Russia 2018: Nigeria in same group with Argentina, Croatia, Iceland

Super Eagles of Nigeria
Super Eagles of Nigeria

The Super Eagles of Nigeria have been seeded with Argentina, Iceland and Croatia for the 2018 World Cup in Russia.

The draw was held in Russia on Friday evening.

The Eagles were grouped with Argentina, seeded in pot one; and Iceland, Croatia, seeded in pot 2 and 3 respectfully.

It is the fifth time Nigeria will be pitched against Argentina in the group stage of the World Cup.

Except for France 1998, Nigeria have faced the two-time world champions in all the World Cup campaigns the Eagles qualified for.

Unfortunately, the Eagles have lost all their previous games against Argentina


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  • Soccer Aficionado

    Premium Times Editor,

    How FIFA devalues the World Cup tournament

    FIFA will soon destroy football the way it is going. Today’s world cup draw
    does not excite the world as the global interest the 1970 world cup or the 1974
    had on global imagination. FIFA has expanded the world cup beyond the standard
    of reason and has made the World Cup look as mediocre as a local league.

    Very soon,
    the world cup will become irrelevant once FIFA further expands the number
    of qualifying teams to 48 as it recently announced – without thinking that the
    struggle to qualify is what makes the world cup captivating.

    From the next decade,
    with 48 teams, a country like Brazil can qualify for world cup by fielding its second
    team in the qualifiers. That is how FIFA utterly destroys the game of football with its
    mindless pursuit of money from television rights and the advert fees at the expense
    of the quality of the world cup tournament.

    Soon, teams that cannot complete
    three intelligent passes on the field of play will qualify for the World Cup in
    the next decade and there will be nothing exciting or compelling to watch anymore.

    • Omooba Adekunle Orafidiya

      I couldn’t agree more with you. When the 48-team format is launched, we shall be having cricket scores in football (e.g. 40-0)

    • Cub

      It is called world cup my Broda. D best will probably still win d cup.

    • Man_Enough

      Olympics is an all comers affair and it’s still captivating. Africa is complaining of not having enough slots. At the end only one country will still pick the trophy and for the winning team to think that it has overcome 48 others seems more gusto to me.

  • ???????¾


    • FreeNigeria

      They have a very strong team. Group d is definitely the group of death

    • Oj

      They beat Hotland to qualify.

      • Fidelis Kanu


        Which strong team is Iceland? They did not play any sensible country to qualify.
        Iceland beat Kosovo 2-0 to top their group. Is Kosovo football country in history?
        Croatia, Turkey, Ukraine and Finland were others in that same European group.
        So, if Croatia could not top that sort of group, how should Croatia itself be rated?

    • man

      kai. they’ve beaten england in last euro cup. they are tough but this is good for us

  • luvnaija

    Yes, we are in for another early showdown with Argentina
    Part 2

  • BIAFRAS ready to win d cup

    …and the entire team will once again be made up of 97% of players from Biafran Republic and the Niger Delta Republic. You can bet even your wife that there will be no single player from the Norther_nstani Republic. And be sure no body will complain and insist that Federal character principle be applied. One wonders when Nigeria breaks up, will the North ever be able to assemble 11 players to form a team?

    • okenwa

      Biafra should be made to play as a separate country just like Iceland, Scotland, england etc.

    • thusspokez

      Piss off! Can you see why the rest of Nigeria would despise people like you? And if you can’t then that would be because you are a fóól.

  • man

    group of death

  • Cub

    So d real game against Argentina is where and not d Mesiless friendly game dat we won.

    • thusspokez

      There you go with your inferiority complex. Argentina only narrowly qualified in their zone for this world cup. Besides, how many world cups have Messi won for Argentina?

      • Cub

        Just being realistic but saying dat d die is now cast. Some people still believe we will win d worldcup just for beating dem in a friendly without Mesi

        • thusspokez

          Surrendering to your opponents before even the fight has began is not realism but first-class cowardice.

          • Cub

            U have to look up d meaning of cowardice and Realism. Comprehension is a difficult thing in Naija these days, pls tell me which naija language u speak so dat i can break it down for u.

          • thusspokez

            Comprehension is a difficult thing in Naija these days

            Comprehension is difficult so you chose cowardice because it is easy and come comes naturally to you?

            I also assume that you have never done sport in your life, otherwise you would know how not to be a self-defeatist.


    This is a tricky group…..Nigeria had better take every team seriously. Iceland are playing good football these days, they recently defeated England leading to the resignation of the England manager. Croatia has always been a footballing nation and of course Argentina……..Not an easy group but it could have been worse.

  • thusspokez

    Nigeria’s participation in FIFA world cup is never without playing Argentina — I have lost count of the number of times this had happened.

    • Mike

      1994,2002,2010,2014….Bruh Im tired.

  • Omooba Adekunle Orafidiya

    Is there any point for us to still go to Russia?

    • thusspokez

      Is there any point for you to comment?

      • Omooba Adekunle Orafidiya

        Fcuk off.