How Boko Haram killed 15 Nigerian soldiers in two attacks

Nigerian Soldiers
[Photo Credit: Olisa TV]

​More details have emerged of the daring Boko Haram attack on a military base near Damaturu, the Yobe State capital on Tuesday.

PREMIUM TIMES reported the attack on the base in Sasawa village, near the Yobe State capital.

Although the army is yet to provide details of the attack, a spokesperson confirmed it on Tuesday.

“Yes, there was an attack and we repelled it,” Kayode Ogunsanya, a colonel, and spokesman of 3-Division Jos, said, adding that “there were casualties on both sides.”

Efforts to get Mr. Ogunsanya to provide more details on Friday were unsuccessful. He did not return calls or respond to text messages.

The Commissioner of Police in Yobe State, Abdulmaliki Sumonu, also confirmed to journalists that the village was attacked on Tuesday night.

“The attack happened on Tuesday night; we are still working on the details,” Mr. Sumonu said on Wednesday.

Top military insiders have now told PREMIUM TIMES that at least one officer and 10 soldiers were killed in the attack.

Seven other soldiers who were also part of the attacked troops are still unaccounted for, our sources said.

We have details of the officer, a lieutenant, who died in the unfortunate incident but this newspaper is concealing his identity as we are not sure his family has been appropriately informed of the development.

A large cache of arms including two gun trucks, communication radios and small arms were also carted away by the Boko Haram fighters.

“Large quantity of foodstuff were also carted away by the Boko Haram,” an official said.

Boko Haram has in the past weeks amassed large quantity of arms after attacks on military formations or during ambushes on troops, our sources said.

One source, a top military officer, was worried that the captured ammunitions are those the insurgents will use in carrying out further attacks on troops.

“Sadly, the Boko Haram has amassed large quantity of arms, ammo and high calibre weapons from the army within one week”, the source said.

“These same equipment would be used against own soldiers and civilians. They brutally attacked the soldiers and escaped neatly into their hideouts.”

However, while the Sasawa attack is the most recent, military sources told PREMIUM TIMES it was the second such attack within one week on soldiers fighting the Boko Haram in the North-East.

On October 18, at about 12 noon, members of the terror group attacked an army convoy led by the Commanding Officer of 81 Battalion, a lieutenant colonel (name withheld), along the Damboa-Maiduguri road.

The soldiers were said to be on their way to Maiduguri from their base in Bulabulin.

Four soldiers were killed and five others injured during the attack, sources told PREMIUM TIMES.

Three of the slain soldiers were corporals while one was a warrant officer. Their names are also being withheld until we are sure their families have been contacted.

“The military lost weapons, equipment and a hilux vehicle including a ground to air communication radio in that attack,” one military source said.

The two recent attacks on soldiers occurred despite the successes by the military against the insurgents in the past two years.

The terrorist Boko Haram sect has lost most of the territory it once controlled in the North-east but it is still able to carry out sporadic attacks, many of them on civilians.

The insurgency has caused about 100,000 deaths since 2009 and displaced over two millions people, mainly from Borno, Yobe and Adamawa states, Borno State Governor, Kashim Shettima said in February this year while delivering a paper on “Managing the Boko Haram Crisis in Borno State, Experiences and Lessons for a Multiparty, Multiethnic and Multireligious Nigeria” in Abuja.


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  • General Sam Bockerie

    Bokoharam have already been defeated. These attacks are the handwork of PDP in their attempt to discredit this administration. The PDP have resorted to sponsoring violence after they failed to smuggle Maina into our dear Country and cabinet. May Allah bless our country and President.

    • Otile

      Tell that to the marines. At this rate sojajin Najeriya will continue to suffer debilitating loses at the hands of Boko Haram Muslims. Buhari is losing the war.

  • mayGodpunishopressors

    Former president Jonathan must be responsible for this. PDP have a hand in this attack. PDP made babachir to soil his hand in IDP contract, mainagate, maikantigate, malamigate etc. PDP and Jonathan have questions to answer.

    • Es3

      What a way to mock Buhari/APC!!!

  • Mentus

    Buratai and his colleagues should hide their face in shame. The army can confidently flex their muscle in operation Python dance and operation Python smile against unarmed people of SE and SS and yet constantly prove to be powerless against BH.
    The worst bit is that they by default end up arming BH and yet somebody suggested it was PDP or even IPOB arming BH.
    It is hard not to suspect these attacks that end up with arms and ammunition changing hands are not well orchestrated by an insider.
    What it means is that the survivors abandoned their posts and ran. In civilized countries heads will definitely roll.

    • marc umeh

      You are right. These are inside jobs. There is no defeating BH.

  • Intrepid

    The old, frail and disfigured TYRANT boasted ” I will lead from the front”. Nemesis and the wrath of the almighty will befall those who go about slaughtering unarmed civilians, in the name of keeping Nigeria one.

    • dan arewa

      Pls show us the photo of your father and let us see if he is better looking than the president who is in his mid 70s

      • Intrepid

        Janjaweed pikin sharap! We have nothing in common, you m0nkeyman! Arab ABD!

      • Mizch

        Do you see how smart other presidents of prosperous nations look like.They are agile and respond to issues. Now no one hardly see Buhari. Hidden in his house.

  • Es3

    The same Boko Haram that Buhari/APC had defeated or another one?

    The very ghost that they brought to haunt another out of office had since mutated beyond their control and has ‘the initiator’ on their menu!!!

    Just sad that innocent Nigerians get burnt by this ghost every now and then.

    • Oskirin

      mumu…see how u dey reason..u mean say buhari used boko haram disturbed jona and still be using dem against himself? reason with ya head and not ur scrotum…so ti gbo?

      • dan arewa

        Gbam !!!

        • Es3

          Mr. ” Concur”!

          Read my response to your ‘friend’ above before you concur again!

      • Es3

        Apparently you have problems with understanding what I wrote above!

        As such I would suggest that you seek help with interpretation first, then you can revert to comment, but at that time as one ‘fully informed’?! Particularly, seek help on this expression:

        “since mutated beyond their control and has ‘the initiator’ on their menu!!!”

        Thank you.

  • Otile

    During that particular battle did’nt the claim that the Air Force bombed the area to ashes and decpitated the wife of Imam Shekau thereby demoralizing the Boko Haram Muslims? So the real story is that the enemy defeated our troops.


    As long as the adversaries are not unarmed Christian Biafrans or defenceless Shiites , the Nigerian Sunni -Muslim led Army will be beaten once there is in-coming fire.

  • marcos avelino

    You dont have to write Allah (GOD) in bracket. If you are a muslim you dont have to be apologetic to the followers of ignorance who dont even know that the man they worship use to call his Lord as Elloh ( Aramaic for Allah )

    • Dan Arewa

      I used that because I don`t want my fellow Christians to think that we worship different God. Some of them abuse the Allah (God) we worship out of ignorance.

    • 0tile

      You are not sincere. Baal/Allah/Allahu is one and the same Arab god. Some other Arabs and Northerners worship Beelzebub(Lord of flies). Aboki avelino, you know all these to be true, don’t you?

  • Jajamajaja

    I repeat once again,over to the Nigerian Army , please commence operation python dance, crocodile smile or hyena laugh
    on Boko Haram .

  • man leader

    Technically defeated boko are killing our innocent soldiers. May God punish Lai Mohammed, Buhari and all their followers who have been telling lies about the insurgency for POLITICAL gains. Many women and children have been widowed and orphaned because some EVIL people are drunk with political power.

    • Mizch

      They can only target the unarmed youths in Igboland.

  • Ikechukwu Okeke

    Buhari is Chief suponsor of bokoharam

    • dan arewa

      Jonathan foolishly allowed them to fester due to his incompetence.

  • Omooba Adekunle Orafidiya

    Thank God that illiterate certificate forger and perjurer Muhammadu Buhari has technically defeated Boko Haram, yeye dey smell!

  • marc umeh

    They needed to replenish their inventory—– weapons and food supply.We pay for their upkeep.
    This is nothing new.

  • Don

    Just me a Biafra where no Islamic terrorism will not exist for any reason.

    The evil commited by Europe through colonization is enormous . This is especially so when you consider that the useless countries in Africa today never evolved naturally as Nations like in Europe and Asia but were mere business empires forcefully co-opted into nations after the end of colonization. hence the wars, strife and mistrusts here and there. In Europe every country speaks a language or a major language as a unifying factor with common culture BUT in Africa and Nigeria for instance, you have a man from Okrika in PH sharing the same passport with a fanatic from Sokoto as citizens of the same country. Too absurd. It does not exist in Europe.

  • Anonymous

    Unwinnable war.

  • Mizch

    APC lie. They have defeated BH since. Just mopping up and BH is targeting soft spots. Confirm with Lai M.

    • Lakeside

      Friend that na the million dollar question. The NA seems not to be motivated. The soldiers are being owed salaries. No food. Even the fresh food supply they got, Boko Haram cart it away.

  • GusO

    If Nigerian officers allow Boko Haram to gather for days before attacking our troops, then our troops will always lose because the enemy was allowed to choose the time and place of attack. I read in Sahara Reporters that the army had intelligence from locals that the terrorists were gathering to attack them as far back as October 17. What did the army do? They sent two big guns to a company of soldiers led by a lieutenant to defend themselves. Well BH came with 6 large guns and outgunned and perhaps even out manned the Nigerian troops. Shouldn’t Nigerian troops always on the offensive to defeat BH instead of being on the defensive all the time? Shouldn’t the Nigerian Army should have asked the air force for immediate reconnaissance of the gathering spot and together with the Army attack the BH terrorists via careful planning whereby the army mounts an ambush for BH before the bombardment begins and as BH escapes they’re mowed down by the army?