Maina continued working, received salary after ‘dismissal’ — Lawyer

Abdulrasheed maina
Former head of the Presidential Task Force on Pension Reforms, Abdulrasheed Maina. [Photo credit: juliana taiwo -]

The former chairman of the Presidential Pension Reform Task Team, Abdulrasheed Maina, has been receiving his salaries despite being sacked for years, his lawyer said Thursday.

Speaking at the House of Representatives public hearing into Mr. Maina’s recent controversial recall, the lawyer, Mohammed Katu, said Mr. Maina’s salary had not been stopped as he was still working.

When asked by lawmakers if Mr. Maina was still getting paid, he said, “Yes. Maina continued to work even after his dismissal.

“As at last month, about 23 files were sent to him, in his capacity as acting director…even while he was absent.”

He further explained that Maina had to disappear because “there was a serious threat to his life.”

More details coming…


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  • Justice Equity

    This is Nigeria where they voted for government of change.

    • obiora

      From bad to worse, it is still Change but in Nigeria only.

  • omo56

    The more things change the more they remain the same

  • emmanuel

    Maina who ran out of Nigeria and was on Interpol wanted list could not have been working until Malami got him back into office.
    This is barefaced lies, which indicate that the Senate committee must have collected bribe and will never confirm the statement from his Lawyer, because that Lawyer should be charged for perjury for that information if the Senate do investigate his claims.
    We already know that Maina was paid arrears of N22 million, following the fraudulent recall. Does that represent working and collecting salaries since he ran away?
    Nigeria has fallen so fast into the abyss, that it will take hundreds of years to be rescued.

  • Parasites O Parasites

    Is there anyone in doubt that Mr Buhari is a fraud star? Only yesterday we were told by a concerned legislator that Buhari was not in charge of his brain any longer. Indeed it is becoming clearer by the day. How can you sack a man for stealing and still be paying the thief? For goodness sake lets restructure Nigeria or break up peacefully or violently, so we can have peace.

  • government

    These are the real political JAGABANS.

  • Ronke

    …and Buhari is busy looking for stolen assets. Old age is really not good. Zimbabwe is free. When will Nigeria do away with this liability called Buhari?

  • Zee

    The Nigerian Military should act to save the nation as the military just did in Zimbabwe. The military should not allow the hasty promotion Presidency approved for Senior officer prevent them from acting. Buhari has lost it.

    • Iskacountryman

      stop….you dont want snake charmers in government…

    • Janjaweed

      NOOOOOO>>>>WE don’t want military intervention abeg oooooooo…Bubu is not competent but it’s better than IBB, Abacha, Abdulsalami put together….

    • #FreshStart2019

      The mistake we all made as Nigerians, and continue to make on a daily basis is to assume that Buhari actually does care about the country. Taking into account all his actions (and in-actions) since he became President, as well as his actions and statements he made before he became President, I really do not understand how and why Nigerians thought he would be a good President. From his track record there was no evidence of the following traits which are common to most good leaders:

      1. Charisma
      2. Work ethic
      3. Transparency
      4. Exceptional public speaking (MLK, Obama, etc could motivate and uplift an entire nation just by giving an impassioned speech)
      5. Integrity (How is serving under one of the worst dictators Nigeria ever had, Abacha, and Buhari declaring that his boss Abacha never stole money equated with Integrity?)
      6. A sharp mind for policy (Buhari’s administration has not come out with a plan to improve the economy, education, security, etc. How can you pass budgets with no plan?)
      7. Grit – One might argue that Buhari displayed grit in persistently running for office and finally being successful after the 4th try. However true grit is being persistent WHILE STILL HOLDING ON TO YOUR VALUES. Buhari clearly has no values to hold onto, which is why he got “in bed with the devil” by way of partnering with Tinubu just so he could win. If he truly was a man of integrity, he would have stayed the course and won the Presidency while rejecting the temptation of partnering with known corrupt politicians just in order to win. Which is why he was forced to name known corrupt politicians in his cabinet, and is not able to shuffle them out.

      All in all, if we as Nigerians are honest with ourselves and sit down and self-reflect, what exactly has Buhari proven over the years to earn our trust? If our trust is so easily earned (or should I say bought?) by unproven stories of “integrity” then it’s quite unfortunate: our trust isn’t worth much!

  • okpada

    If GEJ regime reluctantly sacked Maina after threat of impeachment against him by Nigeria senate; and still went ahead to continue paying his salaries, then who is to blame? Have you gone ahead to find out what Maina pension team recovered, and from who? This country will be shocked to hear what transpired among the elites in several regimes that have ruled this country. Have you read the outcome of the senate committee hearing on this issue? Maina should be given security cover so that he will come out to tell Nigerians what he knows about the pension scam. Some of you will thank PMB. GEJ was aware of all, but he was handicapped by his softness. Watch the drama as it unfolds

    • Otile

      Yeah, you will thank Imam Mohamed Buhari for promoting corruption. Verily, verily Buhari will go down in history as the most corrupt ruler in Black African.

      • Otile

        Imam Buhari will go down in history as the most corrupt leader in Black Africa.

      • david

        You are just dumb and dumber… The report said he continued to receive salary after he was sacked. Who sacked him GEJ…Who should have ensured that his salary was stopped after sack GEJ. Who continued to pay him GEJ.. The only problem Buhari had here was that he allowed his name to be dragged into the mud but not acting swiftly when told about the Abracadabra going on

        • Otile

          You are dummer than a mule. Who is the president Dullard. Under whose watch is corrupt Maina still drawing salaries Dullard of Daura, then what nonsense are you talking about? You need your head examined, dull ogbeni.

          • david

            First its not dummer ..Its dumber.. Second the question is when did he started drawing salary after he was declared wanted by GEJ admin?… Using deductive reasoning which Im sure u cant comprehend – His salary never stopped after he was declared wanted and eased out of public services. I would have asked u to read and infer but u are too dumb so no worries. Third u expect the Dullard of Daura to know exactly who is being paid what? I’m sure u will expect him to know each teacher in every state by name. Three — Gej was muscled by the opposition senators in the senate and the press before he even sacked Maina. I dont have time for dumb people like you so dont bother to respond.. U hear?

          • Otile

            God job ogbeni, you understand yourself very well. You know you are dumber, not dummer, clap for thyself. Next time feel free to blame Jonathan for the fat rat that chased Imam Buhari out of his office in Aso Rock. I must respond to correct you whenever you distort facts to defend your god, the dullard of Daura. You hear?

        • Eddy

          Let’s even agree that Maina’s lawyer was truthful; it is a bigger indictment on this Buhari regime that Maina was still getting salaries despite the trumpeted anti corruption fight!!!
          Then again, same lawyer said Maina got some 23 or so files even recently( certainly, that wasn’t GEJ’s administration sending files to fugitive Maina!

  • ???????¾


    Is Muhamadu Buhari really hale; if yes, is he hearty?

    Anyone still thinking Buhari is fighting corruption or was ever fighting corruption,
    is only fooling himself. Muhamadu Buhari has no clue on what anti-corruption means,
    and that’s why his acts and omissions, put together, amount to aiding and abetting
    corruption in Nigeria. That’s why Nigeria has not been chalked up since May 29th
    2015 when Buhari resumed office on Global anti-corruption Index.

    Rather, Nigeria under Buhari is globally poorly rated
    as rooted at exactly the same spot where Goodluck Jonathan left the badly robbed
    country now brimming with 28 million un-employed youths, according to the latest
    statistics released by the National Bureau of Statistics.

    Now, Nigeria will likely be downgraded for heightened corruption.
    A country where a presidential directive is given in public and in vain; as if
    to deceive the people – that the fugitive Mr. Maina – be sacked from public service
    and then arrested from his hiding place – is a far worse place than a den of thieves.

    • Otile

      This is why the British authorities called Buhari fantastically corrupt.

      • Janjaweed


  • Otile

    In other words Maina is a ghost worker. Man of integrity fighting corruption my foot.

  • Janjaweed

    Abdulrasheed Maina just like Abba Kyari and many others are symbols of the the powers of the Northern Oligarchy holding Nigeria’s progress dwon…God save us ALL!

  • Janjaweed

    Abdulrasheed Maina just like Abba Kyari and many others are symbols of the the powers of the Northern Oligarchy holding Nigeria’s progress down…God save us ALL!

  • forestgee

    FINAL Wonder of the world of anti corruption fight in Nigeria! Maybe FBI will be needed to look at corruption in Nigeria.

  • Janjaweed

    Bubu I hail thee…I hope I won’t be called a “Wailing Wailer”….???

  • wode

    There is definitely more to this than we have been made to know. The main victims of Maina’s probe seem to be behind the media jingles and are doing all things possible to see that he is out of circulation and eventually silenced. However, we seem to be in the hand of a government who won’t yield to the force of distraction that would prevent the truth to be unearthed.

    From the way I am seeing it, Maina’s hands are no doubt soiled. However, there seems to be some powerful people whose hands are deeply dipped in the scandal who would stop at nothing to use media cover-up. PT too doesn’t seem to be looking at the other side of the story and makes me suspect a case of complicity in their part.

    • Otile

      What are you talking about? Is Buhari still thinking?

      • david

        its no use talking to people like you… No gumption at all… Ode

        • Otile

          You have bad gumption. Odale

          • david

            Do u even know the meaning of Odale… You are a paid e-rat using a Yourba moniker to deceive. Change your name to Nnamdi or Chijoke so we know where u from… Oponu

          • Otile

            Iro ni. Is David oruko Yoruba? Change your oruko to omoburuku nla. Ode nla.

    • Engr. Raphael (AKA Deguvnor)

      I totally agree with. If you had the privilege of watching the probe at NASS today, you’ll hear Maina’s lawyer quoting dates in 2013 which indicated that files and correspondence were exchanged between Maina and FG even after Maina was sacked and declared wanted.

      • Otile

        Are you saying that those correspondence took place between Maina and Jonathan while Jonathan was no longer in Aso Rock? Ifa Orunmila, please help your omo Engr. Ralph.

      • emmanuel

        son of baliel you are.

  • david

    Ok is it that u guys dont understand simple english or you just can’t comprehend and digest a write up.. When exactly did he start receiving the salary? Under Buhari regime? No wonder most of you had F9 in English. The reports states that he started receiving salary even after he was sacked. Was it Buhari that sacked him? Who sacked him? — GEJ. Who was responsible for ensuring that his salary was stopped after he was sacked? — GEJ. Who continued to pay him after he was sacked? —GEJ. Buhari was just too slow to act on the information from Oyo-Ita

    • Factsayer

      Who brought him back GEJ, who promoted him : GEJ. Who paid him his salary arrears: GEJ.
      Who asked you to comment : GEJ

      • david

        The articles states and I Quote “On his own part Maina’s lawyer, Barrister Mohammed Katung told the panel that Maina was never dismissed as he remained active in service to the government despite his physical absence ‎from the country”. Who dismissed Maina from public service? — Buhari abi. Ani ode ni gbogbo yin. GEJ clained to the world that this man was dismissed after intense pressure from the Senate and media but ensured that he kept on being paid. with the rate of things u will expect Bihari to know the names of all the teachers in Nigeria

        • Factsayer

          And ur saint saw all these and still continue to pay him and even smuggled him back and promoted him

  • Chanji


    You can see that your ingenius Buhari is delivering Chanji as he promised, and his Regime of Vandalds is now proving that they are a force to be reckoned with in Corruption.

    BMC Sai Barbaaaaaaaaaarian.


    • Oskirin

      olodo rabata…pls read ds and tell us what d meaning…

      The former chairman of the Presidential Pension Reform Task Team,
      Abdulrasheed Maina, has been receiving his salaries despite being sacked
      for years, his lawyer said Thursday.

      na copy n paste i do 4 u..

      • Chanji

        “As at last month, about 23 files were sent to him, in his capacity as acting director…even while he was absent.”PT



        • Mufu Ola

          U need to go back to Secondary school to understand simple Grammar.Apparently u
          can’t comprehend the story.

          • emmanuel

            You are a barbarian cattle rearer. You are not ola anything, just a donkey from arid Nigeria north.
            “As at last month, about 23 files were sent to him, in his capacity as acting director…even while he was absent.”
            Last month na 2015? Both you and the lame duck Maina’s lawyer are nicompoops who lack common sense.
            Maina began work after he was recalled and his payment was also since that time. That is exactly what the lawyer stated, by trying hard to make has been work look like since 2014.

          • Mufu Ola

            Igbe ni Iwo ati baba e ma ku si ( u & your dad will die in filth!).Are u better than d cattle rearers & shoe shinners by d way u reason?

          • emmanuel

            Hahahaha, Baba é ti ku lati jeta. Ati Iya é lon ya wéré to wó’ja.
            Which other career do you have other than the two you mentioned?

          • Mufu Ola

            If u’re intelligent enough how can 23 files be sent to somebody that is on the run? How were d files sent to him? And u want to tell me u’re intelligent?

          • Really

            Ask the Lawyer, Mohammed Katu, also find out from him how somebody on the run was working and recieving salary for years after dismisal.

            Mr. Intelligent.

          • Mufu Ola

            The lawyer will never have made such statement in court because he knows he could end up in jail or be disbarred for false information. That committee sitting is a political “gathering” & d lawyer can chose to muddle up waters there. Anybody believing that files were being sent to Maina even after President ordered his termination of appointment is not intelligent, I insist.Of course,hatred & bigotry have made a lot of people to lose elementary sense of reasoning.

    • Julius

      You and I are coming from different angles about the country. You are a biafraudian, I’m a Nigerian and I support my country with respect to any leader that is worth my respect. You on the other hands has no respect for anybody and you do not see anything positive about anything or anybody. That’s the sole reason why you losers can’t get anything accomplished and going nowhere . So, keep your hypocrite ranting and hating to yourself. Concentrate on your imaginary biafraud.

      • Chanji

        Just the begining , your lamentation has just started.

        Sai Barbaaaaaaaaaaaaaarian


    Please, this is not a serious matter but a laughing matter, There is a time when something becomes so absurd that you have to laugh.

    There is something fundamentally wrong with African leaders. if you think im being dramatic, just watch what will happen in Zimbabwe,

    Mugabe has gone. Watch the man who takes over from him. Give him 60 to 90 days and see how he starts to behaves.

    Tell me Maina, Mugabe, Kenyatta, and all our NIgerian politicians etc are not the same type people. They are all exactly the same without exception

  • Afo

    Let us have total picture of the mysteries around this run away Maina as he seems to be playing on the minds of Nigerians. Claim to be under threat yet DSS has been providing him with maximum security. Let him come out from hiding and confront his accusers in the platform provided by the House of Rep; and PMB should not spare any one involved in the corrupt practice of smuggling in and paying salaries to Maina even after having been sacked. This is very shameful for a corruption fighting regime. May God help us.

    • Cub

      which pmb? D one that facilitated his recall?

      • realist

        I wonder o, many are dunce they cannot read between lines.

    • speechtherapy

      Which PMB? The one whom the whole world knows to be the brain behind this whole Maina drama?

      Wake up Nigeria, wake up….

  • thusspokez

    When asked by lawmakers if Mr. Maina was still getting paid, he said, “Yes. Maina continued to work even after his dismissal.

    This is beyond farce and so depressing. Nigerians are very religious people and must wonder why God hate their country so much that he gave to the country, more than its fair share of stúpíd and bad people — more than any country has.

    • aisha ani

      I keep asking the same question, we must be doing something wrong because the alternative is not an option.

      • thusspokez

        Nice to know that you think about these problems, unlike a lot of people in Nigeria.

    • realist

      “God hate their country and gave them bad people” that statement is too harsh to say about God our creator. God has his laws against all evils and when some on their own volition decided to do contrary and as a result continue to trouble themselves and others. No right thinking person will blame God.

      • thusspokez

        No right thinking person would spare God criticism for (if you like) creating severely flawed human beings.

        • realist

          Sadistic minded

          • thusspokez

            Illiterate, are you sure you know what sadistic means?

          • realist

            As illiterate as I am, whatever the meaning of the word, I am convinced that it apply to you because you derive pleasure in mocking your creator.

          • thusspokez

            You use emotive words (e.g. “sadistic”, “mocking”) which you don’t really understand. It is irrational to say that God created you and yet assert that God is blameless for any of your imperfections? And if God wanted you to believe that he is blameless, the concept of “blame” would not have existed in the human mind.

          • realist

            Mr English master, the truth is that God is not to be blamed for the evils around us. The true God made mankind upright, but they have sought out many schemes – Ecclesiastic 7:29

          • thusspokez

            Ecclesiastic 7:29

            The bible was written by people who are less enlightened than a modern 16 year old. It would be blasphemy to claim that words in the bible came from God.

            Mr. realist, I suggest that you broaden your mind with knowledge outside religion in other to understand religion better.

      • Whalerolex

        Instead of trying to fight for God, why not come up with a solution and not just telling someone how to talk to his creator? Maybe you don’t know that this creator is aware of these evil doers and let them continue showcase their evil acts

        • realist

          God created man with the gift of freewill, not robot like. And he set standard of good and bad with the consequences if you decided to do bad. No injustice with God. Each man is a product of his own desire. Blaming God for evil deeds is like blaming a car manufacturer for a drunken drive that speed himself to death.

          • Whalerolex

            I do not think I need your opinion on whether to blame God or not. One thing we have in common is Nigeria and I think we should be making meaningful discussions on how to change the state of the nation for better and not insulting people on their perspective on how God operate. Just saying

          • realist

            You have right to your opinions, unfortunately you don’t have control over the opinion of others, neither can every opinion be exactly as you think.

    • Otile

      You are wrong. God gave everybody conscience. People choose to be good or evil. Many people choose to do evil for greed, nepotism, ungodly religion, tribalism, all in the name of politics. In the end everyone will answer for his/her actions good or bad before Almighty God. Don’t say that rogue politicians are_stupid, they are evil by their own choice. They can tell right from wrong but the choose to do evil and hurt others for their own selfish reasons.

    • rules_emmanuelO.

      Oh how convenient! Why not blame God for all your problems, and watch them walk away!

      • thusspokez

        I wasn’t talking about myself but Nigeria.

      • Whalerolex

        You sound very very very very very religious.

        • rules_emmanuelO.

          Sarcasm is apparently lost on you! Smh.

  • Eddy

    Maina’s lawyer, and now Malami and Dambezzau, are only trying to muddy the waters by introducing their denials,claims and counter claims. I believe they are doing this to buy time because they know their boss will let the issue die a natural death if it is left for him. But Nigerians should do whatever they can to keep this (and other similar corruption cases) alive.

    Maina’s lawyer was before an investigative panel, and made such serious allegations without a shred of evidence. Even worse, the members of that panel never saw it fit to query him to provide them any evidence of his client receiving salaries even after being dismissed as he claimed (and these honourables expect Nigerians to respect them and the shoddy work they are doing).

    The biggest irony in all these is the fact that we have raised and encouraged corruption to a higher level by the shoddy way we go about fighting it; any same person that is struggling to avoid participating in corruption in Nigeria (let’s me honest and acknowledge that corruption is endemic in Nigeria) will see what is happening; the way this administration goes about fighting corruption; and will tilt towards participating in corrupt practices; because they know they will get away with it; that it is fast becoming “cultural”; and that this government is all about appearances, and nothing more!

    • thusspokez

      You seem confused: In paragraph one, you suspect that Maina’s lawyer, Malami and Dambezzau are up to no good —
      giving the impression that you despise corruption, but you then, in the second paragraph, you tried to undermine Maina’s lawyer and the senate investigation panel; and then back to condemning corruption in your final paragraph.

      Your attitude towards fighting corruption seems selective and demonstrates the problem with fighting corruption in Nigeria. If you support the subject at the centre of a corruption case then the bodies, personnel, systems procedures involved in the investigation and prosecution would come your severe criticisms as demonstrated in your second paragraph.

  • rules_emmanuelO.

    Given the eagerness with which PMB apologists and even some seemingly educated observers are so eager to excuse his many indiscretions, I can’t help but remember an article I read in the wake of the pre-2011 election campaign on ‘the consequences of the Buhari’s Cult like followership’ I cannot now remember clearly the name of the author/daily. This is a sad manifestation of his prophecies (which even then I saw coming!).

  • Someone

    this govt should be removed. it cannot be trusted.

  • Achim Albert

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    Nigeria has been a country of impunity since day of independence. So, what the heck are you guys talking about. Nigeria has no problems as long as impunity is the order of the day. Everyone is scared to put all these thieves in jail. Period. Then what is the problem if people can do whatever they want and nothing happens even after being taken to court. Nigeria is a joke in comity of nations. My advise to you guys that love the country Nigeria, forget about any turn around because nothing will change for better. I feel sorry for the poor and powerless people in Nigeria.