Mainagate: Magu, Oyo-Ita, Daura, others’ testimonies show poor coordination, complicity in Buhari administration

Abdulrasheed Maina
Former Chairman of defunct Presidential Task Force on Pension Reforms, Abdulrasheed Maina[Photo Credit: Buzz Nigeria]

The probe into the recall of former head of Presidential Task Force on Pension Reform, Abdulrasheed Maina, into the civil service took several interesting turns at the House of Representatives on Thursday as more revelations emerged from parties privy to the issue.

The revelations by the different officials highlighted two things: poor coordination among various agencies and officials, and complicity in the scandal by other‎s.

The Head of Service of the federation, HoS, Winifred Oyo-Ita; Attorney General of the Federation, Abubakar Malami; acting chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, Ibrahim Magu; Minister of Finance, Kemi Adeosun; Accountant General of the Federation, Ahmed Idris; Comptroller General of the Nigerian Immigration Services, Mohammed Babangede; and the Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Interior, Abubakar Magaji, were some of those quizzed at the resumption of the hearing chaired by Aliyu Madaki.

The House of Representatives started the investigative hearing into the disappearance, reappearance, reinstatement and promotion of Mr. Maina on Thursday, November 23.

At the first sitting, the Minister of Justice and Attorney General of the Federation, Mr. Malami, denied initiating and authorising Maina’s return.

But the account of the HoS and that of the Chairman, Federal Civil Service Commission, Joseph Akande, countered Mr. Malami’s claim.

Mrs. Oyo-Ita stated that she received a series of letters from the office of the Attorney General demanding the reinstatement of Mr. Maina while Mr. Akande too said that at least three letters on the issue emanated from the office of the AGF.

In other words, either the AGF was lying or the HoS and Mr. Akande were.

PREMIUM TIMES earlier investigations had also shown the AGF’s complicity in the controversial recall of Mr. Maina who is still wanted by the EFCC.

Also at the sitting, counsel to Mr. Maina, Mohammed Katu, said his client was still receiving salaries despite the report that he had been dismissed from service.

Maina received no salary – Adeosun, Idris

But Mr. Katu’s claim was dismissed by the Minister of Finance, Kemi Adeosun, and the Accountant General of the Federation, Ahmed Idris, on Thursday.

The duo said Mr. Maina was last paid in February 2013.

“From my findings, the last salary Maina received was in February 2013. From March 2013, he was removed from payroll,” Mr. Idris said.

“I made a test run, giving different combinations of his names but found nothing. I don’t know where he has been getting salaries from.”

Affirming this, Mrs. Adeosun said several searches were made in the payroll and nothing was found.

“We do not have his biometric data. I can state that he is not receiving salary from the federal government,” she said.

Court ordered my client be paid his salary arrears – Katu

When members of the panel sought reaction of Mr. Katu, he claimed he had evidences of the payment. He, however, couldn’t produce the evidence when asked to do so.

He went ahead to claim that two different court judgement ordered Mr. Maina’s reinstatement and payment of his salary arrears.

“The issue of his dismissal was first was because of the Senate committee warrant of arrest. That warrant of arrest necessitate going to court and the court gave a judgement. In that judgement they set aside the query that led to his dismissal. Haven set aside the query that led to his dismissal, the poser is what should be his status? He has been reinstated to his earlier position.

He explained that though the HoS and FCSC were not parties to the case at the High Court, the inclusion of the Attorney General, who is in charge of prosecuting and defending cases on behalf of the Federal Government of Nigeria, made them parties.

“In the Industrial Court matter, both parties agree to do what we call out of court settlement and it was resolved that Maina will be reinstated and his emoluments will go to him and Maina on his own part agreed not to pursue his N2.1 million claim by way of damages. The cumulative effect of all these things is that there was a judgement and how was it brought to effect? It was brought to effect by reinstating him and by reinstating him what does that mean? It means he should be taken back to the status he ought to have been if he had not been dismissed and what is that status? His salaries and arrears should be calculated and be paid to him.”

Mr. Katu’s claim of court-ordered reinstatement had been faulted by lawyers who argued that he could not extend the ruling on Senate arrest warrant to include order for reinstatement as they were separate issues.

Maina Never Returned Any Asset To EFCC – Magu

The dramatic revelations continued with the account of the Acting Chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, Ibrahim Magu, who stated emphatically that Mr. Maina did not hand over any asset to the commission.

But this is against the claim of a Senate ad-hoc committee constituted to investigate the issue.

The Chairman of the committee, Emmanuel Paulker, had told the Senate on Thursday, November 23, that Mr. Maina had recovered 222 properties from pension suspects in Abuja and other major cities across the country.

This is also in contradiction to Mr Maina’s claim of helping the government to recover N1.3 trillion through the AGF, though he did not mention how and where the fund was remitted.

Mr. Magu, while listing out properties belonging to Mr. Maina, claimed that the EFCC’s knowledge of the said properties was obtained by the commission, stressing that Mr. Maina has not returned any asset.

He further challenged Mr. Maina to provide evidence of submission of asset if he continues to claim to have returned any.

He challenged anyone with a contradictory evidence to tender it publicly.

“If Maina or any government official witnessed the sharing of any recovered pension assets by any official of the EFCC, they should be willing to name the official, the assets involved; when and where the sharing took place.

“For the avoidance of doubt, there are no 222 properties anywhere that were shared by anybody. The EFCC did not receive a single property from Abdulrasheed Maina,” Mr. Magu said.

He added that all the pension fraud asset that are in the recovered assets inventory of the commission, ”were products of independent investigation by the EFCC.”

Oyo-Ita exonerates self

In her explanation, the Head of Civil Service of the Federation, Winifred Oyo-Ita, ‎said Mr. Maina, was reinstated into the civil service without a directive from her office.

“For the permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Interior, Abubakar Magaji, to claim that the directive to reinstate Maina came from my office is limited in facts,” Mrs. Oyo-Ita said, reacting to the submission by Mr. Magaji.

““The remarks by Mr. Magaji that he acted based on directives of the Head of Service, to put it mildly, is not quite correct,” she said.

“There is a process of conveyance of reinstatement instructions. The Federal Civil Service Commission would send a letter to the Head of Service and also send another letter to the beneficiary of that reinstatement under the flying seal of the Head of Service.

“The Ministry of Interior did not wait to get a posting instruction before they went ahead and reinstated Maina and assigned him duties.

“So this is to completely discountenance the attempt by the Permanent Secretary that they acted on an issue in an illegal manner while trying to make claims that there was a legality from my office”, she added.

She noted that the Ministry of Interior only acted on an advanced copy of the reinstatement letter, which was only meant for information purposes only.

Mrs. Oyo-Ita further insisted that Mr. Maina, as far as she was concerned, has not been reinstated into the civil service.

“A letter of reinstatement was never given to him from my office,” she said.

Maina has not been travelling through the borders – immigration

The account of the Comptroller General of the Nigerian Immigration Services, Mohammed Babangede, left more to be desired after he claimed Mr. Maina has three official passports and has not been travelling through borders if he has been travelling at all.

“We have checked our records and we have not seen a single name of Maina pass through our airports since 2013 when he was blocked; so the record available to us shows that Maina has not been travelling,” he started.

“If he has been travelling, then it means he has not been travelling through an airport we can see. By law, if you pass through a border you are entitled to report to an immigration officer. So if Maina has been travelling from 2013 till date, we don’t know. If he has been passing through borders he has not reported to an immigration officer. As far as we are concerned, Maina has not been travelling since 2013.”

He also said Mr. Maina has three passports and a dual citizenship.

“We knew about Maina from 27 September 2013 when he was leaving the country and he was stopped at the Murtala Mohammed international airport because of the letter from EFCC.

“Prior to that time, Maina was never in our stop list. He has been a frequent traveller across airports. He has 3 passports. An official passport which has expired and has not being renewed; a standard passport which is currently valid till 2018 and an American passport.

‎”So in an addition to being a citizen of Nigeria, he is also a citizen of America. He has a valid U.S. passport which will be expiring on 26 August 2022.”

The immigration, NIS, chief also explained that at some point, Mr. Maina’s name was removed from the stop list.

“On December 1st 2015 the EFCC gave us a letter directing us to remove his name from the stop list, which we removed. But when the case of Maina started and a directive was given by the president that he should be probed, we blocked his name again in our stop list. We blocked all his passports which means he cannot reissue his passport any longer and he cannot pass through our recognised borders.”

The EFCC chief had no chance to explain why the December 2015 letter was written despite Mr. Maina still being wanted by his agency. Despite the NIS ‎removal from the stop list, however, the agency still clarified that it had no record of Maina passing through any of the nation’s borders and airports since 2013.

I advised Malami to meet with Maina – Daura

The Director General of the State Security Services, Lawal Daura, in his account confirmed that the AGF met with Mr. Maina based on his advice.

“The attorney general of the federation sometime in 2016 or 2015 (can’t remember the exact day) because it was not through a formal document, placed a call to me when he was outside the country and requested me on a request he got through a source that Maina wanted to meet him.”

“He wanted me to advise him whether to agree to see Maina or not in that foreign country.”

“I responded to the attorney general that he should accept to see Maina but he should not see him alone”

“He should see him with a third party,” Mr. Daura said.

This account confirms Mr. Maina’s comment in a video recently aired by Channels TV that he met with the minister. Mr. Maina said the meeting was approved by President Muhammadu Buhari but the SSS chief was mum on this part.

It also confirms that despite the immigration service not having any records, Mr. Maina did slip out of Nigeria. Sources told PREMIUM TIME he was largely based in Dubai where the meeting with the AGF occurred.

On the accusation of the SSS shielding Mr. Maina, Mr. Daura said Mr. Maina had approached the service with a letter alleging threat to his life and therefore requested for protection.

He said Mr. Maina wrote his agency alleging threat to his life.

“The letter was scrutinised and fears expressed by Maina were also to a large extent established.”

He said the service decided to look into the matter so as to protect Mr. Maina.
“Because of the right to life which is guaranteed by our constitution, universally recognised, Maina’s case was directed to be looked into so as not to allow his life to be in jeopardy.”

Mr. Daura’s confirmation that his agency provides security for Mr. Maina, apart from confirming PREMIUM TIMES earlier reports, also shows that while the appropriate agency of government, NIS, was not aware Mr. Maina was eve‎n out of the country, the SSS not only knew he was out but also knew when he returned and probably how.

Mr. Daura, however, said no government agency, including the EFCC, wrote to the SSS, notifying it that Mr. Maina was wanted.

He added that the service has nothing to do with the reinstatement of Mr. Maina and subsequent promotion.


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  • rules_emmanuelO.

    ….For want of a responsibly competent leadership!

  • udemeobong

    Theatre House or you can call it House of Theatre. Remember the film “House of Cards”

  • Sanssouci

    The most incredible statement is from the all powerful Lawal Daura: “Mr. Daura, however, said no government agency, including the EFCC, wrote to the SSS, notifying it that Mr. Maina was wanted.” This despite Maina being on EFFCC’s wanted list on their website accessible to the public for several years now. He didn’t know Maina was wanted but knew enough about Maina to advise Malami to meet him in the presence of a third party. I don’t blame u sha, u have seen PMB finish.

    • The facts

      what you don’t understand in Nigeria is that the government will only arrest and prosecute who they want to. If Nigeria is a normal country, someone like Buhari would be answering a case of perjury by claiming that his certificates were with the Army but this is Nigeria.


      If so how come Maina was placed on INTERPOL LIST ? Without DSS knowledge……ha ha ha

    • atakamosu

      That’s right, and then afterwards he provided DSS security protection to Maina allowing him to leave and enter the country using false but sanctioned from above passport to travel freely. As if fixing Nigerians in the “arrrse” was not horrible enough these APC conspirators reinstated and paid the man on the run that they claim they did not know was wanted. If they did not know he was wanted, why did Malami and Daura discuss the pros and cons of meeting with Maina abroad? Why reinstate him if they were oblivious of the reasons why he was fired in the first place? And claiming they were unaware that Maina was wanted is an insult to Nigerians sensitivities. Is Aso rock in another boko haram cave? Bastards that God will punish them and their generations for the rape against Nigerians IF they are telling lies. Now if these APC leaders are telling the truth that only the public was privy to the fact that Maina was fired and fled to Dubai to avoid prosecution, and that Aso rock is hidden under a cave with no wifi then off course they will be spared. We need CHANGE in 2019, and not this APC of recycled thieving bastards.

      • man

        daura is a traitor. thats why i said the house committee chairman is empty headed. these are questions he should ask daura. the agf would have mentioned to him that he is wanted, but daura will say maina was out of the country already.

  • ojomaje ijato

    I think Buhari and his gang should apologize to Saraki. The leprosy stories coming out of the villa makes Saraki’s case look like ringworm. Fight against kwarafshon my feet!

    • atakamosu

      Yes ooo!

  • Oladele

    Buhari has outsourced presidency of Nigeria to scoundrels! I am disappointed.

  • Itan

    my perspective of the whole television drama is that apart from the chairman of the House Committee, all the Northern Public/Civil Servants at the hearing were completely empty in the head. Mrs Eyo-Ita took all of them to the cleaners.

    • man

      even the chairman madaki is empty headed. can’t you see hes trying to sweep everything. can’t you see hes not asking the right questoins. he just let daura go.

  • Uzoma John

    The above drama at the National Assembly has nothing to do with poor coordination of Buhari’s Govt. It’s the attitude of a people who have no integrity, selfish, greedy and self-serving – a typical Nigerian character trait. No allegiance for country just what people can gain individually from the system. The fact is these crooks are only interested in saving their jobs by giving disjointed testimonies. Ordinarily in a sane clime where people see the call to service as sacred, these thieves would’ve honourably resigned from their positions to give way for independent inquiry. We just outsmart ourselves in that country called Nigeria. It has nothing to do with Buhari not coordinating his appointees. How can you coordinate corrupt minded people who took advantage of Buhari’s ill-health and absence to do so many unthinkable things. Premiumtimes, it is your duty to also tell Nigerian political office holders what their counterparts do in other countries when faced with this kind of situation – simply resign and wait for the outcome of any inquiry. I laughed hearing Saraki saying he warned GEJ of the humongous corruption in the oil sector which GEJ allowed to fester. What about all the corruption allegation against Saraki which is still in court but never resigned from his position until the outcome of the matter. Like I said before, lying and deceit is resident in the DNA of every Nigerian especially when you find yourself in a position of “I better pass my neighbour”. All the building of churches and mosques even in most Govt establishment and the calling of God and Allah has not deterred Nigerian leaders from their corrupt ways. It’s a big shame.



      • Uzoma John

        Amusu. Where are you hiding and commenting from. Thought I’bu onye Biafra. What is your business with Nigeria.?


          Biafra is forever although we are under military occupation.

          • Uzoma John

            Delusional buffoon.


            BIAFRA FOREVER !!

            BIAFRA IS HOME !!

          • Julius

            What happened to your, kanu and ipob promise that ‘there won’t be election in Anambra’ or Igbo land ?

          • abodes_124

            Classic digression. trying to change uncomfortable topi eh?

          • Julius

            No, it’s a classic way of exposing a fake, fraud, coward and lying moron. The topic must have been uncomfortable for you not I. I have been saying from the get go that they were all lying except Oyo-Ita. I bet you didn’t see that because it doesn’t fit your narratives. Abeg, find something else to fake cry about.

          • abodes_124

            You partly buttress my point . You left the message to start down the ethnic/ Biafran bashing personalisation route which irritate me no end. I therefore lost the very valid and cogent observations you had made or subsequently made on the subject matter.

          • Julius

            nope, you are reading and responding to what you wanna read and gave a knee-jerk ready made response. By the way, what’s so ethnic / biafra bashing in the question I asked Tawanda ? Did I lie about what he said will never happen in biafraud ? I’m disappointed that you didn’t answer my question since you to it upon yourself to respond to my comment.

          • abodes_124

            Will answer your question but I am afraid again it will be a digression from
            The subject under discussion
            What happened to Kanu – no one knows. It is alleged Buhari ordered his execution along with his family and Burrattai personally supervised it.
            What happened to Ipob promise that no election will hold in anambara state – nothing much. Ipob does not and has never spoken for The Igbo nation. Ohaneze does and they said the election should hold and it did.

          • Julius

            Nah, Buhari personally supervised his execution, right ?…Yeah sure ! Now, you’ve answered my question which was what I was hoping to get from Tawanda but, I guess I should thank you for looking out for him. As for the Ohaneze speaking for the Igbo nation, Tawanda disagreed he believed it is the ipob and kanu. Look dude, I was asking Tawanda those questions to expose his delusional lies… you see why he remained quiet.

          • abodes_124

            Speculation as I said. I have wondered though why the security services are not actively looking for the escaped leader of avterrorist organisation or putting a bounty on his head. The most the heads of the army and police say is that they have not got him.

          • Julius

            Maybe he is not worth wasting their time on. By the way, I would think it’s the police/ civil law enforcement job.

          • abodes_124

            As they say in such matters use your tongue and count your teeth. so back to Mainagate. Do you think this is a case that will in years to come come to define Buharis regime?

          • Julius

            Look, I’m not surprised with things like this happening in a bureaucratic settings without the president knowing about it but, now that the cat is out of the bag, the president should deal decisively with the folks that are involved. If not and with some other cases, it may define his presidency. I agree.

          • Adele Uhuru

            No all they are here for and do is loot nothing more why do you think Buahri built a heliport in Duara ? It for ease of moving stolen loot to his personal vaulted safe in his now annexed house with DSS, SSS and Military protection

    • So oju abe niko

      You called it right by indicating that all the public servants involved in this mess should have honorably resigned. Unfortunately, for some inexplicable reasons, you exonerated PMB. PMB should have resigned honorably, when his sickness began to impede governance. Ultimately, PMB created the atmosphere that gave rise to this mess. Quite insensitively and arrogantly, he is now going to run for a second term, starting in 2019 at the age of 77. Is that fair to Nigeria for any true patriot, with the kind of integrity that many of you claim for PMB?


    Apart from Oyo-ita and Akande,the rest are rogues who have already been conered by their own web of lies and deciet.

    Buhari appointed these rogues based on nepotism and not merit , they are either relatives or old friends who were chosen to cover any real or percieved crooked activities of the cabal. They are expected to take the fall when need be but in this case they are confused and are implicating one another.

    In sane democracies all these kleptocrats and rogues would step aside for a proper investigation to take place but the reality is that even the boss at Aso rock cannot claim ignorance of th this fraudulent act so there is no hope that justice will be served to the much tortured Nigerian public.

    • atakamosu

      True talk, this APC leadership is caught up in a web of deceit and lies. A conspiracy directly controlled from the top. Even if the DSS, EFCC, Police and all those in the security services were bribed, everyone knew Maina was on the run. Daura definitely knew it, yet Malami the AG himself, not even of s state but the FG went seeking advice from Daura who is less knowledgeable on the legal implications of meeting and in essence complicity in covering Maina. These SPC thieves had the guts to even assign Maina DSS protection. Only in Nigeria will such grand conspiracy continue to be debated without prosecution of the involved. This is one of the reading we need real CHANGE in 2019. New politicians not recycled old thieving goats.

    • Adele Uhuru

      No Buhari is complicit he appointed them to aid him loot Nigeria dry – the signs and evidences are there for all to see but listen this is the tip of the iceberg – you’ll see mo gollible act of thievery purported by Buhari and his kin………….

  • Achim Albert

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  • man

    compromised article. this has nothing to do with coordination. it is politics and nepotism. can’t you see how madaki panel is trying to sweep everything under the carpet by not asking the right questions and ignoring witnesses. i like that man with maina’s counsel. he tell them, don’t ignore me. we are important like them. oyo-ita was very good, interior permanent secretary was trying to outsmart her, but when the biometric question came up, he took responsiblity. it is a game to these guys. they are not serious. if immigration says maina has not rtavelled since, then how was agf able to meet him in dubai last year? how was he able to start in interior this year? madaki investigative panel is not asking daura why he didnt put maina on a watch list even though he know the guy is a crimninal, or he could have asked efcc. agf malami has more to tell us.

    • Adele Uhuru

      Buhari and his minions need this Maina’s loot which thet got a taste during the election and after the election so they circumvented the law and norms to appease him period. This Buhari and his men are nothing but a collection of compromised thieves

  • Bassey Frank

    This is not a case of ‘”Poor Co-ordination”. It is deliberate complicity among a people who believe Nigeria belongs to them and that impunity is the way to go. Can you imagine our 78-year-old President, who claims to be Mr Integrity, getting messed up on such a mundane matter? Without these exposures, who would have believed PMB is just like we “corrupt” elements? Corruption is not limited to looting NNPC funds; when you deliberately or cunningly acquiesce to illegal and immoral processes like this, you are as corrupt as PDP (those who did not defect to APC), if I may use that example. Look at the characters involved – Buhari, North; DSS Director North; Internal Affairs Minister, North. Perm Sec Internal Affairs, North. Immigration Chief, North. Police Chief – North; EFCC, North. Chair Federal Civil Service Commission – North. Maina – North. This is the clique killing Nigeria slowly. Oyo-Ita is being used as a pawn on the chessboard.

  • rules_emmanuelO.

    Does Buhari and the gov’t of the day realise the implications of this show of (no) shame?
    Imagine potential investors googling Nigeria and reading such grand conspiracy and flagrant show of irresponsibility and incompetence by the nation’s top public servants. Mr Attorney General? Really?

    Impunity never had better ad than Buhari and his 40 thieves.

    • okenwa

      And also minister of justice without any atom of justice in him.

  • okenwa

    I will Continue to say this that if buhari was alive, these guys would have respect him but jubril can’t do anything. Just receive his pay and wait for 2019 before he vamuse. So all government agencies heads has no controller.