Nigeria fines 23 radio, TV stations for hate speech, vulgar lyrics, unverifiable claims

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Twenty three radio and television stations across Nigeria have been fined for various breaches of broadcasting rules set by the National Broadcasting Commission, NBC.

The NBC spokesperson, Maimuna Jimada, said in a statement that the stations were punished for hateful speech, vulgar lyrics and unverifiable claims.

The breaches contravened the provisions of the Nigeria Broadcasting Code in the third quarter of 2017, according to the NBC.

Speaking to PREMIUM TIMES, Wednesday, the spokesperson said there will be higher sanctions if erring stations fail to comply with the fine.

“It is clearly stated in the code, if you are sanctioned this way and you don’t comply then you get a higher sanction”, Ms. Jimada said. “Everything is laid down in the code”, she added.

She also said the payments will be made into the NBC account.

Mrs. Jimada further said the contraventions were made between June and September this year and all the erring stations were fined according to the provisions of the Nigeria Broadcasting Code.

For using hateful speech, Family Love FM Port Harcourt was fined N200, 000 on 9/6/2017; ABS FM Awka fined N100,000 on 1/7/17; Express FM Radio Kano also fined N300,000 on 12/9/17, 16/9/17 and 17/9/17.

For using indecent musicals, the NBC fined RoyalFM Abuja, Flo FM Umuahia, Radio Continental Lagos and Crystal 100.5FM Minna N100,000, N100,000, N200,000 and N100,000 respectively.

For making unverifiable claims in their broadcast, the regulator punished Crowther FM Abuja, Harmony FM Abuja, Inspirational FM Uyo, BCA FM Umuahia, ABS FM Awka, Minaj Systems Radio, Obosi, IBC (Orient TV), Owerri, Rainbow FM, Isheri, Globe FM Bauchi, Arewa Radio, Kano, EBS Radio Benin and Bond FM Lagos with fines of N100,000, N100,000, 100,000, 150,000, 100,000, N100,000, N50,000, N100,000, N100,000,N100,000, N100,000 and N499,000 respectively.

As part of efforts to stem the growing tide of hate speech in the country, the federal government in June directed the NBC, to sanction any radio or television station that broadcasts hate speech.

Also ahead of the forthcoming elections, the regulatory body said it will impose heavy sanctions on broadcast stations which promote hate speeches.


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  • Apostle joshua

    mmh this is a good move tranquility and equity in the NBC.
    but my worries is what exactly was the hateful speech?

    if this has to do Islam and Muslim, you have lied, because Nigerians has the right to freedom of speech.

    imagine the most vitality offices is head by Islam or Muslim.
    We have freedom of speech in the constitution.

    • Fada4Life

      You this Christian destitute can’t you use your God given intellect

    • Man_Enough

      We also have human and personal rights in the constitution. Your freedom should stop where my right starts.

  • Olu-Lion

    Listening to any Phone-in programme on Nigerian Radio stations, immediately you hear the name of the caller (even where they are not the regular callers) you can predict with 90% accuracy what they will say, and this is what politicians are actually using to push against corruption in Nigeria.

  • chinedu

    My people will say that a head hunter does not allow you to approach his back. Let us refresh our minds with the statements made by this same people who have found themselves in government today. 1. If they attempt to repeat what they did during the last election, the monkeys and baboons will be drenched in their blood. 2. The ogogoro drinking ijaw man can not lead us to anywhere. 3.The president is clueless.4. If they win this election,we will set up a parallel government. These are the few that I remember. Please feel free to add yours. Suddenly they have realised what hate speech is and are bent on eradicating it. I think that this people in government today must realize how temporary and transient power is. Gagging the media has never worked as a tool of masses oppression. You will rather court stronger enemies.

  • Decimator

    Decree 4 here for you again; Mohammadu Buhari and his hateful advocates of “no tolerance to hate speech” mantra stands out most prominent above all hateful tendencies, with their hateful actions and utterances (including performiing their constitutional duties according to them, of countless extra judicial killings) in the Nigerian Enclave.

    Nobody could ever suppers them, yet they are most unease without muzzling other views that does not concur with their hateful Mantra, with their infamous decree 4, which they have tried in all forms including this one to reintroduce.

    And as 2019 is fast approaching with Mohammadu Buhari needing the presidency at all cost, at least for diplomatic immunity against prosecutions for the time being, one can be sure we are heading to the totalitarianism we have always warned of.

    It has not started!!!

    Of cause I know that according to their hateful advocate of “no hate speech” mantra, I have just committed “hate speech”.


  • Censorship has returned to Nigeria. Our free speech is dead…..literally. Our democracy is finished. Buhari must be fired come 2019.

    • We are in for it,those who voted in this illiterate brute must bury there heads in shame.Even the radio station of cowardly tinubu has stopped airing phone in political programs, they have opted for only musical.

    • Powerlessconscious

      Free speech has limit evennin USA.

      • Really

        And that limit is decided by you and Mohammadu Buhari as we can see, not the Judiciary.
        That is the issue at stake here Buhari Media Centre.(BMC)

      • Dr Bunmi Binitie

        Thank you! In the UK too and in any civilized society

  • Mentus

    The most disturbing is what this admnistration will claim to be ‘unverifiable’. Of course when you refuse to investigate allegations objectively and immediately claim it is unverifiable, then you have a case to fine the individual. This is exactly what is happening with some whistle blowers particularly if it is against one of key members of the government’s ‘agenda’. This is why Misau is being dragged to court without any attempt being made to investigate Idris – IGP.
    The allegation was made against a person not against his position and yet the FG instead decided to sue Misau and ‘bury’ the allegation.
    The speed with which the government refutes the allegations when it involves Buhari’s men without even investigating says it all.
    I fear the interpretation of this law by this government has firmly set Nigeria on a slippery slope to dictstorship.

    • Man_Enough

      Who ever feels aggrieved can seek redress in court.

      • Really

        Exactly. If your Buhari regime feels aggrieved by whichever unverified information or hate speech, they should seek redress in court. Not muzzle the media through draconian laws.

  • Really

    “That is what our conscience is there for”

    When you replace the judicial system as you dearly wished, with believes and conscience, you get exactly the Buhari disorientation you are representing, not your (UK, USA etc).civilisation you would want to propagate.


  • Really

    Well it is better to be guided by the Judiciary in a constitutional democracy. Maybe we can agree on that.


  • thusspokez

    Twenty three radio and television stations across Nigeria have been fined for various breaches of broadcasting rules set by the National Broadcasting Commission, NBC.

    Is there an equivalent for online newspapers?

    Nigeria was a late comer to the Internet And Gosh! when I first saw Nigeria news/discussion website, I was very excited and wasted no time to register with one of the major player at the time, which I even wrote a few articles for. But my initial experience was one of terrible shock and feeding dirty. Nigerian websites don’t have moderators — perhaps, not to negate Nigerians’ idea of freedom of speech .

    Comments were littered with insults (and even one’s parents were not spared) for no apparent reason other than someone disagrees with your opinion, but instead of presenting their own counter arguments, they would respond with insults, and hate; Further, they would imagined your ethnicity and insult this imaginary ethnic group . I thought these people must be crazy and suffering from serious mental issues. Not much has changed on Nigerian websites, like the Vanguard.

    • Otile

      You Buharists are trying desperately to divert peoples’ attention from Mainagate and other Buhari’s wheeling and dealing. Yeah, kill off all the messengers who expose government bad deeds then all will be fine and dandy.

      Ogbeni, your are a big bigot, tribalist and hater, you use innuendos to attack Igbo people on a daily basis. You are not saying anything useful by claiming that you are not a Nigerian and nobody should associate you with any ethnic group. It is unwise for you to be ashamed of your ethnicity because of other people’s crimes. There is no ethnic group on earth that doesn’t have evil and good people around. Don’t you ever disown your tribe because of what your neighbor is doing. E gbo mi nko?

  • Otile

    Definitely this is the most useful decree Imam Buhari has promulgated for you his obedient disciples. Nothing can be more satisfying for you people than Imam using troops and short guns to gag or maim his critics. This tactics will not work for freedom lovers will now go underground leading you people to a wild goose chase where you cannot catch the people talking about him(Imam).

  • LagLon

    but what if lai mohammed comes onto your radio station to speak…
    would he be able to make unverifiable claims?
    what of errors?
    what of accusations?
    these guys…

  • Man_Enough

    Words breed hate. Hate breeds strife. Strife breeds war. Prevention is better than cure.

    • Decimator

      You cannot put it better, if we know that the following statement;

      “God willing, by 2015, something will happen. They either conduct a free and fair election or they go a very disgraceful way. “If what happened in 2011 (alleged rigging) should again happen in 2015, by the grace of God, the dog and the baboon (Citizens of the Nigerian Enclave) would all be soaked in blood.” Muhammadu Buhari. (Vanguard 15.05.2012)

      Led to wide spread violence then with over 800 lives lost, the explosion of Boko Haram and bred the pioneer hateful advocate of the “no hate speech” Mantra sitting in ASO Rock today, to whom you dedicate your service of preventing hate speech to.

      Perfect Indeed.