Nigeria Police want court to order arrest of Innoson motors boss

Dr. Innocent Ifediaso Chukwuma, Chairman of Innoson Vehicle Manufacturing (IVM) Innoson Group.

The Inspector-General of Police has filed an application before the Lagos Division of the Federal High Court seeking a bench warrant against Innocent Chukwuma, the Chairman of Innoson Nigeria Limited, and four others for refusal to appear before the court over allegations of forgery.

In an affidavit sworn to by Noma Wando, a litigation officer in the Department of the Public Prosecutions, Federal Ministry of Justice, the deponent averred that the office of Inspector General of Police filed charges against the accused persons on December 21, 2015.

The deponent stated that the said charge was served on the defendants through a court order of substituted service dated February 8, 2016, adding that the office of the AGF took over the prosecution of the case on February 18, 2016.

Mr. Chukwuma and his company alongside Charles Chukwu, Maximian Chukwura, Mitsui Osk Lines, and Anajekwu Sunny are facing a four-count charge of falsifying shipping documents amounting to N2.4 billion.

The deponent also averred that since the service of the said charge on the defendants, only two of the defendants Mr. Chukwura and Mitsui Osk Lines had continually made appearances in court, while Innoson Nigeria Limited and its boss, Mr. Chukwuma, as well as Messrs Chukwu and Anajekwu had shunned court appearances and, as a result, their pleas are yet to be taken.

Last year, the defendants had filed an applicationasking the then presiding judge, Saliu Seidu, to recuse himself from the trial.

The case was later transferred to another judge, Ayotunde Faji.

On February 23, 2017, the prosecuting counsel, Julius Ajakaiye, informed the court that the four defendants had consistently failed to appear in court to take their plea, and therefore applied for a court summon to be issued against them pursuant to the provision of the law.

But the court directed the state to use her enormous power to arrest and produce the defendants in court since they were all granted administrative bail by the police. The directive of the court was communicated in writing to the Inspector General of Police.

Despite the directive, the four defendants continued to be absent at court proceedings although they are always represented by counsels.

On September 19, 2017, the Lagos Division of the Court of Appeal in a unanimous ruling dismissed the motion for stay of proceedings brought by the defendants and directed that proceedings at the lower court should continue.

On October 10, 2017, when the case came up, the four defendants were still absent in court but represented by their lawyers.

Justice Faji adjourned till November 21 for hearing of the application for issuance of bench warrant.

The police in a four-count amended criminal charge marked FHC/L/565C/2015 filed before the court alleged that the defendants had between January 2010 and April 2011, at Apapa Wharf criminally conspired amongst themselves to wit, falsification of shipping documents which they deposited with Mitsui Osk Lines, Lagos, which was used as collateral for the purpose of clearance of raw materials polyvinylchloride (PVC) for the production of roof ceilings and other imported items.

The charge further accused the defendants of altering the shipping clearance documents to the shipping line, Mitsui Osk Lines, which was used as collateral for the purpose of obtaining a loan of N2.4 billion from Guaranty Trust bank Plc for the purpose of clearing raw materials Polyvinylchloride for the production of roof ceiling and other imported items

They were also alleged to have falsely and fraudulently represented as genuine, the altered shipping documents and presented same to Guaranty Trust bank Plc to obtain a loan of N2.4 billion.

All the offences alleged to have been committed by the accused persons are contrary to and punishable under sections 3(6),1(2)(C) of the miscellaneous offences Act Cap. M 17 Laws of the Federation, 2004.


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  • Chukwuka Okoroafor

    Once I saw that Malami is now running this case, I saw nothing but a soft jihad on Nigeria. Part of this is to weaken the South economically so the Islamists will bring their economic model (cattle rearing). There is nothing wrong with Igbos taking up cattle rearing on its face, but when it is done as a replacement for industry and innovation, you know there is something insidious. Besides, Malami himself should be facing trial regarding his supposed role in the Maina affair. So we have the Fulani militia carrying out hard jihad and individuals like Abubakar Malami waging the soft jihad. I knew there was a bad omen with Buhari’s government ever since November 11th 2015 when Malami out of the five other lawyers Buhari could have picked from (and some of those are Muslims too like Al-Hassan and Fashola) was put on as the Attorney General. He is the only one with training in Islamic law after all.

    • Galantman

      That’s the problem with most Easterners. You can go so low to embarrassing levels to support your tribe. Clearly this is a case of criminal falsification of documents. If he is innocent let him go and clear himself . Simple. But he is dodging appearance in court which shows that he has something to hide. By the way ,is he too big to appear in court?
      Online jobless bugs believed in laughable conspiracy theories. Too bad.

      • newvoice404

        That is Igbo for you. Clownishly clannish people.

        • Samuel

          Haters of Igbo race most die by fire and by thurnder, encluding Buhari and his hausa/fulani goat milk suckers

          • newvoice404

            The worst tribe that hate all other tribes in Nigeria and therefore abuse them daily are igbos. They are already suffering for that though with deaths and all that. So Shame.

      • Really

        Did i hear you talk of falsification?

        When did it suddenly become a crime under the change you so highly cherished?

        Just to remind you of the WAEC falsifier sitting in Aso-Rock today as your Boss.

        Nothing more to add.


        • oyoko

          you heard him damn right! can’t ibo man be decent for once. from the little man on the street of southeast to the so called big men; we see the same thing, stubbornness, impunity etc. you will think that a big brand like Innoson should know how to manage issues like this, but because of clandestine nature of ibo man, they will not. Go to our courts you will see bigger brand sorting out issues with litigant and clearing their name, because they know they operate by law, and therefore must respect law. Innoson, pls do the needful!

          • Really

            Has that now answered the question of your WAEC CERTIFCATE falsifier sitting in Aso-Rock?
            BMC advocate of no-hate-speech!

          • oyoko

            was there any?

          • Really

            You have said it all.


      • Chukwuka Okoroafor

        With all that happened from the 1970s till now, the Sharia agenda is no conspiracy theory. It is all real. Why is he targeting only Southern criminals when there are ones from the North? It is not so much that it is Innoson, but this is sectional and it is sectional for a purpose. Also remember that I also attacked the Jonathan administration for appearing like Ijaw and Igbo supremacists. If you were really rallying against corruption, you would also at least see my point of view.

        • Ekoile

          Chuck, I have read your comments on this site, you are a man with clear conscience. Leave Innocent Chukwuma with his police problems, scratch the Nigeria factor “na our son”.

        • Galantman

          I’m happy that you agree that we should collectively fight corruption. But bear in mind that if we keep on protecting our own, we cannot never succeed.
          I do not agree with that only southern criminals are been targeted. Is Dasuki, and all other people facing prosecution southerners. I expected you to encourage Innosonn, your brother to come clean in all his business dealings so no matter how they try to implicate,they won’t succeed. But running away from the courts is counter productive and sends the wrong signals to the younger generations.
          No system is perfect , if you think southerners are been targeted, remember every regime has an end, and if truly they are targeting southerners, they will get a taste of the same bitter pill

          • Chukwuka Okoroafor

            But knowing that, they can put a controlled Southerner in office. He will likely be like Babangida Aliyu who famously declared in 2007 that all corrupt politicians should be forgiven as long as they return the money. I am not denying that there could be illegalities with Chukwuma Innocent but there is an Islamic agenda and it is very sophisticated. One can push this agenda while hiding behind a war on corruption. Malami himself has questions to answer about his involvement (possible or not) in the Maina affair.

          • Galantman

            Finally let remind you that while you are busy fixated with Islamic,Northern imaginary conspiracy theories against the igbos, the solid igbos at the top are busy sitting on the same table with the so called Islamic Northerners and sharing the national benefits amongst themselves, tribe and religion completely forgotten.
            You will do yourself a lot of favor by cleansing yourself of all those thoughts because the more you look the less you understand.

          • Chukwuka Okoroafor

            There is nothing imaginary about the Sharia agenda. It has been going on since 1978 on a progressive track. Remember that Sudan thought that they could impose it on the South through military force. That broke the country into two. Also, remember this quote:

            “Whoever controls the production, the distribution, and the price of oil controls power in today’s world.” – Vladimir Putin

            It will make all the sense in the world when you really internalize this quote on why there would be an Islamic agenda in Nigeria (much like the agitation for Biafra). You should also take a look at Failed State 2030: Nigeria-A Case Study. It is a pdf and a free download. Look and read the report ‘Paths to Failure’ and you wouldn’t tell me that the scenario that was written in 2009 is not playing out to a T (aside from Yar’Adua’s death). And believe me, the Southern elites (including Igbos amongst them) are going to play a big role in creating the conditions that will bring in nationwide Sharia.

    • newvoice404

      Clownishly clannish people to the point of criminality. Igbo man, where is your shame? Lord have mercy.

      • Really

        Is that not Vulgar and repurgnant?
        BMC No-hate-speech Advocate!!!!

      • Samuel

        may Gods anger visit you and your family for hate speech against Igbos

        • newvoice404

          You are the master of hate speeches and the anger of God is already visiting you in your miserable life. I can only pity you. Shame

      • Chukwuka Okoroafor

        You know, I also opposed the Jonathan administration’s Ijaw and Igbo supremacists. I also opposed a Biafran state and still do up until this day. However, I oppose an Islamic agenda that is being unleashed in Nigeria and Malami is part and parcel of that. Perhaps you should not be sold so shamelessly with paychecks to come and attack me like this and understand fully that we have a corrupt elite. They are on all sides and we have the corrupt and compromised fighting the corrupt and compromised but it is not really for righteous purposes.

        • newvoice404

          You are just playing to the gallery and accuse these people wrongly, my friend. Why not just urge Innoson to go and defend himself and lest see how the so called Huasas/Muslims are going to turn the law upside down to punish Innoson(Igbo and other igbos on this case) unduly. And lets see whether there will not be outrage from everywhere including yours sincerely. They have stated a clear case of fraud against your brother or fan but your brother or fan has been accused of evading the court to come and defend himself. Even if he is not guilty, he is not doing himself any good by evading court summons on the matter. Have a rethink about your bias on this case if you really claimed you have been ‘unbiased’ on these kinds of issues before now. Shame

          • Chukwuka Okoroafor

            But you know that people are detained in Nigeria while waiting years for a trial. People are held just for being suspected of wrong doing. I would have expected that Malami (if he were a just man) tackle this issue head on. Heck even Obasanjo, Abiola, and Shehu Yar’Adua were detained without trial (understanding that this was during the military era). Dasuki, and Zakzaky are being detained without trial. Nnamdi Kanu was detained without trial (though I initially supported the reasons why). Why wouldn’t the same thing happen to Chukwuma Innocent? It would be a great opportunity to dent the image of Innoson and kill innovation in the SE specifically and the South in general in order to raise up a new alternative with the cattle grazing route legislation they have tried passing. There is a corrupt system in place and Malami will use corruption to advance the cause of Sharia. Let us never forget that.

          • newvoice404

            There is no excuse or justification for encouraging anyone to evade court process in a democracy no matter what. So I am still insisting that you are mainly crying wolf where there is none. Capital oil boss, himself an Igbo was invited and detained recently but was set freed by the court after hearing his own side and was even awarded some money for NNPC and EFCC’s wrong doing. It happened still under this same administration and you will agree with me that Capital oil boss is even more political and controversial that Innosson….but he was vindicated to the admiration of many. lets not forget that all along that Capital oil boss was confident he was going to be vindicated and did not run away from any court process. Let innonson go and clear his name in court and stop encouraging fraud and impunity wrap- up in a disjointed ethnic and religious façade.

  • May30th1967

    Premium times, please do us all a favor, SHUT DOW, ALREADY.

    • Liberty

      How has PT wronged Igbo Cause here?
      Nna, na Wa for una!

    • Julius

      Biafool, do us a favour , STOP READING PT !

  • May30th1967

    Nnamdi Kanu has been kidnapped and killed, DR NGOZI OKONJO IWEALA is now on the Sharia Hot Pepper Dish, INNOSON MOTORS and MANAGEMENT is now targeted to be Liquidated, and next will be declaring Sharia Law on Igbo Land.
    “IGBO MUSLIMS”, will be the Sharia indirect rule Government of Igbo Land.

    • thusspokez

      PT should assign moderators to its forums to protect its business from being dragged into the gutter by poster like these who take their corrupt ways everywhere they go.

    • Julius

      Na witch hunt of the Igbos…abi ? Smdh!

  • femi

    These guys are accused of using oluwole papers to collect a loan of 2.4 billion naira stealing and they are refusing to come to court wao what a country are they above the law and it is shameful that people here e rats are supporting thieves shows the kind of training they had if any plain criminals

    • Jideofor Bismillah Akbar

      We will await you to condemn Tinubu the Godfather of Yoruba people and their present day Awolowo. Hope you know his case in the US also femi gbajabiamila who stole his clients money. Igbo people must rule Nigeria and we will surely dig up a lot of dirts!!!!!!!!!!

  • Samuel

    You haters of Igbo race, how many of you have ever asked dangote how he made his money , upon
    looting Nigeria dry with criminals in government. i will give you only one example, obasanjo criminal soled Nigeria well refurbished refinery to dangote which was revised back by yaradua government. who prosecuted dangote and obasanjo but you all wake up whenever you hear that Igbo
    man did something extra-ordinary, instead to support him you will like to humiliate and discourage him to close down .why why why .shame on you haters of Igbos

  • chinedu

    So why is innosson not coming to court? We need to hear their side of this story. Something sounds abnormal here. Is it possible for PT to help with it’s good investigation. That will enable a balanced view. PT please help.

    • Chukwuka Okoroafor

      Could it be possibility of detention without trial? It happened to so many prominent and non-prominent people.