APGA’s Obiano wins Anambra governorship election

Anambra State Governor, Willie Obiano
Anambra State Governor, Willie Obiano

The candidate of the All Progressives Grand Alliance, Willie Obiano, has won the Anambra governorship election.

Mr. Obiano won in all the 21 local government areas of the state with a total of about 234,071 votes.

He was followed by the candidate of All Progressives Congress, APC, Tony Nwoye.

Oseloka Obaze of the People’s Democratic Party, PDP, emerged third while Osita Chidoka of United Progressives Party, UPP, came a distant fourth.

The APGA National Youth Leader, Chuks Nwoga, has described the election as being free and fair.

“It was a peaceful process even in the face of threats by the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, to boycott the election though there were few cases of violence. INEC did a good job, you can’t get a completely perfect process. In some places material didn’t come on time but the election is fair,” Mr. Nwoga said.

“People came out to vote even with this IPOB threats, there was no case of low turnout of voters, the election was ok. You don’t expect 100 per cent to come out but the turnout was impressive”, Mr. Nwoga said.

The UPP candidate, Mr. Chidoka, has already conceded defeat, saying he lost to superior financial power.

Anambra election went down in history as being the governorship election with the highest number of candidates, 37, in Nigeria’s electoral history.

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  • Suleiman Alatise

    Congrats Mr Governor.

    • YahayaOmaye

      So happy for you Obi. Congratulatuons.

  • Lanre

    I have never seen a people so daft and shameless like the Igbos. Imagine
    Buhari only visited the east about 3 yrs ago when he was campagning for
    vote for presidency. When he got to Aso rock via stolen votes and
    terrorism, he forgot about the Igbo East except that he sent Nigerian
    Army & Police to do Python dance and kill and bury Easterners
    (IPOB). He never visited. But after almost 3 yrs…and then again on
    election time in Anambra, Buhari decided to visit to campaign for votes
    for his party and candidate…and the Igbos gave him a thieftancy title.
    Shame of Igbos.

    • cheky

      How can you insult the whole Igbos because of few individuals? You guys claimed GEJ marginalized you in 2015, yet the late Oni and some Obas gave him a chieftancy title and prayed for him. Can I also say shame on Yorubas?

      • Tola

        Are you sure the guy is Yoruba? He has been ranting since 2015 and his rant only worsened when GEJ lost the election. Many of his rants does not portray him as interacting with intelligent people from Yoruba land.

        • John James

          intelligent people from yoruba land? Are yoruba people intelligent and yet pay 10%, 15% and in some cases 110% of their income as Tithes to greedy shameless fake pastors like Oyedo & Adeboye who buy several (not one) private jets and own property in Europe, US and elsewhere???…and build Universities that children of 80% of the congregation cannot attend? Haba Bro, is that intelligence or mumudity?

          • cheky

            Brother stop this, paying tithe is a personal decision. It has nothing to do with intelligence.

        • Pcletus S. Chidi

          Intelligent ke! RESPECT Ndi Anambra, we cannot tolerate the military junta arranged by Hausas and supported heavily by the yorubas in modern day Nigeria.

        • cheky

          Sorry if he’s not Yoruba but he claimed to be one from his comment, even his name “Lanre”.

      • Alyx

        Ndi Igbo, please rebuild your home states as the enemies have been proven wrong again. We are one and we speak with one voice. Let us vote out all sycophant s with the southeastern states and our states of residents. Igbo kwenu!

    • princegab

      Comrades in arms not at war. You have to play politics bro. After all the titles, Obiano grabbed the crown.

    • Intrepid

      Here you prove yourself again a HYPOCRITE. Remember my fight with you on this blanket pillorying of a people because of few turn coats in their midst. You cannot because a few Yoruba leaders betrayed Abiola, by romancing with Abacha, pour reckless invective on the entire Yoruba people.
      Can’ t you give some credit to the same Igbo people, that your Lord buhari’s after his visit and the irrelevant conferment of chieftaincy title, the people went ahead to vote for AGGA.

      I have a busy schedule, now I am going to thrash YOU mercilessly next time, including any yariba that crosses my path.

      Prepare yourself for 2019 fireworks, if at all there would be any election.

      You m0nkeyman!

      • Julius

        Thought you said there won’t be an election in any Igbo states. Now we have to wait for 2019 …too funny , I say.

    • Pcletus S. Chidi

      Shut up! It was Ebonyi people that gave him a chieftaincy title and NOT all Igbos! No Anambra Eze or Igwe gave him title! He got title from his likes! The title we gave Buhari was to make sure APC failed in Anambra State governorship election!

      • Mufu Ola

        U have a very poor analytical mind. Most people including APC members never expected APC to win.But an intelligent folk will notice APC that actually won if u consider the the past elections & d rantings of some bigots especially on this platform. APC clearly beat PDP in Anambra! That’s vast improvement which should give bigots food for thought despite all their propaganda & hatred against Buhari on social media.

        • cheky

          Remember this your comment during appointments, then you will claim that APC got zero votes and label us 5% thus denying the ones that voted for APC.
          BTW, I think PDP was not united, Ubah decamped to APGA, another faction decamped to another party.

      • Julius

        Lmaooooooooooooo, so dem no be Igbos ? Un-freaking believable with you people. Na wa oo !

        • cheky

          You misinterpreted him, he did not say that Ebonyians are not Igbo, he meant that it was Ebonyi (and not the whole Igbos) that gave him the chieftancy title.

    • Biafran 1967

      Ebonyi/Abakaliki people are hausas in disguise. They’re not a part of Igboland. They’re more like Benue. During the war, they let in the zoo soldiers. Even their dialect sounds like gobbledegook to the rest of us. Most of them are muslims as well.

      • cheky

        Please we don’t need this at the moment, we’re one.

  • obiora

    It is called Apartheid. When the people rejected Nigeria and their Government. This rejection has proved that Biafrans are realy serious. Nothing more to add. Nigeria and Buhari will be in Shame for not allowing Biafrans Go.

    • Julius

      What ? Na Nigeria dem voted for or an Igbo governor in an Igbo State ? lolz, something ain’t right in your head.Seek help, abeg !

  • wode

    For realist, it was certain that he was going to win.

  • MaskedPhantom

    Shame on Okoroawusa and all the APC faggots that vowed to unseat him.

  • Isyaku Muhammad


  • IPOB

    IPOB disappointed me.

    • Julius

      Hahahahahahahaha..I think you are being sarcastic. Nobody believe their crap to begin with…bunch of cowards ! Congratulation to the people of Anambra and the governor. una don do well !!

  • Pcletus S. Chidi

    RESPECT! Nigerians should RESPECT Anambra people! The Great Ndi Anambra! Respect us! No Ugly incidence! In fact, God is a native of Anambra.

    • Olusola


  • CEO

    Congratulations!! Chief(Dr) Willie Obiano. Long Live Ndigbo, and God bless the entire Igbo Nation.

  • Timothy

    It is written and whether you like it or not…..APGA reigns in Anambra state….if you are not in APGA you cant win election in Anambra state….unless the party itself closes down its office and calls itself another name…..I like the person of Obaze of PDP but that party is not where he should have belonged…but it was worth a try…..APC made a mark and a remarkable one for that matter to come second. Call it whatever you like…federal might….financial power….etc….they made a mark…but the people have chosen well….its time for Obiano to finish off what he started. CONGRATS!!!….meanwhile Peter Obi can rest his case…his support and sponsor for Obaze did not yield fruit….I hope they spend some more and go to court and contest the result….I hope they will say its the APC govt that rigged the elections for APGA.

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