Attorney General ‘disowns’ Maina recall letter

Abubakar Malami
Attorney-General of the Federation, Abubakar Malami PHOTO: Daily Trust

The Attorney General of the Federation and Minister of Justice, Abubakar Malami, has denied sending a letter to the Office of the Head of Service demanding the recall of the former chairman of presidential pension task team, Abdulrasheed Maina.

Mr. Malami said the last letter he “remembered” was dated January 19, 2017 and was meant to bring attention to all that was happening to Mr

He said “as at February 21, 2017, the letter giving clear directives of his reinstatement couldn’t have genuinely emanated from my office”.

More details later…


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  • Shahokaya

    Part of the reason my father advised me against reading law.

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    • Julius

      lolz.. you are not alone.

  • share Idea

    APC government…we are really in trouble with these set of people

  • Ibukun Bandele

    Hmmmmmmmm, Buhari is running a heavily compromised government, where do the MUmu People of Nigeria turn to, they will all be taken to the cleaners as usual, PITY

  • dudu

    “as at February 21, 2017, the letter giving clear directives of his
    reinstatement couldn’t have genuinely emanated from my office”

    Edakun, what is the meaning of that? If a Minister could not recall his dealings as recent as January, 2017, then he is not fit to occupy that office. Another blight on PMB’s anti-corruption war. So sad!

  • Buharin daji

    Malami lies

    • Julius

      of course.. and the funny part is they all know he is lying but won’t say anything. What a country !

  • Yusufu Abdullahi

    As long as media organizations cannot interpret a simple civil service instruction to the public, Nigerians would continue to dwell in confusion. MOJ instructed the OHCSF and FCSC on the Industrial Court decision on Maina case he brought before the Court. Due process as is known in the Civil Service was not followed by President Jonathan when he directed for his dismissal from the service. This is the core of the issue not AGF Malami or MOI.

    • emmanuel

      You chant one Nigeria, but act a tribalist. This is why Nigeria will continue to be backward.
      When the World is building Commercial Airliner to space and technology has gone weightless; with a micro-chip in the size of thumbnail driving a huge factory operation, you are still crying over open cattle grazing as you only occupation.

  • Arabakpura

    Lai Malami! The second LM of the Gen Buhari’s administration!

  • emmanuel

    “Mr. Malami said the last letter he “remembered” was dated January 19, 2017 and was meant to bring attention to all that was happening to Mr. Maina.”
    This statement betrayed Malami, if his position as the Chief Law officer of a country is to go round the country asking Federal Officers to be sympathetic to a fugitive he is meant to try.
    As long as several properties were seized from Maina, he cannot be an innocent fellow.

    • Yusufu Abdullahi

      Emmanuel you are wrong. 100% because you are one of the problems of Nigeria who reads everything from tribal point of view. There are rules and regulations guiding the operations of civil Service and I do not know how many years you spent serving your country in civil service. I have spent 35 years in Federal Civil Service and held Directory level for many years including Establishment and Industrial Relations Department and also Secretary for Administration and Finance NASS in 1983. My position is not because of tribalism but facts on ground. Do educate yourself properly before bringing in a lazy mind view into discussion. If you have nothing to offer it’d be better to keep quiet than exposing yourself with tribal sentiments.

      • emmanuel

        Oga sir, if you are on top of this issue you should not have replied me without getting details of what actually transpired in Maina’s case.
        If you left the service recently, did you ever know that Maina was relieved of his job because he absconded and several committee and panels were set up to querry him and he never showed up until he was dismissed? Maina was wanted by EFCC after seizing properties from him, then he bolted away.
        In addition to what i read from the media, i also ask questions from relevant quarters; before i dabble into some issues. Fortunately, the Head of service and Chairman, Federal Civil Service Commission have controverted all the lies of Malami and co and gave vivid evidence, which they have submitted to the NASS committee today.
        Oga try to pass some legacy to the generation coming behind you. You have sounded like one of those who plundered Nigeria civil service through ethnic and tribal bigotry

        • Yusufu Abdullahi

          Emma thank God. It seems you’re a civil servant as such you’ll understand what I am going to say. I made my judgement today from the presentation of HCSF and Chairman FCSC to National Assembly. I retired under mandatory service of 35 years in 2007. I have been in the OHCSF from 1984 to 1988 as Deputy Secretary and returned to OHCSF twice before retirement in that Office.
          SSC of MOI sat to consider President Jonathan directives to dismiss Maina from service and Senator David Mark has given us genesis of that directive. SSC met without Maina’s answering any query which I have not read any but decided to follow the flow of the day to dismiss Maina. The key word as we were trained during the era of late Gray Longe was to always give the Officer benefit of doubt in deciding disciplinary cases to prevent what is happening now.
          Maina went to Industrial Court that considered his case and found out that due process had not been followed by the SSC in MOI. The FCSC also followed the flow of the time being a political side of the Civil Service. But the main culprit is the OHCSF who should have studied the case very carefully before forwarding the SSC recommendation to the FCSC. Federal Industrial Court directed the reinstating of Maina for proper due process.
          AGF only advised the FCSC to complied with the Court decision because it was FCSC decision to dismiss Maina, technically. HCSF confirmed to National Assembly that all the mails of AGF to FCSC were forwarded to the OHCSF the defector office handling Maina cadre. However FCSC directed the MOI to reinstate Maina. PS MOI should have alerted the HCSF on Maina. Gray Longe, Adamu Fika and Ahmed Yayale these were HOS whom I worked with them; they would have asked the PS to send Maina to OHCSF for further processing to comply with the Federal Industrial Court before query Maina while still in OHCSF process his reply make proper recommendations to FCSC.
          This mess was caused by civi servants for mishandling the case not the AGF. I believe the FCSC presented copy of the letter of Industrial Court commuting someone to prison if failed to comply with its ruling. Nobody is talking about it but it is the responsibility of AGF to prevent commuting public servant into prison for failing to comply with Court ruling.

      • ndegwu

        What tribal sentiment re u talking about in that post?Are u educated at all?U have not made any point in ur post or did any body demand to know all the positions u have held. Pls contribute wisely here ok.

  • Nkem

    But come o, where is this Maina self? Him be invisible neh?

    • Arabakpura

      He is in ASO Villa drinking Kunu Zaki! They will bring him out when they want! Don’t forget that the DSS has been protecting him! Anybody being sought by the EFCC is being given protection by the DSS under the watch of corruption guru – Gen Muhammadu Buhari!


    What a country? What a people! Liars, rogues and prodigals. Nigeria is such a big shame. What good can come from all these people?

  • blueeyedkitten

    the media is the problem here. always rushing to dole out news without proper details thereby misinforming the public.
    and since most of the people here are half-brained, they rush and start drawing conclusions. we deserve whatever we’re getting from this country.

    • aisha ani

      Thank you, what is the meaning of more details later? Its either you have the information or you don’t.

    • Arabakpura

      You have a dysfunctional President currently in the saddle! The entire administration is full of shit! The man set a bar too high for he and his gang to jump! They will destroy themselves by themselves!

    • emmanuel

      Like? coward. Today na blueeyedkitten, tommorrow na rommel and the next julius.

  • Julius

    Chei, these people thinks we are all fools. They are indeed taking us for a ride. Na wa oo !

    • Chanji

      Which people? Your Chanji is taking you for a ride?

      Do not worry your lamentation has just started.

      BMC Sai Barbaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarian


  • wazobia decomposition !!!!!!

    our lying AGF ….. who met with maina in dubai?

    your twin brother?!!! don’t have one? manufacture one urgently,you will need it to convince us …….. idiota …

  • Afo

    Malami is a complete nonentity. He should be sacked, prosecuted and jailed for this crime against our land. Wrote a letter for recall of Maina, defended such ignoble action that it was in national interest and turned around to say he did not write such letter. Shame on Malami the blatant liar,

  • Arabakpura

    I didn’t know that this minister of injustice I said also a thief! Lai Malami!

  • Abdullah Musa

    Only a lawyer can lie naturally.