Niger Delta Avengers calls off ceasefire with Nigerian govt

Militants. [Photo credit:]
Militants used to illustrate the story. [Photo credit:]

The Niger Delta Avengers, a group of militants that struck oil installations in Niger Delta region last year, has announced an immediate end to its ceasefire with the Nigerian government.

In a statement posted on its website Friday afternoon, the group said it would resume hostilities any day from now, saying the Buhari administration has not been sincere with its peace talks and promises for the Niger Delta.

The group also condemned a former top militant in the region, Government Ekpemupolo, a.k.a. Tompolo, saying he had failed to live up to his leadership roles for those who seek absolute “emancipation” for the region.

The statement was signed by the group’s spokesperson, named Mudoch Agbinibo, who also announced a string of successful attacks on oil and gas facilities that sent major international oil firms like Shell and Chevron deferring activities last year.

The group also named the Minister of Transport, Rotimi Amaechi, as one of Nigerian government’s loyalists sabotaging its cause.

The militants have not carried out any major attack since the beginning of this year.

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  • Malik

    Part 2.
    The Avengers might as well just put the final nail in the coffin of this divisive administration.
    Buhari has been a let down.

    • Abdul Wada

      I guess it’s the $25b contact scam that woke the sleeping hyenas..

      • Biy

        Its never about the people or the Niger delta. Its about Tampolo loosing his case at the appeal court on asset forfeiture. Its always about personal interests and that’s the struggle never delivers anything to the downtrodden except misery.

    • Fidelis Odiha


      President BUHARI should please confess or explain how and why he signed off $25 billion NNPC contracts
      without due process, just between himself and his kinsman Mr Baru, the GMD of NNPC, and without any
      notice to or approval by NNPC Board of Directors. This scandal is too huge and it can cripple Nigeria.
      This is the biggest single act of corruption in the history of Nigeria. The Senate seems to be under
      some pressure to stop public hearing into the $25billion and President Buhari has refused to talk.

      • Powerlessconscious

        President buhari is the minister of petroleum.
        He has 100% right to sign oil related contract.
        And the contract has not involved “release of fund”

        You guys should stop CONSPIRACY THEORY.

  • Daniel

    Welcome to commonsense.

    Freedom does not come cheap.

    • Powerlessconscious

      It comes with BLOOD.

  • Frank Bassey

    This is long overdue.

  • Brainpower

    This is what you get when a government is full of lies, propaganda and unfulfilled promises to many groups, individuals and Nigerian citizens in general. Carry go the Avengers if you truly have the levers. After all, the recession hasn’t been over yet and this will make it more resounding back into depression to make the lying government be honest for once in the history of their fake leadership.

    • Powerlessconscious

      Was there no bombing during gej time?

      • Brainpower

        There was slight bombing during GEJ regime, but he carefully managed it well being an insider of the region. In facts, Yara’dua was the best manager of this bombing of pipeline during his regime. The major problems about Buhari and his lieutenants was that they’re adamant and too stubborn upon nothingness wisdom, they’re also over prides of themselves more than necessary while the worst of their abnormalities was that they’re mostly insincere groups of human beings. This is a government that got into power of authority by divine intervention and the supports of the general masses. But on clinching to the power of authority, everybody metamorphosed into demigods in their respective capacity, hence the persistent dropped in acceptability let alone reputation.

      • Brainpower

        In a nation, budget is a king. It’s like the Amazon, the source of life. The strategy process is more like a small stream that meanders slowly through rightful policy and implementation (and if a government is unlucky, the water doesn’t flow at all and starts to smell. If the government officials that received my economic policy summaries as at 4th February 2017 had been honest enough without converting it to forged their unworkable (ERGP) full of tales by moonlight storytelling, the government wouldn’t been in this whole mess of economic challenges. We gave them our economic policy for evaluation and reviews but they were of the opinion that plagiarism our intellectual property will served them well but they have so forgotten that a bad leadership is the motive of copying other people’s good ideas without their consent, whereas good leadership leads to divergence that creates the space needed for advanced learning and improvement of people’s lives.

        “It’s not doing what is right that’s hard for the Buhari’s Economic team, It’s knowing what is right to do happens to be their major shortcomings. I guess when the problems continue to escalate more than what they will be able to bear, probably they will genuinely seek for the Modular refineries scheme guidelines and procedures, Development Bank of Nigeria (DBN) playbook, proper diversification and industrialization processes from those that are divinely blessed with the uncommon knowhow. These are not classroom knowledge, but a divine gifts to few chosen individuals. I am fully aware that Nigerian leaders do not like to be told the truth, but as a God sent one of the few GENIUS to this nation, I will continue telling them till they either listen or ready to be flushed out in the next general elections. It’s well

  • 0tile

    Imam and his kinsmen have cheated us enough. God bless Avenger Boys for reminding the looters that Niger Delta does not belong to the Fulanis.

    • A proud Nigerian

      You will shit in your pant when you face Nigeria Military Power very soon.Go and ask IPOB.

      • Otile

        IPOB carries no weapons. The vandal killing of IPOB members is a cowardly act by Fulani soldiers. The vandals are bound to meet their Waterloo in the creeks if they came again to intimidate the people in order to steal crude oil.

  • Dazmillion

    Please the good people of Nigerdelta should reject this militants and the so called elders like Clark. They are not interested in freeing the Ijaw nation from the strangle hold of the Hausa Fulani born to rule numbskulls. Once some petrodollars are pushed their way they announce a seize fire. A few weeks back Clark was ranting about marginalization. Since then no word has been heard from him because he started shouting when his funds were running low, he has since been settled and gone back to sleep.

    • Animingbo

      On the contrary we support these freedom fighter because we are all Avengers. What we want is RESOURCE CONTROL and a separate country the way God created us before the useless Britons invaded Africa. Are these (resource Control + Separate country) too difficult to demand? Don’t be a parasite my friend, you can survive on your own. Just be creative and hard working like the Niger Delta people. Parasitism is not the way.

      • Dazmillion

        My friend I want out of the Nigerian contraption. But this militants are not serious, how many times have they gone down this road and keep doing the same thing?

      • Mufu Ola

        What hardwork do d Niger Delta do? Do they plant d oil on their soil? Get serious! An average Fulani/Hausa or farmer any where is far more productive than NDeltans who just thrust out their hands for money because “oil is on our land”. Is that hardworking?

  • chinedu

    The real trouble is now loading.

    • Otile

      The parasites are digging their own graves, but they don’t know it.

  • FreeNigeria

    he who fights and run away, lives to fight another day. Corrupt Nigerian Government, you’re sitting on a fused gun powder. It’s about to blow on you if you don’t change your corruption and inefficiencies

  • Conscience

    Jonathan is negotiating again. The heat is back on him. Metuh trial etc

    • Otile

      When are the Fulani parasites going to find crude oil in the core North? They have been digging in Bornu Empire, Sokoto Caliphate, Nasarawa Emirate, with nothing to show. Next month they are going to embark on another futile dig in Adamawa soil. Shame

      • Mufu Ola

        What is “parasite”? The people who use their hands & head to earn their living (agric,tending their cows etc) cannot be classified as parasites.D core parasites are people who do nothing but only wait for doles from multinationals for “their” oil. Fulani/Hausas earn their living openly.Any hard work in just having oil in your backyard??

    • Sundiegbo

      Thank you, you really understand the dynamics to the purported ceasefire. Because GJ is summoned to appear in Court that’s why this has resurrected. This is a ploy to discontinue the ongoing court investigation on Metuh’s involvement in the Dasukigate saga. So that he can go freely if GJ did not appear as a result of the planned attack.

  • NOBLY Deltan

    My heart gladdens and my joy knows no bounds to learn that finally our beloved Niger Delta Avengers are back and resolute in realizing a sovereign nation where merit based appointments, equity, liberty, economic prosperity and much more will be the lot of those who inhabit it…a nation where a daft, dumb, clueless, murderous, terrorist sympathizing personality like Bokohari can never get close to any position of power however insignificant talk less of being president. Ride on comrades! We are all with you. The British came to Africa and made a grave mistake in coming up with a Nigeria of divergent Nationalities. Nigeria today is like Spain, Portugal, Italy, UK and Germany put together. Such a country in Europe would not survive it. For us to move forward, we MUST dismember or if you like secede.

    Dear Avengers, please note, a minimum condition for remaining in Nigeria is a constitution that guarantees ROTATIONAL PRESIDENCY among all regions that make up an unfortunate so called Nigeria. The present situation that makes it impossible for anyone from the wealth producing regions to win Presidency is UNACCEPTABLE and emphatically so. May God guide and bless all your operatives and may you hit all your targets with precision. Amen!

    • Powerlessconscious

      Why will you not be happy for destruction? I hope you will not also end in destruction.
      Evil people.
      The cry of Patriotic Nigerians will raise the hand of God against the evil.

  • Paul

    While I commend the bravery of this move, I really wonder why the Avengers did not make this announcement at the height of Biafran agitations? This would have been very interesting. I suppose the treatment given to Nnamdi Kanu and Biafran agitators is what has spurred these Niger Deltans to action. Now they know that Nigerian Govt can never be trusted. And the rest of Europe and America can not be trusted too. All America does in Nigeria is supply Nigerian govt with weapons and more weapons worth billiuons of Dollars. They have never and will never build or support a production/manufacturing factory that costs even a few hundreds of thousands. Like Donald Duke put it several hours ago, the only interest America and Europe have in Nigeria is ‘Security’. That Nigeria does not explode and threaten their (America & Europe) investments in Nigeria. Otherwise, they know that Nigerian leadership is dumb and unthinking.

    • Powerlessconscious

      Why will you not be happy for destruction? I hope you will not also end in destruction.
      Evil people.
      The cry of Patriotic Nigerians will raise the hand of God against the evil..

      • omnia1

        Amen! The reason why evil zooNigeria must be destroyed is for the godly to be preserved.

  • Moses Stone


  • Pluti

    Is it that people who praise Naiger delta avengers don’t know that the oil affects the fz rate and the cost of living for you and your families? Abi una lost una common sense somewhere

    • NigerDelta.

      Go SCREW the cost of living in your region and stay de fuk out of NDA concerns.

    • Mufu Ola

      Common sense is rare commodity for d Biafran fraudsters.

  • Powerlessconscious

    GOOD NEWS for Biafrauds and PDP supporters.

    • NigerDelta.

      Why don’t you do something about your worries mudafuka?.

  • Powerlessconscious


    Ambiguous complain.

  • Bobbi

    Tompolo again.. he is a forgotten man. He is tired of hiding in creeks…he woke of the avengers again. Once they mention his name in the threats you know he is involved and is a part of the avengers family

  • alexis

    I guess this’ in response to Goodluck Jonathan being summoned to the court as a witness by Olisa Metuh