Paradise Papers: Saraki, other world politicians exposed in new offshore leak

Paradise Papers: A new leak of confidential records reveals the financial hideaways of chronic brands and power brokers across the political spectrum

The President of the Nigerian Senate, Bukola Saraki, is among 40 world politicians whose offshore hideaways were exposed by a new ICIJ investigations dubbed #Paradise Papers.

A review of data obtained by German newspaper, Suddeutsche Zeitung, and ICIJ from two offshore secrecy providers (Appleby and Asiaciti Trust) and 19 secrecy jurisdictions showed uncovered a new offshore shell company owned by the politician. (PREMIUM TIMES will publish a detailed story on the senator on Monday).

The leaked 1.4 terabyte data, now infamously dubbed Paradise Papers, contains 13.4 million records and is no doubt one of the biggest leaks in history.

For a year, more than 380 journalists from 96 media organisations in 67 countries pored over the gigantic data, which cover a period of nearly 70 years, from 1950 to 2016. PREMIUM TIMES is the only Nigerian media organization involved in the investigation.

More than 120 politicians and country leaders, in nearly 50 countries as well as hundreds of business people across the world were identified in the record as users of offshore entities.

Explore the offshore connections of some world leaders, politicians and their relatives and associates below. The interactive is courtesy the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists


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  • felicia jones

    Hyprep Staff in Nigeria are owed 5 Years Salary and Allowances, kindly
    appeal to President Buhari to order the payment asap. Staff are dying and in dire situations. Nigerians should call on your President to pay them their salaries and re intergrate them into the NNPC.

  • Village Elder


    2019 presidential election: For avoidance of a wretched choice

    An electoral choice
    between Bukola Saraki and others like him is a wretched choice to have on the
    ballot paper in 2019 after Muhamadu Buhari is correctly voted out of office in the
    forthcoming presidential election. Bukola Saraki has recklessly carried on so far in
    the public view like a career criminal, as though he’s born to steal.

    Nigerians must not
    not be so moronic, again, to wait for both Bola Tinubu and General Olusegun
    Obasanjo to select a candidate for Nigerian voters to merely ratify. Both men
    lack good judgment and should not be in a position to so dictate, except that
    the majority of voters in Nigeria are smelly illiterates without sense or gumption.

    Sensible Nigerians wonder aloud
    why Bukola Saraki clutches a gavel inside the Senate Chambers when he could
    be lawfully locked up in a prison cell on the basis of Panama Papers discoveries
    made by Premium Times in collaboration with the best news-media houses around
    the world. Till date President Buhari simply mopes without spatial consciousness
    as other countries take prompt action to bring those in their countries uncovered
    in the Panama papers to justice as criminal money-launderers.

    • Village Elder

      ………..2019 election: For the avoidance of a wretched choice

      With 14 months
      to go to the next presidential election, it is not enough to vote Buhari
      out of office so as to save Nigeria from ignorant leadership, it is equally
      important that the educated people form a coalition to select by themselves a
      young man in his mid 1950s from northern Nigeria – where both parties (APC
      and PDP) zone their presidential candidate for the 2019 election – someone
      who’s highly educated and without stain for stealing, fraud, moneylaundering or
      . Certainly not a morally dissolute creature like Bukola Saraki.

      Unless the country’s
      university graduates wake up and step up to the plate, the jaded politicians – like
      Bola Tinubu and General Olusegun Obasanjo – will once again foist irresponsible
      candidates on the country to choose from.

      It is time for educated Nigerians to rise
      and provide morally correct leadership for their own country, rather than queue up
      like retards behind their intellectual inferiors who became elites by stealing the state
      and the treasury. The forthcoming 2019 election is a critical moment to arrest these
      irresponsible treasury thieves in Nigeria and throw them all into the bonfires since
      thieves and victims cannot live together in peace and unity inside the same house.

    • ??????? (?)


      • Gbogbone


        Nigeria is a mentally empty country of morons misgoverned by a slew of retards under the rule of fools!

  • emmanuel

    I was late in coming, since my intention in the early afternoon was to prepare the mind of Nigerians on the distractive news for Sunday late evening. This is it:
    The next one comes between tommorrow morning and late afternoon and likely to be Diezani, Jonathan or Dasuki.
    That is how the APC runs Nigerian.

    Doubters can also speak with the construction companies, who are also away from site now, if they have gotten any part of the money.
    There is imminent danger looming as Nigeria is on the last phase of complete grounding.
    Good luck.

  • emmanuel

    Please listen to this. As at 2015 when this administration took over,
    1. The price of Crude was an average of $28.00 per barrel. shortly after the rise began and in the last one year plus, it has
    been at about $52.00 per barrel. Meanwhile,
    2. Crude production has peaked at over 2. million barrel per day for about a year now.
    3. The Naira has been devalued by half for over a year now

    Going by above information, we should have about thrice the amount available for spending in the last days of the last administration on daily basis for spending, yet Capital budget is said to have been released to the tone of N450 billion only in two months before the end of 2017.
    Meanwhile, Salaries which constitute major FG spending has not increased, committee are not inaugurated, cabinet is slim, government is not engaged in spending to get out of the recession.
    So where is the money going into? Please ask what is happening to TSA?
    Simple arithmetic tells me that with the improved earnings and devalued currency, what the FG told to have spent of capital vote so far, which is also a lie, may just not be more than N180 billion real money.

  • First Patriot


    The presence of Bukola Saraki in Senate chambers is all that history will remember the buffoonery
    of the Buhari government for because President Buhari continuously fails common sense test and

    proves himself mentally unworthy to be the president of any country, as criminals and thieves take
    over Nigeria right under the nose of the primary six certificate president called Muhamadu Buhari
    who likely does not know his left hand from his right hand – as Nigeria collapses on his bald pate!

    • Strait Point


      Muhamadu Buhari is the worst president Nigeria has ever had;
      the least educated, the most dishonest, the most crooked, the worst mentally lazy,
      the most bereft, the most denuded of thought-process, and, the most inarticulate,
      stammering Islamist bigot ever to enter the presidential villa, flying Fulani tribe flag.

  • Sea Dog

    @@disqus_DoyyMyTjMP:disqus : What I want to know is this please.
    If Bukola Saraki can rob and plunder Nigeria like this, without holding any
    machine gun or even AK-47 assault rifle, how can we be sure that ordinary Girls
    from Sao Tome cannot overrun this our so-called federal republic of
    Nigeria with ordinary needle and thread, since Nigerian people have no sense of
    self-defence against internal treasury thieves, to talk more of have any sense of
    self-defence against foreign invaders?

    I am asking this question because Bukola Saraki has shown me that there
    is mental problem in Nigeria and in Nigerians too. How can one person plunder
    like this, as if nothing happened, and the Nigerians are bowing down for him and
    calling the thief, YOUR EXCELLENCY. To my own mind Nigerians have psychiatric
    problem. It is now for the United Nations to decide what to do. Nigerians are sick.
    Nigerians are not normal people, both the ones robbing fellow citizens and the
    senseless and smelling fellow citizens themselves – who accept to be robbed like
    this, are all mad – no difference, and that’s how I see it. A mental country!!!

    • Waandu

      You haven’t read the caveat of the investigators that people who have holdings in those places have not necessarily committed a crime. This is not to say that Saraki is not a crook but it is premature to launch a tirade based on the publication here.

  • Tijani

    Queen Elizabeth of Great Britain, Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf President of Liberia, Former Queen Noor of Jordon’s Hashemite Kingdom… Saraki certainly appears to have moved in the highest circles globally before he entered Nigerian politics. World leaders are world leaders. It is what it is.

    • Peace

      Although, you failed to point out that he was governor of a state in 2001, his family rundown Society Generale Bank.

      • Tijani

        2001? Check your history. Saraki became a governor in 2003. No need for lies, fake pastorian dullardeen dunce.

        • Peace

          Yes it was Lawal. Only that we did not forget that he is good at back dating.

          • Tijani

            We? By now you should know that gang-ups against Saraki always fail… it’s good you admitted your error of fact, since it was actually a lie. Thou shalt not lie kwa.

  • Cincinnatus

    Tax evasion is not the only use of shell companies. They also serve as a great tool to move resources in hiding from ones opponent in a game, also called money laundering. Context matters heavily in high places. Until you know why the shells were setup, I won’t be so quick to judge. These games are getting too complex and pretty much turning the world into a hell hole.

  • Moses Stone

    Hmmmm !!! Na so Panama papers come go nothing happen. These so-called paradise-tissue-paper go soon go inside dustbins too.