IPOB defies Nigerian govt; members protest in Onitsha, vow to foil Anambra election

File photo of IPOB members demonstrate in Onitsha. [Photo credit: NAN]

Despite being labelled a terrorist organisation by the federal government, members of the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, staged a demonstration in Onitsha, the Anambra State capital, threatening voters not to participate in the November 18 governorship election in the state.

The federal government had in September secured a court order to label the secessionist group a terrorist organisation, a move that has been criticised and opposed by some local and international organisations.

The IPOB spokesperson said their demonstration was intended to notify the federal government that the group is alive.

“If you vote you will die. Don’t go out, stay in your house. If you vote on November 18, you will die. We are not running around for the zoo,” the members sang as they marched around the commercial town, abutting the River Niger on Friday.

“There will be no election. We will not participate, we will not vote. Nothing concerns us with any election. We are formidable.

“We are in Onitsha to tell the Federal Government to produce Kanu. They should release all the Biafrans in Nigerian prisons.”

The whereabouts of Mr. Kanu, who is facing treason charges, has not been identified since IPOB members clashed with soldiers in Abia State in September. Dozens of IPOB members have since been arrested and are being prosecuted by the police.

Videos of Saturday’s protest have since gone viral on the social media.

Emma Powerful, IPOB’s Media and Publicity Secretary, told journalists the group will not be deterred from achieving a Biafra Republic.

“Today in Onitsha, we broke the python Buratai, Ohanaeze, Obiano and Igbo governors brought to our land,” Mr. Powerful basted, making reference to the now concluded Operation Python dance of the Nigerian Army.

“Anybody doubting the resolve of IPOB under the supreme command of Nnamdi Kanu is mistaken.

“We will put Anambra State on lockdown on November 18. This is a taste of what is to come. Nigeria should be prepared.”

Nkeiruka Nwode, Public Relations Officer, Anambra State Police Command, said the IPOB march has no effect, insisting that the state police command had concluded arrangements for effective policing of the state during the election.

She asked residents of the state to go out en masse to exercise their franchise on the day of the election.

Also, Jimoh Moshood, the Force spokesperson, warned the IPOB members not to interfere with the election process in their own interest, adding that the police would deal with them “the way an outlawed group should be dealt with”.

“They (IPOB) should steer clear of Anambra because we have deployed enough personnel in the state; any miscreant who misbehaves would have himself to blame as he would be dealt with. IPOB should not test our will or resolve,” Mr. Moshood warned.

Speaking in like manner, Sagir Musa, spokesperson for the 82 Division of the Nigerian Army, which covers the South-east region, said troops have been placed on alert to tackle any breakdown of law and order during the election.

“The troops are always on ground to prevent any breakdown of law and order during the election. As you know, the police are the first line of security and we cannot usurp their role,” Mr. Musa said.

“We have mastered the areas and we are familiar with the hideouts of the troublemakers.”


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  • tundemash

    When the python dances for these miscreants again, some ignoramus will be here wailing that “innocent” IPOB members were stung by the python even though these wailers are quiet now while these miscreants are daring the python with threats of violence to other citizens.
    Reno, FFK, Fayose, TAWANDA and other wailers !
    I just hope these terrorists will be true to their words and threaten anyone on November 18th. Their leader Kanu boasted no one can come into SE and arrest him and when the python came calling, the coward ran into hiding. The loud mouth Emma Powerless boasted if Kanu were not produced in court, they would bring Nigeria down but what happened on the court date; not even a balloon got bursted by the coward Emma Powerless.

    • Factsayer


      • Truth

        PT Note that the Capita of Anambra State is not Onitsha

        • Factsayer

          I agree

    • Bright Chimeziri

      Bastard where is your father mumu muhari ?

    • Obaeze

      Let there be no election… who cares? 2015 elections has shown that the entire south east is irrelevant in the polical equation in this country… if they don’t elect their representatives na dem sabi… i just pity my people…. greed has beclouded our sense of reasoning and now making us laughing stock in the eyes of the other regions despite the enormous wealth we’ve all over…

    • Epsilon_Delta

      The python will soon meet alligators.

    • 123141

      Animal, just reread what you posted above and then ask yourself if there is any difference between you and those animals in human skin beheading people calling themselves ISIS. You are an embarrassment to the Yoruba race, that is if you are one.

    • Otile

      Abubakar tundemash,
      You sound very moronic. Must your Fulani masters rob us dry by force of arms? Can’t you people survive without Biafra? Can’t you use your brains to fend for yourselves? Parasites

      • pambegua

        I wish abusive words can bring referendum for BIAFRA, I wish ABUSIVE WORDS can brings BIAFRA INDEPENDENT

    • Iskacountryman

      pikin wey say im mama no go sleep…

      • pambegua

        The pikin too no go sleep

    • Man_Enough

      All the civil rights groups and elders will not talk now. When the government reacts, they will start blabbing as if they have just arrived from the moon.

  • AryLoyds

    I am in support of Ipob , buhari has lost control of the country while busy stealing public money with the likes of Maina and Baru !

  • Obaeze

    Ok wo! Let there be no election… who cares? 2015 elections has shown that the entire south east is irrelevant in the polical equation in this country… if they don’t elect their representatives na dem sabi… i just pity my people…. greed has beclouded our sense of reasoning and now making us laughing stock in the eyes of the other regions despite the enormous wealth we’ve all over…

    • Paschal Charles


    • obiora

      But you are the greedy one here. Electing Government that can not account for the People is nothing.

    • Otile

      Are saying that you pity your Odua people because of their greed? Your Fulani masters are greedy too, see how they dominate and loot the resources belonging to Niger Delta. See how they use guns to force Igbo people to vote against their will so that Igbo must remain in one Nogeria. Is this your idea of democracy? Shame

  • Sir Louis

    INEC and the Police with other security agencies have the Constitutional mandate to ensure that elections once planned in any part of the country, holds. Let the security agencies do their work and ensure that the elections in Anambra State and any other place in the country holds without disturbance or disruption. The voters should be assisted at all cost to perform their Constitutional and civic duty unhindered.

    • Otile

      Why must you force the people you hate to live with you, does it make sense to you?

      • pambegua

        You mean the Igbo’s who refused to leave the North, Lagos and Ibadan were forced to live in the those areas? I think it is the Igbo’s who are forcing themselves to live in the North

    • obiora

      Will INEC now vote for Anambra people. Biafran agitation is non Violence So Campaining no Election for Criminal Politicans is IPOB right.


    #DictatorBuhari has died fighting #IPOB. Now it is #Aminu Jubril a robot & #terrorist from #Sudan & the cabals at Aso Rock.
    #IPOB will outlive every enemy.
    #NO #election in #Anambra #Biafraland.


    #Biafrans /#IPOB have rejected the zoo niGEria & her fake #politics. We will never vote in zoo #elections anymore.
    #NO #election in #Anambra #Biafraland.

  • MilitaryPolice01 [Joint Chief]

    While I disagree with the categorization of IPOB as a terrorist group and am in agreement with the fact that some of their stated grievances are verifiable facts buttressed by the nepotism of the current rogue regime, they (IPOB) must realise that ndigbo as a Nation is bigger than one group, so if ndigbo decide they will vote this weekend, no group including IPOB can threaten them not to do so. IPOB must rein in on their rhetoric and threats, it serves them no good instead it will further alienate them from the very people they claim to ‘agitate’ for.

    • Agba

      As a Nigerian what is the benefit of voting every four year?i only pity the parents of NYSC that about to die like when Buhari lost election in the north to Jonathan before.

      • Opekete

        You just talk about human life like some crazed political brigands in the old Kremlin.

    • atakamosu

      IPOB will only bring sorrow to their militant members. Why is Kanu hiding and not leading the protest against the Anambra vote? Why are there many candidates running? IPOB is mistaken in their belief that majority of Igbo want Biafra. Even if the rest of Nigeria was going to grant Biafra, it wil be the 5 Igbo states. Kanu should come out of hiding and lead the protest.

    • Obaeze

      Thanks for this precise comment.

  • Opekete

    IPOB agitation is unrealistic and the Igbo people knows it. IPOB is a mere ploy in the hands of some ambitious politicians who believes like Tompolo did that if you shout hard and long enough, the government will give you some recognition and the political spoil that goes with it. These are serious questions I want these IPOB apologists to answer: 1. Where is the boundary of their proposed biafra? 2. What is the evidence that the whole of the eastern region people support biafra? 3. What will be the fate of the billion dollar investment of the Igbo businesses outside of their envisioned biafra? The myopic dream of coopting the south south into their illusory dream of a biafra will never see the light of day because the south south knows better that it is safer to be a minority in a larger Nigeria than in some microscopic biafra. I think the federal government should grant the IPOB one of their cherished wishes and that is let their be a plebiscite in Igbo land for or against biafra and you will see how IPOB will fail woefully. Illusion thrives when barred from the field of reality.

  • Africa

    Bloody miscreants! We are holding elections in Anambra as scheduled. Any attempt to test the resolve of this government shall be dealt with decisively. We are studying this video carefully, they shall hear from us shortly.

    • born Great

      Is like you are from the stone. Who are the we?

      • Otile

        Ask him again, Yorubas do not vote in Anambra elections. What he is saying is whether Anambra people cast votes or not they(Yorubas) and Buhari agents will vote, rig, and swear in some traitors to keep Igbo in one Nigeria against their will.

    • Biafran 1967

      Ewu. Who do you mean by ‘we’? Ewu onye army.

      • Africa

        Let’s continue to chat my brother. What is your name?

      • Africa

        I told you that they are ‘bloody miscreants’.

  • obiora

    We can see If Anambra people want to be Slaves or If they want to free themselves from Slave.

  • Jon

    IPOB should simply issue orders to stay at home and should not be on the streets to avoid being massacred by Buhari and his Hausa/Fulani soldiers.


    Buhari and Buratai must realise that you cannot shoot an ideology which has set in to death but you can negotiate and diminish the basis of such an ideology through exposing it’s short-comings.


    • pambegua

      Well done Tawanda. This time you are not biase or self-centered. Even the northerners you keep abusing everyday majority support your struggle for Biafra land but must be done according to THE LAWS OF THE LAND not by abusing everybody who had a different view from yours. If the Igbo’s voted vibrant representatives who can champion the struggle in the executive and national assembly I feel this is the best way but ABUSIVE WORDS, MILITARIZATION OF IPOB, PROPAGANDA only endanger the SE

  • Man_Enough

    If these people continue, either of 2 things will happen. Either an unpopular candidate will win, or a state of emergency will be imposed. Kenyans who some boycotted the presidential elections are leaking their wounds.

    • Otile

      Mohamed Buhari is so disgusting that his fellow Islmic men in Boko Haram challenged him to leave unarmed IPOB and face them(Boko Boys). Unfortunately the certificate forger and his looting gang can only attack civilians and brag about it. Shame

  • pheliciti

    Where’s Madam Oby the perpectual fault finder?
    The housefly is troubling the open sore now, she won’t call the fly to order….

  • pambegua

    Story. Too much talk but no action. Trouble(Python) is sleeping yanga(IPOB) want to wake it up.Will they attack the polling units? Or attack their Igbo brother’s going to vote to prove to BUHARI that IPOB really is a terrorist group? We are watching

  • Isaac Azor

    Now no human right organization will come out to say anything o! This is the right time for them to talk and they are all keeping quite!!

  • Chukwuka Okoroafor

    There were always radicals in IPOB but it appears that they are now becoming a dominant force (perhaps even exposing themselves as such). How can you be a freedom fighter and force ‘freedom’ on a population? It is a similar question you can ask Islamists as to why they want to force ‘purity’ on a population while trying to sell purity.

    • Bigzy

      Mumu, freedom was forced on the house slaves.

      • Chukwuka Okoroafor

        Taqiyya! Taqiyya!Taqiyya!Taqiyya!Taqiyya!Taqiyya!Taqiyya!Taqiyya!Taqiyya!Taqiyya!Taqiyya!Taqiyya!Taqiyya!Taqiyya!Taqiyya!Taqiyya!Taqiyya!Taqiyya!Taqiyya!Taqiyya!Taqiyya!Taqiyya!Taqiyya!Taqiyya!Taqiyya!Taqiyya!Taqiyya!Taqiyya!Taqiyya!Taqiyya!Taqiyya!Taqiyya!Taqiyya!Taqiyya!Taqiyya!Taqiyya!Taqiyya!Taqiyya!Taqiyya!Taqiyya!Taqiyya!Taqiyya!Taqiyya!Taqiyya!Taqiyya!Taqiyya!Taqiyya!Taqiyya!Taqiyya!Taqiyya!Taqiyya!Taqiyya!Taqiyya!Taqiyya!Taqiyya!Taqiyya!Taqiyya!Taqiyya!Taqiyya!Taqiyya!Taqiyya!Taqiyya!Taqiyya!Taqiyya!Taqiyya!Taqiyya!Taqiyya!Taqiyya!Taqiyya!Taqiyya!Taqiyya!Taqiyya!Taqiyya!Taqiyya!Taqiyya!Taqiyya!Taqiyya!Taqiyya!Taqiyya!Taqiyya!Taqiyya!Taqiyya!Taqiyya!Taqiyya!Taqiyya!Taqiyya!Taqiyya!Taqiyya!Taqiyya!Taqiyya!Taqiyya!Taqiyya!Taqiyya!Taqiyya!Taqiyya!Taqiyya!Taqiyya!Taqiyya!Taqiyya!Taqiyya!Taqiyya!Taqiyya!Taqiyya!Taqiyya!Taqiyya!Taqiyya!Taqiyya!Taqiyya!Taqiyya!Taqiyya!Taqiyya!Taqiyya!Taqiyya!Taqiyya!Taqiyya!Taqiyya!Taqiyya!Taqiyya!Taqiyya!Taqiyya!Taqiyya!Taqiyya!Taqiyya!Taqiyya!Taqiyya!Taqiyya!Taqiyya!Taqiyya!Taqiyya!Taqiyya!

  • thusspokez

    Despite being labelled a terrorist organisation by the federal government, members of the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, staged a demonstration in Onitsha, the Anambra State capital, threatening voters not to participate in the November 18 governorship election in the state.

    The Anambra State Police chief failed to keep law and order in the state, therefore, he should be arrested; face prosecution for dereliction of duty, and sacked. Nuff Said!

  • Mufu Ola

    These thugs are just out there with empty bravado. They should go Catalonia (Spain) & Belgium where Catalonia “President” is hiding & seek some practical advises.

  • Timothy

    If you guys wont vote then dont threaten those who want to vote and allow them their human rights to vote…I wonder where it is said that you will force others to do as you wish just because you want self independence….I dont get it…..if you want to protest kindly do that in your own way but ensure you dont put life of others at risk or force others to do your will….thats being terror to others.