Attorney General Malami lied on Maina’s recall letters, say Oyo-Ita, Federal Civil Service Commission

Abubakar Malami
Attorney-General of the Federation, Abubakar Malami PHOTO: Daily Trust

The controversy over the recall of former head of Presidential Task Force on Pension Reform, Abdulrasheed Maina, into service rumbled on on Thursday.

At a hearing by the adhoc committee set up by the House of Representatives to probe the matter, the Head of Civil Service of the Federation, Winifred Oyo-Ita, and the Chairman of the Federal Civil Service Commission, Joseph Akande, frontally controverted the account by the Attorney General of the Federation and Minister of Justice, Abubakar Malami, of his role in the matter.

Official correspondences published by PREMIUM TIMES show that Mr. Malami initiated and authorised the recall.

Yet, on Thursday, asked by the committee to give a direct answer as to whether the letter requesting Mr. Maina’s reinstatement came from him, Mr. Malami claimed it did not.

He said the last letter he “remembered” to have written on the issue was dated January 19, 2017 and was meant to bring attention to all that was happening to Mr Maina.

He then claimed that Mr. Maina had not resumed when PREMIUM TIMES exposed his recall.

Mr. Malami said: “As at 5th October, Maina’s issue in my office was a work in progress and not yet concluded and that can be associated with previous dealings in February, April and October so the letter giving specific and clear directives couldn’t have genuinely emanated from my office.”

I received letters from Attorney General — Oyo-Ita

However, the Head of Service, Mrs. Oyo-Ita, faulted the account of Mr. Malami as she stated that she received letters from the office of the Attorney General demanding the reinstatement of Mr. Maina.

Mrs. Oyo-Ita said Mr. Malami’s office wrote a series of letters to her office to press for the reinstatement.

She said: “Maina, from records available to us, was dismissed in the year 2013 from the Federal Civil Service for absconding from duty.

“From the beginning of this year, we started receiving series of letters written by the Attorney General and Minister for Justice, addressed to the chairman Federal Civil Service Commission and copied to the office of the Head of Civil Service of the Federation.

“As those letters came in, the Federal Civil Service Commission wrote to my office, directing us to request the Ministry of Interior to set up a Senior Staff Committee to review the directives from the Attorney General.

She expressed surprise that Mr. Maina was finally reinstated without the assent of her office.

“When I got hold of that letter of reinstatement, I held on to the letter because I needed more clarification of that letter, so I was surprised to find out that without officially conveying the letter of his reinstatement or any letter of posting whatsoever, the said Mr Maina was absorbed into the Ministry of Interior which I learnt through the media.

“I want to place on record here that I still have the original letters here with me. My office will never convey such reinstatement letter to Mr. Maina, so there is no way he could have resumed work at the Ministry of Interior if he had not being officially notified of doing so by the office of the head of civil service commission.”

We received 3 letters from AGF before approving Maina’s reinstatement – FCSC

The Chairman of the Federal Civil Service, Mr. Akande, also told the committee that the letter requesting the reinstatement of Mr. Maina emanated from the office of the AGF.

“Maina was declared absent from duty in 2013 and attempt to locate him proved abortive so the ministry informed the head of service and the head of service informed the commission and ordered that a query be given to Maina to explain why he has been absent from duty.

“Ministry of Interior gave the query and set up an investigative panel to hear the other side of the case but they were unable to locate him.

“When Maina was unable to respond to the query or attend the investigative panel, the SSC (Senior Staff Committee) of the ministry was conveyed to consider his case and after discussion and deliberation, the SSC recommended that Maina be dismissed. When the letter was sent to us from the HoS, we sat on it and the commission agreed with the recommendation and Maina was so dismissed.

“Sometimes in 2014, Maina wrote to the commission appealing that they reconsider their decision and that they review the dismissal given to him.”

Mr. Akande said the commission started receiving letters from the AGF from early 2017.

“In 2017, the commission received a letter from the Attorney General dated 19th January 22017 demanding the reinstatement of Maina.

“Again, the AGF sent another letter to us 27th April. The third letter informing us that he is the chief legal officer of the country and that the basis of our dismissing Maina cannot stand because judge of High Court in Abuja has paused the warrant of arrest and therefore directed.

“The ministry of interior met through their SSC and recommended that he be reinstated. When we looked at it, we approved that he be reinstated.”

No officer assigned to guard Maina – Police

Meanwhile, the Nigeria Police denied assigning officers to guard Mr. Maina, at any period of his service as head of the presidential task force on pension reform.

The Deputy Inspector General of Police, Research and Planning, Valentine Ntomchukwu, told the committee that the force had no record of any police officer protecting the ex-pension boss at any time.

Ayo Omidiran, Osun-APC, questioned Mr. Ntomchukwu on the role of Nigeria Police in providing security for the fugitive civil servant.

“We all know that he had not less than 10 police officers guarding him during that time (When he was declared wanted). So, to say that police have nothing to do with him is not correct sir,” Mrs. Omidiran questioned after the DIGP read a report on the role of the Police Force in relation to Maina.

In response, Mr. Ntomchukwu said the police had no record of any officer attached to Maina.

“We don’t have any record of any police officer guarding Maina. There is no record of that. If there is any record or the names of any officer attached to Maina, please let us know.

“Secondly, when there is a warrant, Police acted on the warrant issued for the arrest of Mr. Maina from the Senate and we declared him wanted based on the warrant. When we could not find him on the address by the agencies that went to look for him, we now declared him wanted. And in all the processes with the INTERPOL, there was a red alert. A red alert means that he is declared wanted. And so, we are still looking for him,” Mr. Ntomchukwu replied to another question on what the police have done in tracking down Maina.

Senate committee gives damning update

In a separate but dramatic development, the Senate committee investigating the same matter reported that the task force headed by Mr. Maina recovered about 222 houses and investments from pension suspects in Abuja and other major cities across the country, and asked for more time to complete its probe.

The chairman of the committee, Emmanuel Paulker (PDP-Delta), said the committee was unable to tender a report due to complexities involved in the issue and fresh revelations which emanated in the course of the investigation.

Mr. Paulker said the committee discovered some issues which are beyond its mandate and thus, requires the leave of the Senate to cover them.

“During the investigation, certain issues arose that this mandate of the senate did not cover. Mr. President, suffice it to note that it was revealed during the investigation that some estate properties were recovered during the Maina investigation into pension fraud.

“And since this mandate did not cover that aspect of resolution, I want to come under order 42 and 52 so that the standing committee can now come up with a motion that Senate can now empower them to expand her mandate to cover this.”

Mr. Paulker said the presidential task force headed by Mr. Maina recovered about 222 houses and investments from pension suspects in Abuja and other major cities across the country.

“The reform Maina led recovered assets from pension looters working with the EFCC, ICPC, DSS, police and paramilitary agency staff and then EFCC took charge of the recovered assets,” he said.

“The total recovered assets seized from allegedly pension thieves were reported to have been allegedly shared by some interest groups. The committee equally received a petition in respect of the recovered properties by the task force.”

The Senate empowered the committee to further investigate the circumstances surrounding the properties recovered by the defunct pension task force and report in four weeks.

The Senate also mandated the committee to report its findings on circumstances surrounding his reinstatement and promotion in two weeks.


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  • Amorji

    THIEVES in power.

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    This is a laguage of a fail govt.

  • Prosperous Nigeria

    Otulugbeke! Ofone! Kweke! Opoyo! Ababa! Oghenebiko! Make God no allow me see bad thing o!

  • emmanuel

    Malami ought to be in jail. He is a esurient crook.

    • The prophet

      What is his offense? He only directed the OHCSF and FCSC to obey the court judgment. Has any court tried Maina and convicted him. Has he been indicted by any judicial panel? The senate only issued a warrant of arrest because he did not attend their hearing. But Maina got a court judgment that quash that warrant. He also got a court judgment that invalidate his sack by the FCSC and was given compensation N2m to be paid by Federal Government. Malami only acted on the legal aspect and advise or directed Maina reinstatement . Please, let us be objective.

      • emmanuel

        Prophet of baliel?
        A civil servant acquired so much properties, such that close to a hundred were seized from him? Then he ran away from work for a few years? And he was dismissed.
        If that is how you functioned in the service before you retired, then you need to refund the monies paid to you.
        The service has its rules.

        • The prophet

          Bros are you aware of the industrial court judgment in 2013 that Maina sack is illegal and the court award N2m compensation against Federal Civil Service Commission. Has Maina been tried in any court, even in absentia. All that you said were mere allegations, they have not been proved in any court. Let be objective not emotional about issue.

      • Sanssouci

        So why is he denying the instruction of reinstatement?

      • Jimi

        Then why is your master Malami not saying what you are saying her? It is because Salami knows better than you that your argument is infantile.

        • The prophet

          My friend, be objective. My response to Emmanuel comment is on his submission that Malami should in jail. What I expect you to do is to come with superior fact and argument to support him or against him.

      • Kola Koleola

        So if this was the case how come the President directed that he should be sacked?Are you saying the President and his AGF are not on same page? if so what does that tell you about this government?

        • The prophet

          The President has the last say in any issue. My opinion is on the comment of emmanuel that Malami should be in jail and i asked on what ground? He only advise as a chief law officer that maina should be reinstated base on the court judgments. No body or agency has refuted those judgment; even EFCC, police, FCSC, etc. have not appeal the judgment.

  • Michael

    This attorney general is not fit for purpose but the Fulani oligarchic headed by our comatose president does nothing about it. Shame.

    • speechtherapy

      You are wrong o! The guy is very fit for their purpose o…. To turn Nigeria into a banana republic..

  • Yusufu Abdullahi

    “Again, the AGF sent another letter to us 27th April. The third letter informing us that he is the chief legal officer of the country and that the basis of our dismissing Maina cannot stand because judge of High Court in Abuja has paused the warrant of arrest and therefore directed.”

    Both the OHCSF and FCSC are biting about the bush because the position of AGF is purely legal point of view. They’ve complied with the High Court rulings by reinstating Maina because due process hasn’t been followed when SSC of MOI met on Maina case, Maina was not heard by the Committee but Officers were in a hurry to dismiss him. When you try to serve people instead of the service, this is always the consequences of such action.

    Both OHCSF and FCSC, after complying with AGF advise they should have initiated the action of Maina’ dismissal from the service by keeping Maina in the OHCSF until the process is fully completed and concluded by both Offices. The Permanent Secretary in MOI is HCSF Officer. HCSF should have directed the PS to return Maina to that Office for further investigation. Keeping the AGF letters were never resolution of the case by the HCSF because by default Maina has become Staff of OHCSF. Absent from work even for a day warranted dismissal from service by civil service rules and regulations.

    AGF has done his job but the Offices of HCSF and FCSC have failed Nigeria, period.

    • Dawood

      Na where you go school? Mugabe School of Corruption, abi? Mtcheew. Abeg go hide for bush. Malami is a fraudster and a gonner. Even his corrupt Senate friends may not be able to save his ass this time.

      • onome Y.J.

        Malami is a fraudster? I agree with you. But that he is a gonner, I disagree. He is going nowhere because crocodiles don’t eat crocodiles. At least from PMB’s point of view

        • KBE

          Hummmm. Malami is a landlord in Aso rock that is.

      • Yusufu Abdullahi

        Your village.

    • Ubong

      Look at his name and you wil understand his argument point. The AGF is a criminal and a liar. It goes ti show why judges who where harrassed and arrested by DSS undrr the authorization of this liar AGF was maliciously intended and probably spearheaded by some political enemies who wanted to tell the judges that they are now in power. Oyo ita will never lied to protect to protect some criminals surrounding our President. So AGF must know that as a matter of fact and honesty from a career woman. Also we must not limit corruption to alleged financial looting but must be extended to public officers publicly lying to deceive the President and the nation.

      • Yusufu Abdullahi

        You are the sickness of Nigeria that behaves with negative attitude poison with hatred instead of substance of issues. Name has nothing to do with it because I did school in Nigeria but your loving country and world USA. I schooled to help society grow and not to destroy it like your kind. I offer more to Nigeria than you would ever have because of my education which I am doing in this piece on Maina. Nigeria would never grow with your kind as its citizens.

        • ubong

          A GF is a big liar. HoSF and Acting chairman FCC says boldly that all letter regarding this corrupt actions emanated from AGF with original copies available. This same AGF sat on natioal TV to cortuptly lied to the nation that he did not reinstate Maina. What an irony of a nation that we have clearly corrupt and self centred person like malami as the AGF of Nigeria. A man that could decide to take side in a case between two private citizens (IGP Idris and senator misau) is someone you regard as an honest AGF. Its really a tragedy and its omly President Buhari thst can tell the nation why such a character is trusted with judicial power. Choosing career to read law like choising engineering or medicine because tbese carerrs demand intelligent amd high level of empathy skills. What i want is fairness, honesty and goid governance in my country

    • LadyRosely

      Shame on you Yusuf. Shame

      • Yusufu Abdullahi

        I am sorry about you calling yourself Lady.

    • GbemigaO

      Mr! You are so confused. You need help fast.

    • speechtherapy

      Nothing you wrote here makes any kind of sense my friend….

    • KBE

      This is a skewed argument. Maina abandoned his duty post and absconded according to available records. He drew salaries and allowances while he was away according to his lawyer and was reinstated without facing any committee when ‘he came back’ by ghosts. They should have sent interpol after him in exile to come and face disciplinary committee. Malami’s was an advise but he was hurriedly ‘reinstated’ by a ghost that also did not wait to allow the man face a committee still. The whole conspiracy included all apparatus of government including the military, immigration, OAGF and FCSC that connived to allow a wanted fugitive entered into the country without being arrested.

  • Emily

    Are Nigerians not aware that with people like Buhari as president there is no way Nigeria can ever move to be a developed nation? We need thinkers. Visionaries.People with foresight and not dumb daft men whose only interpretation of leadership is to hire relatives or people of same ethnicity or religion and not merit. After almost 3yrs Buhari and APC have not been able to establish a single factory. This is how dumb this govt is. No hope.

    • kaydutch

      Who is the visonary that can lead us ,when every single person that is a potential candidate is corrupt to the bone?

    • KBE

      He is the messiah that you have all had been waiting for and he gets automatic ticket to contest the next election. Tinubu and his God forsaken foot soldiers had been bought over again and he is already in the field for that purpose. The governor’s are coming in endorsements and the rest will be history. Which way Nigeria.

  • Hinds Peter

    It is a sad day when the popes hard and fast rules is going to put old women on drugs and in prostitution.Do not judges and magistrates realize that they might be immune to such ignorance.But their family be it near or far relatives could be the subject of such forced immorality.The church then represents a Trojan horse.That black people can ill afford to entertain.Is the pope going to preach the kingdom of god and the gospel of Jesus Christ.Or gain sympathy by appealing to a mob mentality.Peter Carlos Hinds.commander.Barbados.

  • Dr Pat Kolawole Awosan

    Every sane thinking Nigerian, must be wondering why president Muhammadu Buhari, still retains the corruption-ridden and controversial with embarrassment attracting attorney general and minister of justice,Abubakar Malami, as attorney general and minister of justice. Presdient Muhammadu Buhari, appears very slow before taking actings despite the naked implications of the attorney general and minister of justice,Abubakar Malami, in the illegal reinstatement of the EFCC wanted fugitive,Abdulrasheed Maina, into the Federal civil service.

    • speechtherapy

      Maybe the easy answer is that President Muhammadu Buhari is even more corrupt than the people he accuses…

    • yusuf Mikail

      In case you are unaware, Malami has a personal relationship with Buhari that dates way back according to Dr Junaid (who should know). So Malami is a co-landlord of the property called Nigeria. Now that he claims that the reinstatement letters came from a ghost AG, what happens? Nothing dey happen! So sad!

    • Really

      Exactly what happens when Babalawo Dr. makes predictions.

      Nothing Happens!!!!!!!

      It has not started.


  • rules_emmanuelO.

    That PMB allows this roguish Malami to still be part of his gov’t speaks volume of his inadequacy – both of IQ and EG to provide the kind of genuine functional leadership that Nigeria desperately needs!
    Who is fooling who. The king and the king’s men are dancing naked in the public glare. Some dimwits are here clapping for them!

  • forestgee

    It is either PMB is standing alone or he’s part of this gang of liars. This government appear to have falsehood as official policy.

    • share Idea

      The government does not appear rather the administration elevated lying and falsehood to national level since the president started his administration on lies and falsehood – sworn affidavit of having WASC when he and everyone know that wasn’t the case, and the gullible applauded him, and even suggested that he can even rule with NEPA certificate. Nigeria we hail thee

  • share Idea


  • KBE

    BREAKING NEWS . Maina was being paid salaries and allowances during the period he was said to have been relieved of duty according to his lawyer. Who was behind the payment? Who issued the letter that reinstated and posted Maina to ministry of interior? Why ministry of interior? Could it be that that is where he could be fully protected and covered? By who and why? So many questions begging for answers. The truth is that Maina is not the only person that has been ‘reinstated’ in controversial circumstances since Buhari came to power, there are many others in DSS, armed forces and other ministry.

  • Timothy

    Keep it coming…this is what I was expecting…a can of worms filling everywhere….soon we will get to the bottom of it….how do you cleanse a system running and striving on corruption or corrupt entities? How can one man make a difference in a system filled with the high ranking corrupt men that roam the civil service and infect others with their corrupt nature…..who’s interests does Maina serve? Why was he still receiving salaries even when dismissed from service… it now in the interest of the country to dismiss someone and still be paying him salaries? Or was that the arrangement from the on-set to have him run away but still get paid……Please lets have some more worms……we will drink soda later.

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    You all can SEE why your country is in a big mess or PENKELEMESI. People do as they like as if there is no leader.. Reminds me of the “In those days when there was no King in Israel, everyman did what was right in his own eyes” Bible Verse.

  • Julius

    They all know malami was lying ! smdh… He is behind the reinstatement ..he should be fired. Period !

    • Chanji

      Chanji to be fired, you are dreaming.

      They will rather stop paying your (BMC) stipend for that comment.

      Be ready for more to come.

      Sai Babaaaaaaaarian

  • Someone

    this govt should be removed. it cannot be trusted.

  • Isaac Azor

    It is becoming increasingly clear that the AG, Malami, has vested interest in the ‘MainaGate’ project. After failing woefully to prove his is not the architect of Maina returning to service, he is desperately trying to cover his footprints by attempting to move attention and focus away from him and the re-reinstatement issue to that of sharing of recovered assets and other issues. He may be digging his grave vertically and may end up burying himself vertically!