Inter agency security face off occurs in Asokoro

EFCC Operatives

The simmering inter agency war between the anti-graft agency, EFCC, on the one hand and the State Security Service, SSS, and the National Intelligence Agency, NIA, burst into the open early Tuesday morning when a combined team of EFCC officials and police officers attempted to arrest the former heads of the two agencies.

The EFCC officials tried to arrest the former head of the NIA, Ayo Oke, and former head of the SSS, Ita Ekpeyong, from their homes on Mamman Nasir Street in the Asokoro district of Abuja but were resisted by armed security agents of the two agencies.

This has led to a continued stand off between armed security officers from all the four agencies as at the time of this report causing a traffic mayhem in the area and an uncertain security outcome from the situation.

Details later….


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  • Makoji

    Mad nation

  • abodes_124

    shambolic government

  • bola

    This is high level of barbarism, how can agencies of a nation and security agencies for that matter be in confrontation with each other over the arrest of a citizen that country.

  • Omooba Adekunle Orafidiya

    A national disgrace. That’s what you get when an illiterate certificate forger and perjurer is President. Shame.

    • kinsly

      Just shut up! Broken record.

      • Omooba Adekunle Orafidiya

        You are an incurable lunatic. No one is talking here. Typing “shut up” is a testament to your mental health issues.

  • Keen Observer

    Country of no decorum. No orderliness; Anyone does anything w/out being reprimanded.

  • Epsilon_Delta

    Why haven’t they arrested the grass cutter?

    • Oladele

      You have started ooh? They came for Oke, you are asking why they have not arrested Babachir? Let them start with the most difficult one now. Besides are you not in the news nice guy, when Babachir reported himself to EFCC? I guess you need to hear from Lawal. Here are a few facts:
      He has been providing sub-contract jobs of similar nature to the main contractor for ages, so it is not first time for his firm.
      The total contract was 270M and the subcontract is 7M, while the entire contract is not yet completed, Lawal’s company finished his bit
      If money was his motivation, PDP offered him more during the elections but he rejected it. Why? his electoral worth is immense among NE Christian groups, well known and well respected in the entire North East Christian circles.
      He was himself with his people (both Christians and moslems) at the IDP camp in 2014 for 4 months, his entire LGA was under Boko-haram so the survivors lived at the IDP camp. He has accepted his fate and moved on. The only area the recommendation submitted indicted him was still remaining the signatory to the bank accounts of the company. You need to meet the man; if Lawal is now a fraudster in Nigeria, then Nigeria never deserves a honest person!

      • share Idea

        Is all these from your version of the report or the one swept under the carpet by Buhari…keep talking rubbish

    • share Idea

      He is from 97% part of the country


      A creature wey dey chop grass no be animal be that? Why do you want to arrest an animal? Which prison you go put am? Who will be giving him (it) fodder?

  • solidarity

    this is so true, i saw this first hand today, as early as 7.45am

  • oyoko

    PT, i appreciate your real time info to us all the time. One thing that bother me so much is that journalist are leaving the most vital need of most Nigerian, ie. the performance of discos’. why are you guys not putting so much pressure on this discos; this is more than four years, that GEJ graciously awarded or ceded the power distribution sector to this faceless Nigerians and uptill now there is no improvement, each month they bring outrageous bill to us and we are force to pay. We will not blame GEJ for awarding this to these Nigerian, but one expected them to justify the kind gesture this man have given to them. Pls, i recommend that journalist should beam more on this discos until their performance improve. However, kudos to your reportage!

    • Sam

      God bless you, #DIScos exposed.

    • share Idea

      Certainly disco owners have their fair share of blame for the current performance but the government and Nigerian environment contributed more. Not long ago we were told that even the presidency is owing electric bill, not to talk of other government agencies. How then do you expect Discos to perform.

      The people that acquired the privatized Discos have 60% equity on the firm while FG still maintain 405 share, ask yourself, how much has FG contributed for the improvement of those sectors with regards to their shares.

      In addition, Buhari’s economic policies would have made so many of the investors to stall in investing in their acquired firms especially people that are not friendly to this administration. Just look at how the administration is dealing with Intels….

      Has this administration revamped our Refinery even after using it as campaign points – APC is not ready for development – rather they are high on propaganda

      • thusspokez

        Off Topic!

      • oyoko

        share idea, i agree with you to some extent; i think the Govt only control the transmission leg of this sector, both the distribution(discos) and generation(gencos) were privatized to private entities. As at today Gencos are up to their game with almost 10,000MW, Transmission have the capability to transmit up to 7,000MW, but the discos can only buy 4,500MW. Moreover, i don’t give in to the excuse of people owing them, why don’t they recover their money by innovating; replace the old metter with pre-paid metters, then connect them only when they have liquidated what they owned previously, At least that was what they did to the commoners. I believe they are afraid to go that way, because they know when they do that, their debtors will prefer to run their Generators than reconnect with them, the reason is simple; what is the use of discos 4hrs provision of power in a day, and one is not even sure that this 4hrs will run uninterrupted. They will prefer to stick to their generator, and get use to the cost.

    • The facts

      The article is about security agencies at loggerheads not DISCOS.

      • Was that a reason nothing you be said about the issue,the guy need an answer to the above,do not deflect,we want to know the owners or the proxies of the discos,and the political elites jonathan gave the gifts to,thunder fire them!.

        • The facts

          Stop behaving like an illiterate. You can get those information from the Coperate Affairs Commission.

          • Ha…ha….look at a village headmaster!..a drunkard like Jonadaft!…what information? it those of the proxies or the godfathers!.

      • thusspokez

        @oyoko further demonstrates the indiscipline of Nigerians, whether from what we are reading on this page or the poster’s off-topic comment!

      • oyoko

        Sir, if two fighting is what interest you most in this time of life, then it is a pity. I believe we should move away from mundane issues and delve more on things that will add value to us. Moreover, i don’t see this as news, because common sense will tell anyone that there is no way a security details of an individual will allow anybody to come and pick up his boss without a superior other from the person that detailed them to guard that individual. If the security details of Ita and oke reacted as they did, i think they are on the right path. I did not take time to read the article, because i did not see anything in it. I believe Efcc need to go through the officer that post them to that beat to alert his boys of their operation; i believe this is what is necessary. Believe it or not, we all need power to catch up with the global world; debating about budget that has only 30% CAPEX (that concern me and you) and 70% recurrent & overhead expenditure (for 200,000 people out 170million) for me is mundane. The Discos, are privately owned entity that should give us service, it is very unfortunate that we are still seeing them as if they are Govt owned. When the telecoms operators came, we saw them with the teething problem they initially had, but we were patience with them, because we saw the infrastructure they were putting on ground, within the space of two years, we began to reap the benefit of that privatization. But here we are, going five years of privatizing this sector to these discos we are worst off than when Govt was in control. We are not even seeing any infrastructure on ground to give us hope of a better days ahead. For me this is what should bother us and not two fighting!

        • The facts

          Well, I’m not going to digress from the main issue here which is about two security agencies who that are at loggerheads under a government that says it’s fighting corruption. If you want to discuss electricity, you can contact Fashola for that. I’m sure he’ll give you listening ears.

          • oyoko

            Fashola, does not own any of the discos. Their performance is glaring for all of us to see. Fashola is just playing a supervisory role, and constrain by by many clauses entrenched in the contract entered into by Govt with these faceless people. I can only engage Fashola if the transmission sector is not meeting up. As at today, transmission company has told us that they have 7,000MW to transmit, but the discos claimed that they can only buy 4,500MW, and again, the gencos have about 10,000MW in their warehouse waiting to dispense if they can see buyers. Pls let this be your concern. Leave politics to politicians, unless if you are one!

          • The facts

            I know what you’re trying to do here. You’re trying to stop the discussion of this government’s security agencies inefficiency and the corruption and nepotism going on in the presidency. Like I said earlier if Fashola can’t help you, take your complaints to the NERC, which regulates the electricity companies.

          • oyoko

            Pls read PT today article on discos: i think they have started responding to my request. That is what i stand to gain and not political talks that is not taking us anywhere.

    • thusspokez

      Off Topic!!! Please pay attention to the topic of discussion!

      Why are you Nigerians sooooooooo indisciplined?

  • Otunga

    A man who thrives on discipline is leading the most indisciplined government…

  • Timothy

    The issue is a small issue…is usually a show of power…its a man thing…especially with people in power. EFCC dont get rough….try and understand that these were men in power before and therefore they are still in basking in euphoria of power….give it time…they are not going anywhere we can get them.

  • Dede Onyeze

    For goodness sake Magu should stop embarrassing himself and the Federal Government. Why did it take the Efcc more than two years to suddenly wake up and attempt to question and investigate DSS officers and the former DG of DSS. This is purely a stab me I stab you back. Magu has lost his credibility and I think the time has come for Buhari to push Magu out of the EFCC and bring in a credible clean no nonsense man or woman to drive his so called Anti Corruption war further. I no longer believe any story that comes from the Efcc

  • thusspokez

    The EFCC officials tried to arrest the former head of the NIA, Ayo Oke, and former head of the SSS, Ita Ekpeyong, from their homes on Mamman Nasir Street in the Asokoro district of Abuja but were resisted by armed security agents of the two agencies.

    I am lost for words. The SSS and NIA are paid by the Nigerian tax payers to obstruct justice? Further, are these former heads of the SSS and NIA still employed by the respective organisation? Even so, what is their business, obstructing justice? Where is Buhari?