Do more, Nigerians are suffering, Tinubu tells Buhari

APC Chieftain, Chief Bola Tinubu briefing State House Correspondents
File Photo of APC Chieftain, Chief Bola Tinubu briefing State House Correspondents after his meeting with President Muhammadu Buhari at the Presidential Villa in Abuja on Monday (30/10/17) 05775/30/10/2017/Callistus Ewelike/NAN

A national leader of the governing All Progressives Congress, APC, and a former Governor of Lagos state, Bola Tinubu, on Thursday advised President Muhammadu Buhari to use the remaining part of his tenure to build a better country and help “suffering” Nigerians.

Mr. Tinubu took advantage of his position as a keynote speaker at the presentation of a book “Making steady, Sustainable Progress for Nigeria’s Peace and Prosperity: A Mid-term Scorecard on the Muhammadu Buhari Administration”, which held at the State House conference centre, Abuja, to tell Mr. Buhari that although he has done well in his first two years, he still has a lot more to do.

Mr. Tinubu said Nigeria relies on crude oil which is expendable.

Mr. Tinubu advised the government to train its policies to ensure that when oil is finally no more, the country will not suffer.

The APC leader warned that his decision to offer the advice publicly should not be mistaken as evidence of “space” that exists between him and the president.

He said such representation will be “ false” and the news about it “will be fake”.

“What I proffer today is done in the spirit of utmost respect and affinity by one who wants the best for this government and for Nigeria. I say these things to encourage the government to achieve the greatness the times demand and of which this government is capable,” he said.

Mr. Tinubu said for Mr. Buhari to succeed, he must face and work on the economy.

He said the 2018 budget estimates submitted by the president last week has the potential to move the nation in the right direction.

He said the most important aspect of the budget is the capital expenditure badly needed for infrastructure.

“This investment means that the government fully recognises our economy must grow but that it cannot expand beyond the parameters of the infrastructural grid that serves it,” he said.

He also said “It is time to lead our people to a place where poverty and hunger become infrequent and where prosperity and hope are the daily fare of the common man”.

Mr. Tinubu said as one of the most populous nations of the world, Nigeria cannot attain prosperity without first establishing a robust industrial capacity.

He also said developed countries such as England, Japan and China implemented key policies “to protect industries, promote employment and encourage exports. These nations represent the past, present and immediate future of national economic achievement”.

He said if Nigeria is to be a leader in the next phase of global economic history, it must learn from the successes of these countries.

Mr. Tinubu also said henceforth, Nigeria’s national industrial revolution “must be more than mere words”.

He said the government must invest in research and work closely with the private sector.

“Government policy must push and incentivize the private sector into the production of goods that will be demanded in the immediate future and for some time to come,” he said.

Mr. Tinubu said whatever the nation chose to produce, such products must be “things that the rest of the world wants to buy and not necessarily the things that we think are easier to do”.

He said Nigeria needs a national infrastructural plan that accommodates both industrial and agricultural activity. He said the “fulcrum of this plan must be continued progress in the achievement of adequate and affordable electric power, especially solar and winds”.

The APC leader also advised the president to help the common farmer by improving rural output and incomes.

To this end, he said Nigeria must return to the commodity exchange boards or “similar mechanisms to allow farmers to secure their income and hedge against loss”.

He said there should be an active and expanded agricultural loan scheme.

He said the government should also make business and consumer credit available by lowering interest rates.

The former Lagos governor also advised Mr. Buhari to “ move towards true federalism by the balance of power and responsibility between the federal government and the states.

“In so doing, we attain the correct balance between our collective purpose on one hand and our separate grassroots realities on the other,” he said.

Mr. Tinubu also informed the president that a lot of Nigerians are suffering and that he needed to do more.

“Through no fault of their own, too many of our people are without.

“ Too many parents cannot properly feed and clothe their precious children. Too many young adults exist in the void of joblessness, and too many of us do not have the resources to care for the elderly parents who once cared for them. We must cure these wrongs,” he said.

Speaking further, Mr. Tinubu said “If I were an architect, I would say that President Buhari has used the last two years to wisely lay the deep and wide foundation for a new building called a better Nigeria”.


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  • sta


    • AryLoyds

      So True !

  • FreeNigeria

    Tinubu is talking to a man that can’t hear. Buhari is wasting scarce resources searching for oil in dry north

    • Rex

      Don’t mind the Mumu. Oil pollution every where in Niger Delta and he refused to budget money for clean up and leave the host communities to be fighting court cases at home and abroad to bring the environmental terrorists to book and clean up their evil pollution. However, the same evil man (Buhari) spend money looking for oil in the desert. How can you then blame Avengers for deciding to start taking action?

  • .JUDGEMENT Day Proceedings

    HEAVEN : Oyedepo, as a Pastor while on earth, can you explain why you flew in Private Jets?
    OYEDEPO : I had the money my Lord! I could afford it.
    HEAVEN : Are you aware that millions of church members were hungry and had no transport to take them to church?
    OYEDEPO : Yes my Lord.
    HEAVEN : So is it morally right that you flew in more than one private Jet in the midst of massive poverty of worshippers?
    OYEDEPO : No Sir. Sorry No my Lord! I am sorry. Please forgive me.
    HEAVEN : Why did you slap a little girl in Church in front of the congregation? And u said u would slap her again and again!
    OYEDEPO : Ple forgive me my Lord.
    HEAVEN : Why did you not apologize to the girl? Is that not pride?
    OYEDEPO : I am sorry my Lord. Pls forgive me.
    HEAVEN : You collected Tithes from members of your Church. Where is the money?
    OYEDEPO : I bought Jets with the money, built mansions, schools and the rest are in Panama, Paradise & Pandemonium tax havens
    HEAVEN : Is that not fraudulent, stealing by trickery and outright deceit and robbery?
    OYEDEPO: Yes my Lord! I am sorry pls forgive me.
    HEAVEN : Why is it that your University is so expensive that the poor cannot attend?
    OYEDEPO : Pls my Lord forgive me. I am sorry I wish I can have another chance.

    …to be continued!

    • FreeNigeria

      LOL. Suffering church members will attack you soon and call you names

  • marc umeh

    It is sad to see us quote , respect and adore those who have shown no interest in tackling the problems in the country.
    For example , the salary and remunerations of ONE ex- gov turned senator could save some of those ” suffering nigerians ”
    But they will not go there. !!!!

  • Gee X-rated


    Bola Tinubu and the worst lie told in Nigeria

    Bola Tinubu either does not or cannot think properly. If Nigerians are suffering so much as he said,
    with parents unable to feed their children or pay rent and transportation costs, the conclusion cannot
    be that President Buhari is doing well or laying any sensible foundation by way of deepening poverty.

    The platitude of “laying a good foundation” is the worst lie told to moronic Nigerians since independence
    on October 1st 1960, as elected and appointed government officials stole away billions of Naira from the
    states and national treasury.

    Prime Minister Tafawa Balewa himself had said on October 1st 1960 that he was laying
    a good foundation. That was 57 years ago. If after 57 years, and with Nigeria far worse than it was decades
    ago, whatever blunder President Buhari is committing in ignorance cannot equate laying any good foundation.

    • August January

      If your darling PDP-led governments laid ‘a good foundation’ as worst as you think Buhari’s good foundation is, we would have had at least ‘a close-to-better foundation’ by now!

      • grand maze

        No more foundations. We need the building to start. That was how OBJ told us he used his 8 years to lay foundation.

        • August January

          OBJ built foundations for corruption, which need demolition. After demolishing them, good foundations are needed for the building to stand and endure!

  • Rommel

    Nigerians are not yet ready to build a modern nation, no nation has developed by awarding contracts to foreign firms in critical areas of that nations economy, nations develop when citizens begin to understnd that only them can build the nation, at the moment, Nigerians are too busy lusting after foreign luxuries and destinations funded through crude oil money.Gvernment can only do so much, Nigerians must change, China changed before our very eyes, when they were riding bicycles in their blue up and down Khaki Mao suits, we were laughing at them while carousing in Owambe and driving Mercedes benz calling ourselves money people, today here we are.

    Are Nigerians ready to make necessary sacrifices needed for greatness tomorrow? we know what happened when PMB tried to reduce importation on assumption of office after the slump in crude oil prices, did it go down well? Nigerians are mentally lazy voracious consumers of imported goods.

    • john

      Thank-you my bro….. Very well said. Some voracious lazy consumers here may attack you. But you’ve said the truth.

    • Solomon Brown

      Succinntly put. I am impressed by your analysis, we have to build Africa for Africans and stop relying on foreigners to do it for us.

      • Adele Uhuru

        Come on now – your Buhari is the champion of foreign consumption and I think its a malady he is quite familiar with………so stop praising a ludicrous perspective from a know benefactor of foreign products. Your stance is laughable, risible and preposterous ………

        • Solomon Brown

          With just a little introspection, any average Nigerian with some knowledge on how an economy is run, will arrive at the same conclusion, There is absolutely nothing preposterous about local manufacturing, that is how jobs are created. Common you know better.

          • Adele Uhuru

            illusions all through – Buhari has no progressive agenda he is a confused man – basically a Dare in a head light daze, not knowing what to do……his economic and political acumen are just mediocre hence his performance. He is a weak bully and nothing more

          • Solomon Brown

            Focus! The topic isn’t about Buhari, it is about how we can empower our nation economically by establishing a manufacturing based economy instead of one based on imports solely, it isn’t rocket science, just basic economics, we just can’t afford to keep spending our money with foreign corporations that have an economic agenda which does not include us. It is that simple.

    • grand maze

      We can do it but the government must lead the way. Not when they ban foreign goods and tell us to use local goods, you see them all patronizing foreign goods even foreign hospitals.

    • AryLoyds

      Even your beloved Buhari loves everything foreign , if not he would have stayed in Nigeria to take his medical treatment .

      • Sanssouci


      • Adele Uhuru

        Simple,truthful and exquisitely stated, I think you should tag yourself as “beautiful truth”

    • Adele Uhuru

      Still PMB is failing day by day to make any significant change as he promised and you see it fit to blame the consituent populace for the leadership’d failures – PMB as you referred to him had no real innovative leadership acumen and hence no real leadership quality that will progress the amalgamated Nigeria as a whole. His Bigotted selfish approach to leadership is the reason why his is failing and the innovative thievery by proxy that he has instituted will spell his down fall when the time is right………. so keep on and keep up your Political and Ethnic based mental self-slavery, it will come to pass sooner than later ………..

  • atakamosu

    Yes many are hungry, and Lagos has millions. No social security, slums all over the country and Tinubu hides behind his Boudillon gates. If he truly feels the suffering of the masses why hug a senatorial seat for your wife? Hiding property abroad under proxies is against the rights interest of the suffering masses. Remember OTODO GBAME, are they not humans? Ambode cannot evict a cockroach without the say so if Tinubu. The majority of Nigerians are suffering, if he really cares why has Lagos not led the way by increasing the minimum wage amongst states? Yes APC has failed Nigerians and an alternative is needed to move the country forward. After all Buhari is sick and has been absent from running Nigerian for most of his two years. Let’s get rid of old tyrants who are recycled rubbish in 2019.

  • john

    The headline and the content of the story do not match. When did PT join Biaguard newspapers in publishing misleading headlines.

  • grand maze

    I thank Tinubu for his courage in telling Buhari the bare reality that we are facing. However I do not agree with him that Buhari is laying foundation. For 57 years every government keeps on telling us that they are laying foundation. A foundation laid for 57 years will it carry the universe? That is their usual excuse to mask their failure. So in simple terms, Tinubu has just confirmed Buhari failure

    • ZikAwo

      God have mercy on nigerian politicians and their *foundation laying* dirty politics

    • aisha ani

      Tinubu is not in the position to say anything about Buhari, this is a man that has acquired almost every owned by Lagos state. This man should just go and sit down somewhere.

  • Chally Obie

    this is a critical time in Nigeria politic we must tell ourselves the truth Nigeria is not working we need great minds to give us a sense of direction
    buhari should go he had achieved his dream of being a president no idea

  • kanen

    “Buhari has done well in the past two years ” and “Nigerians are suffering ” are grossly contradictory. Nigerians trust that you are the only one who can tell us the truth.

  • Someone

    is it not funny how these thugs become experts overnight, and want us to listen to them ????

  • Yandela

    This is the difference between APC and PDP. We are not praise singers but people who are genuinely concern about the plight of the Nigerian masses.

    • suleiman

      Hahahahaha! Gaskiya ne, Sai Baba

    • Adele Uhuru

      Poor performance in political terms – PDP still hold a much better record thus far than APC – if you wish to be logical compare PDP’s first 2 years in office to APC’ first 2 years you’ll see that APC is miles behind in all aspects of Progressive leadership and purpose based governance. Liberate yourself from Political or Ethnic based mental slavery, you’ll see APC for what it is and will be a party born out of Hate and Desperation……… it is unholy hence its abysmal performance

      • Yandela

        APC has never told nigerians that they have all the answers to the myriads of problems facing the country. what APC promise was to give a new perspective to governance by been transparent, sincere, accountable and above all giving the vast majority the dividents of democracy unlike the previous government that was pre-occupied with enriching the elite at the expense of the masses.

        • Adele Uhuru

          Laughable so please do tell me what is the difference here and now; they all thieves let’s state the fact -APC PDP are filled with crooks including Buhari, Atiku, Obasonj, Osibanjo, Jonathan and his VP; but based on performance APC is woefully lacking behind- based on a logical objective comparison- two and half years of PDP saw major positive policy enactments and a progressive agenda that grew the economy not regress it unlike the APC

      • Powerlessconscious

        What was the condition of economy and insecurity LEVEL befire pdp took over in 1999? What was Nigeria population in 1999? Level of industrialisation before they ran to Ghana after 2years of pdp? Value of naira in 1999, conditions of roads, power electricity?

        Compare this to 2015 when pdp was leaving. I know you may not agree but it is NOT a must.