SHOCKING: Video shows Buhari’s minister campaigning for Wike for 2019

Sports Minister, Solomon Dalung,
Sports Minister, Solomon Dalung,

Nigeria’s Minister of Youth and Sports, Solomon Dalung, appears to have taken a swipe at his fellow minister, Rotimi Ameachi, in a trending video on social media.

Speaking on Monday in Port Harcourt during the national wrestling championship hosted by the Rivers State government, the video shows Mr. Dalung telling Rivers youth to ask anyone seeking their votes to give account of their stewardship when they were given the opportunity.

“2019, anybody wey come dey halla, dey talk long grammar, make una ask am one question; the one wey we give you, wetin you do with am,” he said in pidgin English.

In a manner which sounded like an endorsement and campaign for the Rivers State Governor, Nyesom Wike, Mr. Dalung said, “Even Governor Wike, if him come in 2019, make him show una the one him do including the road. But I know say una go give (vote) am because him done do this one for una ”

Mr. Dalung challenged anyone who is ‘angry’ that Mr. Wike is hosting the championship to bring his money and do the same.

Mr. Wike is a member of Nigeria’s main opposition party, the People’s Democratic Party, PDP, while Messrs Amaechi and Dalung are members of the ruling APC.

Mr. Wike, who succeeded Mr. Amaechi as Rivers governor, is a sworn enemy of his predecessor. Several people in Rivers have been killed in political violence between supporters of the two politicians.

Mr. Wike defeated Mr. Ameachi’s party and candidate in the 2015 general election to emerge as the governor of Rivers State.

This is not the first time a member of President Buhari’s cabinet will be making a controversial endorsement.

Earlier this year, Aisha Alhassan, the Minister for Women Affairs, endorsed a former vice president, Atiku Abubakar, for the 2019 presidential election.

“Your excellency, our father and our president by the grace of God, come 2019,” she said in Hausa language.

PREMIUM TIMES reported how Mrs. Alhassan said she would support Mr. Abubakar in 2019 whether or not President Buhari contests.

Mr. Abubakar has since left the APC and is believed to be preparing to join the PDP.


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  • grand maze

    APC is not a party in the real sense of it. It is a mad house of people whose only aim was to seize power at the FG. This particular minister is a parody of the absurd.

    • amah sossy

      Unless you failed to appreciate it, the aim of every political party is to be in power and enjoy the goodies that follow it as the wish of every football club is to win trophy. The leadership style of APC must differ from that of PDP so that we may have the opportunity to choose the best for our survival. Whereas they remain the same , it won’t help the developmental wish of the citizenry. It will be very ignorant of you to wish the parties do the same thing. We are watching APC closely and will speak when the time comes.

      • grand maze

        They don’t have a common ideology. That’s what I am talking about and not style of leadership. Parties thrive on ideology

        • amah sossy

          Every political party, group, organization or club has an ideology but sometimes the ideology may come short of your expectations and it doesn’t mean they don’t have. Every party has ideology. Tell me something new please. Kingfishers, Kilimanjaro, Mr B and so on all have ideologies though one may serve the public better.

  • emmanuel

    I insisted before Mugabe was ousted, that even ZANU-PF would trounce the APC in 2019; if they come here to contest the election. Fortunately for ZANU-PF, they have become stronger and more energised as a new force in Africa party politics. Mugabe only fell into the trap laid down for him by the party and their sympathisers in the military when he sacked Mnangagwa.
    Once Buhari became rejected by God, all APC members took their flight technically and most are waiting for events to unfold. The unfortunate once would be those whO are not currently linked to the PDP and were too hostile to the PDP in APC.
    Buhari is now very confused as the options he is endorsing to replace him, are very big political liabilities

  • amah sossy

    The party APC should call him for explanation. If found guilty, the party must ask him to resign. If Oyegun fails to act on this hmmmmmm…. Your guess is good as mine.

    • emmanuel

      Shhhhhhh, Mama Taraba is still there. Buhari has had lunch with her more than twice since she took a swipe at him. Halliburton Aisha is still keep za aza room clean, though it is no more functional. Who would sack her if she insist her husband is not fit for a president and has stood stoutly be her position?
      Hope you are not working for Oshomole of Tinubu; so Oyegun the liar can be removed before the convention or replaced then?
      The APC is only a band of failed politicians who rode to power on the backs of USA, UK and Attahiru Jega, but had nothing to offer except sorrow, pains and tears

      • amah sossy

        It’s only ethnic jingoist and myopic follower like you that will call people like Tinubu, fashola, Christopher Onu, Chibuike Ameachi, Oshomole and so on failed politicians. Anyone in power is always popular bcos he doles out the cash. After your tenure, stocks are taken and evaluated. Akpabio is still popular in his state bcos his achievement when in power. Rotimi Amaechi achieved more than his two predecessors and the facts are there ( state major roads, school buildings, health centers, employment of 13,201 teachers, more than a 1000 medical doctors with more than 4 000 auxiliary health service providers, disengagement of former non performing teaching staff who turned the schools to market place and their pay off.) He is not a failed politician and neither Tinubu, Fashola, Oshomole, Christopher Onu, Ngige, and so on are. They are the bedrock of APC. Bring your best eleven from PDP and let’s discuss them.

        • The_Voice

          “Rotimi Amaechi achieved more than his two predecessors…” Please may I know under which platform he made those achievements and who his two predecessors were?

          • amah sossy

            I believe we are talking about individuals and not political parties or platform. Bcos you said failed politicians so stick to it and debate me. Time for ignorant and blind propaganda is gone. Put your facts down. For predecessors, we have Peter Odili and Omehia Celestine.

          • Chukwuka Okoroafor

            I don’t think it is fair to bring Celestine Omehia into this because he only lasted six months. He could not have had much in the way of recorded major achievements during that time.

          • amah sossy

            Please check very well gov Wike reinstated all his privileges as ex-governor. Confirm from rivers state government web and dispute me. I will accept your finding but 1000% sure he is there.

          • Chukwuka Okoroafor

            Yes, but it does not change the fact that Omehia was there for six months thus he could not really do much of consequence for Rivers.

          • emmanuel

            Amaechi employed 26,000 teachers same day and they never worked. That is fake. He stole so much money through mono-rail like which takes less than eighteen months to complete in developed clime and abandoned.
            A man who cannot tackle a small girl who is now her boss is a failed politician.

          • amah sossy

            Beer parlor gossip. Rivers state never employed more than 13,301 teachers under any administration apart from the one done under Ameachi. Please be factual. Name a country that constructed monorail of 30 km anywhere recently within 24 months. The latest monorails completed in Canada took more than 10 years to accomplish though longer than that of rivers. It’s capital expensive and time consuming project. Kano state is now constructing a new one in partnership with Chinese for 71.3 km @ $1.8 billion USD. Stop quoting unsubstantiated info here. Please do more research. Time of negative propaganda is gone.

          • Sean William

            Amaechi achieved nothing, frankly. Instead he wasted his people’s money on useless projects like a monorail I saw, I nearly wept. The rest he threw away to hausa and yoruba people and squandered billions sponsoring an ethnic bigot like Buhari while his state lacked roads and basic infrastructure. Given the money Nigeria had then, and invariably Rivers, Amaechi was a colossal failure. First time I got to Port Harcourt I was shocked at the state of infrastructure. Even now the airport is rubbish and Amaechi is minister of transport. Very shameful.

          • The_Voice

            You compared Amaechi’s seven years to Omehia’s one and gave him (Amaechi) an ‘A’? Do your research and you will be surprised Amaechi is no where near Omehia within a year in office.

            And about notable achievements of Amaechi, they were during his time in the PDP. Party policies, programs and manifesto. He did nothing after defecting to the APC.

          • amah sossy

            Argument like this discourages me alot. Omehia is an ex-governor as Ameachi is. But Ameachi’s achievements in office stand taller than Omehia’s as time spent in office is not in dispute here. Also it will be unthinkable for anymore to separate his first tenure from the second and do comparism with others. Two, we are not talking about party here. Keep your going power, for the next 6 years and God willing we will talk about 8 years of APC vs 16 years of PDP then. Please follow the line of engagement. Most of you guys from PDP thinks that propaganda and lies win debate, not anymore. You have to put your facts on the table. Am here, if you have any other topic on the polity please put it on and let’s trash it.

      • VERITAS_ the rock of ages_

        “”””except sorrow, pains and tears””Our regular trademark.

    • Owejah

      Hahahahaaa! Which APC? Buhari dey consult anybodi before he made somebodi minister?

      • amah sossy

        Well he may not consult you & I but there are people he trusts are competent enough to advise him and no probs about that. But if you feel he is not doing the right thing, please dust your voter’s card and wait for him and his party by 2019 and vote them out. That’s the beauty of it and vote in someone you believe will call a town hall meeting before appointing aides to come in. I don go farm

        • Owejah

          Nor vex, y’hear…?

  • Gerald Okoduwa

    What else do you expect from a minister who appears mentally deranged? Is pidgin English Nigeria’s lingua franca through which a minister of the Federal Republic should be communicating with the youths? Everything this minister has been doing calls his soundness of mind to question. Surely, he does not count among the best in his State of origin even if one were to call the situation a casualty of federal character syndrome.

    • emmanuel

      Grow up, Pidgin English is now an African Language. Lalong is possibly on codeine of Tramadol, yet cannot be faulted on this. Communicating effectively with an audience includes using the language that can best sway them and pass a message.
      It is a misnomer to speak in pidgin English all through, but the report showed that he interjected his speech by introducing pidgin at a point.

      • Riltin

        So what, even if he has spoken in pidgin english all through? I may not always be in agreement with the minister in many things, but on this one, my take is that he drove his point home by using the most effective means.

    • Pawa2

      Not even minding the fact that he spoke in pidgin english even a primary school boy will engage his brain and not make the type of statement Dalung made. And they said he has a degree in law. Which university gave him that degree? I cannot get my head around it.

  • Abdullah Musa

    Soaked in Rivers’ oil!

  • Mentus

    There is absolutely nothing wrong with Lalung’s advice, it is very sound and as far as I’m concerned non-partisan. You judge people by their fruits and not by their promises regardless of what party they belong to.
    If he happened to use Wike’s favourite phrase, it still does not detract from the point he made. It is only in Africa people vote for non-performing Politicians simply because they share ethnicity or religion with them. Lalung is Minister of Youth and Sport. The language he chooses to use should resonate with the youths, and people on this forum will be deluding themselves if they fail to realise that over half of Nigerian youths are not educated to the level of speaking or writing good English.
    Connecting with every youth is important and that is what he tried to do. Education on political awareness is long
    overdue in this nation. Nigerians should be empowered to know they can make and unmake these politicians with their voters card and even when they have been elected they should ‘work’ and not ‘revere’ them. After all they are the servants of the electorate and if they fail to perform they stand the chance of finding themselves out of job in the next election.

  • Isyaku Muhammad

    Dalung with A’isha Alhassan are the same.

  • Timothy

    This is not an endorsement…you guys can really be mischievous in you stories…..

  • Whalerolex

    Who wants to associate with this guy Dalung? Abeg park well

  • aisha ani