I advised AGF Malami to meet with Maina abroad – SSS DG Lawal Daura

Director General of SSS, Lawan Daura
Director General of SSS, Lawal Daura.

The Director General of the State Security Services, Lawal Daura, said on Thursday that he advised the Attorney General of the Federation, Abubakar Malami, to meet with Abdulrasheed Maina abroad

Mr. Maina is wanted for alleged pension fraud and is currently on the run from the anti-graft agency, EFCC.

Mr. Daura, while giving his submission on Thursday to the House of Representatives ad-hoc committee investigating Mr. Maina’s controversial reinstatement and promotion in the civil service, however said he advised him to do so in presence of a third party.

“The attorney general of the federation sometime in 2016 or 2015 (can’t remember the exact day) because it was not through a formal document, placed a call to me when he was outside the country and requested me on a request he got through a source that Maina wanted to meet him.”

“He wanted me to advise him whether to agree to see Maina or not in that foreign country.”

“I responded to the attorney general that he should accept to see Maina but he should not see him alone”

“He should see him with a third party,” Mr. Daura said.

The security chief said the attorney general complied and met Mr. Maina in the presence of a third party.

On the accusation of the SSS shielding Mr. Maina, Mr. Daura said Mr. Maina had approached the service with a letter alleging threat to his life and therefore requested for protection.

He said “the letter was scrutinised and fears expressed by Maina were also to a large extent established”.

He said the service decided to look into the matter so as to protect Mr. Maina.

“Because of the right to life which is guaranteed by our constitution universally recognized, Maina’s case was directed to be looked into so as not to allow his life to be in jeopardy.”

Mr. Daura said no agency, including the EFCC, wrote the SSS seeking to arrest Mr. Maina.

He added that the service has nothing to do with the reinstatement of Mr. Maina and his subsequent promotion.

Unlike the SSS, however, the Nigeria Immigration Service, NIS, said it was notified in 2013 to put Mr. Maina on a stop list and prevent him from travelling abroad, which it complied with.

The NIS chief, Mohammed Babandede, also told the committee that the NIS has no record of Mr. Maina leaving the country since 2013.

PREMIUM TIMES on October 20 broke the story of Mr. Maina’s controversial return to civil service after years of being on the run, sending shockwaves through the nation and placing the administration’s conduct under renewed public criticism and scrutiny.

Mr. Maina was dismissed from service in 2013 during the Goodluck Jonathan administration for absconding from office following allegations that he diverted billions in public funds for his own use when he headed the pension reform task force.

The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission subsequently moved to arrest and prosecute him; but Mr. Maina, who was fired as an assistant director, bolted from the law.

He was believed to have fled to Dubai, where he had remained until some officials of the Buhari administration allegedly facilitated his return under questionable circumstances this year.


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  • Adele Uhuru

    See these mumu people trying to fall on the sword for moronic president who is gullible that his lies can fly straight

  • Olusegun Adekoya

    Up APC….Up Buhari….all the way to 2023

  • Intrepid

    These fulani mafia are cooking up stories day by day to hoodwink Nigerians.

    I know blame una sha, I blame the people of Southern Nigeria.

  • Tare Daniel

    The ministry of justice is suppose to advice law enforcement agencies on matters like this and not the other way round. This govt is a joke.

    • umunnem

      Tank Yo!!
      Imagine DSS advising AGF….what an absurdity. So anybody who alleges threat to life gets DSS protection? How much did this cost the Tax payer? Daura Must Go!. Just as Malami must go 2.

    • Someone

      very good point. but agf will say he doesn’t if maina is dangerous. we know all of them are incompetent.

    • persona

      You then wonder how Buhari lost at the courts for 12 years being represented by Malami.
      WIth Malami, Buhari needs no more enemies.

  • FreeNigeria

    God, real countries are laughing at us, Nigeria is a big joke. This country is run by brain dead people

    • FineBoy

      How did Asange escaped British Security?

      • Daniel

        You are comparing Britain with the rogues in Buhari’s government?

        You must be an irredeemable ostrich.

        Focus on your mess back home.

        • FineBoy

          Buhari till 2023.

          You can remain in exile and die there.

          Hope u r not in Libya awaiting auction?

  • Igho D Amazing

    These Hausa/foolanis are just playing Nigeria like a draft game(Ahpene)..Yet Buhari is not corrupt abi.. Oya Kontinew!!

  • Bassey Frank

    Can you see those ruling Nigeria? Can you see those advising Alhaji Muhammadu Buhari? Can you see why NEMESIS must set out to work? So, what moral standing has Buhari to condemn corruption in Nigeria? From DSS, to Minister of Justice, to Immigration, to Internal Affairs Minister and Permanent Secretary, to Maina … all North. Nigeria has the most PRETENTIOUS character in the person of Muhammadu Buhari. Shame!

  • princegab

    It’s all about how to get the president out of the mess. Pmb should be called to testify too. He feigned ignorance about ikoy boxes of money, feigned ignorance of maina’s reinstatement.

  • atakamosu

    Maina was protected from the very top. Otherwise why would Daura provide security detail for a man who fled from the law. Daura in his position knew Maina was wanted despite all the organizations meant to arrest him having all been bought. Abi how could nine of these agencies not seek his arrest? The money I would say blinded them, cash thrown at them.

    • Arabakpura

      At this point, the man to sack is President Buhari who asssembled rogues and untrustworthy people around him after pretending to be Mr. Clean!

  • Arabakpura

    This is an absolute failure of leadership on the part of Buhari! His men are so incoherent and that in itself qualifies for corruption!

  • Kenny

    Mild drama between HoS and the permanent secretary in the Ministry of Interior. CG Nigerian Immigration spoke from both sides of his mouth only to be contradicted by Daura’s presentation. Mallami skipped the genesis of Mainagate and was simply beating about the bush in a desperate bid to save his already battered image. The whole drama was synonymous to a DANCE OF SHAME by the Buhari Presidency. This is not the CHANGE Nigerians yearned for.

  • Africa

    Buhari, please clear this rot! The people are watching.

  • Kareem Raji


  • Tare Daniel

    So if I send a letter to the DSS citing threat to my “universally guaranteed right to life”, Mr Daura will provide me with protection. Who are you kidding? If people dont lose their job after this saga, then the President is complicit.

  • Daniel

    So many shameless faces of impunity.

    A government of nepotism cannot enforce discipline.

    This is Buhari’s dilemma.

    Buhari cannot sack his uncle, even if he breaks into the CBN.

    Sad for Nigeria.

    • Tess

      You’re right. This is what many of us have been crying against, but some choristers of this administration will not listen. Buhari is a nepotic person who pretends to fight corruption but some people don’t understand this. There’s nothing he is doing that is new in the fight of corruption. Even the whistle blowing they claim to be unique to them is not. They’ve only made it official, but before their administration, there has been whistle blowing. These guys are the most nepotic set-up Nigeria has ever had. Junaid Mohammed has already broken down Buhari for us but some people overlooked it. He will not touch anyone who he himself knows or knows through a friend. That is corruption. It will get worse if we mistakenly allow him to go beyond 2019. PMB is simply not the man to lead us out of our numerous challenges. He’s only compounding them. I’ve not pronounced Maina guilty yet, but the things happening around his name in this government is highly embarrassing. Buhari’s government ridicules us.

  • marig

    Daura should be asked to produce maina. He is the one shielding him

    • Afo

      He is head of the corrupt cabal in the presidency and Maina was daring to refer to him as the Oga of Malami. Imagine the terrible damage these corrupt characters are doing to the fight against corruption. SSS has been supporting illegal travelling of Maina and that is why there is no records with Immigration. Why PMB has turned deaf ears to the these evils committed by these corrupt characters under his nose is a shock to those of us who are hardened supporters of the fight against corruption.

  • rules_emmanuelO.

    ..for want of a responsible and competent leadership! SMH!

  • chyke

    If Atiku promises me he will arrest and prosecute this Daura character in 2019, then, I’ll vote for him.

  • KBE

    Government of cronies by chalartans for the gullible. DSS director has the gut to tell the nation he advised the AGF to meet with fugitive outside the country. The AGF actually met the fugitive in the company of Munguno the National security adviser. Shame.

  • Moneyz N Horseyz

    DSS chief telling Nigerians that despite knowing that Maina was a fugitive but because no agency of government wrote to him, instead of bringing him to justice he protected him. I cry for my country Nigeria.

  • Julius

    Like I said, Oyo-Ita has nothing to do with this scam. Kudos to her for not taking the blame !. I’m sure more revealations to come on this fraud.smdh !

  • mallam

    Maina’s request was scrutinized from the view point of a fellow Fulani man. Anyway I blame Evans (the Billionaire Kidnapper) for not asking for SSS protection.

  • thusspokez

    “He wanted me to advise him whether to agree to see Maina or not in that foreign country.”

    “He should see him with a third party,” Mr. Daura said.

    Shocking! The Nigeria Attorney General, who is the chief legal adviser in Nigeria and whose advice the president and nation relies on, needed advice as to whether to agree to a rendezvous with a Nigerian fugitive in a foreign country?

    • persona

      I shock too o…. This Maina issue also exposes the Ambassador to UAE who would have known about Malami’s visit and then facilitated the outreach to Malami.
      Malami was in UAE to secure agreements on how to extradite criminals, met one and had a cozy meeting with him.

  • thusspokez

    On the accusation of the SSS shielding Mr. Maina, Mr. Daura said Mr. Maina had approached the service with a letter alleging threat to his life and therefore requested for protection.

    What national security importance is Maina to deserve the protection of the SSS?

    These benighted people in the Buhari administration have turned Nigeria’s institutions into fiefdom. Maina is wanted by the EFCC and yet another law enforcement agency was hiding him. This is unheard of! In any civilised country the head of the SSS would face dismissal.

    BTW I wonder if the SSS is also hiding Kanu. The conspiracy of silence over Kanu among the law enforcement agencies would indicate that one of them is hiding him.

    • Moneyz N Horseyz

      The EFCC was never genuinely wanting Maina. If you listened to the testimony of the Comptroller General of Immigration, Mohammed Babandede, he said right in front of Ibrahim magu, the EFCC Chairman that the EFCC wrote the NIS on December 1st, 2015 to remove Maina’s name from the ‘Stop List’. Its interesting to note that Ibrahim Magu was appointed EFCC chairman on November 11, 2015 – which means that, less than a month after his appointment, his EFCC initiated the move to safely and securely bring back the fugitive, Maina.

      • persona

        Do you suppose that EFCC didn’t know that Maina was already in the country and of what value was the stop list when in 2013, it didn’t prevent the fugitive from escaping not only from Nigeria but to another country that had Interpol agreement?
        You want to place this on Magu, its wrong. The security agencies has been shielding the same guy before he left the country while the senate had declared him wanted.

        • Moneyz N Horseyz

          I’m only stating the obvious- which is, Magu requested the NIS to remove Maina’s name from the ‘Stop List’. That happened before the AGF met with Maina in Dubai (January, 2016).Therefore, Magu cannot be exonerated from the Saga. In fact, he initiated the move.

          • persona

            Are you still on Magu?
            Maina according to the Immigration boss and data was in possession of 3 passports.
            He held unto his official, his private and a US passport.
            If Magu removed him, how come he left Nigeria when his name was already with INTERPOL…was that Magu also?
            How come he resided in UAE which is a signatory to the name INTERPOL convention?
            How come Maina was not extradited like Ibori before the emergence of Magu
            How come Maina was not “catchable” even by the police and the senate?
            Magu knows that the protection was past a stop list. When something doesn’t work, you stop doing it… that is sanity.

          • Moneyz N Horseyz

            The truth doesn’t have to be convenient – it’s not a matter of “…If Magu removed him…” but Magu removed his name from the ‘Stop List’. Can Ibrahim Magu explain why his EFCC wrote the NIS to remove the name of a fugitive from their list? Scapegoating the AGF but trying to exonerate others is selective justice. Did Magu find out about Maina’s properties only after the news of his reinstatement was made public? All of them were involved in a grand conspiracy to reinstate Maina. Truth of the matter is : Reinstating Maina was President Boohari’s agenda which he achieved through the division of labour to his appointees. If not, why would the President grant his AGF permission to meet with Maina in Dubai? After all, only recently, the former Minister for Petroleum, formally applied to be joined in a suit in which the EFCC had mentioned her name but the government declined her request. Are you telling me that if for example, Tompolo, made a request to meet with the AGF in Ghana, will President Buhari grant the request?

          • persona

            You seem to not have caught up with the statement from DSS boss. He said Malami called him and not Buhari…stop spreading fake news. Tompolo already had a former president’s undivided attention and even told the former president to run back from commissioning a project…Maina is only trying to use a familiar playbook just that, he never got to receive any directive from Buhari as he would have wanted people to believe.

          • Moneyz N Horseyz

            If you choose to excuse your idol, Buhari, and his cohorts for conniving to reinstate a fugitive, in the face of glaring facts that is entirely your affair. I do not unequally yoke myself with idol worshipers.

          • Iniobong Uko

            What was Magu’s reason for demanding the immigration service to remove a suspect Maina’s name from the stop list? That is the pertinent question, did he do it within his terms of reference, did he fulfill the requirements of the law before doing that

  • thusspokez

    Because of the right to life which is guaranteed by our constitution universally recognized, Maina’s case was directed to be looked into so as not to allow his life to be in jeopardy.”

    ”right to life” For one minute, I thought he was talking about abortion. The SSS was created to protect the nation against threats within or foreign or both — it is not a police force responsible for protecting individuals so-called ”right to life”.

  • thusspokez

    Mr. Daura said no agency, including the EFCC, wrote the SSS seeking to arrest

    This is because Maina’s case is not at the level of national security, hence only the NIS and police were informed but not the SSS. But throwing Duara’s argument back at him: did the SSS inform the other law enforcement agencies that it was protecting Maina?

    There is logical inconsistency in every response Duara gave. This would indicate that he is not very bright; and yet he is heading an intelligence agencies? Clearly, he is not fit to head the institution.

  • persona

    The following are quick pointers to all that happened:
    1- The ambassador to UAE was aware of Malami being in the country and same reached out to Malami that a VIC(Very Important Criminal) would like to meet with Malami.
    2- The Chief law officer reached out to DSS and not Buhari as regards meeting with a fugitive
    3- The Chief law officer without discretion, met with a fugitive and didn’t report back home but facilitated his return not just into the country but to service. He did this publicly by telling EFCC to return all high profile cases to him and claimed that Maina had not court issue to prevent his reinstatement.
    4- The DSS is now granting people cover based on allegations when their sole responsibility is to protect us from enemies both foreign and domestic…they protected an enemy while foreign, was domesticated.
    5- The DSS is waiting for EFCC, Police, Immigration and INTERPOL to come seek their permission to disclose the location of a fugitive?????
    The same DSS prevented the arrest of Oke and Ekpeyong recently, wrote a terrible report about Magu and now, the service is holding fugitives?
    6- Maina from the comfort of his hiding had internet access to do an outreach to Channels TV and we call it exclusive??
    7- Maina that once claimed he draws salary is the one that claims that Buhari authorized the AGF to meet with him…i guess the DSS boss is the president or Buhari was simply impersonated which in this case, it should be a criminal issue against the AGF for misrepresenting his principal.
    The issue of Maina should compel Buhari to do the needful to these public servants who are now acting out their own scripts just to seek leverage of their own against this nation.

    • thusspokez

      He did this publicly by telling EFCC to return all high profile cases to him and claimed that Maina had not court issue to prevent his reinstatement.

      When in August 2016, Malami directed that all law enforcement agencies hand over to him the so-called “high profile” cases, I commented that he was up to no good; and indeed, what a tool to extort money and favour from (crooked) wealthy Nigerian. Maina turned out to be one of his high-profile clients, albeit, client and deal that is now causing him a lot of headache.

      • persona

        Bayo Ojo, Adoke, Malami…must we have corrupt elements in such a huge capacity? This country ends up having criminals presiding over important positions and we end up not moving forward.

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  • Otile

    What is Osinbajo doing, why can’t he show up and take the blame so that we can get this ugly scandal over with?

  • man

    daura is indirectly confessing that SSS is protecting maina.