2019: No automatic ticket for Buhari – Tinubu

APC Chieftain, Chief Bola Tinubu briefing State House Correspondents
File Photo of APC Chieftain, Chief Bola Tinubu briefing State House Correspondents after his meeting with President Muhammadu Buhari at the Presidential Villa in Abuja on Monday (30/10/17) 05775/30/10/2017/Callistus Ewelike/NAN

The National Leader of the All Progressives Congress, Bola Tinubu, has said that the party is yet to endorse President Muhammadu Buhari as its sole candidate for the 2019 presidential election.
He also said the party would follow the ”normal democratic processes” in choosing its candidate for the election.
Mr. Tinubu spoke with journalists on Wednesday in Akure, the Ondo State capital, after a meeting with the leadership of Afenifere at the Akure home of its leader, Reuben Fasoranti.
His statement is coming on the heels of a recent endorsement by state governors of the party for the president to run in 2019.
The meeting with Afenifere was held behind closed doors with the Ondo State governor, Rotimi Akeredolu; his deputy, Agboola Ajayi; the National Vice Chairman (South-west), Pius Akinyelure; and Olu Falae in attendance.
Others present at the meeting were the APC chieftain, Bisi Akande; and the secretary of Afenifere, Seinde Arogbofa.
According to Mr. Tinubu, Mr. Buhari, ”stands for normal democratic process and the rule of law.”
“No governors can appropriate the power of endorsement to themselves. Buhari is a believer in due process”, Mr. Tinubu asserted.
“The Buhari I know believes in the rule of law. We wanted him even before the last convention and primary of the party and Akeredolu is here standing with me, he was not the governor then. He was one of the leading delegates that voted properly and Buhari was a clear winner.
“We followed all the constitutional provision and an individual or group’s opinion does not really matter at this stage, Buhari will want a normal process. Buhari that I know, who says he will lose at any convention? But if the national body, the NEC (National Executive Committee) and all of us as members endorsed him as our single candidate, we will not be violating INEC regulations, we will not be violating our party constitution.
“What you are hearing is just a campaign by other people who might like to do so. Buhari has not excluded anybody, and he has not infringed on anybody’s ambition if there is. We cannot be sycophantic about it.”
Speaking on his visit, Mr. Tinubu said he came to pay homage and to acknowledge the leadership of Mr. Fasoranti as one of the leaders of the Yoruba nation and the leader of the Afenifere group.
“I am in Akure to acknowledge the leadership of Pa Fasoranti in our own race, as a great leader of the Omoluabi. In his evening, we want him to be happy, he has been a great leader in his youth”, Tinubu said.
“His intellectual (capacity) is still very intact. We are here to seek his advice, seek his understandings and prayers; that is why I am here.”
Mr. Tinubu parted ways with the leadership of the Afenifere shortly before the 2003 elections over his opposition to an alliance with the former President Olusegun Obasanjo.
The alliance eventually led to the victory of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP in the South-west states, except Lagos State where Mr. Tinubu was then governor.
Asked why it took so long for him to visit the Afenifere leader, the former Lagos State governor said it was his decision to come at the time he came.
“What is my decision is my decision and as an ‘ordinary reporter’, you cannot be asking me that”, Mr. Tinubu said tersely.
“I decide on my time based on the charter of United Nations on Human Rights. I am a democrat and I believe in constitutional democracy.”
Meanwhile, Mr. Fasoranti described the visit of Mr. Tinubu as a sign of good things to come to the Yoruba race, stating that the meeting would further foster great understanding among the Yoruba people and states.
“It is an indication of great things to come, the coming together of Yoruba leaders, there will be an understanding on major issues affecting Yoruba race. We will consult and move ahead. As it is now, there will be a great understanding among the leaders as Tinubu is a leader in his own right,” Mr. Fasoranti said.


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  • emmanuel

    We don hear. Unfortunately you lack discretion on political issues, so just do your SW Jagaban thing and try to create more confusion in 2019.
    Fasoranti sat down as an elder then and told you what you could not see. In your greed to want to collect Nigeria FIRS revenue, you acted a bull in a China shop.
    Today, most of your businesses are grounded and you have no one to run to.


    Asiwaju Bola Tinubu should clear the mess he created, he misled the country and the SW selling an unrepentant autocrat and a tribal bigot as a born again democrat. NIGERIA IS VERY DIVIDED AND MORE DYSFUNCTIONAL TODAY WITH THE BLOOD OF INNOCENTS FLOWING EVERYWHERE AND CITIZENS HELD INCOMMUNICADO IN SECRET PRISONS WITHOUT TRIAL.

    The so called war on corruption is being executed with unrestrained selective justice and as a result has been unsuccessful .

    • marcos avelino

      You are the obsessed bigot , day in day out you have nothing to contribute except hatred. A very sick man

    • Osakue

      The selectives are they free from mismanagement of public fund? You sound like a beneficiary of corruption.

    • Al

      Tawanda are you in grave?



    • Pawa2

      You are the king of rubbish talk.


        Asiwaju Tinubu sold Nigeria a dummy in the person of Muhammadu Buhari. Nigeria can do better, Buhari is just not up to scratch on matters that Nigeria need to sort out, he is too primitive and tribal minded to unify the country, too poorly educated to understand how an economy of the 21st century works, too ill to cope woth the exigencies if his office, too biased to even make the right appointments,too weak to control the cabal holding him hostage, too uninformed for globallly, too blood-thi

        • Pawa2

          Ok we hear. Keep the rubbish to yourself.

  • Nnamdi Ugwuadu

    The so called governors that endorsed Buhari for 2019 are not even sure of themselves. Come 2019 the masses themselves will decide who will rule them, except they want to tell us that power belongs to the governors and not the people.
    I don’t know what Buhari has done that would warrant the governors to endorse him for the second term. If you talk of the area of security where some people have given him pass mark, the number of people that have died as a result of activities of Fulani Herdsmen and Boko Haram since this administration began out numbered that of Jonathan administration. They told us that Boko Haram members have been defeated technically yet people are dying everyday as a result Boko Haram and Fulani Herdsmen activities.
    They drove us into recession and later claimed that recession is over yet the prices of food items are not affordable by ordinary Nigerians.
    They claimed that the GDP is going down yet it does not have any effect in the pocket of ordinary Nigerian. This government is full of irony. When we talk they say we are making hate speech. They claimed that they invested Billions of naira in Agricultural sector yet we have not seen the effect in the price of garri, rice or yam. The government is only working in front pages of news papers and social media without significant effect in the live of ordinary Nigerians. I will not blame the governors for endorsing Buhari for second term because they all have security votes and budget for food for their family members without having understanding of what Nigerians are suffering. Many people have lost their jobs since this administration began yet it does not touch them. They should equally call on members of their families to get ready for 2019 we shall meet at the pooling boots. Nonsense!

  • Pawa2

    Go on making a mountain out of a mole hill.

  • Akib Abiola

    Mr. Tinubu, where is your decency. Where is your sense of humanity. Where is your morality and where is your fatherly love?

    Your son just died recently and you could not at least honor his memory by giving him at least 40 days of mourning and sobriety before jumping into full fledge political campaigning.

    Joe Biden the Vice President of America under Obama was posed to become the next president of the greatest country on earth. But he totally shelved his ambition because of the death of his son Beau Joseph Biden.

    Now in less than 40 days after the death of your son, you are throwing President Buhari under the bus. This was the man you sold to Nigerians as a savior and whom you compared to the
    great General Eisenhower during the campaign.

    Mr. Tinubu, your time is up. You have deceived and sold the Yoruba people too many times for your own personal political and financial gains. You snubbed and insulted the Afenifere leaders when you wanted to culled favors and political relevance with the Hausa/Fulani.

    You sold out man and we aren’t forgetting that and we are not going to forgive you.

    You are the major reason for the present terrible economic predicaments for Nigerians.

    You destroyed the political and economic gains that took the progressives 40 years to achieve overnight.