Nigerian govt. revokes resident permits of INTELS’ expatriate staff; gives them two weeks to leave

Intels office building (Photo Credit: The Guardian)

The federal government on Wednesday revoked the resident permit of expatriate staff of INTELS Nigeria Limited and five other companies for operating without valid license within the country’s Oil and Gas Free Zone.

The Nigeria Immigration Service, NIS, named the other affected companies as PRODECO International Limited, West Africa Machinery Services Limited, Net Global System International Limited, MGM Logistics Solutions Limited, and ORIEAN Investment Limited.

The affected staff in the six companies were given up to Thursday, November 30, 2017 to leave Nigeria, or be deported on the orders of the Minister of Interior.

The Comptroller-General of the NIS, Muhammad Babandede, who announced the revocation order in Abuja through the agency’s spokesperson, Sunday James, said the action was pursuant to the powers vested in his office by section 39 subsection 1 of the Immigration Act 2015 and section 5, subsection 5 of the Immigration Regulation 2017.

The section empowers the NIS to revoke the resident permit of expatriate workers of companies whose operational licenses are withdrawn by the Oil and Gas Free Zones Authority, OGFZA for alleged infractions.

The statement read: “Consequently, Babandede has directed that the expatriate staff of the affected companies above leave Nigeria not later than November 30, 2017.

“They might be recommended to the Honourable Minister of Interior for deportation should they fail to leave the country as directed by the CGI,’’ James added.

For INTELS, co-owned by Nigeria’s former vice president, Atiku Abubakar, the action was the anti-climax of months of a bitter running battle between its management and the federal government over alleged refusal to comply with official directives on remittances of government revenue into the Treasury Single Account, TSA, in the Central Bank of Nigeria, CBN.

Following a face-off with the management of the Nigerian Ports Authority, NPA over the issue, its Pilotage Agency Agreement and management services contract were terminated in October.

Although INTELS‎ co-owner, Gabrielle Volpi, apologised to the NPA management, promising his firm’s readiness to comply with the TSA directive, it appeared the action came too little too late, as it was not enough to placate the Nigeria government to rescind its action.

PREMIUM TIMES reported how few weeks after, another government agency, the Oil and Gas Free Zones Authority, OGFZA, accused the company of perpetrating series of illegalities, threatening to revoke the company’s expatriate visas and audit its operations.

The Authority, which is responsible for licensing, regulating, supervising, managing, controlling and co-ordinating the activities in the country’s oil and gas free zones, accused INTELS of serial breaches of Nigerian laws in its operations.

Apart from alleged breaches of the Oil & Gas Export Free Zone Act 2010, the Authority accused INTELS and its affiliates of operating without a valid license since it failed to renew its license after it expired in December 2016.

The Managing Director of OGFZA, Okon Umana, in a letter to INTELS management, accused the company of disposal of assets, including equipment imported into the free zone under the zero duty regime of the OGFZA Act “without the consent of the Authority, in contravention of Section 12(6) of the Oil and Gas Export Free Zone Act 1996.”

INTELS spokesperson, Bolaji Akinola, did not answer calls from PREMIUM TIMES last night seeking the company’s reaction to the development. He did not respond to text messages either.

However, when the issues were first reported last month, Mr. Akinola dismissed OGFZA’s threat to revoke its expatriate visa as its threats an “unbridled desire to perpetrate mischief and malice against INL.”


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  • Spoken word

    looks like intels is finished.

    • kusanagi

      More like Atiku. Someone’s trying to prevent him running 2019. Tinubu may be next, or the whole Oando thing may see to it that it’s started.

      • tundemash

        Did you read that conclusion because you believe or know for sure INTELS broke now law ?

        • niran ade

          INTELS boss apologized few weeks ago, why?


          Maina broke the law but your tyrant promoted him twice. The victimization of Atiku will lead to the downfall of the tyrant…trust me.

          • tundemash

            Mor0n, none of your threat has materialised. Maina is on teh wanted list, if you know where he is, tell EFCC.


            The DSS are protecting him….have you forgotten .

      • OJERINDE, Olatunde A.

        Had INTELS been an Easterner’S business empire, we’d have said this is Northern agenda against the easter.
        The point is, was INTEL truly operating without licence and did it apologise for not remitting into TSA? Is apology enough for such national sabotage?

        The issue is, most big companies affiliated to political thieves operate with no regard for Nigerian laws simply because “oga” na topman. This is obtainable in every aspects of Nigerian life. A senator’s son won’t obey laws nor respect any authority, just because his father holds a position. So when it’s time to deal by the rule, these companies will surely be affected. The sentiment of getting people out of jobs shouldn’t blind us to the fact that atiku nd his ilks are fleecing national purse. Stealing has become their hobby and any attempt to correct that is always politically interpreted. What I know is that even northern elites don’t want Buhari as president because his policies will affect them badly.
        Let no one cry for a thieve like atiku. Come what may, all they have stolen from us can’t be spent in their lifetime if lived 100 times. So what’s the point….

        • Lami T

          Sir, so if I go around calling you a this without prove, does that makes you a thief? Those who really stole from these country have no businesses in this country.Thieves hide their money else where and make other countries rich while they rob there’s. That’s besides the point though, when a government start picking out specific individuals or attack businesses with no regards to how it affects the economy, then that government is the enemy, it cares about no one, especially when you seem to be in it’s way, that’s no democracy. And we think is Atiku now, it will come down everyone of us who in any way is perceived as the enemy. All this allegations no prove.


          Keep quiet..we know political victimization when we see it .

          Buhari is rigging the electoral process already by persecution of political opponents.

        • Netanyahu

          To the best of my knowledge, INTELS has been operating in Nigeria in the past twenty something years. You want to believe that it was just in 2016 that INTELS failed to renew its licence? Must we always want to look for black goat in the afternoon with a touch light in Nigeria? Can’t we see persecution for what it is? We went through this road with Obasanjo against Atiku in 2006/2007 and he survived it without blemish. Must we repeat this every time Atiku comes out to contest election? What is it with Yorubas and draconian administration of buhari? Why do you always come out in your numbers to defend every atrocity committed by this man? He approved the slaughter of over 800 Shiites and you found nothing wrong with it? He looks the other way while his brothers, the foolani terrorists called herdsmen go about mauling people to death, rape women, even old women in their farms and destroy farms (source of living to rural folks in the north central), almost wiped out half of southern Kaduna and you people saw nothing wrong with all these. Many leaders have been dragged before the ICC for lesser atrocities. Keep hailing him. It shall come to the south west someday. Don’t vote for him in 2019 and see if he will not turn his beastly, blood-thirsty leadership style to the SW. We must learn to commend when necessary and condemn when there is need too.

  • Joshua Kwame

    Buhari and Atiku! All in the name of 2019 elections? Ok oo. Taking away the jobs of many just because u want to disarm ur enemy and take away his source of money.
    In politics they say u dont empower ur enemy.

  • emmanuel

    Both dogs – El-Rufai/Buhari vs Intels are doing the real dirty politics. How they partition Nigeria from the North and earl all. Lets see how this elimination game of 2019 play up fully. This is just the beginning, until most contenders or potential Presidential candiadtes are liquidated

  • Lami T

    It’s a pity that we not only have a government that has failed in providing jobs for the millions of the unemployed, but also takes away jobs from those who have without hesitation because it is being challenged. When a government centres it’s energy on fighting selected people, then that government has nothing to offer.

    • niran ade

      Smh, talk of you like, Na your headache. Go and contest

      • Lami T

        You think is not your headache how your government treat individuals? Shebi recession affected a selected few. It’s our ignorance that’s has plunged this country to the mess we are in.

        • bbounce

          so all the allegations made against them is not a reason to treat them like this ? Which country in the western world can you operate without a valid license or not follow the central government directives ?
          keep apologizing for law breakers that way we know you’re one them law breakers who does not care about the constitution and laws of the land all in the name of having a job.


            We are Nigerians and we know what Buhari is doing…..I promise you we know and we shall fight back. POLITICAL PERSECUTION OF THIS SCALE IS GOING ON AND THE LIKES OF MAINA ARE GETTING PROMOTED TWICE ABI ?

          • bbounce

            “Whataboutism” (also known as whataboutery) is a variant of the tu quoque logical fallacy that attempts to discredit an opponent’s position by charging them with hypocrisy without directly refuting or disproving their argument, which is particularly associated with Soviet and Russian propaganda.

            Maina is still wanted right now if you can find him am sure EFCC would appreciate but right now it about people who continuously disregard FG directives by not remitting to TSA while also using an expired license, they did not deny all this allegation so I do not understand why we can’t let anyone who cheat face the law to explain what happened.
            I’m sure if Buhari has ordered anyone to be investigated PDP will surely let us know since they have members close to the president. So tell me how someone like you who is no where near aso rock believes Buhari is making POLITICAL PERSECUTION ?

          • Kareem Raji

            What happened to giving them time to renew their license. For all we know, the license might have been delayed by govt bureaucracy. Is it not this same Nigeria where you start applying for tax ckearance in January and you get it in december? This is persecution. It is clear to those who have eyes

          • SayNo2Tribalism

            From the article.

            Apart from alleged breaches of the Oil & Gas Export Free Zone Act
            2010, the Authority accused INTELS and its affiliates of operating
            without a valid license since it failed to renew its license after it
            expired in December 2016

          • SayNo2Tribalism

            How can it be persecution when the Intels co-owner apologised? From the article.

            Although INTELS‎ co-owner, Gabrielle Volpi, apologised to the NPA
            management, promising his firm’s readiness to comply with the TSA
            directive, it appeared the action came too little too late, as it was
            not enough to placate the Nigeria government to rescind its action.

            You can contribute here by sticking to the article and not diversion.


        Ignorance or sheer meaness ?


    What the Buhari regime is doing to Atiku is state sponsored terrorism. This man has been persecuted and his business intrests under attack since it became obvious that he intends to contest for the presidential office.

    Buhari has deployed the grand daughter of the Emir of Daura his home town whom he made boss of the Nigerian Ports Authority to carry out his undemocratic and dictatorial wickedness on Atiku Abubarka .

    Nigerians…….ARE YOU AWAKE ?

    • Dawood

      Go take your medicine, Tawanda. I’m mad that it took Buhari this long to start retrieving our looted monies from master looters like Atiku.

      • musa aliero

        He is saying truth. Buhari is a hypocrite and tyrant. All you people talk about is loot, and stealing, what about the massive looting going on under s”saint” buhari? Buratai is buying dubai mansions, sgf is cutting grass with millions, criminals and being reinstated, $25 billion dollars scam is happening. Can’t wait for buhari to go. All the dollars that his inlaws are busy collecting from CBN at 160/$ they will vomit it.

  • Kenny

    Another manifestation of Buhari’s fascist dictatorial instincts. #badblood #hypocrisy

  • Dr Pat Mumuwole Awosan

    18 Nigerians killed and over 29 killed, but only 2 comments from Nigerians on that story after almost 24hrs it appeared on PT’s website. Juxtapose that story with this INTEL’s story that is barely hours old and you already have over 20 comments. It shows how detached Nigerian youths and entire population is from the Nigerian situation and above all, it shows we are not a country. Pure and simple. You can imagine what the reaction would be were it any country in Europe that got attacked this way by so called NAMELESS suicide bombers.

    …as before, the attackers’ names are:-
    FIRST NAME – Male/Female
    OTHER NAMES – Suicide
    SURNAME – Bombers

    …Nigeria is not a country! It is a zoo!

    • oyoko

      No fake Dr, the death of this innocent souls is part of the multiplier effect of what INTEL and others like them are doing to Nigeria. If companies like them play according to rule of the game, the country will have enough money to develop, and we will not have pressure(or terrorist) like boko haram bearing such havoc on the citizen.

      • Fairgame

        No my friend. Maybe u need some1 to explain the meaning of the comment by Dr Pat. Did you see this section of his comment?

        …as before, the attackers’ names are:-
        FIRST NAME – Male/Female
        OTHER NAMES – Suicide
        SURNAME – Bombers

        Now I ask you, what have you to say to that? Is there any country in Europe in the last 25 years that got attacked by a suicide bomber or terrorist(s) and they were not named? Even 9/11 attackers were all named despite the fact that there were no bodies. In Nigeria all suicide bombers including those who are arrested because their suicide belts failed to detonate are never named. Why? Because you may just discover that the individual is a cousin to M. Buhari or to one Emir somewhere or an in-law to El-Ruffian.

        • oyoko

          I hear from you European countries where you guys like taking example as if Europe countries are demi gods to africans; when they have occurrence like this, group come forward to take responsibility. I don’t understand how you want Govt to name a suicide bomber that have been blown to pieces, maybe you want Govt to have a DNA, and name accordingly. I don’t see any reason for this. However, i sympathize with the relatives of the dead, and agree with Dr that we should show concern, but my take is that companies like INTEL has made possible this untold misery upon the nation.

  • oyoko

    Thank you God for giving us Buhari and his Team!