EXCLUSIVE: How 24 universities shared N23 billion causing fresh crisis in Nigerian universities

ABU Zaria
ABU Zaria gate used to illustrate the story. (Photimo taken by Idris Ibrahim)

PREMIUM TIMES has obtained the full details of how N23 billion disbursed to Nigerian universities to settle earned allowances and arrears was shared among 24 universities.

University staff, members of four unions, are currently engaged in a verbal war over the modalities for sharing the money.

The money was part of the N220 billion the government pledged to the schools, which is an integral part of a resolution reached to address the last strike embarked on by unions over the non-implementation of previous agreements.

The sharing of the money as released by the government has resulted in a crisis among the unions.

The Joint Action Committee, JAC, comprising the Senior Staff Association of Nigerian Universities, SSANU, Non-Academic Staff Union of Universities, NASU, and the National Association of Academic Technologists, NAAT, believe they have been short-changed by their counterparts in the Academic Staff Union of Universities, ASUU.

On Thursday, the JAC announced the commencement of a nationwide strike over the matter. The strike is expected to begin from Monday, December 3.

The sharing formula shows the exact amount meant for each university, which is further broken down to the specific amounts allocated to the respective unions.

The documents reveals that out of the N23 billion that was approved, the university lecturers got about 75 per cent, approximately N18.38 billion while N4.61 billion was given to the non-teaching staff.

However, these specific amount given varied for each university.

According to the document, the Ahmadu Bello University, ABU, got the highest share of the money at N2.4 billion. Out of the money allocated to ABU, N2 075,440,687.64 was allocated to ASUU while N331 087,210.45 was given to the non-teaching staff.

Similarly, the University of Ilorin got the lowest share as N207 586,734.09 was allocated for the school. The entire N207 586,734.09 was allocated to the non-teaching staff and nothing was allocated to the teaching staff.

Also, N447 181,088.75 was allocated to University of Nigeria. The money was given to the non-teaching staff while ASUU got nothing.

Meanwhile, N1 739,406,074.68 was allocated to the Obafemi Awolowo University, OAU, in which N1 571,133,153.50 was given to ASUU while the non-teaching staff got N168 272,921.18. The sum of N958,253,775.07 was allocated to the University of Lagos, while N935 033,419.92 was allocated to ASUU, N23,220,355.15 was meant for the non-teaching staff.

See full details of the allocation below:


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  • SeniO.

    At least government do well this time around. Strike is no more about how to upgrade naija universities but how to share money! Greed everywhere!

    • Fabian Gbatoon

      Your comment is illustrative of the pervading ignorance that has unfortunately overwhelmed you. Too bad!

      • Galantman

        If he is ignorant,then tell us the truth. Take it or leave it our universities have also,joined in the corruption competition.

        • Fabian Gbatoon

          ASUU and the the FGN, under the late Yar’Adua entered into an agreement with an effective date of July, 2009, dubbed the 2009 FGN-ASUU Agreement. That agreement, in addition to aiming at revitalising Nigerian Public Universities in terms of infrastructural development, made provisions for Earned Academic Allowance. This allowance comprises responbility allowance, excess workload allowance, research and training allowance, amongst others. The justification for this Excess Workload Allowance is based on the fact that lecturers are made to teach more than the maximum number of students per class in the University which is 40 and below. This was under the supervision of NUC. Sadly, the FGN, after signing this agreement, went and slept. After series of complaints from ASUU, the Federal government decided to set up a NEEDS Assessment Committee to undertake a survey of the needs of Nigerian Public Universities.
          in 2012. The revelations of the NEEDS Assessment Committee were shocking. After that, the FGN went back to sleep again. That is why on 1st July, 2013, ASUU embarked on a total, comprehensive and indefinite strike action to press home the implementation of this agreement in line with the findings of the NEEDS Assessment Committee. Regarding the revitalisation of public universities, the FGN under GEJ released the sum of N200 billion while GEJ made an instslmental release of N30 for allowances out of the 53 billion that had accumulated since July, 2013. It that balance of the 53 billion naira since 2009 that the FGN has just released and my compatriots are calling it all sorts of names. It is really sad that we have short memories.

          • Galantman

            I really appreciate your articulate response. But to be candid , we need to find a way of funding our universities. Let our institutions look outside the box through internally generated revenue ie fees, R & D etc, there should be judicial management of resources. It is really sad that previous governments has allowed our institutions to decay, while politicians looted funds at will

          • Fabian Gbatoon

            Nobody is contesting that Sir. University Administrators have almost always connived with politicians to destroy what is left of the Nigerian Public Universities. Who appoints Vcs and governing councils of our universities? It is the same politicians. It is really sad.

      • NoBeLie

        You sound so defensive… Did you come up with the sharing template? Are you responsible for this strike?

        • Fabian Gbatoon

          Please, kindly read my reply to @Galantman. I think your concerns have also been addressed there. Thank you Sir.

      • atakamosu

        Let the universities publish details of their spending and these issues will become less of a public imbroglio. Are these thieves not ashamed?

  • George Alexander George

    If the institutions of learning in Nigeria could not set an indelible example of how best issues are handled , it is most unfortunate. Where else will sanity come ?

  • atakamosu


  • Timothy

    So let me get this straight…the Accountant General can release this information for you but you can not get the information about our Senators? I understand the Universities were sharing money and doing nothing. We get that but what is wrong with Premium Times exposing what the Law Makers get? The Accountant General was asked the other day to detail what states did with their money and he said he can not….but he can detail what the University is doing with theirs? So for the small masses its should be open but for those in power its a hidden thing and yet we voted and put them their and asked them to represent us and yet we are denied of such informations?

    Right from day one I know ASUU is a political umbrella and it only fights the govt when then feel like. They use their position to hurt givt to bend to their will. Wealthy politicians can buy ASUU and the will go on strike. Whoever tells you its for the children in the schools is just exposing his highness on some drug.They were never there for the children. All the strikes was for their own benefits. Period. Some money was meant for Lecture to go and do research on their course. The funding was made available and today some university are doing it based on who know man, or if you are ready to share you take.

    After someone will blame Buhari for not doing well abi? The one they give you guys to do you wont do…..you will blame Buhari. Well let your maker judge you at the end….El Rufai please after cleaning the primary edication system do same for the Universities abeg.

    • princegab

      The buck stops with the president. Blame the system bro. The government is not working either, leaders are looting.

      • Timothy

        Absolutely correct but then the so-called leaders are not aliens or are they?….they came from families…Nigerian families….thought values and morals….so the trend has gradually become once you are in power just take what you can and dont mind about voters. Worse is that many dont vote…especially in the South-east or South South….but they will come online and complain….if we all hold our voters card we are far more than the number a politician can buy with money or bread or rise and if we stand behind a preferred candidate that is who will win the election….but alas…we are still waiting for the corrupt ones to tell us what or how to live our life and when its time for election you see them make promises and sharing 500 or 1000…it is sad!

        • princegab

          That’s what we have bro, it unfortunate that philosopher king comes in a thousand years. We are living at the wrong times perhaps.

  • sanmi

    Our so called federal gov’t, was that amount released to develop Nigerian universities was the amount allocated for the development of the universities your children attends in abroad, permit me to say this ” SHAME UNTO NIGERIA FEDERAL GOVT, YOU OUGHT ALL TO VLOSE YOUR EYES ” meanwhile, for what so ever reason will you dear allocated zilch to UNN, after all what the university is contributing to our nation and how transparent the present VC in his acting capacity unbehalf of the federal gov’t despite the incastant lackadaisical poor funding into the university, i think if the federal gov’t can allocate more fund to the university, it will definitely go along way in our nation building and will increase her competition against university in the world. My advise is that, federal gov’t should rethink and allocate more fund to UNN for better and brighter uncomparable development of our nation. Thank you as u do so.
    Courtesy of the citizen ‘ NIGERIA ‘

  • M

    Are we running a socialist or capitalist government? Education cannot be free. Universities have to start earning their keep in terms of innovative research. We can not continue pouring money down the drain to pay lazy and unqualified lecturers and subsidize the fees of cult members. Let the government stop funding these universities so that they can pull them selves up by the bootstraps.