Nigerians are divided, country not working – Ekweremadu

Ike Ekweremadu
Ike Ekweremadu, Deputy Senate President

The Deputy Senate President, Ike Ekweremadu, on Tuesday lamented that Nigeria is daily splitting along ethnic and religious lines and that the country, as currently constituted, is not working.

He said this at the 2017 Annual Conference and Induction Ceremony of the Institute of Chartered Mediators and Conciliators (ICMC) tagged, “Myth and Reality of Agitations: The Place of Consensus Building”, in Abuja, where he said that division is not only becoming wider by the day, ”but gradually destroying the future of the country.”

“As a nation, however, we have to tell ourselves the hard truth. Nigeria, as currently constituted, is certainly not working well. Nigerians are not only dangerously split along ethnic, religious, and sectional lines, the gap is widening on a daily basis.

“The trend of insults and divisive verbal attacks traded by younger ones against one another’s ethnicities, sections, and religions on the social media on every matter do not also inspire any hope of a brighter future.

“Therefore, I believe the constituent parts of this country must come together around the table immediately to discuss and agree on how to fix the country. I also believe that the 2014 National Conference Report is a starting point”, he said.

According to him, the 2014 National Conference report remains the most recent roadmap produced by every shade of opinion and group in the country.

Mr. Ekweremadu expressed confidence that the nation can overcome her problems through the deployment of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR). He added that mediation and conciliation had been necessary tools in dispute resolution.

Disappointed that the report (2014 conference report) had been ignored for long, he said, “It is rather unfortunate that several months after the Senate requested Mr. President to transmit the report to the National Assembly for legislative actions, nothing has happened. We only read a recent statement credited to the presidency to the effect that it has no confidence in the confab report.

“I do not believe, in good conscience, that a report produced by the cream of all spheres and units of the Nigerian society is worthless. Does the present government intend to set in motion a process to convoke another conference, whose outcome it can trust? That will be a waste of time and resources. But, whichever way we look at it, Nigerians must work out a blueprint for a workable, equitable, and prosperous nation”, he said.

He however applauded the fact that the ADR now thrives in the country and practitioners are eager to lend their expertise and weight to the consensus building efforts.

Mr. Ekweremadu’s position aligns with that of former President Goodluck Jonathan, who recently at an event in Abuja also urged the government to implement aspects of the 2014 report which he said had panacea for the nation’s numerous challenges.

Meanwhile, a professor of African History, Isaac Albert, at the event called on President Muhammadu Buhari to embrace the instrument of mediation and reconciliation in order to resolve the intractable Boko Haram insurgency in the North-east and militant activities in other parts of the country.

While stressing that key players in the Boko Haram insurgency were profiting from the crisis and as such would not want it to end, he urged Mr. Buhari to, ”embrace the leader of the insurgent group, Abubakar Shekau, as a way of bringing the battle to an end.”

President of the ICMC, Emeka Obegolu, said the Institute preferred the promotion of mediation and conciliation for dispute resolution.

“They are vehicles to the enthronement of political, communal and ethno/tribal peace and harmony in Nigeria. We are challenged to continue to interrogate the incessant crisis that bedevils the polity and threatens to tear the social fabric of our society apart,” he said.


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  • SBA

    Yes it is no longer working for Ekeremadu because he can no longer steal as he used to in the past. You and your rogue colleagues should be ashamed.

  • Concern

    Ekeremadu I disagree with you that the confab of 2014 should be revisited, some of the delegates at that confab were nominated by warlords aka Tomopolo because he is a friend of GEJ while knowledgeable Deltans were neglected despite our cries. That alone is a strong reason to throw that report into the dust bin and re-organize another without paying a penny to any interested delegate.

  • thusspokez

    As member of the Nigerian government, what contribution has Ike Ekweremadu made to promote unity or to make Nigeria work?

  • Ekoile

    Mr. Biafraud sympathizer a House divided against itself can not stand (pun intended), an internal enemy like you…Nigeria enemies are those who are very close to the seat of power, nonsense man.

  • thusspokez

    “The trend of insults and divisive verbal attacks traded by younger ones against one another’s ethnicities, sections, and religions on the social media on every matter do not also inspire any hope of a brighter future.”

    With regard to trend in Nigeria’s discourse on social media — which I have been watching since 2005 — , and to be objective, back then, it was the (neo-biafra) Igbos posters who started and led the insults against other Nigerian ethnic groups, particularly, the Yoruba, Hausa and Fulani. This trend has continued to this day on newspapers like the Vanguardng.

    I can still recall on my first day on a Nigerian website (the nigerianvillagesquare dot com) how shocked I was. at the level of insults being traded.

    My first comment (objective, as often the case) on the day’s topic of discourse was met by torrent of abuse and insults; my parents, so-called political masters and imagined ethnicity also came under insults by the Igbo (neo-biafra) posters — which left me feeling dirty and wondering what I had said to provoke this insane level of insults.

    It took other ethnic groups a long time to have enough of the insults and start responding in kind. People rightly criticised the Arewa youth threats but had ignored the fact that for decades the (neo-biafra) Igbos posters have been using social media to insult Nigeria and other Nigerian ethnic groups.

    I however think that Buhari parochialism and croynism — not to mention his VP’s tribalism in his choice of aides — is widening the ethnic and religion division in Nigeria.

    • Netanyahu

      When was exactly the advent of the social media for “Igbo posters” to have used it to insult other ethnic groups “for decades”? When you are insulted for lying against an ethnic group, you start complaining. I don not know where you come from but to exonerate yorubas of this crime speaks volumes.

      • thusspokez

        I don not know where you come from…

        I will tell you when you are in your grave.

        …but to exonerate yorubas of this crime speaks volumes.

        Nothing seems to have changed since 2005! This was just what I meant by “imagined ethnicity” in my previous comment.

        Just as in 2005, people like you demonstrate an incapability to respond to comments intelligible; your primitive mindset is geared toward seeing all comments as having tribal motives.

    • red shit

      you take the insults on social media seriously, you know. its just a joke to many people

      • thusspokez

        You don’t seem to know the difference between insult and joke.

  • Bassey Frank

    That is what PMB wanted. He has deepened the division with his strategically sectional/tribal/ethnic/religious sentiment style of leadership, which he drives with impunity.

  • Ahmed Yaman

    This country need to be restriction

    • Riot50000

      Born to RULE.
      Can’t construct a simple correct sentence, but he has RULED for 50 years and wants to continue.
      COW head IQ of 50

  • thusspokez

    Meanwhile, a professor of African History, Isaac Albert, at the event called on President Muhammadu Buhari to embrace the instrument of mediation and reconciliation in order to resolve the intractable Boko Haram insurgency in the North-east and militant activities in other parts of the country.

    I would say that Isaac Albert is rather naive and hadn’t thought properly about his argument.

    Does Isaac Albert know what boko harams stands for? If so, what aspects of their philosophy would he recommend as potential candidates for mediation and reconciliation with the Nigerian government?

    I have said a thousand times that as long as there is a large population of unemployed, illiterate and extremely poor young people in the north, boko haram will take advantage of this large pool to replenish and preserve itself and last for decades to come.

  • Timothy

    I do not agree with you totally….but am going to assume you made the speech so as to give credence to the make up of audience at the gathering…because if Nigeria was truly being divided you wont be Deputy Senate President by now and this long from an opposition point of view…..if it were in PDP you would be out or jailed or facing the EFCC for one charge or the other…..or slammed with enough court cases to last you a life time….but lucky you…you can talk while occupying a high govt position.

    • Opekete

      I agree with you


        Me too.

    • Riot50000

      Spoken like a fucking CERTIFIED IMBECILE.

      • Timothy

        You people are quick to pour out hate speech without an intellectual input. Have you noticed that the politicians created the zoning formula? Have you noticed the politicians created the 6 geopolitical zones. The ordinary Nigerian is busy doing business with other tribes, he is marrying other tribes, he is busy doing his thing until politicians created the division and sold it to many of you. This simply to serve their own cause and not for the people. I need you to ask yourself why is it that in the National Football Team (Super Eagle) why there are many Southerners and less Northerners and no one is complaining and they seem to be making progress…why? When the politicians went into NFA we failed woefully because it was just based on who they like and not because of the progress of the team. Now that none of that is happening we see progress. Politicians create the idea of a division, seel it to people like you and you just take it and dwell on it. Tell them to go to hell we are not divided. We are all Nigerians and we must ask for progress.

        • Riot50000

          I need you to ask yourself why is it that in the National Football Team (Super Eagle) why there are many Southerners and less Northerners and no one is complaining and they seem to be making progress…why?

          FOREIGN COACH CHOSE MERITOCRACY as opposed to QUOTA/NEPOTISM/TRIBALISM which Muhammadu Buhari would chose.
          That’s why this Eagles Team and 1996 Atlanta Olympics Eagles teams SOARED like Eagles.
          Now, compare that to what the North and Obasanjo have done to Nigeria over the past 50 years.
          No Igbos have been at the top of decision making status in Nigeria for the past 50 years.
          Imagine the absence of the strikers in these Eagle Teams, just imagine.

          • Timothy

            Your statement seems to contradict yourself. Now the Foreign coach decides without interference who he would choose into his team from wherever he likes according to how they play. Now if you ask a politician he will say its not only the South that knows how to play, after all the North produced the likes of Rasheed Yekini, Ahmed Musa and so on…why did he base his choices from mostly in the South?

            But me and you are not bothered where they came from as long as they perform. When we watch them play we dont care where each player is from. Nepotism does not count then. But because it is politics we are looking at Nepotism….why? If a coach can choose whoever he wants in his team….why not the president? As long as they deliver…..Now maybe Buhari need to consult widely to select best brains from all regions so as to satisfy the politicians….bottomline is this….like in the football team…if the team fails…the coach is to blame….not the players….but if the team wins…the coach is celebrated……so also if this govt fails….its not his team or a minister that failed….Buhari’s administration failed….so why all the fuss about working for a paid job in govt? Only politicians are the ones getting paid in govt….not the ordinary man on the streets……yet when the say we are being marginalised we think its all of us….NO…they are being marginalised…..If Buhari likes let him put all his family members…he wont be there forever and definitely if he fails HE IS A FAILURE….but if he succeeds with his family members then we will continue to honour him and them. So why worry?

          • Riot50000

            Reading and compression, F

  • Jon

    Tear down this ugly unitary system that benefit the Hausa/Fulani parasites where the whole South are now slaves to the parasites. The South wants to be equal partners in a united one Nigeria. Restructure now or De-amalgamate, Choose one, you parasites.

    • thusspokez

      Dear illiterate, Nigeria is a federal system. Aguiyi-Ironsi tried to turn it into a unitary system, but was killed before he could.

  • Uzoma John

    You have been in Govt for donkey years and at no time did the country unite or work due to your greed and corrupt nature. All of you who are fighting hard to derail this Govt by your actions and inaction are the real enemies of Nigeria. Your lack of commonsense and integrity like your mates in the National Assembly – the reason the country is not working.

  • Screw-em

    Blame David Mark for foisting this sanctimonious skunk aka biafraud deputy deputy on us. He is nothing but a treasonous scumbag that should be serving time in jail for life. He crawled and prostrated before Buhari to spare him from the fingers of Magu while surreptitiously sleeping with the hideous coward Kwanu. He is a disgraceful eyesore. Tufiakwa!!!!!

  • Suleiman Alatise

    Second bass jare, tell us a new story Mr. Weremadu , this one don too old.

  • Riot50000


  • Malik Isah

    He can leave if he wants