Fresh fighting erupts between herdsmen, farmers in Adamawa

Adamawa on map
Adamawa on map

The Adamawa State police command has confirmed fresh outbreak of violence between farmers and herdsmen in some areas of Numan in the southern part of the state.

A source said many deaths had been recorded while other residents were fleeing.

The attacks are suspected to be reprisals for the killing of dozens of Fulani residents allegedly by their Bachama neighbours.

Confirming the development, police spokesperson in the state, Othman Abubakar, said the crisis started in Dong in Demsa Local Government Area following “a misunderstanding” between farmers and Fulani herdsmen.

“For now, more security were deployed, including soldiers and are on top of the situation.

“I can’t confirm if it was reprisal but there was dispute,” said the police spokesperson.

A fleeing resident of the Bachama dominated area, Gregon Daniel, said his house was burnt in Dong. “Herdsmen have sacked our villages of Lawaru and Dong in Demsa Local Government Area.

“They stormed the two villages a few hours ago, killing and setting houses ablaze.

“Fighting is presently going on as many villagers including women and children are running into the bush for safety,” he said.

Both villages are less than 10 kilometres from Numan.

Details later.


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  • kevenreal

    Sai baba, sai boohari, sai baba, sai boohari.
    Next time vote wisely.

    • Mosley

      Say sai Buhari and get stoned.

  • OIL Spills Ravaging N-DELTANS

    “Royal Dutch Shell and the Italian multinational oil giant ENI have admitted to more than 550 oil spills in the Niger Delta last year, according to an Amnesty International analysis of the companies’ latest figures. By contrast, on average, there were only 10 spills a year across the whole of Europe between 1971 and 2011…..

    Shell reported 204 Niger Delta spills in 2014 while ENI, which operates in a smaller area, reported a staggering 349 spills.

    “These figures are seriously alarming. ENI has clearly lost control over its operations in the Niger Delta. And despite all its promises, Shell has made no progress on tackling oil spills,” said Audrey Gaughran, Amnesty International’s Global Issues Director…In any other country, this would be a national emergency. In Nigeria it appears to be standard operating procedure for the oil industry. The human cost is horrific – people living with pollution every day of their lives.”

    —- www*DOT*amnesty*DOT*org

  • Oil POLLUTION in Niger DELTA

    Oil spills and pollution is killing the Niger Delta people. It is a pure case of environmental terrorism carried out by the Nigerian state with her European and American collaborators.

    Despite the billions of Dollars sold from oil the Niger Delta remains without federal presence. Not a single airport in the whole of Niger Delta has been built by Nigerian government at the center. Maritime University has been technically and deliberately forgotten. This systemic policy to make Niger Delta perpetually underdeveloped why monies from the region is used to provide infrastructure elsewhere in Abuja, Lagos etc must be resisted. Its got to stop.

    Secession from Nigeria is the only sure way to achieving absolute RESOURCE control or we stop the flow of oil money. Nigeria is irredeemable.

    We demand our sovereign state of Niger DELTA

    • FreeNigeria

      GEJ is from Bayelsa, was President for 6 years, Frog eye Deziani was NNPC and Works Minister, also from ND region. Instead they stole money more than anyone else in the history of Nigeria. Blame your people for lack of development. Ask the governors from ND what they do with their money.

      • Okokondem

        I am sickened by Niger Deltans who perpetually point fingers elsewhere while not admitting that Goodluck Jonathan’s 6 year tenure was a wasted opportunity. I’m even more disappointed by South easterners who fell for his adoption of Igbo tribe by claiming to be another Azikiwe.

        • FreeNigeria

          I wish I can up vote you a million times. GEJ couldn’t even build a clinic in his village. what a waste.

          • Okokondem

            Over here where we live far away from home, the saying is, “politics is local”. The glaring failure of Jonathan and his cohorts to realize that was a mistake his kinsmen will live with for a long time. I just wish they have both the intelligence and honesty to admit it.

          • Eluba Inas

            They have the intelligence what they lack is the honesty.

          • Tunji Olarewaju

            So,therefore ,they lack intelligence. The first fact, among other facts, of intelligence is :honesty

          • abodes_124

            And that has a link with the ongoing slaughter of your fellow citizens in Adamawa state?

          • Okokondem

            See, you have just exhibited the exact characteristics typical of some Niger Deltans whenever Jonathan’s presidency is questioned. Keep lying to yourself.

          • abodes_124

            My point , Sir, was that the subject matter in this thread had nothing to do with Nonathans performance or non performance and bringing it up was either a deliberate attempt at digression or done out of ignorance

          • Reginald Dandeson

            Of course, it’s very true. By the way, am a Nigerian Deltan.

          • Reginald Dandeson

            A terrible waste at that. This is one of the reasons I agreed with the Times Magazine’s description of the man as “the ineffectual buffoon.” Six solid wasted years for the Niger Delta.

        • Mosley

          The news is about Fulani killings in Adamawa, don’t divert to Jonathan.

          • abodes_124

            classic ploy by Lai’s boys

      • Tunji Olarewaju

        You are three much!

  • Oil POLLUTION in Niger DELTA

    Who will clean up the messy environment in the Niger Delta? And when?

    • Julius

      I think they allocated funds for the clean up but, your folks stole , shared them and deposited it overseas. Who are you blaming for that. Let’s be real.

      • Tunji Olarewaju

        Gbam! Gbammer!! Gbammest!!!

        • Julius

          It’s all true and they know it themselves but, as usual, they have to blame somebody else.

  • Dr Pat Mumuwole Awosan

    …and the Fulani Herdsmen have no name? No Identity? No Village, town, city or state they come from? Nigeria has become a crime scene under Buhari. It is all SORROWS, TEARS & BLOOD.

  • Bassey Frank

    We saw it coming. These Fulani herdsmen are very daring. They know nothing will happen to them and that is it.

  • Thelma

    Only last week Mr Buhari had to demonstrate his open support for open grazing by allowing Fulani herdsmen to graze openly in front of Presidential Villa and within the premises. This is the same presidential Villa Charly Boy & Co were denied access and prevented from getting close to.

    • Reginald Dandeson

      Yes, you caught the hidden agenda.

  • FreeNigeria

    Buhari new terrorist group are on the rampage all over Nigeria, killing and raping at will, while Buhari is laughing and continuously arming them. This how Darfur and Rwanda started. Dying Buhari is trying to take Nigeria with him to hell

  • Otile

    Where is the bigot tundemash? Let him come in to praise his god Mohamed Buhari.

  • manager

    Let it happen only in the far north, buhari government said that they are lnnocent fulani herdsmen criminals.

  • Julius

    These are not herdsmen, they are terrorists and should be declared as terrorists and dealt with !. This has to stop.

    • Okokondem

      Even if we continue to identify them as herdsmen that should not exempt them from prosecution as terrorists. The moment they embarked on wanton and indiscriminate killing of defenseless civilians, they stopped being just herdsmen and became terrorists, and must be viewed and treated as such. Let’s avoid any attempt to excuse bad behavior by labeling.

      • Julius

        They are terrorists.

    • abodes_124

      Terrorists ? No it is a ‘little misunderstanding’ between farmers and herdsmen.

      • Julius

        Wonderful !! It takes a genius to come up with that sarcasm…

  • john peters

    where are the SARS,they should go there and fight the herdsmen not harassing inoscnt citizens in the south

  • Okokondem

    I digress. In the early hours of this morning I woke up to find CNN International reporting on the plight of young, innocent, Nigerian girls, mostly from Bendel state (or is it called Edo state these days). These girls wanting to migrate to Europe for better prospects are being preyed upon locally by men and women claiming to be evangelists, and juju practitioners, and externally by dubious individuals in Libya and parts of southern Europe where these girls are manipulated into prostitution. All I could think about lying in bed at 3 o’clock in the morning was, why is every news about Nigeria a bad news?

    The only reason our young women and girls risk their lives and safety across the Sahara desert in search of a better future is failure of leadership in their home country. Therefore like the criminals taking advantage of these young girls/women, those so called leaders responsible for failure of leadership in Nigeria are equally culpable, and as such should be held responsible.

    • FreeNigeria

      Thank you for telling the truth about this sad situation. some brainless people are blaming the migrants trying to leave this HELL HOLE called NIGERIA

      • emmanuel

        When the erased middle class Nigerians of pre-2015 would even offer N500,000.00 now to go through Libya if they can access such monies.
        The erstwhile middle class is the most vulnerable in Nigeria today, because no one believe they do not have money to feed their families and all monies lost, so they end up starving for days and not been able to pay bills; even medical bills.
        Nigeria is in a state worst than post Atomic bomb Japan

  • Decimator

    Exactly the FULANI reprisal attack the SULTAN had threatened of last time, when he said,

    “It is important to remember, that at many points in our history, we make mistakes of confusing patience for weakness.

    “I hope, we would not make that mistake this time; what happened in Numan would not go unpunished,”.PT 26.11.2017

    Thus he should be held squarely responsible for that incitement and subsequent reprisal we are now withnessing.


    • Reginald Dandeson

      “He should be held squarely responsible…” Who has the powers to hold Saad Abubakar responsible for anything in Nigeria?

      • Decimator

        That shows exactly the institutionalised anarchy and Tyranny Baptised “The Nigerian State” in its entirety.

  • emmanuel

    Saad Abubakar has deployed his tribesmen with Buharis body language fully in support to go on rampage. I warned the Numan people last week to prepare for attack in line with Satan of Sokotos statement
    These Numan, Berong, Jukun, Idoma, Ibira, Gwaris etc in the North who would queue behind the foolanis to vote for them anytime, are undergoing annihilation and would never learn their lessons.
    Anyway, they must prepare to give Nigeria a President in 2019 who we will be supported by four regions, if not their locations would have been erased from Nigeria map by 2023

    • abodes_124

      We all knew it was inevitable that the Fulani foot soldiers would be brought in truckloads to do what they know best murder and mayhem having been given an excuse.. I pity the people of Numan


    No you cannot find SARS or even the Nigerian Army dancing in such areas but if it were to be in the SS or SE, military tanks full of intrained killers in uniform would have rolled in by now and many Christian Igbos would have already been killed and the action denied.

  • forestgee

    2019 cannot come soon enough! Remove the patron of herdsmen, the crises will be drastically reduced.

  • grand maze

    So buhari plans to use his tribe to subdue Nigerians with active state connivance and sponsor. The ethnic supremacist was always a mistake which irreparable fools gladly suffer and accommodate

  • Mentus

    Buhari blatantly refuses to see these so called herdsmen as terrorists unlike the civilised world who ranks them fourth in terrorism.
    He has just come back from attending counter terrorism summit, but you can guarantee he will not even acknowledge this incident, least of all do anything about it.
    He is complicit in this whole plan for so called ‘herdsmen’ to sack and occupy villages until they become the residents.
    What I still cannot fathom is why the governors of these states as well as the law makers are conniving at these horrific massacres, why Buhari as the president can go to sleep in peace while all these are happening, and lastly why Nigerians cannot get together and match to Aso rock to say ‘enough is enough’ and demand action by the president.

    • Reginald Dandeson

      Who will grant Nigerians access to Aso Rock? Are you kidding me? This is Nigeria o o.

  • Reginald Dandeson

    If we look very closely and deeply, we may see a connection between the recent Adamawa crises and the Turakin’s defection from APC to PDP.

    • Larry

      No. These herdsmen are terrorists whose job is to terrorize innocents law abiding citizens.

      • Reginald Dandeson

        But Muhammadu Buhari is their life patron who is not happy today about the Turakin’s recent political moves. So, check if the communities under attack are loyal to the Turakin Adamawa then you may see the connection.

  • sorbitol

    no wonder why the certificate forger never ordered the army against reprisal attack before now. Any fight against the myetti Allah group of herdsmen is a fight against Mr integrity.

  • Chukwuka Okoroafor

    And the prospective Caliph in Sultan Abubakar gave a warning over these killings about a week ago.

  • Achim Albert

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