Buhari, Osinbajo to spend over N2.5 billion on cars, travels in 2018

President Muhammadu Buhari
President Muhammadu Buhari in one of his trips.

President Muhammadu Buhari plans to spend N1.001 billion on travels in 2018, details of the proposed 2018 budget released by the Budget Office of the Federation show.

The amount breaks down to N751.3 million for international travels, and N250.02 million for local travels.

The budget shows that another N907 million would be spent on a phased acquisition of new vehicles and spare parts in the presidential fleet during the year.

Additional N83. 77 million will be spent on tyres for bullet proof vehicles, plain Toyota cars, close circuit vehicles, platform trucks, Land Cruiser and Prado jeeps, Hilux, Peugeot 607, ambulances and other utility and operational vehicles for the Presidency.

On his part, Vice President Yemi Osinbajo will spend about N301.04 million on general travel — detailed as N217.06 million for international travel and N83.97 million for local travel.

The budget sets aside N986.91 million for “miscellaneous” expenses in the State House, while general utility services will gulp N476.87 million. Electricity charge is N274.79 million and N67.11 million is for internet.

President Buhari last Tuesday in Abuja presented a budget proposal of N8.612 trillion for 2018, saying the projected expenditure will drive rapid economic recovery.

He said with a benchmark of 45 dollars per barrel at an exchange rate of N305 to a dollar in 2018, the budget would consolidate on the achievements of previous budgets to aggressively steer the economy to the path of steady growth.

“With the economic recovery made so far, it is clear that we made the right decisions,’’ he said.

Mr. Buhari said the government would continue to develop infrastructure and increase investments in agriculture to attain food security and reduce importation.

Other major spending for the president’s office are N4.86 billion for “annual routine maintenance of mechanical/electrical installations” and N1.03 billion for the State House Medical Centre.

Outstanding liabilities on routine maintenance and other services will receive N565.65 million.

Overall, the State House which comprises the president and vice president’s offices, and state house administration, will spend N11.545 billion by the State House.

All the proposed spending are subject to National Assembly approval.


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  • Fairgame

    Liars and Hypocrites are the worst kind of people to be Leadership. This APC government has the top award in lying and hypocrisy.



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  • FreeNigeria

    “N11.545 billion by the State House.” In a country where more than 70% youths are unemployed. There are no functional hospitals and the country is still in darkness in 2017

    • forestgee

      The youths must be wise when next they vote!

  • AryLoyds

    Animal kingdom , were money grows on trees !

  • abodes_124

    N11.54 billion for the state house ! Please does anyone know how much has been budgeted for education?

    • North/West Allies

      This government is shameless, tomorrow they will open their dirty mouth to call PDP corrupt

  • Proudly Niger DELTAN

    Dear Niger Delta FREEDOM fighters,
    Over to you. You must respond proportionately to this nonsense. The useless Nigerian govt budgeted 0% for clean up of Niger Delta pollution and certainly no budget for any railway across the region, no plans for bridges over our numerous waterways except bridges over rocks in Abuja. We can not continue like this my people. Hoe can just two parasites spend N2.5 billion on cars alone? And no jobs in the Niger Delta, no clean water, no clean air, no clean beaches, no electricity. Nothing. Failing to act is tantamount to cowardice.

  • Sean

    Value for money! Go on President, majority Nigerians are behind you and we trust your judgement. If more is needed pls spend, we want your utmost safety and the VP. Wailers can wail but it’s if no consequence

    • Jon

      Indirect stealing and corruption staring you In the face, but you can’t see it.

      Check the records: $2.1 billion stolen or missing when he was Petroleum minister in 1977. $1.1 billion stolen or missing when he was chairman of Petroleum Trust Fund in 1997. Now, under his watch, $26 billion stolen or missing under the guise of contract award. Are these not a pattern of bad behavior that should have been punished in Western Civilized Societies? Look again the pattern of ethnic cleansing under his brutal and tyrannical regime

    • Solomon Brown

      How much does your state contribute to the national treasury? You are wasteful and gluttonous, 4.8 billion on annual mainteanance of electric and mechanical installations, I am pretty sure you have no steady electricity in the hell hole you call a village, but here you are urging them to spend money. What a shame!

      • North/West Allies

        My brother, that fella you just replied is a dumb moron. It’s because of him that Nigeria will never grow, look at his comment very disappointing

    • North/West Allies

      You are a kid

    • emmanuel

      A f*olish child for that matter

    • Otile

      Can you stll say that your Imam is a man of integrity?

    • grand maze

      I like this total disregard for the opinions of other Nigerians by people like you. Very soon, their opinion will matter in whether or not your hero returns to aso rock

  • Hinds Peter

    Look who is talking about hypocrisy.Buhari forgot to include the security side of his budget.Do not let mad Blenman and mad Joy Su stop you.Peter Carlos Hinds.Commander.Barbados.

  • Hinds Peter

    If Buhari is patronizing travel.Do not stop him.If the head could travel.The body could travel also.The Intelligencia should have their heads buried in their books not travelling.Peter Carlos Hinds.Commander.Barbados.

  • Hinds Peter

    Many quick to praise themselves and slow to praise others.All they are is hot air.But hot air rises.Peter Carlos Hinds.Commander.Barbados.

  • Hinds Peter

    The Jamaicans say that”if a tree has no roots.It soon topples and falls over.”.And Charles take care.A lot could happen at 30 000 feet.Peter Carlos Hinds.Commander.Barbados.

  • Lanre Omomeji

    How much is needed to build at least one functional cancer treatment center? …and over 213 Nigerians died in 2 months alone, from snake bites in Nassarawa state and one other Northern state just because there was no antidote for snake venom in the hospitals. These men (Buhari & Osinbajo) must be evil. Otherwise i suggest they check into a psycho hospital for mental evaluation. Budgeting N2.5b for cars in a country where common snake bite antidote are not available? It is madness.

    • North/West Allies

      My brother is country is terrible, we buy cars for them every year. This is corruption!

    • Lanre

      My namesake. They are spending money on Bullet Proof cars so the stones from market women will not dent their cars. That is leadership in Nigeria.

      • grand maze

        Very soon they will start buying flying cars so that they will not have to drive on our dilapidated roads

    • grand maze

      That is how they are spending these foreign loans profligacies

  • Solomon Brown

    #274,000,000 on electricity alone, this is madness, what industry is in that state house that we have no idea exists?

  • North/West Allies

    Omo this country funny die, UK prime minister use Range rover produced in their country, US president use Ford produce in their country, German chancelor use Benz produce in their country, France use Peugoet produced in their country, Sweden and Italy, South Korea and China. How many will i mention?

    Why are we buying cars every year? Is this not corruption? So the cars we bought for them not up to a year ago is not longer good for them? If this government ever open their dirty mouth to say PDP is corrupt thunder will fire all of them, when will all these criminal stop taking us for granted

    Some animal PDP and APC supporters will start fighting without thinking, I have a car and a jeep i bough 3 years ago. They are still new as if i bought them yesterday

    What is all these nonsense please, Buhari and his government is a disappointment. I don’t see them doing anything different, corruption is even worst under this administration…Its mind blowing

    They allocate Billions every year for the same thing

    • Jim

      My dearest brother, you are very correct. Nigeria manufactures nothing but violence and terrorism…and this is because we elect critically dumb and unintelligent men into office on the banal basis of satisfying religious and ethnic balance, hegemony or affiliation. In which civilized nation will a character like M. Buhari be a president? A man who cannot discuss any Nigerian issue/problem in formal, educated and simple terms without reading from a prepared material which he struggles to read.

      …and I can assure you that these men do not even think of possibility of Nigerian engineers manufacturing cars 100% local content. They will never budget for Automobile manufacturing plant/infrastructure or any manufacturing industry, instead what they will budget for in PURCHASE of weapons from US & UK? It is mumudity Bro. Pure mumudity.

      …and this self-defeatist blight of colonial mentality is even worse with the so called journalists and Editors who never write Editorials to encourage government to focus on encouraging local scientists, researchers, Engineers etc to produce. Rather what they base their useless Editorials on are political issues like removal of CBN governor to satisfy their veiled interest. This is why some of us believe in break up of Nigeria by any means possible.

      • niran ade

        … Donald Trump

      • Mizch

        It gets one sick to see how other presidents are up and doing and our own looks so timid. These days he laughs so wide, with all his teeth visible. Sad!

        • grand maze

          He laughs so heartily these days because he has defeated his arch enemy Nnamdi Kanu.

    • Mizch

      If they open their mouth to criticize Jonathan again, let monkeypox attack them.

      • Otile

        Amen and amen.

      • grand maze

        If monkey pox attack them, then lie Mohammed mouth go be like monkey yansh.

    • emmanuel

      The monies are stolen wholesale. That is why the IGP lied that he had to provide vehicles for Police on President’s wife’s security assignment.
      Bunch of fraudsters everywhere.

    • UC

      That your car and Jeep were they manufactured in Nigeria?. As a good citizen all you need do suggest to the NASS to remove or prune it down.

      • North/West Allies

        No they are not but my father is driving the Innoson G5, I bought it for him. Don’t compare me with government officials, i work hard for what I have and i can choose how i spend it.

        Buari and co are spending public funds, road safety, Police, Military, customs, civil defense etc are all using toyota, nissan and other imported trucks

        Why can’t they encourage Innoson? Thanks to the air force that contract him company for parts manufacturing

  • olat

    For example, in 2014, the Presidency has proposed to spend of N2.378 billion on his travels. While N1.159 billion is for international journey, N1.219 has been earmarked for local trips.
    In the same vein, a whopping N4billion has been inserted in the budget for the hosting of the World Economic Forum, while the much-talked about National Dialogue will cost the tax payers N7billion.
    Another curious aspect of the budget is the N2billion that has been earmarked
    to take care of the repairs of the Presidency’s facilities.
    According to the appropriation bill, N1.650 billion will be spent on the rehabilitation/repairs of the State House office buildings, N205 million on its residential building, N50 million on its electricity and another N120 million on the defence equipment.
    Further details of the budget indicate that the government has also budgeted N56.8 million for President Jonathan’s medical expenses.
    As contained in the budget, Jonathan’s medical expenses of N56.8 million, coded 22021004, is from his office’s total allocation of N2.995 billion. The vice president’s medical expenses will cost the tax payers N10.8 million.More on the budget in the days to come.
    Source:D LIGHT NEWS, 2014

    • Epsilon_Delta

      Jonathan has been voted out and replace by “messiah” Buhari for the reasons you mentioned… but your messiah has proven to be more crooked than Jonathan!

    • emmanuel

      You have only reeled out lies and fabricated details to sway the gullible, such as the type you cook up with names of notable Nigerians and World leaders as the authors, when in fact they are a creation of you APC machinations. Ihave advised those i know to delete at sight once posted to them.
      We all knew how everyone raised dust on the budget of 2014 and lots of figures were pruned down.
      There is no PDP budget before they left office or Presidency budget that comes near the fraud in this APC government.
      Stop your lies.
      N1.9 billion for fumigation, yet Rats chased the head of the cabal from his office in two three months? Of course that budget has been released and stolen – the purpose for with it entered in for senate approval

    • grand maze

      Are we discussing 2014 budget?

  • Mizch

    BEFORE. they trusted him laughing.
    NOW, they trust him sighing.
    LATER, they will trust him crying.

  • Lanre

    The expenditure of 12billion Naira (roughly) for the offices of Buhari and Osinbajo, amounts to 40m dollars. One ambulance fully equipped is estimated to cost about $100,000.00. To equip each local government in Nigeria with one advanced (state of the art) ambulance comes to a total cost of about $80million dollars. A task that can be completed in two years. But rather, Nigeria’s leaders will spend the same amount of money to make themselves comfortable. That is Patriotism, Leadership and Pride – Nigerian style.

  • Michael

    Bloody criminal politicians. Buhari, where are you travelling to? You achieve nothing on your travels. You cant even address the nation, yet you want to address international leaders. Stop stealing you bastards.

  • musa aliero

    Saint buhari the incorruptible leader. The man with one house and few mud house and cattle’s in katsina! Yes please continue to teach all the gullible idiots in Nigeria what’s up. Gather and keep gathering your own. They are all mad.

  • Tijani

    God punish Buhari and Osinbajo, a pair of evil corrupt hypocrites.

  • Kenny

    Very laughable and hypocritical combination: Imam Buhari & Pastor Osinbanjo! It’s become a necessity that Nigerians must “change the change” in 2019.

    • emmanuel

      Both men are hard consters.
      The very first budget scam early in 2016, was when the NASS raised dust about their plan to buy vehicles at the Presidency for N4.8 billion. The President quickly re-called it and that amount was removed from Vehicle head and spread on other budget heads within the Presidency – of course for eventual stealing.
      That was before they sent their men to steal the budget again within another month and a half.
      Last year, it was N1.9 billion for fumigation and sh*t clearance expenses and many more. They also had to buy so much cutlery every year.
      What a combination of an Islamic fundamentalist and Pastor upping the ante for criminals on how to effectively loot?

  • Zygote

    I hope he pays his tithes!

  • Fernando Luis

    And suffering smiling yorubastard cowards and uncircumcised bastards from the north will always be happy for this. Buhari is not looting but he is codedly squandering Nigeria treasury. He medical bills still loading. Nigerians wake up.

    • emmanuel

      Who said Buhari is not looting? He is using the same scheme he stole PTF money with Abacha then now. Nigeria the price of Oil has more than doubled when they took over – $28.00 per barrel to $62.00 with near full production and a hundred percent devalued Naira, yet no one sees the money. They have borrowed much more than any government in Nigeria history also.
      The Accountant General cannot reconcile the TSA less than two years after take off – TSA has become a cane basket that cannot retain water.
      Suddenly Oke’s money surfaces from nowhere.

      • grand maze

        Thank God buhari started implementation of the TSA otherwise they would have said that Jonathan was the reason they couldn’t reconcile the TSA.

  • O’tega

    Honestly the hottest parts of hell sure has candidates in Nigeria.

    • Otile

      Say what you want to say. Say that Buhari is going to hell alive.

  • Jon

    Check the records: $2.1 billion stolen or missing when he was Petroleum minister in 1977. $1.1 billion stolen or missing when he was chairman of Petroleum Trust Fund in 1997. Now, under his watch, $26 billion stolen or missing under the guise of contract award. Are these not a pattern of bad behavior that should have been punished in Western Civilized Societies? Look again the pattern of ethnic cleansing under his brutal and tyrannical regime

  • grand maze

    N4.86b for annual maintenance of electrical installations sounds to me like a padded amount for subsequent looting

  • Frank Bassey

    This means nothing to them; pretentious characters. Tomorrow dwarf Osinbajo will mount the pulpit to castigate former President Goodluck Jonathan.