Budget for presidential aircraft for Buhari, Osinbajo nearly doubles to N7.3 billion

Presidential plane used to illustrate the story.
Presidential plane used to illustrate the story.

The Federal Government has proposed to spend N7.26 billion on the Presidential Air Fleet, PAF, in the 2018 budget proposal, details by the Budget Office of the Federation have shown.

Of the amount, about N4.3 billion was proposed for recurrent expenditure, while N2.8 billion would go for capital expenditure.

The proposed expenditure is about 67 per cent higher than the N4.37 billion appropriation in the 2017 budget, which consisted of N3.97 billion for recurrent and N399.5 million for capital projects.

In the current proposal, which is subject to the approval by the National Assembly, at least N1.58 billion was set aside for the overhaul and maintenance of five aircraft on the fleet, from about N2.9 billion budgeted for capital expenditure.

Details showed that N200 million was proposed for the mandatory upgrade and installation of live TV and internet service on BBJ (5N-FGT), just as about N240 million was voted for a similar service on G550 (5N-FGW) during the year.

Equally, N375 million would be used for installation of new cabin management system on GV (5N-FGS); N196.5 million for overhaul of landing gear for BBJ aircraft and N222 million for overhaul of Falcon 7X (5N-FGV) aircraft engines.

About N3.89 billion was proposed for mandatory upgrades on fleet aircraft; general aircraft maintenance; aircraft fuel cost; purchase of air navigational equipment; rehabilitation/repairs of air navigational equipment and purchase of Towberless tow tractor for aircraft towing.

In the 2017 budget, about N2.03 billion was approved for the purchase of fire fighting vehicle and equipment and air navigational equipment; aircraft towing vehicle, aircraft maintenance tools and kitchen equipment; aircraft fuel cost and aircraft maintenance.

The PAF, considered the second largest airline in the country after Arik Air, has remained a controversial subject, following outcry among Nigerians that the cost of maintenance of more than 10 aircraft in the fleet was too high, particularly at times like the current lean economic resources.

On assumption of office, President Muhamadu Buhari assured his administration would cut down on the number of aircraft on the fleet inherited from former President Goodluck Jonathan in 2015.

In November 2015, presidential spokesperson, Garba Shehu, said 10 aircraft in the fleet included two each of Augusta 149, Augusta 101 and Falcon 7X as well as one each of HS 4000, G500, G550 and 737 BBJ series.

In October 2016, more than a year after taking office, apparently in an attempt to downsize the PAF, the Buhari administration advertised the sale of two of the aircraft – a Falcon 7X executive jet and Hawker 4000.

When contacted for clarification, Mr. Shehu said the sale of Falcon and the Hawker were still to be concluded.

“The bids are being reviewed by both sides. One thing I want to assure Nigerians is that the present administration is determined to secure the country’s best interest in a market that is sounding hawkish,” Mr. Shehu said.


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  • Omooba Adekunle Orafidiya

    Plus ca change, plus ce la meme chose (the more things change, the more they remain the same). This just reinforces the fact that illiterate certificate forger and perjurer Muhammadu Buhari is a bloody hypocrite.

  • Oladele

    PMB likes his toys!

    • emmanuel

      Or likes padding budget?

  • emmanuel

    Buhari is corruption and fraud. Nothing good comes from him.
    N200 million to fit live TV and internet service in an aircraft??????????????????
    This people don kill Nigeria finish and these monies are released almost immediately after signing the budget. Then in a moment, he travels with his wife and two adult children to Turkey.
    Buhari is a curse to Nigeria and has come to kill, steal and destroy Nigeria like the devil. Abacha was a rookie in stealing.

  • Abdul

    This money should be used to upgrade our hospitals does the President need to be globe trotting

  • Gary

    Anyone still remember all the sound and fury about the wasteful spending on the Presidential jet fleet under Jonathan? So what has happened since Buhari was voted into office on his pledge to reduce the fleet?
    Does anyone remember GEJ parking a jet in London to accrue parking fees in hard currency while undergoing treatment for THREE MONTHS? Anyone, do tell us.

    Now that he intends to seek re-election, the Nigerian people have a duty to hold Buhari accountable for actions and omissions in office like they did to Jonathan. He has proven to be a fraud on all counts and even worse than Jonathan on human rights, rule of law and fealty to the Constitution.
    The people were sold a pig in a poke in 2015 and we will persevere until February 2019, to return this defective product back to Daura.

  • marcos avelino

    PremiumTimes seems to be running out of useful news. Its been publishing silly facts from the budget s news. Wae up and stop sliding into the mediocre

    • sab

      So this does not count for news to you? God save our country.

      • Pelucio

        Dont mind the Donkey. Were the story about Dr Patience Jonathan asking the court to return her money illegally frozen by an irresponsibly vindictive Muhammed Buhar then it would have been relevant news.

    • Tijani

      Silly facts from budget? At least you agree that these are facts, unlike the fake news churned out daily from Buhari Media Organisation


    That means inflated contracts…….piling up illicit funds for second term campaign bribery.

    • Olusola

      Tawanda my friend, you see us soooo!!!! We bin don enter one chance.

  • Dr Pat Mumuwole Awosan

    When will this irresponsibility end? When will this brazen display of insensitivity and disregard for the citizenry end? When will this direct affront on the patience and intelligence of ‘non-violent’ sane minds end? These unscrupulous elements calling themselves leaders are taking the joke too far. Fake pastor Osinbajo collected Tithes in church and amassed unexplainable wealth (which he declared). He has not told Nigerians how he got an approximate $1m cash and another N100,000,000 cash in his accounts before resuming office. Buhari on the other hand has refused to released details of his assets so Nigerians do not really know what are where his properties are. And these men with questionable characters are President and Vice President. And Nigerians expect that there will be integrity. Impossible. How can you budget for Presidential jets when 7 or 8 already exist? And this is a country where only a paltry approximate N2b (less than 7% of total budget) was earmarked for education sector. Is this not madness and wickedness? To be frank, it would have been better if these crooks were not born. Do you now blame Niger Delta Avengers and IPOB?

    • John A

      What happened today Canadian native doctor?
      Like someone has already said, wailers club registration has ended too late Mr.

      • Olusola

        Please extend registration closing small for we, abeg!

        • kaydutch


      • Oladele

        This guy is an impostor, the real person is Dr Pat Kolawole Awosan, this one here is Dr Pat Mumuwole Awosan! You see Nigerians so?

    • Tijani

      Finally somebody that agrees with me that Osinbajo is a fake pastor

    • tiwiex

      I agree with u, the government is insensitive. However, please get ur facts right. The education budget cannot be 2b Naira. No need to check. And 2b is not 7% of 8t Naira. Just get ur facts right next time so u don’t make ur post less credible.

  • Lanre Omomeji

    Only divine intervention can help us. Let us all pray that these men should sleep and not wake up until rapture. In that way the money budgeted for Jets will be redirected to building Manufacturing Factories, Industries, Education…and what more to pay Super Eagles of Nigeria when they win the world cup in Russia. Please pray along that line from this minute on wards.

  • Okokondem

    The only thing that needs change in Nigeria is the attitude of Nigerians. For as long as the Nigerian electorate and the general public in remain apathetic, the greedy, selfish, heartless ruling elites will continue with their treachery.

    • Lanre

      The attitude cannot change without education and enlightenment. A majority of Nigerians are living in darkness. You see them here defending everything Buhari does.

  • Tundemash

    Now i regret I ever supported APC. In every way Buhari has disappointed me and many more who voted for change. Certainly this is not change. What really is Buhari or APC doing differently? Imagine $43m found in Ikoyi and the report of the findings is not made public. How can one explain that? After all the money is state money. I feel there should be age limit for presidency because that seems to be part of the problem here, because anyone capable of rational thinking should know that there are more pressing economic issues bedeviling Nigeria than presidential Jets.

    • Epsilon_Delta

      TUNDE-NYASH, unfortunately, Wailers Club registration has ended.

      • Olusola

        Give him credit, we knew when to stop unlike GEJITES, they are still wailing up to now! Meanwhile we beg you to extend registration closing date small, abeg una!

    • niran ade

      Go and support UPP or APGA or PDeadP

      • Tijani

        Hate speech




      Good morning

    • Tijani

      Oh finally! Your eyes have finally opened.

  • So oju abe niko

    Nothing demonstrates that PMB is more of the same than the maintenance of this small airline called presidential fleet. I don’t know why the president of a poor country like Nigeria need more than one plane. This $7.3B could have done wonders in our underfunded teaching hospitals, that are now essentially mortuaries.

    • Raphael M. Oti

      I think is pure stupidity on the part of President Buhari and so called Professor Osinbajo or whatever. There is just no other explanation. These two are terrible sick minds. Nigeria is in very very very serious trouble if I may say.

  • FreeNigeria

    N7.3b for presidential fleet. In a country that lacks a functional hospital, where the common man dies daily from curable sickness. This is total madness

    • Tijani

      Buhari and Osinbajo and their families need the planes to fly to better countries when they are sick. For instance Aisha Buhari is currently receiving medical treatment in Dubai, while Dolapo Osinbajo is receiving treatment in Washington DC, all on public funds. The presidency is full of hypocritical thieving liars.

  • Raphael M. Oti

    Too sad. But I think is pure stupidity on the part of President Buhari and so called Professor Osinbajo or whatever. There is just no other explanation. These two are terrible sick minds. Nigeria is in very very very serious trouble if I may say.

  • PRN

    This is one of the hallmarks of selfishness and insincerity demonstrated by Buhari since assumption of office.

    • Tijani

      Lest we forget, Buhari’s first action when he became president was spending N700 million of our money on a helipas at his mythically lucrative Daura farm where his unquantified heads of cattle are herded.

      It is only the fulani herdsman dullardeen that would not note the incongruity of that action with Buhari’s infamously false parsimony.

      Buhari and Osinbajo have taken Nigerians for fools. Thieves.

  • newday

    Our founding fathers who accomplished more for the country, flew commercial just as the Queen of England is currently doing. But in the post war era we have half-baked .morons wasting the nations money on fleets..

  • rules_emmanuelO.

    And someone would argue this bastards mean well for Nigeria? Yeye de smell! Hypocrites! Insensitive pretentious fraudsters! When would they stop insulting the intelligence and sensibilities of Nigerians?

  • Lanre

    As long as their is free oil money flowing from the Niger Delta, nothing is going to change in Nigeria. Nigerians will continue to use generators for electricity, their leaders will continue going to London, India and Saudi Arabia for medical treatment. Some might even die there. There is no pride in the leadership of Nigeria.

  • Dr Pat Kolawole Awosan

    But, if president Muhammadu Buhari, requires new presidential jet, why can he put the eleven presidential jets he inherited from former president Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, out for auction in order to raise enough funds to purchase new presidential jet in order to cut cost and reduce our cost of presidential travels?
    @disqus_oMAXjVRhNR:disqus : If you are current with the present global oil market, [per barrel] price, you would understand that you are false with your comment on Nigeria-economy relying on South-South region,s oil revenues as global oil price, has declines and Nigeria,does not rely on oil revenues anymore and our fiscal revenues now relies more on agricultural produce export -revenues and natural resources – revenues than oil. Globally, world advance nations and China, are fastly developing re-newal energy technologies to finally render oil-revenues irrelevant.

  • Nwoko Solomon Ikechukwu

    Can’t some of these excesses be reduced for the sake of recession the nation is facing. Some are looking for job, many are homeless, others are starving in their fatherland, yet this huge amount of money is being budgeted for jet? God help us.

  • Tijani

    All right thinking Nigerians must question and condemn the wicked extravagance of the Buhari-Osinbajo presidency. A massive presidential air fleet costing billions yet a short while back Buhari (who had spent months and public funds receiving exorbitantly expensive overseas medical treatment with 2 jets parked wastefully expensively in UK at his beck and call) took a whole 3 weeks before approving the costs of an air ambulance for the now deceased former vice president ekwueme and a further 2 weeks before paying up for ekwueme’s airlift (but did not pay for ekwueme’s medical treatment). Why couldn’t one of these PAF jets have carried ekwueme to london on time? Buhari and Osinbajo are wicked evil men, who only have their own selfish parasitic interests as their priorities.

  • Tijani

    Were Nigerians ever insulted with the arrogant spectacle of Goodluck Jonathan’s wife and children luxuriating on a presidential aircraft as Buhari recently flung in the faces of suffering Nigerians as he flew to Turkey? Even the dwarf midget fake pastor Osinbajo took his irresponsibility further by taking to a PAF helicopter to survey Apapa traffic gridlock, something that could have been easily and cheaply achieved by a teenager with a small drone camera.

    Nigerians have entered one chance, but Aisha the queen of distraction will choose this week for an outburst to lie how she buys her own flight tickets.