VIDEO: Maina speaks from hiding, seeks opportunity to say the ‘truth’

Abdulrasheed maina
Former head of the Presidential Task Force on Pension Reforms, Abdulrasheed Maina. [Photo credit: juliana taiwo -]

Fugitive former Chairman of Pension Reforms Task Team (PRTT), Abdulrasheed Maina, has asked President Muhammadu Buhari for an opportunity to ”reveal the truth” concerning allegations of corruption against him while he handled the affairs of the team.

Mr. Maina, in an interview with Channels Television on Monday, asked President Buhari to give him the opportunity to expose those involved in the pension fraud.

Mr. Maina has been in hiding since 2015 after he was dismissed from the civil service for allegedly absconding from duty and attempting to evade arrest.

PREMIUM TIMES in October reported how Mr. Maina, who is wanted by the anti-graft agency, EFCC, was secretly recalled and promoted to the position of director in charge of Human Resources in the Ministry of Interior.

Following the public outrage that greeted the report, several government arms and agencies, including the Senate and the House of Representatives, said they were launching investigations.

In his first appearance after the furore, Mr. Maina boasted of recovering funds to the tune of trillions for the present and past administrations.

“I recovered money for last administration and I recovered money for this administration. Now people don’t know this, let me explain this.

“Thank God our President stands for the truth. The unfortunate thing is that some people, whom he has given trust are lying to him. This one I can attest to and I can give you instances. I can give you documentary evidences.

“We recovered as team N282 billion cash. Apart from N282 billion, we were able to bring information and caught 43 pension suspects. N1.6 trillion investment and properties were recovered,” he said.

Mr. Maina said he is seeking President Buhari’s audience to ‘say the truth’ and tell him how to recover funds from pension thieves.

“Mr. President, if you really want to know the truth and you want to be fair to the whole nation, give opportunity for everybody to come and present. Are you hearing, Mr. President? I’m appealing to you Mr. President. There are so many things people are not telling you. When I get to that public hearing, I will tell some things that nobody ever told you.

“I will give you information and documents that will fetch you over N3 trillion. If I don’t do it, Mr. President, give me 9 months, within the first 3 months, I will ‘show’ you N1 trillion.”

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  • SeniO.

    Mr Maina needs approval of somebody to do the right thing and expose the bad guys… interesting!

    • Timothy

      I dont think he is seeking approval to open the can of worms…he is seeking higher anointing to achieve his aim….so that it wont be that he was killed in the process. Nigerians do not celebrate heroes neither do we care about those who make efforts…that is why there’s a lackadaisical approach to national issues….no one cares…everyone is doing his own for his own good and not for the good of all or for the country….I can bet you if what this man is saying is true…he wont last this year without DSS protection. Question is if he truly a thief and has evidence then he should be given a chance to speak…..if he defaults and is not saying the truth the president can simply hand him over to the police or EFCC he cant escape it then…..let him speak lets all hear what he has to say that is my own…. a lot of people may be exposed…even those we thought were saints.

    • Julius

      Unbelievable…ain’t it ?. It says a lot about him.

  • persona

    Maina needs his governorship tickets, wants a deal to expose his fellow criminals and above all throw everyone under the bus.
    The big question is, how come the link to Channels wasn’t traced to determine where it emanates from during a live broadcast?
    It tells me that some people are in concert with Maina and Buhari needs to watch his back incase he is not already cutting a backdoor deal with Maina( He wouldn’t have sacked him publicly and Maina wouldn’t be asking for his attentions had Buhari fallen in line with Maina).
    Maina is now following the public narrative of telling Buhari he has criminals around him essentially fooling him.

    • emmanuel

      Be smart. Buhari knows about the whole game. Buhari was very much around when the game began. You would hear more in the next couple of days.
      The man saw Buhari and Malami promised to use legal means to sort him out.
      The expectation was that he would carry on quietly at Ministry of Interior until campaign begins effectively in 2018 and by which time, no one will focus on him until he wins Bornu State Govrnorship and get immunity. The DSS could not have been involved if Buhari did not come in. The link between the Bornu Kanuri/foolani Buhari cabal and Katsina cabal is Buhari

      • persona

        conjectures my friend…conjectures.
        So, Maina will hide in the ministry till 2019 and then begin to campaign…right?
        The issue is clear…facts speak for themselves. Buhari was out on medical vacation and we were counting days for him to return and in that same window, AGF, DSS and NIA heads all went to Dubai to implement agreements that would allow them whisk criminals and yet Malami met with the same fugitive and yet worked to have him reinstated and even defended him by asking the EFCC to turn over documents which became an open mess with Obla stepping into the ring.
        The issue is simple, it was even a newspaper tat leaked the return of Maina, how then was the FG planning to keep him till 2019?
        Maina by himself had been moving about freely and even had his posters all over, that should tell you, he wasn’t planning on hiding…that defeats your logic of unveiling him in 2019.
        Thridly, Buhari would not hide Maina to then publicly expose him. He was quiet on SGF and NIA guys, he would have done same if Maina was in corner.
        Get your facts straight and stop twisting your own brain. Maina was smuggled in by AGF because, he knew illicit money was with Maina and it was ok to offload same as Buhari was not around. The facst at my disposal is that, Oyo-Ita couldn’t reach Buhari because Kyari had blocked her just like he did to Ibe. She cornered Buhari and told him but Buhari was not sure who she was talking about and the fact that letters from AGFs office supported the return. Buhari may be trusting but not complicit. Maina like Oronsanye should surrender himself and present his facts. He never said he met Buhari, he mentioned AGF clearly…those are the facts.

        • emmanuel

          You are wrong. The Malami wrote a letter in January, another in February and the last in May 2017. These followed several meetings held in the past. Did you hear his brother speak out of annoyance three days after he ran through the borders three weeks ago?
          Buhari’s head was very clear when these issues were on. You are only making case for him. WE will get real details when it becomes obvious to Maina that the monies he spent to get himself back have all gone down the drains.
          Maina will sink Buhari finally, when the time comes.

  • Ifeanyi

    Maina should tell whatever truth he has to the EFCC.


    From what maina said in the video, it means President was aware of Maina’s recall. Listen to him:” I will show you as I did last year and this year” (paraphrased). So mains was working for this PMB. Wonderful country!

    • forestgee

      He said PMB asked Malami to discuss with him. Falsehood is at the highest level in this government

  • Timothy

    Maina….my advise to you is simple…..this country would never celebrate you if you die in silence no matter if the aim is to clear your name or bring others to justice…….many will come for you for your actions… you either produce a video of all your evidences and have it circulated. Not through the media or through the conventional methods….use whatever ill-methods possible to expose your evidences and have people know the truth else…it would die with you….If you are involved and seeking protection because “No be only u chop….others follow chop” then you are in for it and you wont go freely

  • Dazmillion

    Buhari’s is condoning and deodorizing corruption.

  • thusspokez

    Mr. Maina, in an interview with Channels Television on Monday, asked President Buhari to give him the opportunity to expose those involved in the pension fraud.

    Chineke! The rouge and fugitive wants (even demanding) an audience with President Buhari to deliver the latter an expose? Is he stúpid or something worst?

    In the bok-haram-style video, the fugitive sounded rather like a rouge salesman, desperate to scam some gullible old lady. Indeed the rouge doesn’t seem to understand that this is a matter for him and the law-enforcement agencies that are after him.

    BTW From the interview, he is hiding in Nigeria. Alternatively, if he is outside Nigeria, it is easy to find out where he is from flight records and visa issued to the Channel News interviewee(s).

    • emmanuel

      You have just revealed a key information the security forces must use. Maina was a fugitive and possibly worked with Boko Haram underground while it was hot. The manner of sending his video to the media is a lead for further investigation of Shekau. This could just be the face of Shekau

      • Usher- Join The Revolution

        Don’t sound daft bro, you are better than this! Anybody can send video to TV station.

        • emmanuel

          What appeals to the typical human mind some times means something unusual to security minds. That is how to build evidences. You may just see it as a typical sent video, but this may just be lead

          • Observer

            So he was the Shekau Jonathan was using to scam us before things fell out between them.. Unto the unchon nchon… My you sabi reason wella. Brain fall on you

  • emmanuel

    This is a script written by Buhari and his cabal who are all involved in the Maina scandal. Maina sure did not work alone in the committee, so Nigeria did not close that chapter after Maina ran away with stolen monies.
    He would only look for a way to mention Jonathan’s name, then the media frenzy would divert attention and they would think of how to pardon him.
    I am certain the FG got proper briefing after Maina left. Of a truth, he did not do the leg work. He was only the head.
    The low intellect of the cabal has not failed them, as this game plan is too cheap

    • Someone

      good. it is looking like a script because the agf was incompetent. the next step is to go to the efcc.

  • Tommy Soto

    Mr. man sounds like a fast talking 419er bigboy trying to use his stolen loot to bribe himself back into the country and avoid prosecution. Good to hear that the FG is putting pressure on his family to produce him.


    The average Nigerian believes Maina instead of the lying Buhari regime

  • Dan maikoko

    ” Things either are as they appear to be, or they neither are nor appear to be, or they are but do not appear to be, or they are not and yet appear to be.” The four types of appearances. For me the Maina case could be any one of this appearances. If Maina has documents showing large scale fraud of the type he is referring to here then let him release these documents and let the heavens fall. He does not have to be reinstated before he can do that.

  • Matthew Ogbu

    The time for the much talked about change is now. PMB should give Maina chance to appear before the National Assembly to voice out what he (Maina) is telling Nigerians from his hideout. This, if allowed to be, the menace of corruption in Nigeria from the top will be close to eradication. This will also prove right the first lady’s view that the husband is surrounding himself with people that are bringing him down than working for the president to move the country forward.