Corruption Allegations: Court stops Senate from investigating Nigeria police chief

Ibrahim Idris
Inspector-General of Police, Ibrahim Idris

An FCT High Court sitting in Jabi on Thursday granted an interim order restraining the leadership of the Senate from investigating the Inspector-General of the Nigerian Police, Mr Ibrahim Idris.

Justice Abba-Bello Mohammed granted the application of an interim injunction pending the hearing of the substantive suit of breach of right to fair hearing by the Senate leadership against the IG.

The judge also granted leave to the applicant’s counsel, Alex Izinyon, to publish in two national dailies all papers concerning the originating summons, including hearing notice which would be served on the senate.

Mr. Mohammed adjourned the case until December 4 to hear the main issues in the substantive suit before the court.

The suit filed before the court with Ref. No. CV/0060/2017, has the President of the Senate, the Senate of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and Isah Misau as the respondents.

Others also listed as respondents are senators Francis Alimikhena, Binta Garba, Suleiman Hunkuyi, Duro Samuel, Ogba Obinna, Nelson Effiong and Abdulaziz Nyako.

The applicant is seeking that the 2nd respondent (the Senate) resolution setting up an ad-hoc committee to investigate the allegation raised by Misau is a violation of his right to fair hearing under the constitution.

He is also seeking for a declaration that the Senate’s letter of invitation to appear before the ad-hoc committee on November 2 based on a petition by Mr. Misau is a violation of his right to fair hearing as provided by the constitution.

Other reliefs sought by the applicant include an order restraining the ad-hoc committee, its agent or any other from taking further steps on the matter in the name of its earlier invitation to the applicant.

The applicant hinged his action on the grounds that members of the ad-hoc committee are colleagues of the senator who raised the petition against him.

It also said that both the print and electronic media published grievous criminal allegations made by Mr. Misau against the IG and Nigeria Police.

The counsel to the applicant, Mr. Izinyon, informed the court that an attempt made by the bailiff of the court to serve the Senate all papers of the originating application for it to show cause on the matter was rebuffed by the agents of the respondents.

He added that when the bailiff went to the office of the Clerk of the Senate to carry out the service, he was beaten and locked up by some officers in that office.

Mr. Izinyon urged the court to exercise its power of Order 15 Rule 4 of the High court to effect justice on the matter.

He also prayed the court to look at Order 11 Rule 27 and 28 which provides for punishment against anyone who threatens the bailiff of a court.



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  • thusspokez

    An FCT High Court sitting in Jabi on Thursday granted an interim order restraining the leadership of the Senate from investigating the Inspector-General of the Nigerian Police, Mr Ibrahim Idris.

    Inhibiting the Senate members from doing their jobs? Only in Nigeria! But why is the Senate not so furious and pass a law, forbidding judges from inhibiting the Senate from doing its jobs. After all, the Senate make the law which judges implements.

    • Gary

      The Senate does not need to pass a new law against this obtuse and ignorant ruling from yet another Quota System judge in Nigeria’s lower courts.
      These malleable judges are a disgrace to the Bench and legal profession with their craven antics and shocking ignorance about Constitutional Law and the Separation of Powers in our current system of government.
      No branch of government can oust the jurisdiction of any of the three branches of government from exercising its constitutional functions. That is Constitutional Law 101.
      And here’s an ignoramus on the Bench purporting to stop a chamber of the legislature from pursuing its due exercise of oversight of a government official.
      Only in Nigeria. They just never stop disgracing us a people governed by morons in high places.
      We can only hope that judges are promoted to higher courts not on quotas but on benchmarks that include how many of their rulings or decision are overturned or confirmed on appeal and their soundness in applying the law and jurisprudence for the ends of justice.
      Justice Onnoghen and the NJC have their work cut out for them to help us sanitize the rot in Nigeria’s lower courts.

      • Tunji Olarewaju

        Unfortunately, none of these lower court judges are promoted to higher courts unless they’re malleable! So, Gary, who bells the cat?

        • Gary

          My brother, I get dispirited about the growing decline of Nigeria in virtually all areas of national life.

          We have a Police Chief who insists on sleeping with his female subordinates as a fringe benefit and gets legal cover from legislative enquiry from a judge (who happens to be his tribesman) and graduated from Law School and called to the Bench without basic grasp of Constitutional Law.

          What a country.

    • FineBoy

      You can’t be a Judge in your own case. That is the IG argument

  • marcos avelino

    A News head line – Corruption Allegations: Court stops Senate from investigating Nigeria police chief
    A second head line on the same day reads – Police ignores Court ruling, bars Peace Corps officers from entering office

    So the IG uses the court to stop the senate from investigating him ( IG ) and then simultaneously disregards a court order to unseal Peace Corps office !! Only in a banana republic can such a serious contradiction and lawlessness happen. State governors disregard court rulings when in power and after they step down they rush to the courts for protection !! Nigerians want to eat their cakes and still have it !!

    • Ubong

      You should have known wr do not have judges in Nigeria but toothless noise makers delivering toothless judgement that are flagrantly disobey by those assuming they are above the law. Its stated with the presidency disobeying court order to release dasuki on bail. Thede nonsense would never hapoen in civilized society where law and judges pronouncement are not breached by anybody. When AGF corruptly decided to defend IGP, in a privste matter against another private citizen., the door was open for any corrupt judges not to go contrary to AGF action . We are really in trouble and its why corruption is and will never be eradicated in Nigeria

    • Someone

      is buhari different from jonathan ? No. diezani did this too, so also sls. buhari is the same as jonathan.

      • suleiman

        Yes, because he is worst than Jonathan1

    • Otile

      Allah, one Nigeria has suffered rape from the quota system judges. May the Almighty and Merciful God save us from the perpetual bungling of ill educated kinsmen and close friends on Northern leaders they impose on the federal services. Allah ya ba mu lavia.

  • North/West Allies

    Nigeria is terrible, corruption will never stop

    • okenwa

      Court don chop be that.

  • Otile

    Ifa Orunmila gbo omo yin oo. So we have abruptly come to the end of the road. I mean we have come to the end of the war against corruption for Buhari’s relatives and close friends.

  • suleiman

    I de laugh. Abeg, 2019 come quick so that we can get rid of these liars and mischief makers

  • TrueFairGame

    The style of stopping investigation is unfortunate because only the guilty that needs be afraid. However we must reason with the Judge here because the petitioner is a senator and had involved in personal issues with the IG. The question is will the IG get a fair hearing when senate are the judges in their own case? The investigation should require another neutral person

    • Gary

      It is the Senate, as a Constitutional mandate, probing the allegations made against the IGP. Yes, the allegations were made on its floor by a Senator, as is proper.
      You and I have the right to petition ANY branch of OUR government to look into grievances or malfeasance by an agency or official of said government. That in no way ousts the Constitutional Right of the People’s Parliament to take up such a petition or probe.
      The above is elementary Constitutional Law taught to first-year Law Students. That means a second year Law student should know this much less a Judge of the court in present-day Nigeria. So is this ignorance or ethno-political mischief on display with this judge in Abuja? That is the question.
      This is a frivolous lawsuit that should have been immediately dismissed at first hearing, with cost for seeking to waste the time of the court and defendant.

      Our lower court judges have become a hindrance rather than guardians of democracy in Nigeria. And it is time to call out the misfits and rascals sitting on the Bench. In a democracy, everyone in every branch of government serves at the behest of We, the People.

    • thusspokez

      will the IG get a fair hearing when senate are the judges in their own case?

      Must must you inject emotion into every argument whilst ignoring due process and the constitution? You are left with anarchy if you continue to undermine the constitution whenever you disagree with aspects of it.

      The investigation should require another neutral person

      You said it: It is an “investigation” — which doesn’t involve decision-making in pursuit of justice.

  • chinedu

    I think the senate should approach this court immediately to vacate this order. Are we saying that senators now lack the right to petition the senate even if a senator’s interest is involved? The IGP’s move is immature. The proper thing should have been to allow the senate do it’s job and then proceed to court if unsatisfied with their resolutions. The present situation in Nigeria where anyone that has a matter to answer to makes desperate efforts including some legal gymnastics to avoid the real issues is becoming very worrisome. And it is also kind of funny that those who normally treat court orders with disdain are the ones that quickly run to the same court for protection when they feel threatened. Haba ! Nigeria we hail thee.

  • okenwa

    Only in animal kingdom a thief will go to court and obtains order to stop investigation.

  • Okey D.U

    I weep for Nigeria. The change PMB promised us is yet to come. Maybe we have to wait till Christ comes

  • paul irumundomon

    The only people good for prosecution, so that scarcity of food will end are the former president and his wife. Good for nothing Mumu nation. High school drop out is giving lesions and professors are taking notes