traveller, can equally start a small business here in Nigeria and make it work. STOP MAKING EXCUSES FOR CRIMINAL BEHAVIOUR.

      • man

        nepotism thats why we dont have an airline. we should have death penalty for nepotism. but these people should be left in libya. they will go back after repatriating them.

      • felkk

        National Airline? The US has no ”national airline”. Nether does the UK or Germany, or Japan… Nigeria, like those nations, has private airlines that fly equally as well, and are even more efficient than the old Nigeria Airways. As for ”human nature”. If your ”human nature” is to act with criminality by travelling across the Sahara to illegally enter another country, you are on your own. ”Human nature” also leads people to sell drugs and prostitute themselves and commit fraud, because of ”condition”. But if your son or daughter did that would you accept their reasons? Nigeria is a developing nation, so you can find a thousand reasons to emigrate. But you must do so legally. You cannot complain about Nigeria’s leaders while being a criminal yourself who disregards the laws of other nations. And when those trans-Sahara travellers reach their destinations illegally, what will they do there, since there are no jobs there for illegal aliens. They would also commit fraud there to make a living. Why? Because they are criminals. INNOSON built a car manufacturing plant here in Nigeria that employs 2,000 people – with the same electricity and infrastructure problems you mentioned. A serious minded person can thrive in Nigeria in business. But if they are dumb enough to think a criminal existence across the Sahara is better for them, plus slavery at the hands of Libyans, who themselves live in a war-torn, devastated country, but aren’t dumb enough to rush to Italy as illegals, we should show them zero pity.

  • Kudos to Nigeria embassy in Libya. Pls help these nigerians to return home. Interpol and DSS should track down the traffickers and the slave traders for prosecution at the ICC. Obtain info (names and bank info) of these criminals from the returnees.

    • Jasse

      Return home to do what? And Kudos for what? You must be out of your mind. What are you kudoing them for now?

      • America and other civilized nations will assist her citizens out of any country if they are in crisis. But Nigerians are so hateful of their fellow citizens, they can care less if they all perish. Until we show love for one another we ain’t going anywhere. Pls the embassy should get these poor Nigerians out of this god forsaken country. All the traffickers and slave traders should be tracked down for prosecution.

        • suleiman

          Why are they leaving Nigeria in the first place? I can assure you that none of these people are victims of Boko Haram. If that is the case, why are they in Libya, a country that is a failed state? The problem with a lot of these southern boys and girls is that they so much believe in Europe as the only place on earth that assures them of haven. I have the least sympathy for them because they had no reason to leave in the first place. And by the way, even if you bring them back, they will still sneak out through another route because they are obsessed with Europe and America!

          • “Why are they leaving Nigeria in the first place? I can assure you that none of these people are victims of Boko Haram.”

            They must wait until they are victims of Boko Haram? Right? Less people die on these perilous journey to Libya than Nigerians killed by boko haram and the herdsmen annually. What pushed these citizens to flee the country should be addressed. Meanwhile, FG must bring these nigerians home. That’s what civilized nations do. So far, Nigeria government is doing just that. Again, we must demonstrate love for each other for our nation to move forward. There is too much hatred in the land.

    • man

      Geo_USA is naive. these people will go back again. watch. dont kudos anything

  • Angry UNEMPLOYED Nigerian

    And the so called president of the same country that these youth come from just budgeted billions of Naira for the 8th Jet as an increase of the existing fleet of 7 Jets. Whereas, he (Mohammed Buhari) has nothing in the budget that can be specifically and directly linked to any job creation or anything like establishing industries – Manufacturing/Production etc. Like @Domingos would say on this forum, “It has no other name. It is called MUMUDITY” It is what you get when morons run an economy. Nigeria had better restructure or get ready for serious confusion that may lead to war. I expect the Libyan returnees to kidnap some senators and ask them what they have done to improve the situation.

  • man

    why is the government wasting time with these stubborn goats. you will see them go back again within a year.

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  • woman

    If one of these boys or girls is your blood brother, sister or even relative, will you also advise the Govt. to abandon them to die there just because they were trying to pass through Libya not even planning to live/stay there, this is inhumane.