Maina: Buhari’s critics ‘extremely unreasonable’- Sagay

Itse Sagay

President Muhammadu Buhari’s anti-corruption adviser, Itse Sagay, has said the anti-graft war of the administration is “pure”, regardless of growing criticisms over the government’s handling of corruption allegations against top officials.

Mr. Sagay said this in the wake of the the controversial re-integration of Abdurasheed Maina, futigitive former pension chief, into the civil service.

Mr. Sagay said critics were being “extremely unreasonable” and desperate to find fault.

PREMIUM TIMES had last week broken news of the shocking recall and promotion of Mr. Maina, which had been shrouded in secrecy by the authorities, including the Ministries of Justice and Interior, and the Office of Head of Service of the Federation.

Mr. Maina was in 2013 dismissed by the Federal Civil Service Commission following allegations of leading massive corruption to the tune of N2 billion in his capacity as chairman of the Pension Reform Task Team.

Afterwards he turned fugitive, as the Police and the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission sought his arrest.

Since the the news of his secret recall was broken by PREMIUM TIMES, the Buhari administration has faced harsh criticisms of its major boast – anti-corruption fight – with many accusing Mr. Buhari of lacking the will to act against officials of the government under serious allegations of corruption and abuses.

But Mr. Sagay, a senior lawyer and professor of Law, disagreed, saying critics were being unreasonable and only desperate to find fault in Mr. Buhari’s anti-corruption commitment.

“People who are determined to find wrong will find it no matter how pure the situation is,” said Mr. Sagay in interview with PREMIUM TIMES on Saturday.

He continued: “Maina escaped out of this country under Jonathan. When he was sneaked back into the country, did Buhari know about it? The first time he knew he ordered that the man be dismissed and arrested. What more do you want him to say? I think people are extremely unreasonable.”

Although Mr. Buhari was assessed as acting quickly enough to “order immediate disengagement” of Mr. Maina, a lawyer, Jiti Ogunye, told PREMIUM TIMES the president lacks such powers.

“That was a populist extrication from a hot scandal,” said Mr. Ogunye.

Speaking further, Mr. Sagay faulted the demand that the Interior Minister, Abdulrahman Dambazzau and the Justice Minister, Abubakar Malami, be fired for their role in the recall.

“These are early days. Inquiries are going on to find out the role of everybody. He is not going to fire anybody without getting all the sides. Do you know he even wrote the Head of Service? It is when investigation is concluded, that you start hearing action being taken,” said Mr. Sagay.

Mr. Buhari has since Monday received report on the process of the recall from Head of Service, Wilfred Oyo. But he is yet to act.

Meanwhile, Mr. Sagay has denied resigning from his role as the chairman of the Presidential Anti-Corruption Advisory Committee, PACAC.

“It is absolutely untrue,” he said. “I dey kampe!”


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  • Jon

    The main issue that needs to be discussed is: No restructuring or devolution of power to the States until parasites find oil in the North. The North will continue to control Southern oil resources until the North finds oil in the North.


      ‘Mai gaskia’ turned out to be “my oil and gas killya”.

      • victoria

        I even thought Sagay is one of us that will defend Nigerian people. Now he is now infected with corruption. I respect him before, now Sagays name is now in the black book of Nigeria.Buari,fire parasites around you now like Sagay,Malami,Dambazzau ,and put Malami in Jail

    • Otile

      Buhari should not continue to ruin Nigerian lives because of crude oil. The solution is simple, seeing that no crude oil exists in the North in marketable quantities we must agree to settle them by giving up some oil fields for them to leave us in peace. We can allow them take over some lucrative oil fields in Cross River State. South Sudan had to give up 3 good oil fields to be left alone by Islamist Khartoum government. Who knows, without that deal Bashir and Yemen would have wiped out the Christians of South Sudan.

  • Frank Bassey

    Look at the utterance of one who should be an elder statesman. Can you imagine the kind of earthworm eating into the remnants of the President’s fabrics? This is most unfortunate. Does Itse Sagay think life will end with Buhari administration? So, who should take the blame – with all the reports of security officials’ collusion in bringing Maina back, granting him protection; he wrote promotion examinations, was promoted and paid over 20 million salary arrears — tax payers’ money, to add to the huge sum he has looted? Those of you putting poor Nigerians into distraught will never, ever end well. Nemesis must thoroughly visit you all. There will be no hiding place. Dangerous fools.

  • absam777

    Please Prof, don’t allow this Fulani rulers use you and soil your name. Keep out of this particular issue and let them solve their own mess. Buhari brought this upon himself with his insecurity and nepotism. He has allowed his chief of Staff as the de-facto president. Sad.

    • Gary

      It’s too late for Professor Sagay. As they say around here, the man now has his head far up in Buhari’s ass. Pardon my Spanish.

  • Henry

    I want to ask sagay who gave him security? Who brought him into the country? When will the elites speak without inducment. Pmb is aware of miana why has not acted on those proports


    This old man has gone senile for sure . He believes that Buhari who commands the entire security outfit was not informed that a person of interest like Maina had re-entered the country through legitimate borders. Buhari was also not aware that he had been reinstated into the federal civil service and Buhari was not aware that he was promoted twice since his arrival. Buhari was also not aware that he was being protected by the DSS, Buhari was also not aware that Maina donated huge sums of money to the electioneering campaign which brought him to office as President ?

    Mr Sagay, you must hide your head in shame, you are either a very big hypocrite or a very big coward or both .

    • Arabakpura

      They are pushing us to a point where we will troop to the streets enmasse! If this kind of comment can come from Professor Itse Sagay, then, hunger is truly a very bad disease!

      • forestgee

        Lol …Prof has monkey pox of the mouth!

      • Gary

        Please don’t do it. Buratai will send his goons to kill our people like he did to the Shiites and IPOB.
        Buhari will go the same way he came: by the power of the people’s votes.

        If they then try to nullify our votes by rigging, then We, the Nigerian people, will exercise our sovereign right to bring down the regime by any means necessary.
        And the rest of the civilized world will stand with us to force Buhari out as was done to Yahya Jammeh in Gambia.
        For now we watch the pantomime as 2019 approaches.

  • MilitaryPolice01 [Joint Chief]

    “PMB’s is one very disturbing spectacular failure of leadership witnessed in Nigeria. As GMB, he came in with so much promises based on pedigree as a general and experience in virtually all rungs of public service plus politics . And many Nigerians yearning for change felt he was the one.
    Earlier in his administration, PMB started with a very inspiring speech and great positive strides in taking over the reins of government from the incompetent and disgraced PDP administration of GEJ . And he was hailed by all and sundry.
    It was however at the crucial tasks of forming a team within the ruling APC and forging alliances with the opposition PDP for good governance, including healing the divisions caused by the 2015 elections for peace and posterity of all Nigerians that PMB started unraveling. This is where his administration set adrift and support base started shifting .
    Inexplicable, PMB’s two years as national leader has only shown that good leadership is more than personal strength of character and attributes , but more about teamwork and achievements. Apparently, identification of key players and proper determination and resolution of critical issues are what determine successful leadership. Unfortunately PMB appears to have failed on both despite intimidating credential. To many Nigerians this is poor leadership .
    Why is good leadership so elusive in Nigeria ? The failures of past and present leadership ought not to be a cause for jubilation because of tribal or political affiliation but a source of deep concern and sober reflection for Nigerians. Our collective destiny is gloomy without good leadership. The catastrophe wrought by poor leadership is not selective.
    The 2019 elections are approaching fast. This is yet another opportunity for Nigerians to get it right on leadership but it doesn’t seem like anything has changed and there will be any change. The hierarchy of the ruling APC is now a choir of Aso Rock while the opposition PDP is in shambles and yet to recover from its last defeat , just as civil society has gone moot and the masses reeling from the pains of an excruciating economic meltdown. The most prepared group is the Aso Rock party .
    PMB should spare the country from further pains by not contesting the 2019 elections. Should Buhari choose to exercise his fundamental right then it is the lot of good Nigerians to eject him from Aso Rock democratically. Failure must never be rewarded with a second tenure.
    Nigerians can do the needful when they come together for a common cause. We did it with the military in 1999 and later with OBJ in 2007. Same was done to the Yar Adua cabal in 2010. Recently Nigerians removed GEJ despite the shameful mobilization of all resources of state including the very intimidating war chest of Diezzani Maduekwe. It is time to come together again once more to oust PMB.” – @rumuphc

    • Epsilon_Delta

      “Unfortunately PMB appears to have failed on both despite intimidating credential.”
      Intimidating credentials like overthrowing a civilian government? Like not presenting a common WAEC certificate? or F9 in a forged statement of result? The Buhari with intimidating credentials is a fictional character. We’ve all seen the real Buhari.

    • Jon

      Check the records: $2.1 billion stolen or missing when he was Petroleum minister in 1977. $1.1 billion stolen or missing when he was chairman of Petroleum Trust Fund in 1997. Now, under his watch, $26 billion stolen or missing under the guise of contract award. Are these not a pattern of bad behavior that should have been punished in Western Civilized Societies? Look again the pattern of ethnic cleansing under his brutal and tyrannical regime.

    • Agba

      uselees APC GOVT

  • Rev

    If a man like this as educated and erudite, will adjudge This blatantly fake corrupted anti corruption campaign as pure, then the carcass of the campaign is crass!

    • Arabakpura

      It is absolute bullshit! This regime will decimate a lot of reputation by the time it is done!

  • Sab

    I have a moral question for the law professor. I demand you answer this question with utmost sincerity of your person, profession and patriotism. Oga, if Maina had ran away under the circumstances he did during the administration of say OBJ and sneaked back home under the circumstances he did say during the administration of GEJ, and Jonathan took the action that PMB took, please tell us, would you be this bold to clear GEJ of compliity in the whole thing? Would you be this bold to -lear GEJ of any wrongdoing?

  • Arabakpura

    Ha! Prof has also caught the bug! Why did you then advise them to deal with Diezani when investigations were not concluded! Human beings are very interesting animals! Why did you also advise Buhari to immediately fire Maina? I have been your fan but this is it!

  • thusspokez

    the anti-graft war of the administration is “pure”, regardless of growing criticisms over the government’s handling of corruption allegations against top officials.

    What a contradictory statement.

    “People who are determined to find wrong will find it no matter how pure the situation is,” said Mr. Sagay

    Unlike fugitive Maina, the many wrongs of the Buhari’s administration had willingly presented themselves to the public, there was no need for determination to find them.

  • Gidi

    Another spin that won’t hold water. We got rid of PDP because of corruption, insecurity and incompetence. And Nigerians gave Buhari the mandate to get rid of corruption, secure the country, appoint competent people and guide the economy in the right direction.

    What Prof Sagay is saying, coupled with what we’ve seen over the last 2 years, requires suspension of disbelief. Most corrupt cases are bogged down in court with shoddy (incompetent) prosecution, the economy is stagnant with no clear direction on where it is heading, insecurity returning vis-a-vis kidnapping and public corruption seems to be back to business as usual.

    So, can Mr. Sagay tell us why Nigerians within the age of 18-39 years should entrust another 4 years of their future to Mr Buhari? We need to hear real logical argument not usual insults from the Presidency. Why should i commit the next 6 years to an insipid economy? At least, i am pragmatic enough to expect nothing good on economy front (for the next 2 years) given current policy. Yes, oil price is going no where with global supply glut. Why should we re-elect Mr Buhari under the cloud of corruption and terrible economy?

    • grand maze

      Who is talking of reflecting buhari. Why must one entertain such thoughts

  • forestgee

    It is extremely unfortunate that Mr Sagay is unreasonable and speaking from both sides of his mouth. This same man appeared on Channels tv and complained that the report of grass cutter was being delayed for too long; that PMB should deal with it immediately.
    The anti corruption war of this government is selective and losing traction; because of nepotism and tribalism in this government. In fact Sagay is part of the problem.

  • Gary

    Mr. Sagay would have saved whatever was left of his credibility if only he has been consistent in giving opponents of his cult-hero the same benefit of the doubt he now espouses. A man, law Professor, who saw nothing wrong with DSS jackboots breaking down the doors of judges in the middle of the night. He not only defended the Gestapo tactics as necessary to wage war on corruption but presumed the guilt of the judges of the highest court in the land.
    Not a word from Sagay about Barawo Baru ignoring due process and sidestepping the Constitution to pack NNPC leadership with fellow Northerners.
    Then comes the case of Mainagate and Mr. Sagay goes to bat for his paymaster. It’s all good. Now the people see your fruit too.

  • Emeka

    The money Pmb is seizing from these thieves is paining them hard! Chai, sorry o… They are throwing stones from all corners with fictitious names in this forum… we know them, the same names, from the same IP Adress, which show one or two thieves pretending to be many people. Pmb ride on, over 90% of Nigerians are with you, the thieves know what to do, “hug live transformer.” Shikinah!!


      Mallam, on what planet do you live ?

      • emmanuel

        No mind the cattle rearer calling himself Emeka. The next moment, the Donkey go begin abuse Biafra people

        • Kola Koleola

          That’s why the megida chose the simplest of Ibo names, Emeka.

    • emmanuel

      Not to worry, when Buhari leaves office, all the money he went with his family to clean up in Turkey, we go collect them back.
      Mind you, he has also received money stolen by Abacha through his connivance at the then PTF. so who is the real enemy of Nigeria when Buhari said Abacha never stole any money from Nigeria? Or was it the people you are pointing your uncleaned fingers at that forced him to make such self-indicting statement then?
      No it was his crooked mind

  • Lakeside

    This man Sagey is getting senile. Sagey should know that no northerner fights corruption. Otherwise Nigeria should have been a better place today. Thry only do window dressing. Shikena

  • Musa M. Dantsoho

    Rewinding forward PDP’s misdeeds to justify hanging APC in whatever form hardly will help any party or politician in the country. So, one often pities PDP apologists in the podium on their mission to run down APC, Buhari and his administration.

    Already, our democracy had since divorced itself from the politics of patronage to that of trust base on transparency and accountability. This fact will impose itself in the minds of majority Nigerians before 2019 to the disappointment of rhetoric discussants on social media.

    Objective minds should start asking themselves pertinent questions on the amount of trust and confidence Buhari and his administration enjoy among Nigerians. At least, by accepting without any form of grudge the increase of fuel pump price to N145 per litre should serve as testimony. Incidentally, the product never ceased to be available as endless queues vanished entirely. Thus, exorcising the ghost of fuel subsidy.

    This and other similar good works by the administration will prove themselves as the nation steadily moves towards 2019. The impressive situation will be convincing enough that no patriotic Nigerian will risk abandoning certainty to uncertainty, most especially having the experience of sixteen years before.


      You are a joke, Buhari has achieved nothing and you know it so stop spreading falsehoods.

      • Musa M. Dantsoho

        Thank you. Nigerians will get to know the achievements in 2019 not through this forum now.

        • Otile

          Are you referring to the anticipated mass fighting? Corruption has eaten up envy fabric of this administration.

          • Musa M. Dantsoho

            Then, you preserve your evidence for 2019

          • Musa M. Dantsoho

            It will serve you better reserving the evidence for the appropriate time. Presently, it doesn’t go beyond mere noise making.

    • emmanuel

      Fuel price was increased to N145.00 and they began to pay subsidy again. They lied to the world they were floating the Naira, but only devalued it, because they planned from day one to fund the huge budget with a grossly devalued Naira, yet Buhari lied to Nigerians that he did not sanction devaluation. So which money was he going to run the failed 2016 budget with?
      Everything about Buhari is tainted with lies and deceit. The man has never had one minute of integrity.
      Shamelessly, you have refused to agree that every international agency, media and institutions have issued their report card on his monumental failure and Nigerians too have.
      Na only you dead straws still dey hang on to dressing him with old clothes that are sagging already.

      • Musa M. Dantsoho

        By the year 2007, Nigeria had $32 billion in foreign reserve and $48 billion in excess crude account. From that point in time through to 2014, there was never any incidence crude oil sold less than $100 per barrel. Naturally, Nigerians expected the two accounts to grow beyond what Obasanjo left. Alas! What was the balances in the two accounts as at 29th May, 2015 and what were the commensurate services or projects rendered to the nation with those amounts?

        These are some of the posers anti-Buhari/APC and PDP apologists should prepare to give answers in 2019. Because the debate on economic issues and any inability to implement the budget by this administration will eventually revolved around these points of arguments. At that point, Nigerians would get to know the real hypocrites deceiving them.

        Similarly, only those with prejudicially conceived minds against APC and Buhari administration believe the dummies circulating in the name of score cards by international institutions and media. Most of such reports were either fake or engineered by political opponents and inconsequential hired political jobbers.


    It is an obscene act of public betrayal for this senile old man Sagay to insinuate that Buhari was unaware that Maina re-entered the country, was twice promoted after being reabsorbed into the civil service, he was granted state security by the DSS. Meanwhile Maina donated huge sums of scam money to the Buhari electioneering campaign yet Buhari is claiming ignorance as excuse ?

    • GusO

      Is Buhari aware of every little things that happen in the Civil Service? I agree that Buhari’s cabal and some of his ministers like Malami are corrupt and doing a great disservice to him. He has to investigate before firing them, but he must not waste too much time in doing so, otherwise his supporters will abandon him.


        Buhari does not condemn or fire northerners .

        • STAND OUT

          You are tribal tugged

          • Magnus0071mg

            Not true There was one small thief in his office who tampered with some pension payment early in his administration He was transferred to another office The matter made the news but not the headline because Buhari supporters in the press made sure they suppressed the news

      • emmanuel

        Okay, we have heard you painting a crook with pancake, only little sweats have washed them away. Fashola, Amaechi, Fayemi had loads of indictments and DSS reports showed all that, yet he went ahead to swear them in and thier indictments have been swept under since then.
        What is your own stake in the MTN fine task he took upon himself? His Chief of staff collected bribe on your behalf to end the matter and short-changed Nigeria on that? Is he waiting to fire himself and Abba Kyari on that?
        You deserve a brush-painting award. Kudos!

      • man leader

        Ok he’s not aware of every LITTLE thing. Is Buhari aware of Babachir and Ayo?

      • obiora

        But who paied the security giving to Maina can Nigeria Police do that with out approval. Or there is no more investigations before appiontments in Nigeria.Or Fulani Tribes people are above Nigerian Laws.

  • Amorji

    Different strokes for different folks.Sagay is a fraud.

  • Raphael Oladapo

    If I were this professor I would have been quite quiet about this episode when you are eating you don’t talk otherwise many things you do not envisage can happen. A lot of people loose their hitherto loud voice when they are called to eat the Nigerian way so public expectations are muted or better still we are disappointed by what comes out from their mouth. Prof is eating the meal is delicious so no one should distract him.

  • Isaac Boro

    Ugly Sagay when u were criticising ALAMIEYESIGHA were u senile, unreasonable or demented???? Answer now! Sagan buharitrash.

  • Rick Eson

    Next election is the catalyst. Source of attack is PDP and those corrupt individual with APC not comfortable with Anti corruption drive.
    Buhari is an incorruptable being and need fact before action. The problem with some of of people is patience and result now( resulting in lot of problem impacting our Nation). I think my people should calm down and be reasonable with time frame collecting result and acting on that result. After saying that FG should have a standard time windows for action and known to the citizen.
    Communication main blocker as always.

  • Omooba Adekunle Orafidiya

    Thick-lipped Sagay, you are the one that’s not just unreasonable but also mentally unsound.

  • adeade

    This man called Sagay sounds naive… So he thinks such decisions are made without a Presidential consent .. it is well with my country …

    • emmanuel

      Accountant General could not have paid N22 million from the Account of Federal Government of Nigeria without approval from the President. May be Osibanjo should lie here that he approved it. Even judgement debts of such amount must be approved.
      Na who dey f*ol who?
      Why would foreign investors bring their monies to a country managed by insane people with all these charade going on? They are more savvy about where their monies should go, than those in power can imagine.
      Part of the extra cost paid on the fake loans they now collect are cost of high investment risk.
      When this government is out of power, we would also hear how Sagay a constitutional Lawyer bribed judges too in the past. They all have their very dirty deeds hidden for now

    • Inieke Akpan Ekuma

      Yes sir it can be taken that position is not political appointment but purely civil service business it has procedures. Infact Buhari should not be involved

    • Julius

      You are the sounding naive . Yes, the president do not make all the decisions about ministries especially civil service. He might not being made aware of Maina reinstated back to the service . He ordered the removal of the man immediately he was made aware but, to folks like you, it doesn’t matter. Na Buhari fault

  • emmanuel

    Imagine this man suffering from Leprosy talking from his feet. Sagay ought to be in a Leprosy colony by now. When f*ols talk, it is not difficult to know and Sagay is one.
    Hear him:
    “Mr. Sagay faulted the demand that the Interior Minister, Abdulrahman Dambazzau and the Justice Minister, Abubakar Malami, be fired for their role in the recall”
    This is because they are all enjoying the proceeds of a very corrupt government.
    If Sagay was not dead when Amaechi emptied River State N19 billion reserve in one day and committed it to Buhari’s election, yet Amaechi stil stand tall in the rampaging corruption gang till today, then Sagay is an inglorious basta*d.
    Mr. Oke is at home, Larmode is back to work after stealing close to N8 billion of recovered funds, Grass Cutter is at home, Baru is not yet suspended, Magu is walking tall, Burutai, Dambazzau, Mahmmud Yaqub of INEC and UBEC fraud, Abba Kyari is also.
    Now, some one should tell us how Buhari requested that MTN fine issue be trasnferred to him, then his man Kyari collected huge bribe and the case died. Did Sagay come up with any report on this issue? Where are those who said MTN case showed that Buhari was a no-nonsense fighter of corruption and that he had began a good fight?
    Did MTN not make nonsesnse of Nigeria integrity?

  • emmanuel

    These are the kind of game that took Somalia to the point it is in today after about twenty four years of anarchy.

    • daniel Ekhime


      MAINA the fugitive and Steve Orosanye’s connection

      EFCC got it right by arresting Steve Oronsaye
      and arraigning him in court to face criminal trial punishable by imprisonment.
      Steve Oronsaye did not demonstrate a modicum of intelligence on the job as Head
      of Nigeria’s federal public Service – he was dull, almost moronic and decidedly
      incompetent, because in his own words, whilst sitting in that oversize office,

      Steve Oronsaye said he merely moped like a goat as a mere administrative panel
      he’d set up; with MAINA as the coordinator, renamed itself as a presidential
      task force, expanded its own jurisdiction all by itself and began awarding
      contracts worth five billion Naira within its first few months of empaneling.

      If an ad hoc administrative committee could grow hoofs and horns without check,
      like that, Steve Orosanoye must have been wretchedly incompetent to the point
      of buffoonery. It is now for the court of law to decide if that buffoonery was
      actually a mask for complicit corruption.

    • daniel Ekhime


      MAINA and the Steve Orosanye connection

      EFCC got it right by arresting Steve Oronsaye
      and arraigning him in court to face criminal trial punishable by imprisonment.
      Steve Oronsaye did not demonstrate a modicum of intelligence on the job as Head
      of Nigeria’s federal public Service – he was dull, almost moronic and decidedly
      incompetent, because in his own words, whilst sitting in that oversize office,

      Steve Oronsaye said he merely moped like a goat as a mere administrative panel
      he’d set up; with MAINA as the coordinator, renamed itself as a presidential
      task force, expanded its own jurisdiction all by itself and began awarding
      contracts worth five billion Naira within its first few months of empaneling.

      If an ad hoc administrative committee could grow hoofs and horns without check,
      like that, Steve Orosanoye must have been wretchedly incompetent to the point
      of buffoonery. It is now for the court of law to decide if that buffoonery was
      actually a mask for complicit corruption.

      • emmanuel

        There is no doubt that Oronsaye must go through the course of trial, but that has not obliterated the fraud committed by Maina. Those who also brought him back must be tried, in addition to the one who paid him N22 million
        He must answer questions for any portion of the Pension funds he took. If Maina is tried along with Oronsaye, how come people are not tried these day, despite loads of evidences against most of them?
        He who comes to equity, must come with clean hand

  • Lanre

    Thank you Itse Sagay. I have always believed that Southern Enablers are responsible for the impoverishment and denuding of Southern Nigeria. Yorubas, Igbos, Itsekiris, Ijaws, Ibibios, Annangs. Thank you for confirming.


      Are talking about corruption or ethnicity and tribalism?

      • Inieke Akpan Ekuma

        Stand out you are the most tribalistic, tell me why you’re not!!!

  • Inieke Akpan Ekuma

    Even those that think Buhari should have all eyes, and take rash decisions will be the same to condemn him of not following due process, interfering and meddling with every sections of the country’s administrative business. He should continue with fixing of economy and fighting of insurgency those that say he is not fighting corruption can have a work to do when he leaves office.

  • The Patriot

    Baba Go Slow is studying the report abi? A report submitted since Monday and he is still studying? Na phd thesis? Even the one on that big buffoon, Babachir Lawal he is still studying. Tell the President that Nigerians are also studying his incompetence and he will see his results in 2019. A highly respected man like Sagay owes us an apology for helping to foist this disaster of a leader on the country.

  • obiora

    This Man Sagaya is a Big time Criminal with Certificate. Black people should be careful of such people. Certificate is an acquired knowledge but has nothing to do with a man´s Character. SO a thief is a thief and a Slave Trader is also a Slave Trader with or without Certificate. So as Maina was recalled and sneaked back. Even when he is a ghost that he can sneak back and no body see him what of his recall did he recalled himself. Dismissing him did not answer any question. If Tyrant Buhari´s corruption is pure then even Sagaya should Go. It is not only the Interior Minister or Justice Minister even Buhari must Go because of this problem.

    • Sir Louis

      Sagay has become an embarassment going by his utterances and position on issues. Infact, the once reverred Professor is becoming an extremist.

      • suleiman

        Power corrupts and the love of money is the root of all evils. There is no one in the world money cannot buy. Segay is just playing to the gallery, he is a non grata that has lost all sensibilities of being the lawyer he should be. He has no shame and even at his old age does not know the difference between black and white. Obviously, Segay has lost the ability to reason and has lost his intellectual succour!

  • obiora

    But why are Southern Nigerians becoming Fools. While the Northener are just there Looking for every thing they can take from Nigeria because they see Buhari as the last man the South are dreaming of how Nigeria will Continue.That is Foolishness.