ERGP: Nigerian govt hires Malaysian consultants for N458 million

Minister of Budget and National Planning, Udoma Udoma (Photo taken by Bassey Udo, 11/14/2017)

The Federal Government of Nigeria has hired some consultants from Malaysia to help the Federal Ministry of Budget and Planning set up three focused labs in the country.

The cost of hiring the Malaysian consultants will be N458 million ($1.5 million), an official said.

The Minister of Budget and Planning, Udoma Udoma, said the setting up of the labs is part of the government’s implementation strategy for the Economic Recovery and Growth Plan, ERGP.

Mr. Udoma said he presented a memo to that regard at Wednesday’s meeting of the Federal Executive Council, FEC. He added that the council granted the approval.

Addressing State House correspondents at the end of the meeting, Mr. Udoma said, “We intend to conduct three labs – one in agriculture and transportation, one in power and gas and one in manufacturing and processing.”

He also said the cost covers about three months while the duration of the lab is expected to last a minimum of 13 weeks.
“It will cover three phases: pre- lab activities for four weeks; phase two, conduction of the labs themselves for six weeks; and phase three, post lab activities for three weeks.

“And for each lab you will have at least a 100 people from a cross section of the public and private sectors,” he said.

The minister said the consultant is just for the pilot phase of the programme after which Nigerians will take over.

“They will help us and bring their international connections, reach and give it credibility. It is for $500,000 per lab,” Mr. Udoma said.

He also said the key objectives of the labs are to identify all relevant key players from the public and private sector that are crucial in the delivery and implementation of the ERGP initiative “so as to create ownership early on in the development process.”

He said the labs will review and re-evaluate the ERGP and sectoral plans against set targets and progress and will also identify gaps in the current eco system and the key success factors.

“We will further deliver detailed three phase line by line implementation activities. We will identify entry point of projects, we will identify key performance indicators, breaking down silos and encourage key players.”

The minister said the focus of the lab is to mobilise private sector investment to finance specific capital projects.

“As you know public resources are limited, so these labs will bring in private sector players.

“We will look at the various areas including infrastructure, manufacturing and bring them in and mobilise private sector financing and resources for the labs.

“So what council has approved today is that we bring in some consultants who did a similar thing in Malaysia to try to help us build our own capacity, they will just help us at the beginning and after that we will take over and do it ourselves,” he said.


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  • KBE

    Absolute madness carried too far. What an insult. A country 180 million people going all the way to Malaysia to hire consultants. Udo Udoma and his crew are a disgrace. The likes of Ben Akabueze will still sit down there doing what, after the minister just confirmed their incompetence. Corruption is behind this whole consultancy. This government is a huge joke an Association of Praticing Comedians (APC).

  • Aminu Aliyu

    Let EFCC supervise the contract. I smell a rat!

    • Kareem Raji

      You mean EFCC shd come and collect their cut.

  • Gidi

    Hahahahaha, I can’t stop laughing. This again validate some of our suspicion about this administration when it comes to having no clue about running 21st century economy.

    We have so many smart young Nigerians in best graduate schools in US and UK that could have done this for free, while government covers housing and transportation cost to fly them into Nigeria. If you go to the Ivy leagues in US, including some top notch schools like MIT, Stanford, Oxford, Cambridge and LSE, i am sure we can get credible graduate school students that will do this for free as part of their program.

    6 years ago, Columbia Business School students (Nigerian and non-Nigerian) undertook similar scheme to help Nigeria Sovereign Wealth Fund kick start fund set up process by conducting extensive research on governance and best practice. They produced a practical report that can be easily implemented. They didn’t ask for $1.5M. All it took was for Mr. Segun Aganga to ring his buddy who happened to be a professor at Columbia University to make it happened.

    What does Economic Recovery and Growth Plan even mean? If you are going to conduct workshop for glorified civil servants that have zero idea on “private sector led economy”, why not engage the DFIs and University in the country led by IFC. They will gladly do this for free as well as part of their mandate. I mean IFC do this all the time.

    • Powerlessconscious

      Britain helped USA also at the beginning. For urgent needs experts are best. No time to waste testing Nigerian abroad.

      Nigerians abroad can come and manage it after it is set up. And from there extend the knowledge to home grown nigerians.

      Read the article very well. It stated Nigeria will take over after set up.

      Go and read it again.

    • Kareem Raji

      How do you want udo udoma to.chop?

    • Someone

      we are missing experts like segun aganga. the worst part they made it sound like egrp has been implemented. it is only starting.

      what a joke !!!!!!!!!!

  • Konkolo

    Haba! Nigeria, our mumu never do??????

  • Lanre

    Senator Udo Udoma. Haba! How far now? Consultants from Malaysia? But why? Bikonu? Kilode? I remember stories we were told of how the Malaysians came to obtain Palm Oil Seeds from Nigeria in the ’60’s. Today, that country is the largest producer of Palm Oil. What exactly is wrong with Nigeria?

    • Powerlessconscious

      There is no time to be wasted again. It worth it to call those who can help the country. Atsleat united Arab emirate UAE was help by western and Asia. Foreign expatriate developed Dubai. UAE govt paid for help for everything they are today. Nigeria should also call help from faithful and truthful partners so that we can also grow. The article stated Nigeria will take over after some times. Read well.

      That was exactly how Dubai was developed.

      • Someone

        you can go to school in malaysia… hahahahaha
        go and study politics over there.

        • whereto

          Actually, there are many Nigerian students in Malaysia.

          • Someone

            are their schools better than ours? have you worked with malaysians, filipinos before? their govt maybe more serious than ours.

          • Pluti

            Their schools are far better than ours, when it comes to development Nigeria was far from them in the 60’s but now they are so far from Nigeria and even South Africa. So no comparison…. fact is Nigerian consultants or some good young team of Africans could have pulled it off

  • Funso Famuyiwa

    Nigerians are perennial Grumblers, Grumpies, Complainers, Online Critics and Cry Babies.
    You are Damned if you Do and Damned if you Don’t. And Facts Do not matter ! Insufferable lot !

    • Someone

      see how much they want to waste.

    • whereto

      It is a terrible trait. Really terrible. They’ve moved from “no economic plan” to why hire foreign consultants. The fact these people have done it in a very successful country ,one we should be modelling ourselves after ,does not matter to them.

      • Someone

        can you ask the last born in the family to teach you to read? all udoma is trying to do is data analysis process, it will need months to finish, and the data is with the central bank already. even local companies should be able to do what this consultants are planning easily. i suspect udoma is followingg the advice of one northerner who went to school in malaysia. and even if he needs the help of a foreign consultant to start egrp, you dont advertise it publicly. they made it sound like the egrp was in implementaion already. they deceived us into believing the egrp is responsible for the recovery.

        • whereto

          Guess you did not notice my message was not directed at you. That’s because I do not have time for empty bigots like you.
          If you had even an inkling about what udoma is trying to do, you will not be all over the place ranting rubbish.
          Malaysians and philippinos are now one and the same!!! And of course you are also unaware Malaysia is more advanced than Nigeria!! Idle and empty bigot, go get an education.

          • Someone

            what do you think udoma is trying to do? malaysia is not more advanced than nigeria. only unmindful people will say this. add something meaningful to the discussion. i see, you proposed this to illiterate udoma.

  • Someone

    just to identify stakeholders????? silly. there are serious local companies that can do this. what a pitiable govt. losers. the malaysians did this in their country, why can’t our guys????

    this silly proposal most likely came from a a northerner, and udoma in the wrong position accepts. lazy thieves!!!

    • Abdullah Musa

      Of course to you a Northerner is not a human being.
      And thanks for telling us your Udoma has no brains to think for himself.

  • Someone

    i know what udoma is trying to do. you need more than 14 weeks to finish, and the amount is too expensive, and there are local companies that can do this. anyway there i no guarantee it will work.

  • Major Steiner

    Our own Dr. Ngozi Iwela-Okonjo headed as Managing Director of the World Bank a team of development economists that drafted the plan for the economic recovery of Asia including Malaysia.

    It does not come as a surprise that Buhari’s Northern government prefers to hire the same Asians Iwela-Okonjo taught to advise Nigeria on economic development, true to Ahamadu Bello. It is on record that Ahamadu Bello said the North should hire expatriates instead of Igbos.