We will obey Buhari’s directive to pay salary arrears before Christmas on one condition – Governors

President Buhari with APC Governors
President Buhari with APC Governors

Governors from the 36 states have said they will abide by the directive of President Muhammadu Buhari to pay all outstanding salary arrears before Christmas.

They, however, gave a condition to be met for them to comply with the directive.

This was revealed by Governor Rochas Okorocha of Imo State while briefing State House correspondents after the governors held a closed-door meeting with Mr. Buhari inside the council chamber of the Presidential Villa, Abuja.

Mr. Okorocha, who confirmed the directive from Mr. Buhari, said the payment of the arrears is dependent on the president’s approval of the payment of the 50 per cent Paris Club loan refund.

“Yes, with the Paris Club coming, every worker should enjoy his/her Christmas”, Mr. Okorocha said.

The Imo governor also said: “the president has expressed the need to make ensure that every Nigerian especially the workers have a beautiful Christmas and the issue of outstanding Paris club was discussed and that was taken care of.”

He said the governors put pressure on the president to get approval for the balance so that they (governors) can make adequate appropriation arrangements.

“We also made a request for Mr. President’s approval so that the balance should form part of our 2018 budget, because we can’t include it, until we are sure that the money is coming. That was also sorted out.

“So, as it is now, the issue of workers took the centre stage and Mr. President was concerned about those who depend on their salaries to feed their families and pay their house rent and he had the assurance from the governors that we will meet up those obligations”, he said.

What states are getting

The governor of Kaduna State, Nasir El-Rufai, who also spoke at the briefing said every state will get its own share of the Paris Club refund based, ”on what was arrived at after reconciliation irrespective of the quantum of arrears owed.”

“Every state has a specific amount that was deducted. That amount may be enough to cover the arrears; it may not be, because you cannot get more than what you are entitled to. It varies from state to state.

“My state has no salary arrears at all. So, it’s a mute issue. Kano doesn’t have salary arrears. Whatever we are getting, we just continue with our development projects.

“Some states have salary arrears that are bigger than the Paris Club refund they are getting. Even when they get it, they will not be able to clear the salary arrears. But it is better to reduce it so that people will have happier Christmas than not,” he said.


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  • Kareem Raji

    Macabre dance of shame. Buhari is just stashing away funds for 2019 election and using salaries as a smokescreen

    • Pius Adewale

      If for the sake of the workers let him starsh it away besides not his money…

      • Kareem Raji

        He is pretending that he does not know the previous ones were diverted to build hotels. If he is serious, he should make sure all governors provide bvn of the staff they are going to pay and issue a payment instruction that will be backed by the release of the funds. Shame on him. He has succumbed to the same corruption he claims to be fighting

        • persona

          When the minister of finance said conditions would be tied to it, how come Fayose went to protest in Abuja?
          You guys should place the blame appropriately. The refund is just a blessing. What would have happened to the states had there been no refund?
          These same sates would have money for politics but never for the projects in their states. Very few states should actually exist so that we can better harness our potentials. What does a state like Ekiti contribute to the GDP of this country? What do we want, more states or more productivity? We cant have both.
          Governors have immunity and even those that diverted, how come their states people cant protest? Is that Buhari also?

          • Kareem Raji

            They dont protest because like all Nigerians, they have been oppressed into submission. Fayose protested and buhari succumbed? Since when did buhari start taking fayose seriously?

  • Dr Pat Mumuwole Awosan

    Election year is fast approaching and Imam OLODO must now appear that he is no longer the terrorist loving Islamic extremist we all know him to be. A man who once told the then President and the military to STOP killing Boko haram members and burning their houses now believes Nigerians have forgotten. He presides over an unfortunate country where neither Fulani Herdsmen nor suicide bombers (Both prolific killers) are ever named. I am sure he meant to say “Pay Rohinja Muslims all salaries owed”. It is a huge shame that such a character is presented as a president of a Nigeria with almost infinite bright minds and intelligent people. The world just cannot understand how Nigeria chooses a president. If I may ask, why is Okorocha dressed in Yellow clothes and red cap? Well, everything is wrong with APC. Shameless and clueless undesirable elements!

    • Jon

      Well articulated. Just as you said, how such a character is president is beyond everyone’s comprehension. What sort of country is that?

    • FreeNigeria

      Well said, the worst people in our society are running our country, headed by a brain-dead tribalist Buhari

    • Otile

      Good observation, Imam Okorocha is the worst dressed Islamic APC governor. In his jaundice-colored apparel he likes more like a Malumfashi herbalist.

  • Jon

    This consuming and sharing policy of Nigeria MUST stop. Nigeria is a consuming and sharing entity. Development and ability to pay salaries can only come from a Nation that is a producing entity. The Nigeria unitary system must be dismantled and restructured to devolve power to the states. This will enable states to produce, generate their own revenues and develop at the own pace.

    This idea of Southern Nigeria tagging along with the unproductive parasites of Hausa/Fulani North is not helping matters at all.
    The South should sound a note warnings to the parasites to: Accept Restructuring or De-amalgamate. C’mon parasites, choose one.

    • Aminu Zubairu Surajo


      • Chukwuka Okoroafor

        Perhaps the way he said this may deserve criticism but Nigeria really needs to be restructured if it is to survive and succeed beyond anyone’s wildest dreams. I think deep down you know this.

  • Ade

    I think sentiment apart, those governor who are still owing should be ashamed of themselves, imagine a state paying September and October next week and telling the worker to spend it judiciously because no more salary until late January 2018, and you are putting all the blame on federal government, are the state workers working for federal government?. Please let us talk to this governors to cut the numbers of projects they are doing and pay their workers. Workers are suffering, I wonder how they manage to go to work where there is no free government bus.

    • jon

      The reason for this is:

      Nigeria is a consuming and sharing entity. Development and ability to pay salaries can only come from a Nation that is a producing entity. The Nigeria unitary system must be dismantled and restructured to devolve power to the states. This will enable states to produce, generate their own revenues and develop at the own pace.

      This idea of Southern Nigeria tagging along with the unproductive parasites of Hausa/Fulani North must stop.

      The South should sound a note warnings to the parasites to: Accept Restructuring or De-amalgamate. C’mon parasites, choose one.

      • Aminu Zubairu Surajo


    • okpada

      Which projects, rift rats projects everywhere?

  • javscong javscong

    These rogue governors have no shame. Now, can Rochas or any one of them please tell Nigerians why there are still arrears in spite of them having received 50% already. 2) Will they submit to sanctions which will require them to renounce their immunity to prosecution, if all salaries and arrears are not paid in full? 3) What blueprints do they have for generating revenues internally so they do not start from 1st January, 2018 to owe salaries? Buhari should not bow to the governors demand because their track records are awful. I propose that the states submit their full list of all outstanding salaries and emoluments, to the office of the Accountant General Let each Ministry or Department attach the staff personal account details and let the CBN send the payment advise to the respective Banks. Anything short of that,will mean giving the rogues a Christmas bonus. The governors are worse than armed robbers!!!!

    • Ibrahim

      Am not sure d present Buhari is thesame person history told me about. What a negative change!!!!!!Ø

  • Man_Enough

    Of all the evils being committed by governors, the most heinous is failure to pay salaries as at when due. The bible says “the laborer deserves his wages” while the Quran admonishes that you “should not allow the sweat to dry from the labourer’s forehead before paying his wages”

  • Gidi

    PT Editor should correct this phrase “My state has no salary arrears… So, it’s a mute issue.” The correct statement should be “My state has no salary arrears… So, it’s a moot issue.”

    The correct phrase is moot point / Issue. A moot point can be either an issue open for debate, or a matter of no practical value or importance because it’s hypothetical.


      Fake Wole Soyinka

      • Gidi

        And your point?

        • BABUYANMA

          Your correction is boring.

          • Gidi

            I don’t blame you, but the system that produced your half baked Education, assuming you have one.

          • BABUYANMA

            Stop putting people to sleep with your delusional know how.

  • Julius

    Unbelievable, they are giving condition before paying their workers. I can bet that majority of them and their families will be celebrating the holidays abroad…with their state fund. Na wa ooo !

    • atakamosu

      Yes ooo in Nigeria, governors are emperors. It’s up to the masses to take whatever bribe these bastards offer during elections and vote out non performing elected politicians. 2019 must be a year of change.

      • Julius

        Let’s hope and pray so !

  • Ayinde

    Directive to who?
    Bet you this Imam Bubu still thinks like a Dictator that he is ?
    Any way not his fault but the aberration called FEDERATION or FEDERAL STRUCTURE IN NIGERIA.

  • Olu-Lion

    the more you give, the more they loot

    • Otunba

      The system is very bad and appalling. You can make assurances while in the confines of the Presidency but away from there all become a separate Kings with different agenda and no query. That is the reason for your cmments; the more you give, the more they loot. One will wonder why their anti-corruption fight is a mere grandiloquence.

    • grand maze

      Very apt

  • newday

    This picture of our leaders is fit for some Middle Eastern kingdom, nor Republic of Nigeria
    ..None looks presidential..

    • August January

      Irrelevant comment!

      • A.A.Ngalos

        Allow him to elaborate his opinion please.

      • newday

        It’s not irrelevant. Nigerians hired them to work not party & they aren’t wearing work clothes. Any wonder, they are not productive?.

        • August January

          I think you both need to free yourselves from your pettiness! Tell me what you mean by “work clothes”. What’s the dress code (maybe in the Constitution) for Governors & the President? What does their dressing has to do with their productivity? Or, are you saying one can only be productive in suit? Hey, come on, inasmuch as you have the right to ask questions about whether they’re productive or not, it’s petty to link productivity to dressing in the present circumstance!!!

  • Dr Pat Kolawole Awosan

    First of all,state governors in Nigerian-states, deserved a presidential appointed auditor-generals for each state of the Federation to continue to strictly monitor all Federal Government, allocations or bail-out as well as London/Paris Club,s loan refunds payment which state governors, have been usually diverted to personal enrichment as our aging pensioners and suffering civil servants, continue to drop-dead on the long queue.
    IN all civilize nations around the globe, auditor-generals, handle-effectively the strict monitoring of public expenditure and capital-allocated construction projects in order to ensure there would not be cases of looting,inflation of contract-cost and stealing of capital and expenditure budgets in order to ensure everything runs and grow smoothly without hindrance.

    • grand maze

      Your suggestion though good, unfortunately negates the principle of federalism. The loan refunds are money belonging to the states for which the FG has no jurisdiction over

  • Sam

    Election is coming closer, 2019 is approaching, the ruling party wants to appear as a saint who really cares. Civil servants will fall prey again and the same people voted for. The struggle is real and it will continue. POLITICAL STRATEGY.
    Comes 2018 APC will start to reduce their rod of affliction and introduce a fake wind of comfort for their slaves.

    • Fada4Life

      You are an enemy to workers welfare that is why in your myopic view saying those thrash

    • bola

      what will apc do to please an ingrate like u, go and park well jo

    • grand maze

      Your insight is simply superb. Woe to all Dundee united

    • MNO

      Mr President has been giving bail out to states since taking over in 2015 to help alleviate the suffering of workers across the country and yet you come here to spew nonsense about it being a political gimmick for 2019? You’re just incurable but I ll advice that you apply some decorum & intelligence in the pursuit of your avowed or maybe paid attack & hate for PMB.
      Do not forget these monies have been there since the military era and successive govt b4 now chose not to make it available to the states but this govt is magnanimous enough to all states irrespective of party affiliation. That speaks volume of the person of Mr. President.
      On the contrary, The last govt shared out ecological funds close to 2015 elections only to friendly pdp states. This govt came & paid same to states that didn’t benefit at the time including states like Rivers who was left out then bcos Amaechi was gov, but now under Wike, an otherwise enemy of PMB govt benefited from the injustice done to Amaechi. The difference is clear.

  • Tha HU

    I personally do not think this issue is about the federal government posturing for next election. What is particularly striking for me is the issue of state government and their inactivity. Most of the states holding salary arrears have inexcusable reasons for this. Unfortunately, holding state government accountable is somewhat elusive in our democracy, state judiciary and legislative do not play any of their role of check as balance. Therefore, giving governors enough room for financial malfeasance.

    It’s more than high time for citizens to lessen the blame on federal government and look towards the state governors. First of all those states without salary arrears do not have two heads, and do not think about bringing up tribe to argue because it shows that you have not perused the paris club funds appropriation and therefore are unworthy of engaging in this conversation.
    Secondly, state governors having arrears have proven to be the least effective. There’s literally no sign of progress in their administration to even present a believable argument as to where those funds go.
    When they are asked about it, the present arguments about one side being favoured and all sorts of rubbish to gain sympathy.
    Stop letting tribe and religion cloud your judgement and start looking at your enemy next door, not the one in Abuja.

  • MAI

    Rochas should be the first person to be audited erecting SA president statue with millions of naira while state workers are not paid their salaries, at times I even imagine if these people use there brains apart from fooling Nigerians that why most of them don’t end with good legacy