Rep offers to quit over lack of public trust in federal legislators

House of Reps
House of Reps

A House of Representatives member, Adamu Chika, has given up the opportunity of seeking re-election, citing lack of public trust in Nigerian lawmakers.

The member, who represents Shiroro/Rafi/Munya federal constituency of Niger State, communicated the unprecedented decision in a letter to the Niger State chapter of the ruling All Progressives Congress, APC.

Mr. Chika confirmed to PREMIUM TIMES he wrote the letter, and said he stood by it.

In his memo, the first timer said given the low level of public trust in federal lawmakers, he would only be seeking National Assembly office again for “personal interest”.

“In line with the teachings of our Prophet Muhammad (SAW), that any person seeking to be appointed or elected into public office should be rejected, now that there is eroding public trust in legislators of the National Assembly, it is not worth the trouble to seek such office unless it is for my selfish and personal interest,” Mr. Chika wrote.

National Assembly members faces constant criticisms by Nigerians for their poor work ethics, unending corruption scandals and for the huge perks they receive.

Nigerians criticise the lawmakers for paying themselves millions of naira in quarterly allowances, and failing for years to disclose details of the National Assembly budgets.

Members are also accused of contributing very little to governance, with constant investigations and reports that are hardly implemented.

Mr. Chika serves out his four-year term in June 2019, and is constitutionally entitled to seek re-election. But the lawmaker says he will give up that opportunity.

He also drew the attention of the APC to the lack of cordiality between the government of Niger and federal legislators from the state.

“Though I have quite a number of reasons not to contest the upcoming election, I want to draw the attention of our great party APC in Niger state to the disconnect between the governance (sic) in the state and the membership of the National Assembly, the state assembly and other key stakeholders because there is an absence of synergy,” he wrote.

He said key APC leaders in Niger state were in pursuit of individual agenda and were at loggerheads with the ideals of the party.

He thanked the party for giving him the platform to serve.


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  • Simeon

    Obviously Mr Chika is a gem of a person and a different breed from the typical Nigerian politician. Good for you. How can a chamber where thieves are the leaders produce anything but lies?

  • John A

    One in a million, a very rare gem in the assembles of thieves .

    • Ubong

      I apluaded him if the decision is not based on the fact he might be favourably in good parlance with tbe governor, constituents and state chapteer of alphabet APC. Being one out of the numerous thieves, could he go all out to honestly tell suffering nigerians how much he take home including all the funny allowances they corruptly allocated themselves. Taking this bold step will be a great service to the nation.

  • Emeka

    This guy has stood out from the thieves presently in the house, and by this singular move, he might as well be on his way to a greater position, where his true views and objectives could be noticed and felt by his people…

    • Julius

      I hope he run for the governor of his state . I’m sure he will render a positive service without shipping his state monies to Dubai. Good luck to him.

  • thisnigeria

    It is good to hear that you are not re-contesting for those laudable reasons. But you will be helping that dark chamber, the members and Nigeria as a whole by disclosing how much you really get paid as a member of the house both legally and otherwise. That would go a long way in confirming or disputing what is being speculated by the general public.
    Thanks a lot in advance for doing this since your leadership will not yield.

    • deri best

      that he is quitting–is that not enough for u

  • deri best

    Good riddance to bad rubbish

    • Jon

      I am afraid, this is not what the PARASITIC North wants to hear. The only language they understand is maintain the STATUS QUO. Lazy parasites.

      • Abdulmojeed Nojeemdeen

        But the one speaking is from the South? E b like say u no well. The only English u understand seems to be parasite.

    • Opekete

      Really? Are you for real?

  • Du Covenant

    I wish the rest of the hyenas will see sense and truth in what this man is saying and follow suit. Most Nigerians in politics today ought not to be there, we have better people with integrity who know too well what public service is all about not self service. It is very true there is no where in the world where there is so much distruct of public officials than in Nigeria for obvious reasons. These reasons are out there for the whole world to see, the level of decay in society, lack of infrastructure, non-existent healthcare or sound educational system in a country where trillions and trillions of naira have budgeted, stolen from the public treasury and shared by elected public officials and civil servants. It is high time public means public service in Nigeria!…

  • North/West Allies

    Omo i have to go make friends with this man immediately, this is a true human with a heart. I wish more of these criminals will act the same way

  • art mon

    Before you praise this man, has he given up his loot ? Is he having any political problem with his home governor etc?

    • Arabakpura

      They should rather take him to a psychiatrist to know whether he is normal because this is a misnomer in Nigeria!

  • Watch man

    You cannot claim not to have known since 1999 that NASS members are best known as looters who care and legislate in favour of their pockets. I perceive that you are withdrawing because you have seen you will lose to a superior bribe/corrupt looter and now you are making it look like it is lack of public trust that you are withdrawing. Nonsense!

  • Yego V

    This man must be at the extreme of either sanity or insanity. The truth is the country has no need of the legislature.

  • Enemona

    On a mission to get a reprieve for the crimes you’ve committed. Here or hereafter, you must pay for your heinous crimes against humanity, no affiliations can save you.

  • Abdullah Musa

    We need more like him.